Chastity Ch. 03 of 04

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Rik had almost pulled Rahim chacha, the locksmith, out of his creaky bed when he visited his humble home next morning and showed him the wax impression of the key that Rina had brought back last night. Now he watched impatiently as the old man took a blank key and slowly and carefully filed it to match the profile of the impression.

“How does this look?” Rahim finally handed over the rough key to Rik who was fidgeting around in front of him.

“Will this open the lock?”

“Not immediately. We need to to actually put it in the lock, keep trying and making small changes until the levers finally match up.”

“So please let us go out to our flat and do that right now.”

Rina’s back was aching! She was sprawled on the bed, on her back, with her legs spread out and dangling over the edge. She was naked, of course, but for the belt at her crotch and Rahim was sitting on the floor, between her legs and trying to force the lock with the makeshift key. She had tried to retain her blouse and bra, and a modicum of modesty, but after an hour of futile struggle, the humid, stuffiness of the hot afternoon had made her shed that residual coyness by taking them off as well. A thin patina of sweat gleamed on the chocolate swell of her chocolate breasts and the wrinkled disc of her aureola.

Rik and Rina had almost given up hope when with quiet ‘click’ the lock opened and the sheet covering her vagina fell out!

“Got it!” shouted Rahim and Rik jumped up in joy! Rina scrambled out of the bed and tossed away the belt and started rubbing her crotch and thighs! Then she suddenly leaned forward and kissed the bearded Muslim locksmith on his mouth!

“But now I want my payment in kind.” The old man was grinning from ear to ear. “Never have I unlocked such a treasure as this.”

“It is all your’s Chacha, go ahead.” She leaned forward, grabbed his head and placed it between her thighs and immediately felt the coarse, hot tongue of the hungry old man licking her cunt. After the initial excitement of freedom and cunt sucking, Rina went off to make some tea while Rahim, professional as ever, relocked, opened and relocked the belt a number of times to make sure that no one would ever know that now Rina was again the mistress of her own chastity!

Rina had the ten thousand rupees that Mohammad had given her for the tiger penis that was supposed to be delivered to her and she gave half of it to Rahim, something that she would regret later, and the locksmith went home as a very happy man. Now it was time for mother and son to celebrate their new found freedom!

“Yippee ….” screamed Rik as soon as the door had closed behind Rahim and jumped on his mother, pinning her to the bed. She had not put on any clothes yet and she savored her son’s hand as they roamed over her naked body, fondling her breasts, tweaking her nipples and more importantly, squeezing her pubic mound, twirling her bush and teasing the folds of her vagina. Somewhere along the line, his pants had dropped off and his penis, now hard, erect and throbbing was rubbing against her cunt. Danger! A warning went off in her mind.

“Kiddo, listen. I have something important to tell you.”

“I know the Lakhsman Rekha Ma, the line that I must not cross, Don’t worry, my penis will not penetrate your cunt.”

“No listen, it is something more important than that.”


“Listen carefully and understand what I am staying.”

“I am all ears, even though my mind seems to be on your naked body.”

“Look, this Mohammad will never be able to put a child in my belly.”

“You would know best.”

“But that means that we will never be free of him.”

“So you want someone else to do that … without him knowing about it.”


“Who do you have in mind?”

“Would you do it?”

“What?” Rik jumped. “You want your own son to put another child in your belly?”

“Who else can I ask without people getting to know.”

“I am sure that are many who would love to sleep with you.”

“But why would I want to sleep with them?” Rina’s voice was down to a whisper.

“Why not?”

“I have always been sleeping with men as a matter of necessity and never out of choice.”

“You choose to sleep with me? Your son?”

“Yes, if it is OK with the boy, the kid, who is the light of my life, who has been my one and only true friend and lover all these years.”

“Ma, I am touched … I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, just lie in my arms and let us plan an escape from this hell.”

“Tell me Ma, tell me what should I do?”

“We have time until my next visit to Mohammad. To think through all this.”

“What will people say, if you bear my child?”

“Does anybody ever say good things about us? And who would know anyway?”

“So do we start right away?” grinned Rik. “Just wave the green flag and my prick shall be buried inside your cunt.”


“Aw, do not be a spoilsport.”

“I am not, but believe me kiddo, this is the first canlı bahis time in my 35 years that I am about to be fucked by, to make love to someone whom I really love — not a customer but a friend, a boyfriend, my lover, the husband that I never had.” There was a hint of melancholy in her voice. Rik noticed a tiny tear forming at the corner of her large, limpid eye.

“Don’t cry Ma,” Rik wiped the tear away with his finger. His libido was giving way to a feeling of love. “I will be your lover, your husband, just as you want it to be.”

“Then I don’t want to make love to you without getting married to you!”

“Marriage? You mean a legal and social ceremony? Where we invite people.”

“No, no, no — this is just between us and the God that looks over us.”

“You mean we will go to temple and go through the religious ceremonies?”

“No, I do not believe in such ceremonies but I do believe in that omnipotent, omnipresent transcendence that guides our destiny.”

“I do not understand what do you mean.”

“Leave it to me, I know what I am doing.”

“But why? Why go through all this hassle?”

“You would not understand it, or perhaps you will. It is about legitimacy.”

“Of what? our relationship? it will always be illegitimate in the eyes of the world.”

“No kid, it is about the legitimacy of the child that you will father.”


“Look, you are my most wonderful son but you do not have a father.”

“Someone must have impregnated you.”

“Of course, and it must have been someone very nice as otherwise you would never have been as good as you are, but whoever he was, he has never staked his claim on you, never owned up to his relationship with you.”

“But I would not be like that …”

“I know but it would be wonderful if we could formalize our relationship and more importantly your’s with your child in the presence of the Lord Narayana and Agni, the Lord of Fire — as is the case in all Hindu marriages.

“If you want we can also have a civil marriage.”

“If possible, why not, but that may take some time and we do not have too much of that. God is in our heart and in the palm of our hand.”

“So what do we do now?”

“Wait for an auspicious day?” Rina was grinning but Rik failed to notice the thin stream of blood that was oozing out of his mother’s slit. “I will tell you when I am ready for you.”

The next few days were humdrum and mundane except that Rina made Rik sleep in the drawing room because, as she jokingly remarked, she did not believe in premarital sex! If Rik had been fidgety about this, he hid it very well in his immersion in a series of events at his college.

A week later, on an auspicious Tuesday, Rina told Rik that she was at last ready.

“Ma, why don’t you get a bridal makeover at a beauty parlor?”

“That will draw people’s attention to us and that would not be a good idea.”

That evening, after a quick bath, mother and son walked down to the famous Firinghee Kali temple and quietly offered their prayers in front of the idol. While the Brahmin priest chanted prayers, Rina and Rik held the basket of offerings together in their hands, with Rik standing behind his mother with his arms going around her. The priest was taking his time and with Rik’s face buried in the fragrant, tresses of her luxuriant hair, Rina suddenly felt her son’s erection pressing into the crack of her butt.

“Not yet, you naughty boy.” She hissed.

“But soon enough, sweet lady.” He smiled.

Once back in the privacy of their tiny, top floor flat, Rina told Rik to get dressed in a new sherwani suit that she had bought for him and disappeared into the bedroom. For Rik, it was an agonizing one hour, before she emerged but what he saw took Rik’s breath away! Gone was the bar singer that he had known as his mother and in her place was a sultry, smoldering, super model who seemed to have just got off the ramp. She was wearing only cream colored silk saree with a rich, red intricately decorated border but no blouse! The anchal (or pallu ) of that sari was covering her head of abundant jet black hair that she had deliberately left loose to cascade over her otherwise naked breasts. Her lips were an electric blue that matched the kaajal with which she had drawn out her already large, liquid eyes but the stunner was the intricate pattern of design that she had made with white sandal paste on her dusky cheeks and forehead. Evidently she had taken a lot of trouble to make herself as attractive to her would be “husband” and Rik needed no urging to fall at her feet, hug her around her knees and then hold her beautifully manicured hand in his own.

Rina pulled Rik to his feet and then together they lit a big, fat, fragrant candle in the middle of the room — a stand-in for the fire pit that would have normally held the sacrificial fire. Rina handed Rik a tiny container of vermilion (“sindoor”) that Rik gently placed in the parting of his mother’s hair, as the traditional Hindu symbol of their new relationship. bahis siteleri Then hand in hand they walked seven times around the fire, to solemnize their relationship with the fire as the witness to their union. Finally, the two of them took a few grains of parched rice (“khoi”) and burnt it in the flame to symbolize the dissolution of any inhibition or coyness about the impending physical intimacy.

Rik and Rina now locked lips, kissed each other deeply and entered their bedroom. Rina had covered their old bed with a brilliant new bed sheet that was covered with a thick layer of rose petals. No words were spoken, none were needed as mother and son, now wife and husband, undressed each other until both were as nature had intended to be! Rik led Rina to the bed of rose petals and placed her on her back and then after parting her legs, she climbed on top of her and lowered his lips on hers. His hands were fondling her breasts, her nipples and he felt her hands on her erect penis. She was stroking his shaft and fondling his balls and then she placed the big bulbous head of his thick and hard shaft at the mouth of her vagina.

Rik felt the pressure on his prick as he pressed down into his mother’s cunt. It was the first time he was actually penetrating a woman and he was obviously unsure of how much pressure to apply but Rina, experienced as she was, grabbed his buttocks pulled him in while simultaneously thrusting upwards with her pelvis. With a grunt of pleasure, Rik found himself embedded in his mother’s cunt and then he started to move, thrusting in and out, in and out. His hands were now clenched in his mother’s hair, his lips were rubbing on hers while his tongue lashed her cheeks, her. The red of the vermilion on her forehead, the white of the sandalwood paste on her cheeks and the sweat and spittle had all got mixed together into a ruddy paste that was smeared across their faces. He felt her breasts pressed on his chest and the walls of her vagina gripped his shaft as he pounded her with the remorselessness of a steam engine pulling a train up a hill! She gave a moan of pleasure as the plunging of his cock started wringing the juices of her cunt and she heard the grunt and thud of her son’s naked body as it crashed into her own. It seemed like hours but perhaps it was only minutes before a shiver of excitement rippled through Rina’s body and as she thrashed around in pure pleasure she heard Rik groaning and gurgling her name as his thrusts became more and more frantic. Finally, both of them coincidentally and deliciously reached their peak of ecstasy together and Rina screamed in pleasure as Rik squirted what seemed like gallons of cum into the innards of her vagina!

“How was that Ma?” Mother and son were lying in bed, still naked of course, with Rina cradled on his son’s arm.

“That was the best possible fuck that I have ever had kid. You were simply marvelous.”

“You must be kidding. You must have had much more accomplished lovers in the past.”

“I have had very accomplished fuckers but none of them were my lovers … except now you.”

“But what about the sex?”

“Kid, sex for them was work for me, not for my pleasure but only now I have found someone for whom sex is a matter of fun and passion, something that I am looking forward to …”

She did not have to look forward much further because his son was on her again, squeezing and fondling, kissing and licking, poking and prodding and then with a deft flip she was on top, sitting on his crotch with his shaft embedded in her cunt as she rode him — bobbing up and down, as he thrust again and again into her. Her boobs were dancing in front of his face, his hands wringing them in his palms, his thumbs bruising her nipples as she bent over backwards, her head jerking with pleasure, her long hair flying around in a halo around her face, glistening with sweat. Once again he felt a volcano of pleasure erupting out of his crotch and Rik heard his mother scream with pleasure as his cum sprayed into her once again. And again, and again, and again … throughout the night and the next night and the next …. until one morning

“Kid, I think you have hit a six and scored a goal!”

“You mean …”

“I was feeling nauseous in the morning.”

“You are pregnant.”

“I think so.”

“Then we would be done with all this.”

“No, I have to go back to Mohammad again and convince him that this is his child.”


Mohammad was pleased as punch. Not only had he successfully overcome his murderous business problems that had plagued his last encounter with Rina but this time she had brought her that all important aphrodisiac in a little plastic container that had had with milk last night. The impact was instantaneous, or so he thought.

Rina had encouraged her to believe in his own enhanced potency, lovingly sucked and tended his fragile erection and had unleashed such a frenzy of passionate sex that Mohammad was convinced that there was now a real tiger lurking in his loins. Each time, bahis şirketleri Rina had faked such a thunderous orgasm that Mohammad was firmly convinced that he was filling her with a flood of his sperms! He had not pushed his luck beyond two encounters last night and after one more early morning session he was lying in bed with Rina waiting for Buddhu to serve the breakfast.

“This is a lovely place that you have here Boss, is this close to the river bank?”

“Yes, how did you guess that?”

“I heard the ship sirens and I can see that chimney of a power plant out of the window.”

“So where do you think we are?”

“We should be near the Southern Generating Station of CESC in Garden Reach.”

“You are right.”

“Which means that we are just across from river from the Botanical Gardens.”

“Were it not for that abandoned shed, we should have been able to see it from this window.”

“Is that so close? I had once been to the Garden when I was a child … there is a huge banyan tree there.”

“Oh is it?” Mohammad was obviously oblivious to such matters of general interest. “Actually, you get a wonderful view of the Calcutta skyline from the west bank of the river there.”

“Perhaps, you will take me there someday, when we are done with all this …” Rina was exploring a faint possibility.

“We can go right now if you want.” Had he taken the bait?

“Now? But pushing through all that traffic will eat into our precious love and fuck time.”

“Traffic is for the common man, for us there is something else?”

“You mean a boat? A steamer? That would be lovely!”

“No sweetie, there is another way but … wait till evening and I will show you.” Rina knew that she had hit the jackpot!

The rest of the day was spent in professional fucking! Every four hours, Mohammad would take a pinch of the ‘aphrodisiac’ and egged on by Rina would proceed to fuck her with military precision in the missionary position. She had warned him that her periods were due the day after and were she to bleed tomorrow, it would mean that they would have to go through this tiresome cycle once again, next month! Each time, Rina went through the charade of a screaming, shuddering orgasm and convinced Mohammad that he was flooding her cunt with his potent semen even though she knew better than anyone else that his ejaculation would not have been more than a tiny spoonful! Without this her innards would have been rubbed raw by a prolonged and pointless penetration. By evening, even Mohammad had had enough and was looking for something other than his raw dick to demonstrate his machismo with.


The sun had just set and Rina had finally ‘permitted’ Mohammad to pour himself a stiff peg of cheap Indian whiskey. The two of them, still stark naked, as they had been throughout the day, were lounging in the living room smoking cigarettes, when Rina brought up the topic of a visit to the Botanical Gardens.

“Right, but we will go there only after dark when the Garden is closed to visitors.”

“You would not want anyone to see us, is it?”

“Of course, and we need to be on our guard, in case we run into my enemies.”


Mohammad led Rina into an inner room and opened a cupboard.

“This is an armory.” Rina exclaimed, looking at the array of guns stacked inside.

“If unleashed, we could take down the whole of the Calcutta Police with this.”

Mohammad pulled out a pair of big, beefy looking Smith & Wesson revolvers. Both were loaded and he spun the cylinders to make sure that they were moving well. “I can shoot equally well with both hands, like Arjuna,” he boasted.

“Boss, you look like Superman,” said Rina, and then thought to herself, “if only your cock was as powerful as these guns!”

“I will carry these with me tonight, when we go to the Gardens, you never know whom you run into at night.”

“Can I carry one as well?” pleaded Rina.

“Sure, take this,” he pulled out an ultra light, Glock 33 subcompact pistol and handed it to her.

“This is really light,” Rina fingered it gingerly. “Just about half a kilo I suppose.”

“Get dressed, time to move.”

Mohammad led Rina to the kitchen and opened the secret door, that Buddhu had shown her in the past, and after lighting a torch, the two of them climbed down into the darkness.

“There is a tunnel under the river that the electricity company had made way back in the 1930s for carrying cables to Howrah and it is still in use.”

“But why does it start from this house? Is this company property?”

“No it is not, but one of predecessors, whom I had to kill to get this house, had created an additional tunnel that links this house to the main company tunnel.”

“And the company knows nothing about it?”

“This tunnel is hidden and well camouflaged behind some rusty and obsolete equipments that no one has bothered about for ages.”

The stairs led to a small room with a door that was bolted.

“Shouldn’t you keep this locked? To keep out enemies …”

“But then we may get stuck if we need to escape, which is the primary reason for this tunnel.”

Mohammad opened the bolt and after checking that the coast was clear, they entered the tunnel.

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