Confined at My Wife’s House Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

Hello My Dear Readers…

The following is A Record of Events & Experiences, Noted by Jagjeet, during the Lock-Down period, and this Story focuses on A Married Man’s Thoughts & Doings, as he is Forced to Stay at his Wife’s Place.

The Plot is set in India, and is told in the form of A Journal.

This is a Continuation of the happenings in the First Part of the Series, and a Quick Look at the same may make this more enjoyable.

I have tried my best to compile it in the most interesting way possible, and I hope all of you will like the attempt.

Happy Reading!!


I woke up today hearing Papa shout at the top of his voice.

I had never seen him this angry – In-fact, I have never seen him angry.

He was blasting Ranjan Bhaiyya.

Papa just did not like the fact the he came back from his Hometown, after the Lock-Down began.

Even I felt that was unwanted – It was too risky.

What if he got in contact with someone sick, during the Bus Journey.

No wonder Papa was so furious.

I felt Ranjan Bhaiyya showing the Travel Permission Letter he managed to get from The Panchayat Office pissed him off more – That was so dumb.


Aradhana did not have her Breakfast.

She did not even come out of her Bedroom.

Mummy herself went and told her to eat at-least a little, but she refused to even drink water.

I hope she is fine.

I really hope she is not feeling low because of what happened yesterday.


Papa and Ranjan Bhaiyya were again seen talking.

The poor soul does not seem to know what to do, and he was actually crying, as he pleaded with his Boss.

I think Papa felt bad – He finally allowed Ranjan Bhaiyya to stay.

But, he clearly told him he did not want to find him anywhere near the House – He also told him not go anywhere close to the Servant’s Room, and keep good distance from Kani Didi & Kanya, who are in constant contact with the Housemates.


The Photographer sent some of the Wedding Pictures to Lavanya, via WhatsApp.

She was showing it to Laya, and even I had a look.

They have very beautifully shot it.


This whole situation with the Virus is so irritating.

I feel so bad thinking about everybody affected.


Anju Bhabhi has been giving me the looks ever since she saw me this morning.

I don’t know what she is trying to do.

She even adjusted her shawl a couple of times, staring at me, perhaps trying to tell me she is better covered today.

I just don’t know.

It is not like I poured water on her – It was an accident.


I could be completely wrong again, but Papa seems to be a little too touchy with Kani Didi.

I see him being equally intimate with Kanya.

Maybe, he is just being friendly to them.

Maybe, he is just consoling them, by letting them know that Ranjan Bhaiyya is fine, and there is nothing to fear.

The three have been working here for years now – They are very much part of the Family.


The Photographer has been sending more Pictures from the Wedding, and I look so dumb in them.

I was actually too drunk – I hope Laya does not realize that.

I am also worried that there are a couple of Pictures that have Geetu Aunty standing very close to me.

I really hope nobody ever gets to know what happened in the Parking Lot.

Deekshith will just not like it – He is very attached to his Mother.

Having said that, she was very high when she got into the Car.

I guess it is safe to assume that Geetu Aunty remembers nothing about it.


Anju Bhabhi was telling Mummy it has canlı bahis been 2 full Years since she separated from her Husband.

It was a very difficult period in her Life.

Her parents did not want her to go for the Divorce – They wanted her to adjust more, but she was just done faking happiness, and living with someone who preferred to be with men.

I even overheard her confess that she had seriously thought about Suicide.

Mummy was hugging Anju Bhabhi tightly when she said how grateful she is for letting her stay with them, at this House, and taking care of her as their own Daughter.


Baichung came to Papa begging him not to make him share the Outhouse with Ranjan Bhaiyya.

He seemed to be terrified about being Infected, despite the chances being quite less.

His worries actually scare me.


I don’t know what is happening to this World.


I feel so lonely here.


Dhruv and Lavanya had a heated exchange of words in the Backyard.

She did not look very pleased when she finally walked away – I think she must have caught him smoking there, and did not like it.


I don’t think Laksh and Aradhana are OK.

Both of them skipped Lunch.

Papa and Mummy are not at all happy.

None of Us are.

It is obvious something is not right between the New Couple.


I am not being cruel or unkind here, but it all makes more sense now.

Aradhana had her eyes drenched even before I walked in on her – That is the truth.

She was already crying in the Bathroom – That is what was happening.

Aradhana was not sobbing because I saw her naked.

She was already upset about something that only she & her Husband knows.


I don’t know when I can leave here.


Yesterday was such a strange day.

I feel so stupid.

What all had I gotten myself into.

I really wanted none of it.


Kanya stormed inside the Bedroom, almost shocking me.

I was not expecting her, and she could not hold back her laughter noticing how horrified I looked.

She was polite enough to apologize, and I said it was no problem – She did nothing wrong, to be honest.

She was there to ask me if any of my used clothes had to be washed.

I told her I will put them in the Laundry Basket, tomorrow.

She just stood there, and then asked me if I needed any of my Inner-Wears to be washed.

I don’t know why she very specifically asked me that, but I also don’t know why I very bluntly told her I don’t wear any when at home.


Heard the NEWS that Special Passes would be issued for those who need to urgently travel, during the Lock-Down.

I hope I can get one of those.


Lavanya and Laya took a dip in the evening.

It was for the first time that I saw the Swimming Pool being put to use.

The Sister-In-Law did ask me if I would like to join them, but the way My Wife frowned was good enough to make me deny the offer.

I just don’t know why she had to do that.

It is not like I have never swam with her Elder Sister.

I just don’t know why she had a disgusting expression on her face, when she found me looking at them.

It is not like I have never seen her Elder Sister in a Swimsuit.


I feel like I am some Stranger here.


There was an Update on TV regarding the Special Travel Passes.

It seems it is not for everybody, but only for those who can clear a Medical Test.

I don’t think that will be a problem for me – I am sure I feel very healthy.

I hope the Clinic nearby will be one of the Centers to Issue the Pass bahis siteleri – I can just walk till there, with my Mask on, complete the Test, and come back ready to leave.


I badly need to get out of this House.

It is too taxing here.


Dhruv asked me if I wanted to Smoke Up – He said he had got the Stuff from a Friend who attended the Wedding.

I think the boy has decided to enjoy this Quarantine Period.

His Dad & Mom had left immediately after the Function, and they are already back in Dubai.

Only their lad is stuck here, and they are tensed, but he does not seem to be any concerned about it.


I rushed downstairs today as well, wondering what exactly caused the grunts, similar to yesterday’s, coming from the Basement.

I don’t know how to put this in words.

I saw Deekshith, drenched in sweat.

He was in his Trunks, just like yesterday.

But today, Mummy was with him.

I am not saying I expected to see Laya there.

I just did not expect to see Mummy there.

I am not saying I have a problem with the Son-In-Law & Mother-In-Law working out together – I am just not one of those narrow-minded regressive fools.

However, I do admit I was a bit taken aback to see Mummy without her Cotton Pants – She did wear her Hip-Length Kurti Top, but she still could have put on something over her legs.

I don’t think Lavanya or Papa too would be any pleased to see their respective Spouses next to each-other in that form.


Anju Bhabhi came to me, and asked me if I needed a glass of water.

I first thought it was a genuine question, but her teasing smile suggested so much more.

I am tempted to be of the opinion that this is not just about yesterday’s episode.

I don’t know.

I just don’t see a way for her to even doubt that I was the one who had groped her ass, during the Wedding, when the lights went off.

I just don’t know.


I had a Video Chat with Jhanvi.

Mum was also there.

Both of them looked very tired.

I think they are just feeling gloomy being at Home, doing nothing.

Daddy is also not there – Mum will be worried about his safety, as well.

I hope he is fine.

We have not been in good terms ever since Laya accused him of peeping in while she was changing.


Kani Didi asked me what I wanted for Dinner.

I told her anything would do.

Mummy is not in a mood to cook, I guess – She could be unhappy that most of what she prepared in the afternoon was left untouched.


I urgently dialed Jhanvi back upon finding 3 Missed Calls from her.

I was seriously disturbed wondering about the possibility of something bad happening.

I was half right.

It was something bad that could have happened, but thankfully, it was something I could manage and stop.

Jhanvi said she had called to ask me if it was okay to allow Karan to live at our place, until the Lock-Down was over – I almost screamed that I would never let it happen, straightaway.

She told me it was Mum’s idea, and it was because they were both feeling scared.

They kept telling me the Street where our House was located was not at all a safe location for women, and it was best that they have our Neighbor staying with them.

I simply only kept saying NO, and hung up the Phone.


Laksh and Aradhana locking themselves inside their Bedroom has made everybody nervous.

Laya sheepishly tried saying we should happily believe that the Just Married Couple are having some serious fun, behind closed doors – Only to have Lavanya harshly disapprove her theory, bahis şirketleri right away.


I know this should not have been the story, but I felt being weirdly excited when Jhanvi and Mum repeatedly asked me if Karan could be let inside.

I even felt like I was having a mini-erection when the duo argued with me, in favor of his presence, even going on to claim that he was also all alone next door, and he too would like the offer.

I hated myself for letting my body react so shamelessly, but I also praised myself for making sure I had the tricky situation under control.


Baichung came looking for Papa, yet again.

He repeated he was scared to be in the same space as Ranjan Bhaiyya.

Papa tried to help him relax by telling him that a Security Guard should not be so easily scared, but nothing could convince him.

Finally, he agreed to Baichung’s request, and told him to shift to the Servant’s Room, at the back of the house, for the time being.

Since Ranjan Bhaiyya was already in the Outhouse, he was temporarily assigned the Guard’s Duty.

The New Arrangements also meant that Kani Didi and Kanya will be using the not very frequently used Guest Bedroom in the Basement.


I am not liking the reality that I am thinking too much about the Karan thing.

He is My Neighbor – He is also My Best Friend.

We grew up together, and so, I know him well.

In-fact, I know him well enough to know that he cannot be given the right to be with My Mother and Sister when I am not around.

I am glad I took that decision, though I had to displease Jhanvi and Mum.

I hope they remain Safe.


It seems this is the first instance when all the 7 Bedrooms in this House are being occupied, simultaneously.

It is an Irony that a Pandemic was required to accomplish the feat.


Another long lifeless day is coming to an end.


Laya called me an idiot for no reason.

I tried asking her what is wrong – She just made herself busy reading some Weekly Magazine.


It is moments like these that I hate the most.

I feel so helpless when My Wife behaves like this.


I am not sleepy.


It is funny I ended up marrying Laya despite my Parents & Relatives never being really happy with The Proposal.

Everybody knew about her past – The Media had celebrated all the Couples, or rather Triples in her case, that were caught during the Raid in RedDesign Hotel.

I am not sure what it was that still made me feel I wanted her.

I knew there were all the chances that people would shame me, when they realized My Wife was the infamous Threesome Girl.

I clearly remember how easily even my Granddad recognized her, the moment I showed him her Photo in The Matrimony App, after I was notified that she was Interested in My Profile, and after I felt really attracted to her.

I clearly remember how desperately I was hoping that my Father’s Father knew about her because he knew about the Rich Industrialist her Father was, and had happened to come across their Family Photos.

I clearly remember how ashamed I felt when I heard the Senior Citizen explain to me the scene he had seen on TV, where only a Thin White Blanket was wrapped around her.

I knew it was going to be difficult.

I still don’t know what made me say YES.

It was even like I would have gone against My Own Clan to marry her.


I feel like a dummy.

All I can think about is the Sight of Laya standing in between the Half-Naked Sons of Papa’s former Business Partner, as the Police interrogated the trio in Public.


I am losing it.


I think I should try sleeping.


I just can’t sleep.


I have to.

I have to sleep.


Good Night, I Guess.


See You Tomorrow…

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