Costco Experience Ch. 10

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Jackie was now raised up looking at me intently and said, “Honestly, Michael, how old do you really think I am?”

I brushed the blond hairs away from her eyes and said, “At first I would have said maybe in your mid to late thirties but now that I have a closer look at your loveliness, please don’t hit me, I’m going to say you’re probably in your early forties.”

Jackie laughed and lightly slapped my chest. “Oh Michael, you have really made my day. Last month I turned fifty-two but being with you makes me feel like I’m young again.”

My mouth was agape. Fifty-two. She couldn’t be. Wow! “Sweetness, you look, feel, taste and perform amazing. I would put you up against any woman half your age.” I said to this angel curled up in bed with me. Jackie kissed me so passionately my toes curled. I was starting to develop another hardon but Joe wanting out made me put Jackie on hold.

“Michael,” Jackie said, “Go take care of Joe and put us on some coffee while your out there. I’m going to take a quick shower and will meet you in the kitchen.” I threw on a pair of house pants and my slippers and headed to the kitchen and let Joe out, filling my old percolator.

As the coffee pot sounded it’s chunk, chunk, chunk, I turned, resting my butt against the counter and looking across the kitchen and that old kitchen table. Maybe it was time to retire it. You know, I probably should get rid of a lot of things in this old house. That is if Vickie doesn’t want them. I looked at the old wallpaper, Vickie had picked that stuff out, what was it, ten years ago now. Shit, was I even going to end up with the house after the divorce?

Just then Jackie came walking in to the kitchen wearing a towel on her head and a big smile on her face, nothing else. Her smile was contagious. She threw her arms around my neck and my arms went around her lower waist, and my hands ended up cupping her taut little ass, pulling her tight to my crotch as our tongues encircled each other’s frantically. I broke and said, “God I wish you didn’t have to work today.”

Jackie smirked and said with a half-smile, “You know Michael, I really don’t HAVE to work. It’s just that I like what I’m doing. It’s fun massaging and teasing people’s bodies. I also enjoy teaching Tantric Yoga, that’s something I need to work with you on. I’m a trust fund baby. I have more money than I know what to do with. My sister and I were pretty wild when we were younger and I watched as Kara began using more and more alcohol and men. Then she added drugs, I think one of her boyfriends got her hooked. I tried to get her into rehab but since I was the ‘little’ sister, she knew better and poo poo’d me until she OD’d one too many times.”

There were tears in Jackie’s eyes and I kissed her cheeks and held her tightly. By then the coffee was done and I had her sit while I fixed us both cups. As I turned around to hand hers to her, Joe was between her legs, getting love from her and she was rubbing his head and ears. He loves that though he normally shies from people he doesn’t know. That in and of itself told me something about Jackie. As I sat down her coffee, it put me in perfect position to give her a long soft kiss, which I did.

I gently pulled Jackie up from the chair and said, “I guess you better get ready for your first appointment, unless you’re going to call them and cancel.” I started to give her a kiss but my phone on the charger ringing stopped that. I wondered who would be calling me before six o’clock in the morning. I grabbed my phone and saw it was CeCe and hitting speakerphone said, “How’s the new CeCe doing this lovely morning?”

She was bubbling over, “Oh, Michael, you wouldn’t believe it. I must have had at least 50 guys ask for my phone number and when I said I wouldn’t give it to them, they gave me theirs or their email addresses. Michael, even my bosses made me get a new ID badge. Can you believe it? What do you think about me getting all those phone numbers? All those men wanting ME!”

Jackie squeezed my arm, looking at me waiting for my answer and I said “My beautiful CeCe, I think you should start calling them and meeting them for coffee and interviewing them as possible candidates for your future husband. Someone you would like to have children with and spend the rest of your life with. I have lived my life and would rather not have the burden of raising children again though I am sure life with you would be delightful. I’m asking you, no, begging you to think fondly of me but move forward with your life and find yourself someone else with whom you can be happy with. Above all, take your time and become friends with the gentleman first, then if things work out, you can let him sample your magnificent body.” I could hear CeCe’s sniffles and she told me she’d always remember me and hung up.

Giving me this delicious smile as we headed down the hall, Jackie said, “I only have two appointments today and I’m going to call them and see if my back-up Wanda can cover them. I’m going to see if she wants avcılar rus escort to take over the business. I think it’s time that I retire. How does that sound to you?”

“And just what do you plan on doing when you retire?” I asked as I dropped my house pants and slippers before we climbed into my king-sized bed. Jackie went into the bathroom and tossed her damp towel over the shower door and joined me in the bed, pressing her hardened nipples into my chest as she laid on top of me and we enjoyed making out and caressing each other.

After about fifteen minutes she rolled off my chest and snuggled into my armpit and said, “Michael, I’ve always wanted to travel and see the sights of the world. I just didn’t want to see them by myself. How would you feel about becoming my travel companion? I would pay you and the fringe benefits would be out of this world.” Jackie was smiling like the cat that just ate the canary.

I playfully bounced her cute nose with my finger saying, “You really wouldn’t have to pay me Jackie. I would love to be your traveling companion. Who knows what adventures might lie ahead of us in the months and years ahead?” She leaned up and kissed me. Damn her breasts felt so good pressed against my chest. Breaking our kiss, I asked, “Sweetheart, what would you like me to fix you for breakfast?”

She looked at me rather surprised and said, “You cook? Really?”

Smiling I said, “Yes, and I’m rather good at it from what I’ve been told. Why, don’t you?”

“I can boil water for those vegetable pouch thingies with the best of them,” she said, “and me and the microwave are on a first name basis but other than that, I usually do take out or just eat rice cakes and plain Jasmin tea. A girl’s got to watch her figure you know.”

My right hand was caressing her sweet face but my left grabbed her ass as I said, “Jackie, if I start cooking for you, I’m going to have to really chase you around the house a lot for a ton of sex so you can work off the calories you’re going to partake.”

Jackie gave me a quick kiss and said as she hopped out of bed, “That sounds good to me. You know, it’s been years since I’ve had French toast. How good are you at that?”

I smiled and said, “Well according to my kids and my grandkids, I make the world’s best if you must know. I’ll be fixing bacon first; I hope you don’t mind. It’s one of my secret ingredients.”

I jumped out of bed and threw on a tee shirt and jeans, making my way to the kitchen. Once I started the bacon, Joe wouldn’t leave my side. I swear he was almost attached to my hip. Jackie came walking down the hallway, she was wearing my yesterday’s white tee shirt. It was an old tee shirt, and really quite threadbare. It showed off her lovely features, and made concentrating on breakfast quite difficult for a change. Her nipples and camel toe were very visible to the naked eye. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said with a smile, “it smells so much like you. It really gets me excited. Can’t you tell how wet I am?” She opened her legs to show me, her crotch was glistening in the morning light.

God I was hard. I thought about turning off the bacon, but I knew Jackie was waiting for something to eat. Food that is. While the bacon was cooking, I mixed up the custard to dip the bread in. For just the two of us, I used two whole eggs and four egg yolks and a good dollop of real maple syrup. When the bacon is crisp, I crumble it up as the bread soaks up the custard then toss a bit of the bacon grease in the frying pan on medium low and add a big spoonful of crumbled bacon. I spread it out then lay the soaked bread on top, repeating twice more in this pan. Then I cover it, giving it just enough time that I’ve come to know by trial and error. I uncover the pan and turn them over, it only takes a couple of minutes, then I serve it up smothered with butter and warm maple syrup.

Jackie took her fork and took a big bite. She closed her eyes then rolled her head back, holding it there for what seemed quite a long time. Before I started my own French toast, I asked, “Jackie, is everything ok?”

Jackie broke into a big smile and said, “Michael, I thought I liked you for the sex, but after tasting your cooking, I have to tell you, I don’t think I’m ever going to let you go.” That put a big smile on my face so I started my own pieces of French toast and even gave Joe some of the bacon I had made just for him. Jackie scarfed her three pieces down then stole one of mine when I sat down next to her.

Jackie and I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, then I looked at that big old table and sighed. Jackie asked me what was the matter so I told her about Tom taking my wife on that table all those years ago, and he did it so many times. Jackie curled her lip then undid my pants and stroked me nice and hard. She then hopped up on the table and spread her legs and said, “Now it’s your turn, Michael. Take me, I’m yours.”

Her waxed little pussy looked so lovely, avcılar türbanlı escort I thought it would make the perfect dessert. I dropped to my knees and devoured her, paying special attention to her protruding clit. Jackie had her legs over my shoulders, her heels dug into my back. Her orgasms got bigger and bigger, until she gushed a torrent of her womanly cum. What I couldn’t drink up, spilled onto the floor as I stood and took aim and her quivering slit.

As my cock entered her, Jackie’s legs wrapped around me, securing me tightly to her. I was having trouble stroking, so I used my thumb on her clit. I was only able to wiggle, but she really didn’t seem to mind. She was orgasming over and over, just from what little movements I made. My hands intertwined with Jackie’s and I held them over her head. With that she moved her legs up over my back, allowing me to get a good rhythm fucking her good and proper. I could feel my orgasm building, I was getting ready to blow. Jackie’s pussy was gripping my cock and it felt wonderful, but I wanted her to have more orgasms yet. Suddenly electricity coursed through my body and burst through my cock, sending lightning into my sweet lovers canal.

We just held still then I leaned over and kissed Jackie deeply, our tongues softly played. I was on such a cloud I couldn’t believe it when all of a sudden I heard my soon to be ex-wife yell, “Michael Bloom! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I held myself in Jackie and turned to see Vickie and Rebecca coming in from the side door. She had served that morning and was pissed, now this was another burr under her saddle. I reached for my jeans and turned around, trying to put them back on. Jackie sat up, her pussy, leaking a river of my cum. Before I could get a word out, Jackie looked at Vickie and said, “Don’t get in such a huff bitch, we’re just trying to even the score. And from what I’ve been told by Michael, we sure have a long way to go.”

Vickie was sputtering like an old boat motor and raised her arm and struck me. She raised it again but Rebecca stopped her and said, “Dear, do you really want to go to jail?”

She glared at me for what seemed and eternity then said, “I’ve already been to your lawyers and signed the papers. I gave you the house, you son-of-a-bitch. Now I wish I hadn’t! Rebecca brought me over to get my things. I may be moving in with her permanently, I’m not sure. Tom has asked me to move in with him also.” Vickie stormed past me, followed by Rebecca, who looked at me shaking her head.

Jackie hopped off the table and asked me to bring her carry-on into the guest bathroom so she could get dressed. As she headed there, I made my way to my bedroom and as I grabbed the carry-on Vickie curtly said, “It sure didn’t take you long to move on, did it?”

“She’s a friend helping a friend who’s hurting,” I said, “Who knows where it will end up is anybody’s guess? Only time will tell.”

Vickie clenched her fist and said, “You couldn’t wait to fuck a girl as soon as I was out of the house, could you.”

She started to step towards me but Rebecca stopped her and said, “At least he wasn’t cheating on you like you did to him. You have to admit that don’t you. He has filed for divorce for your cuckolding him. I wouldn’t have blamed him for killing you and Tom.” Vickie sat on the bed and she wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come. She looked so forlorn but she did it to herself. My love for her was gone. I grabbed Jackie’s bag and took it to her, then returned and got my clothes got dressed in the guest bedroom then went to see if I could help.

I was carrying a box of clothes out to Rebecca’s truck when Jackie came out and said goodbye. “Call me Michael, as soon as you’re done. I hope you’re not here too long.” It took us about an hour and forty-five minutes before I was looking at Rebecca’s taillights pulling out of my driveway. There went two thirds of my life and most of my heart, past all the fruit trees Vickie bought and I planted all by hand.

I gave Jackie a call. “They’re finally gone, my love, but I’m going to stay here for a bit. Would you like to come over for dinner or may I take you out for dinner and dancing? Anywhere you like?

“Are you crazy?” She said, “On a Thursday night? Save it for a Friday or Saturday, my sweet man. Tell you what, chill a bottle of wine and turn on the oven to 425° and I’ll pick up a gluten-free veggie pizza and some yogurt for us for tonight.” I mumbled something in the affirmative, not wanting her to know how I really feel about most of the gluten-free crap, especially the vegetarian stuff but hey, I’ll try if it means I’ll have Jackie’s hardbody to play with. . . and she’ll let me cook most of the time.

I was pleasantly surprised; the pizza actually tasted quite good. She said she got it from a small local place and she knows the lady and it has seven different kinds of cheeses. Clean was easy, as we had used paper plates. I wiped off avcılar ucuz escort the counters and was finishing up the table when Jackie walked in and ran her finger across the table smiling at me. I looked to see she had changed into a pleated skirt with 4″ heels and when she got next to me, she pulled my head to her forcefully, thrusting her tongue deep in my mouth. She was rubbing her crotch to mine and my friend was responding quite nicely, no Cialis was going to be needed tonight. Breaking our kiss, Jackie turned to face the table, bending and laying flat. She grabbed the hem of her skirt and flung it as high as she could, offering me all her charms.

Since I could see her pussy was already wet, I slid my cock in there. If felt so snug and hot, I wasn’t sure how long I would last. Jackie was moaning and I chuckled a bit to myself. This old table had begun rocking, I guess it was really time to retire it. This sweet sexy woman began a thunderous orgasm and pulled me right along with her. I gently laid on top of her, listening to her rapid heartbeat. I was in the perfect place with a wonderful woman and hoped there was going to be a life for me still to come. It took us a while to recover but we ended up on the couch. We picked out a good movie on Netflix and watched cuddled under a soft blanket munching on baby carrots and celery. Oh well. At least I had some nice boobies to play with.

The next morning, I called Cynthia and asked if she would like to have Joe. She cautiously asked what was going on and I told her mother had to a divorce and she was giving me the house but I was going on a world vacation. My daughter said, “You know I’d love to dad, but Michael and Elliot are graduating this June. Brad is taking me to the Caribbean Getaway and we’re going to renew our vows. We plan on doing some traveling ourselves so I don’t think having Joe would work for us. You might try Jeffery or Kelly. I think Jeff’s son-in-law is looking for a dog.” I thanked my daughter and called my son Jeffery.

“What’s up Pops? I hope you’re doing OK? I heard that mom’s not doing so well, but she brought it on herself from what you and her say. I still can’t believe that I have another sister, that so selfish and really not like her at all. Sorry dad, tell me, what can I do for you?” my son said.

“I need to find a home for Joe as I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling. Cynthia said your son-in-law was looking for a dog,” was my answer.

“That idiot isn’t getting Joe. I’ll be there tomorrow if you want. I’ll take Joe in a heartbeat. He’s family. How can you leave him? Are you really leaving everything behind? Everybody? Even us?” Jeffery said and I could hear the pain in his last words.

“Jeffery, I’ll never abandon MY children,” I said, “I could never have done what she did. I know you will think I’m rushing things but one of the ladies your mother insisted I play with has invited me to tour the world with her and I’m going. She has a world map and a dart and that’s how we’re going to pick our destination, or at least try.”

My son said, “Father, you’re crazy and I love you for it. Please send us postcards and Skype us as often as you can. By the way, what’s this lady’s name? I told him Jackie. “Jackie what?” he asked. Hell, I then realized that I didn’t know. Here I was, about to jump in with a lady that wanted to take me on an around the world trip and I didn’t even know her last name? “Dad, are you still there?” Jeffery asked.

“Yes son,” I answered, “That question I’m going to have to get back to you on. See you tomorrow, son.” Then I hung up and called Jackie. “Hello Sweetness, you know it just occurred to me that you never told me your last name and I want to add you to my contacts properly.”

“It’s Rose,” she said, “it goes perfectly with Bloom, don’t you think?” Before I could answer, Jackie said, “Michael, I can tell you’re smiling, aren’t you?”

I mumbled, “Uh, huh. So Jackie can you tell me, do you have an itinerary mapped out yet.

“She pulled up her iPhone and opened up an ap. She said “This is just a preliminary route; nothing is set in stone. I thought we’d take a train to New York City, then fly to Iceland. When we’re ready to leave, we will fly to Finland, and either rent or buy a small RV for us to use in our travels. We’ll travel to Sweden and Norway too. I plan to take the ferry to Denmark, then explore Western Germany until we can cross the English Channel. We’ll spend a few weeks or more traveling in England then we’ll head over to Ireland and Scotland for some more picture taking.”

“Then we’ll head over to the Netherlands and Belgium of course. Back into Germany to check out their many beers and wines. We’ll head into Austria; my father’s family is from there. Then I hope to spend at least a month in Italy, to get clear down to the toe. From there we head into Switzerland, then France and maybe even Paris. The way they’ve been acting lately, I may cut that part of our trip short or out altogether. I’d like to stop in Monaco, to see where Princess Grace used to live. We’d spend time in Spain, trying the local cuisine. Then we’d hop on over to Portugal and a ferry over to Morocco for a shopping expedition. From there we book a leisurely cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. That’s all I have so far. I figure that should take us about eighteen months or so.”

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