Caitlin Ch. 01

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I’m Chris, a fifty or so naval officer working and living near our nation’s capital (Canberra). I’m also recently estranged, having been happily married for 20 years, or so I thought. You see, my wife met someone else shortly after we met, when she travelled to the US to visit family. I thought we were serious back then but she declared her new love when she got back – a short lived romance. Months later she decided to stay with me (I was persistent!) and we married a year later. Roll forward 20 years and they find each other again online – the only reason I knew about it was a slip up when he sent an email to our family email account. A little detective work and I had the social media channel they were using and I kept track of their comms – basically I was still a friend but she loved, and yearned for, him.

Three years ago we came into some significant money. After a short pause and some planning we invested and spent moderately, knowing full well that spending big now would not help us in the long run. I stayed in the Navy, just for fun in some respects, she retired and enjoyed her earlier than expected freedom. Maybe I was naive, but that soon turned into her revelation that she loved someone else and that she was joining him again to see if they could make a future together. Even though I had been keeping an eye on their rekindled love I was still devastated. I told her that I saw the email from a number of years ago but thought nothing of it – I did not mention my detective work, which proved useful as I saw the subsequent discussion between them. I told her that I still loved her nonetheless and that I was hurt, but understood. I would still be here for her, always – I meant it and still do mean it. I also knew from their communications that it was a hard decision for her, little comfort that it was for me.

I have always been a shy, withdrawn person. I’m not overly handsome, not athletically built, rather on the slightly chubby side. I do look after myself, though, and have often been told that I look five, sometimes ten (I wish!) years younger than my age.

I’d had a couple of girlfriends but they didn’t last long – basically I didn’t know what to do and went too quickly – scared them off. I had had a number of quick flings – again nothing came of them. Meeting her in my early thirties I was a little more mature, but this time my persistence paid off. I have always been a bit of a ladies man, flirting etc – sometimes that came off creepy but most of the time I was completely innocent and nothing happened – I just like the look of a female that looks after herself and is confident. My wife in fact encouraged casino oyna it, pointing out young ladies, confident – correctly – that I was just viewing with no further outward actions. I did sometimes fantasise but that’s as all.

Caitlin worked in the local Chemists as a pharmacy assistant. When she left school she literally became an adult, her look and dress changed, for which I instantly complemented her – elegant but not over the top – a beautiful, confident young lady. We would always end up chatting when I went in, her uni studies, hopes for the future, holidays as well as general stuff. Through pure observation, I worked out that she was indeed 18, she lived with her mum and three sisters; I was able to store away tidbits of information about this lovely young lady. Turns out I also knew her mum, Linda, from work – 10 or so years younger than me; Linda was a stunner from what I remember and I later saw that her four daughters clearly had their mother’s genes.

Yes I fantasised about Caitlin, and probably lusted after her; I made sure I didn’t do anything to put her off, let alone creepy, yet I did not have any illusion that it would go anywhere. She certainly had my attention, and I would take every opportunity to speak with her – I would later learn that it was clear that I sought and made a beeline for her every time I went in the Chemists and the happiness in my face when I saw her was something she looked forward to – she made a point of smiling back and was happy to go the extra mile and chat with me. She didn’t think that I was a dirty old man or anything like that – she enjoyed the attention. Why not – get the attention that is – after all she was 5’5, blonde, quite slim but not an undernourished waif, great breasts, not too large but accentuated by her tight fitting chemist branded shirt, a lovely shapely ass, again accented, lovely engaging smile and she was great to talk with.

Looking back, my demeanour was completely different in the Chemists, depending on whether Caitlin was there. Dirty old man if the cap fits, definitely infatuated. Again, your honour, I didn’t do anything …

After my wife left to join her boyfriend, and see if that could work out, I still visited the Chemists to pick up small items and drop off my dry cleaning – previously it was mainly to get her prescriptions. Being behind the Prescription counter, I had less innocent reason to talk with Caitlin, but I would always seek her out (again this was obvious to Caitlin), and say hello. I did also meet and strike up discussion with her younger sister Brooke – taller and less sexily dressed than Caitlin but clearly blessed with the canlı casino same genes. I had to be really careful though as she was jailbait – being 16 when I first met her! Stop it Chris!! They would latter both confirm that my interest in, or at least attention to them, was obvious and they would talk about it, but only between themselves. Brooke knew that I was smitten with Caitlin. Here was me trying to be discrete.

Extremely few people knew that my wife had left – it was not final as far as I am concerned, and I said nothing to the people at the Chemists. In hindsight they knew that something was up – at least the people that mattered or cared, Caitlin and Brooke. I didn’t try and get back on the horse, so to speak, or drown my sorrows.

One Friday my team and I had a night out, dinner at a nice place in the city. We adjourned for after dinner drinks but even that petered out pretty quickly. Even the two single youngsters, who talked me into another nightcap, retired or moved on early. I nursed my last drink before leaving myself, but I did quietly scan the bar and observe the fairer sex, while trying not to look like a creep. It’s was a ‘uni’ bar so the clientele was appropriately young; even with my youthful looks I knew I would look look like a creep.

Suddenly I felt two arms wrapped around my neck, a squeeze of a hug and a kiss on the cheek – more prolonged than a peck, a very moist kiss. ‘Hi, fancy seeing you here’, the hands withdrew and off she went; Caitlin, looked back with a coy smile and blew me a kiss. She joined a larger group, all female, at the other end of the still crowded bar – looked back at me again with a smile as she slowly, and I’m sure for my viewing, swallowed the end of her beer bottle. I smiled back and returned to my drink, trying very hard again not to look like a creep.

A few minutes later I got a text message, an unknown number, ‘You going back home soon? My friends are all on the Northside, may I please share a lift? C xxxooxxx’. Quite surprised, I looked up and could see Caitlin looking directly at me with the phone in her hands.

‘I’ll just finish my drink and leave in say 5 mins. Happy to see you home, see you outside? Me xx’.

Looking up again I could see her looking at her phone, smile broadening, then looking back at me. Yes it was Caitlin.

‘You are such a gentleman, thank you!’

Another text sent and I returned to my drink.

Time seemed to have slowed but soon I was on my way out, with two eyes definitely on me – seemed to be the only two. I waited a little up the road from the bar, thinking that she may not wish her friends to see. As the car kaçak casino approached I sensed her next to me – perfect timing – opening the door, ushering Caitlin into the plush leather back set of the S Class. I hurried around to the other side and slipped into the limo, ‘Evening Rose, thank you’ and we sped off towards home.

I shuffled over to Caitlin, looking into her beaming face and inviting eyes, ‘Well hello again’.

My mouth drew down to hers, lips touched, parted, locked and we slowly explored each other’s mouths, tongues tussling. My, her mouth was warm and sooooo wet. Our hands touched and probed each other’s faces, I gradually pulled her head firmly attached to mine as we kissed, licked and sucked each other. One of her hands rubbed my crotch and the ever present associated hardness; I thought of returning the favour but would have tried to go too far and get skin on skin – something that needed privacy rather than the back seat. Nevertheless, Caitlin’s soft moans and whimpers as we kissed sucked and explored with our hands told me enough.

Contrary to the slow passage of time before, the 25 minute journey home passed quickly and we were soon stopping outside Caitlin’s house, our lips, mouths and tongues having played for the entire journey. It took us a little time to come out of our own little world and realise where we were. Caitlin looked out the window and then at me in surprise.

‘I guess that this is your stop’, disentangling myself from Caitlin, to her mild chagrin.

‘I’ll look after this Rose’, getting out of the car.

Opening Caitlin’s door, I reached in and slowly pulled her out into another passionate embrace.

‘Your stop … for now. Thank you for sharing the ride home with me my lovely, have a good evening, I’ll be thinking of you tonight and in my sleep’.

Another long sensuous kiss.

‘Thank you good Sir, my knight. This was lovely’.

We were at her door now, opening it with her key, she turned suddenly.

‘How did you know where I lived’, a soft whisper.

‘How did you know my number’ and she slightly blushed.

‘maybe we will continue this, soon?’.

‘Love to, very soon’ and with that Caitlin was safely in her house.

Getting back in the car, ‘Thank You Rose’.

‘My pleasure, I hope that it goes well for you, about time that you had some pleasure’.

In less than twenty seconds we were outside my place, three down and across the small cul-de-sac from Caitlin’s.

I sat on my bed, not so much groggy but with my head slight spinning, thinking of what had happened and what may come of it. ‘Best not get to excited, emotionally or physically’, I thought as I was rubbing myself – ‘I may need that now’ as I looked down wand removed my hand, ‘keep it in shape but Do Not over use’. I slept very well that night.

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