Can I Borrow Some Sugar? Pt. 04

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John nodded solemnly behind him.

“What do you mean, “Punish us”?” Lily asked, her face threatening to burst into flame from this conversation.

Matt glanced at John, rubbed his hands together as though hatching an evil plot. John cleared his throat.

“We think you need to be spanked for what you’ve done.” He said quietly. “My mother is on her way over to pick up the kids.”

Matt was smiling at Sasha, but the way John was looking at Lily made her afraid for her friend.

“And if we don’t want to be spanked?” Sasha raised her chin to them, clutching Lily’s hand in her own.

“Well, I think that’s the only thing that’s going to fix this mess.” Matt shrugged.

Sasha turned to Lily, part of her wanting to see where this was going to lead. “Lil?”


She knew that look John was giving her, it was the same one he gave her when they roleplayed, her on her knees with a collar on, him looking down at her. She felt herself get wet, she crossed her legs.

“I want to fix this.” She said evenly, and saw John’s small smile of approval.

“Alright then! I’m going to shower.” Matt announced as he stood up, crossing the porch in just two steps. John gave the girls another smile, and walked off towards their house with his hands deep in his pockets.

Lily turned to Sasha, her mind racing. She saw that Sasha looked concerned, her eyebrows furrowed, making a little line between them.

“What do you think?” she whispered.

“I don’t know. But I think… I think they want to play with us.” Lily said quietly.

“I think so, too. This isn’t what I had planned.” Sasha said, gripping her friend’s hand, “I need to you know that.”

“I know.” Lily said, smiling, clasping the hand holding hers.

A few minutes later, the kids were packed into Lily’s mother-in-law’s Explorer and they pulled away from the house. John held Lily’s hand as they walked to the house next door, Lily’s heart fluttering in her chest. Once inside, the only one acting the same as always was Matt, stomping around and laughing, offering John a beer which he refused.

“Well!” Matt clapped his hands together, “Let’s get started.” He settled into their sofa on one end, John sat himself down on the other end.

Lily mecidiyeköy escort and Sasha stood in front of them, unsure of their next action. They looked at each other, grinning nervously, when John said, “Strip.” In his commanding deep voice.

The women jumped to it. Slowly peeling off their tops and shorts, both with shaking hands as they unhooked their bras in front of the other woman’s husband. They finally stood before the men on the couch, stark naked and bare. The men grinned and looked at each other.

“We’re lucky guys, aren’t we, John?” Matt laughed.

“We are at that. Over my knee, sweetheart.” He said to Lily, patting his lap.

Lily walked over to him, and gingerly bent herself over his lap, her hand resting on the middle seat, her face towards Matt. She watched Sasha do the same, her face just inches from her, their asses exposed for their punishment. Sasha gave her a wobbly smile, her own face burning this time.

“You shouldn’t have played while we were gone, darling.” John said as he caressed her tight ass with his big hand.

“That’s not fair at all. You ladies getting all the fun without us.” Agreed Matt, squeezing Sasha’s round behind.

SMACK. Lily felt the flat of John’s hand make contact with her ass, her skin stinging as she whimpered. SMACK, went Sasha’s ass as Matt swung his huge hand down.

“Are you sorry?” SMACK went John’s hand.

“Yes!” Lily cried out, raising her head.

“Are you sure?” SMACK went Matt’s hand.

“Yes, we’re sorry.” Sasha panted.

“How can we know if they mean it, John?” Matt rubbed Sasha’s ass.

“Hmm… I guess they could show us how sorry they are.” John replied, pushing Lily off of his lap, and watched as she fell to the floor. She looked up at him, indignant. Matt was gentler with Sasha, rolling her off of him.

John stood and took off his belt, undoing his jeans and pulling them down to expose his long hard cock, and sat himself back down on the couch, legs splayed wide. Matt did the same, and as Lily watched him, she couldn’t take her eyes off of his thick uncut cock. He sat back down, and the men stared at them, expectantly. The women crawled over in front of their husbands, şişli escort kneeling between their legs, each one reaching out to stroke their cocks. Lily looked over at Sasha as she took Matt in her mouth, mesmerized by watching her lips glide over his shaft. She felt John’s hand on her chin, turning her head to him.

She reached up and grabbed his cock, the one she knew so well. She leaned forward to lick his head, knowing just how he liked it. She teased him a bit, licking his head and down his shaft, before going back up and taking all of him down her throat. Lily was especially good at sucking cock, and she showed off her skills, feeling Matt’s eyes on her while she did so. She looked up, and saw John eyeing Sasha’s huge tits while she bobbed her head up and down.

“Do you know what would really show how sorry they were?” groaned Matt. “Is if they switched places.”


Sasha lifted her head at that, looking over at Lily. Lily gave her a grin with her husbands penis in her hand. “Absolutely.” Sasha grinned back at her and they switched places, with Lily quickly putting her pretty mouth on the head of Matt’s cock. Sasha looked at John’s thinner but longer dick, a mischievous look on her face. She deep throated John, getting his precum and her spit all over his shaft. As Lily took in all of Matt’s thickness, Sasha wrapped her enormous breasts around John’s cock. His eyes widened in surprise, but were soon glazed over with the pleasure of her big tits fucking him. He moaned and raised his hips so she had better access. Matt watched his friend and neighbor get tit fucked by his wife while Lily sucked his balls and stroked him. Both men were in ecstasy, and Sasha caught Lily’s eye and smiled.

“I think we could make this a little more interesting.” She said, getting up to leave the room. “You, stay.” She said to her husband. “You, sit over here.” Gesturing to John, the chair opposite Matt and Lily. She left, returning after a few minutes with the double sided dildo. John and Matt both stared, frozen, as she kneeled with her back to Lily. She bent forward, inserting one side into her dripping wet pussy, letting the other side rest on Lily’s ass. Lily reached behind her to fill her own cunt with it, until the two women were once again ass to ass, with a shared huge cock between them.

The girls resumed their sucking, stroking, and tit fucking. They pushed back against each other as they bobbed their heads, moaning around the cocks in their mouths. The men stared in shock as they watched their wives fuck each other. Matt was so turned on that he was close, but he didn’t want to cum from this.

“Stop.” He grunted, pulling his cock from Lily’s sweet lips.

He looked to John, as if asking permission for something. John nodded, and gestured to his wife. Matt took the toy from Lily’s tight hole, and poised the tip of his cock at her entry. Sasha had stopped her sucking to watch, and she fucked her own pussy with the toy as her husband slid into her friend. Lily cried out, pushing back against him and screaming, “Yes, fuck me. Fuck me, Matt!”

Matt started truly pounding her, shoving his massive cock into her tight hole, his huge frame engulfing her own. John had never seen this side of his wife, but watching her begging to be fucked by his friend turned him on in a way he never thought it could. He stood, pulling the toy from Sasha’s pussy, and turned her to face his moaning wife. He cupped her huge breasts as he slammed his long cock into her waiting cunt, and she cried out as his weight pushed her forward, her cheek touching Lily’s. She cocked her head and pressed her lips onto Lily’s, her tongue probing. Lily accepted her, and soon the girls were making out while they were being brutally fucked by each other’s husbands.

The sight of it all was too much for Matt, he grunted when he pulled out, and jerked his exploding cock until ropes of hot cum shot all over the faces of the kissing women. John was right behind him, and he grabbed Sasha by her hair to turn them so he could shoot his seed into their open tonguing mouths. The two girls giggled and swallowed his cum, and swapped it between them. The men stood there, the room smelling of sex and filled with heavy breathing. John left to grab a towel, and handing it to his wife when they finally came apart.

“So, do you forgive us?” Sasha smiled up at them, wiping cum from her mouth. Matt laughed.

“Yeah, I think we’re square. John?” Matt said.

“Yeah. We’re square.” He smiled at his wife, and helped her to her feet.

The four of them stood together, covered in sweat and cum, realizing that they will never be “just neighbors” ever again.

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