Buttfuck Buddies Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Ashley’s heart was pounding as she stood outside the door, holding a shiny key in her hand. Biting her lips, feeling excited and deliciously scared, she tried to pull herself together before entering Nick’s apartment. Even though her mind was made up, she couldn’t help but linger there on the threshold, teasing herself into waiting, savoring the heady rush of adrenaline.

She had been only mildly surprised earlier that day when Nick had showed up after one of her classes to give her a key of her own to the new lock that he had got installed. True to his word, as Ashley knew he would be, Nick had kicked out her cheating ex boyfriend Josh and offered her free access to the apartment.

“See you later, Ash, or whenever you want. You’re always more than welcome!” Nick had told her as he held her tiny hand in his, pressing the brand new key into her palm.

Smiling while Ashley gazed dreamily at his handsome bespectacled face, losing herself in those intense brown eyes of his, Nick had leaned in and planted a swift smooch on her lips, hugging her tightly to his tall wiry frame. Then he had jumped on his bike and pedaled away, waving his hand at a stunned, blinking Ashley. The rest of the day had been a blur to her. As she sat through her classes and went about her daily routines, the presence of that key in her pocket was all Ashley could focus on, its meaning all too clear and intriguing to just push aside.

Two days had passed since she had lost her anal virginity to Nick and not a moment had gone by without Ashley’s thoughts returning to that incredibly erotic, unexpectedly intimate experience. Whenever she wasn’t busy otherwise, Ashley had fingered her pussy almost incessantly since then, using a buttplug to simulate the irreplaceable feel of Nick’s thick cock stretching her tight little asshole and pushing deep into her sensitive anus. Even when she wasn’t masturbating her holes, the mere memory of that unique sensation of stuffing fullness in her rectum sent shivers of pleasure through Ashley’s slim frame, making her pussy drool with need while her clit ached for attention.

Nick had not only introduced Ashley to anal sex though, he had also declared his feelings for her. Moreover, he had invited Ashley to join him and his buttfuck buddy Mia in their weird yet surprisingly functional relationship. Maybe not so surprising after all, since Mia and Nick were more than just fuck buddies, but true friends and lovers whose mutual affection ran very deep. As mind-boggling as the idea had seemed at first, Ashley found herself thrilled by the thought of joining Nick and Mia.

Though Mia’s attraction to Ashley had always been clear, the curvy brunette only flirted with Ashley without ever making a real move on her. This had actually intrigued Ashley a lot. Time and again she had found herself imagining what it would be like to have sex with Mia, and that titillating fantasy seemed even more enticing now that Ashley had been openly invited into Nick and Mia’s liaison. Besides, the day before her own anal deflowering, Ashley had seen Mia naked, bouncing her plump bubble-butt on Nick’s cock with her huge tits swaying away and her dilated pink asshole clinging greedily to his shaft as she rode him wildly, impaling her anus on his dick. That sexy image haunted Ashley’s mind, she just couldn’t seem to stop fantasizing about her busty friend since then.

Ashley had often wondered about lesbian sex, but never acted upon her hidden desires. Now she could barely stand the curiosity as she imagined what it would feel like to touch Mia’s big jutting tits and suck on her puffy nipples, or to taste her smooth pussy and caress her soft fleshy asscheeks. Most of all, she tried to picture how amazing it would be to get her own pussy licked by Mia, to feel the brunette’s pouty lips pressed on her wet slit, kissing her and sucking her and drinking down her juices. In Ashley’s overexcited mind, the only thing that she assumed might possibly come close to the awesomeness of having her tight little asshole stuffed full of Nick’s huge cock was indeed to have Mia munch on her needy clit and thoroughly eat her pussy out.

Trembling with arousal as she shook her head to break her unbidden erotic reverie, Ashley squared her slim shoulders and took a deep breath, her eyes fixed on the door before her.

“Okay then,” she murmured to herself, an impish grin spreading across her lips, “here goes…”

Despite her excitement, Ashley’s slender fingers were steady as she turned the key. The new lock clicked smoothly and the door swung open, allowing her inside.


Sitting back on his bed, caressing the plumpest, roundest ass he had ever seen or touched or fucked, Nick was moaning in pleasure as the soft seal of Mia’s lips glided fluidly along his raging boner. Kneeling beside canlı bahis him, her fabulous bubble-butt tilted up in the air and her huge boobs pressed into his thigh while her head bobbed on his lap, Mia temptingly wiggled her juicy rump as she kept giving Nick a sloppy deep-throating blowjob.

Getting her drift, Nick interrupted his adoring kneading massages. Letting go of a bouncy asscheek with one hand, he lowered his fingers into Mia’s buttcrack and traced her splayed open, nectar-shiny pussy lips. Once his digits were wet enough, he brought his index and middle finger to the rubbery little rosebud of her asshole and started circling its crinkled edges. Devotedly applying more and more of her sweet cunt juices to her anus, Nick massaged and moistened Mia’s cute pink sphincter into relaxation. Every now and then he distractedly poked a fingertip into her tiny clingy orifice, but he made it a point not to go deeper inside her ass than the first knuckle. All the while, he gently sawed his thumb in and out of Mia’s drooling pussy.

Maddened by Nick’s manipulations, Mia moaned around the mouthful of cockmeat stuffed in her throat, sucking and slobbering more intensely to match his delicious teasing with her own fellating prowess. Soon though she was undulating her sumptuous booty more urgently, squirming and groaning as she attempted to get Nick’s digits to finally slip deeper inside her needy little asshole. Eventually, she glided her dick-munching lips all the way up along his slippery pole and let Nick’s swollen purple glans plop out of her mouth.

“Oh my god, Nick!” Mia gasped, her saliva-glossy lips upturned in a grin and her eyes clouded with arousal. “Just finger my asshole already, I’m freaking dying here!”

Tilting his head to the side as he gazed into Mia’s smoky blues eyes, Nick complied and finally eased his long middle finger past the pliant knot of her butt-ring. Slowly and deliberately, he pushed all the way into the warm tightness of her ass. He gently twirled his digit around a bit inside Mia’s snug anus before starting to saw it fluidly in and out. “Better now?” he snickered.

“Uh-hu,” Mia nodded, purring contentedly as she brushed her pale cheeks against the rock-hardness of Nick’s boner, smearing her face with his pre-cum and her own spittle. “Much better… Ooohh yes, more! Give me more, baby!” she gasped as she felt Nick carefully worming his forefinger inside her willing asshole too, making her whimper in pleasure as he got into a lazy finger-fucking rhythm.

Pushing his ass-probing digits as deep as they could go inside her smooth rectum before calmly withdrawing them almost all the way at each pass, Nick rested his thumb on Mia’s clit and started lightly rubbing it. He smiled as he watched her voluptuous body shudder in pleasure. Knowing perfectly well how to build up his lover’s arousal, Nick traced slow circles on Mia’s nectar-slick engorged bud while he kept masturbating her ass.

“Tell me, Nick… Tell me again,” Mia cooed, lapping languidly all over Nick’s fat cock as she smiled at him, enjoying the familiar feel of his long expert fingers gliding in and out of her sensitive little hole and teasing her clit amazingly. “I wanna hear it one more time.”

Nick had to laugh. Since he had popped Ashley’s anal cherry, Mia had become fixated on hearing that story. Far from being jealous, actually happy that Ashley had taken what Mia hoped would be the first step to become more intimate with both Nick and herself, Mia had demanded that Nick relate to her in extreme detail the events of their blonde friend’s anal deflowering, over and over again. Nick happily complied, of course, glad to see that Mia’s already proverbial passion for sodomy seemed to increase tenfold any time he recounted his first buttfuck with Ashley.

“Sure, I could tell you all about how tight Ashley’s virgin asshole felt around my cock and how she loved getting her sweet little butt stretched out and filled with cum,” Nick shrugged, grinning as Mia panted in anticipation between sloppy smooches on his dick, “or I could put my tongue to a different use and maybe have it trade places with my fingers. Your choice…”

“Oh, you evil master of teasing!” Mia chuckled and rolled her eyes, giving Nick’s thick shaft a playful tender bite before rearranging herself so that she was sitting on his face in a sixty-nine position. As Nick possessively grabbed her beautiful plump ass and parted her fleshy buttcheeks, pulling her down to feast on her holes, Mia felt compelled to add: “But you’ve gotta tell me the whole story again later while you fuck my ass, okay? Ooohh fuck, baby! Uuhh yes lick me, yesss!”

“Mmph-mmh,” was all Nick managed to answer, his lips already suckling on Mia’s smooth dripping pussy, his tongue busy lapping away at her clit.

As Nick shifted holes and clamped his mouth onto her cute little asshole, Mia silenced her own husky groans of delight by pressing her face down on his groin and inhaling his cock back inside her gullet bahis siteleri again. Locked in a passionate sixty-nine, with Mia bouncing her face on Nick’s throat-clogging boner while his tongue wiggled its way into her anus and he voraciously slobbered all over her tender butt-ring, the lovers didn’t hear the front door opening nor Ashley’s light footsteps as she made her way through the apartment.

Ashley heard the squishy muffled sounds of sucking and the unmistakable moans of Mia’s pleasure the moment she stepped through the front door. Though tingly with desire, she couldn’t bring herself to let her presence be known just yet, choosing to approach Mia and Nick in silence instead.

For a couple of minutes Ashley just stood right outside Nick’s bedroom, looking in through the wide open door, unable to tear her eyes from her friends’ entangled naked bodies. The sight of Mia’s pouty cocksucking lips devouring Nick’s fat pole, the rhythmic undulation of her long black ponytail, the intoxicating vision of his bespectacled face buried between the brunette’s plump juicy asscheeks, the slurping humming sounds of their shared pleasure; Ashley was spellbound by it all, caught between a sweet voyeuristic thrill and the promise of other deeper satisfactions waiting for her if she were just courageous enough to join the lovers on the bed.

When Nick’s wonderful rimjob and his clit-diddling digits pushed Mia over the edge, the busty brunette couldn’t help but let his massive cock slip out of her mouth as she threw her head back and cried out in orgasm. It was then that Mia noticed Ashley standing mesmerized just a few feet away, her sculpted, delicate face flushed with desire, her hazel eyes glued to the sexy scene unfolding before her. Pleased to see their blonde friend, Mia grinned naughtily throughout her climax while she slowly stroked Nick’s hardness, her pleasure-shiny eyes never leaving Ashley’s spellbound orbs.

Panting, her huge dangling boobs jiggling underneath her gorgeous frame in time with her labored breath, Mia eventually purred: “Hey Ash, about time you joined us…”

Ashley could only blink her eyes in response to Mia’s nonchalant greeting.

“Mmhph whaaa… Oh, hey Ash!” Nick smiled, unclasping his mouth from Mia’s rosebud and peeking his messy-haired head over the glorious curve of her plump bouncy ass. “What are you doing standing there in the hallway like that? Come on inside.”

“I… Uhm,” Ashley mumbled, trying to get a grip as she stepped inside the room. Despite their nakedness, Nick’s disarmingly sincere smile and Mia’s trademark snicker put Ashley at ease, pervading her with a warming sense of familiarity and comfort. “Well, I came by to talk to both of you about, you know… Stuff…” she giggled, shrugging her slim shoulders as her gaze lingered on Nick’s raging, saliva-shiny boner.

“Right,” Mia nodded knowingly with a chuckle as she nestled Nick’s girthy pole between her big luscious tits. “We were also talking about ‘stuff’, involving you mostly. Weren’t we, baby?” she said, flicking her tongue around his bloated glans, her eyes glued to the evident shape of Ashley’s bra-less pointy tits and stiff nipples poking into the fabric of her tight-fitting polo shirt.

“Yeah,” Nick croaked, shivering with delight as Mia’s tongue licked his cockhead and her soft fleshy tits hugged his shaft, his pleasure enhanced by Ashley’s presence and her obvious state of arousal. “I told Mia about us, of course. I did mention that I would do it, didn’t I, Ash?”

“Yep, you sure did,” Ashley nodded, weirdly reassured by Nick’s directness and by the fact that everything was out in the open. “So I guess there’s not really much to talk about after all, eh,” she concluded, smiling nervously as she rubbed her jeans-clad thighs together.

“You’re so right, honey,” Mia cooed. “As far as I can tell, we’re all more than ready to move ahead.”

Giving Nick’s cock one last slurping lick before breaking their sixty-nine, Mia straightened up and knee-walked across the bed, her heavy tits jutting proudly from her chest. Ashley felt tingly all over as she stood there, rooted to the spot, watching Mia’s curvy body as the brunette climbed off the bed and slowly got nearer, her matronly hips swaying with her every step. Ashley found herself unconsciously licking her lips as her gaze lingered on Mia’s shaved pussy, her puffy labia splayed open and glinting with dribbles of her sweet moisture and Nick’s spittle.

Ashley’s heart was drumming crazily in her ears as Mia stopped right in front of her, parting her arms and holding out her hands. She was smiling, Ashley noticed, actually smiling, not smirking as always. That genuine, almost timid expression of joy on Mia’s face and her simple welcoming gesture threw Ashley off and won her over completely, not that she needed any more convincing.

“You sure you’re okay with all this, Ash?”

Mia’s husky voice reached Ashley as if through a fog, but she managed to nod as she extended her bahis şirketleri arms and held Mia’s hands in hers. While the girls’ fingers intertwined, a soft happy laugh escaped the busty brunette’s wet lips, surprising Ashley again.

“I mean it, Ash,” Mia went on, looking into the blonde’s eyes and getting serious all of a sudden, “if you don’t think you can do this, it’s fine, but you should say so now. It’s not just about us sharing Nick, it’s about you and I too and, well… I do have feelings, you know, and I don’t mean just for him and you, but feelings in general,” she chuckled throatily, trying to play it cool but still letting Ashley get a glimpse of her deepest, most private emotions. Shrugging, Mia continued: “I’m all for a ‘fun and games’ kinda thing too if that’s what you want out of this, but I think we may be onto something more here. So, you know, just tell us now how you feel about it so nobody gets hurt. Okay?”

Ashley hesitated just a second, caught off guard. That insight into Mia’s insecurities was way more than Ashley ever expected her confident, independent friend to admit about her own vulnerabilities. Somehow, it made Ashley even more sure that she was doing the right thing. Letting out a liberating sigh, Ashley leaned in and pulled Mia closer. For a moment she could witness the brunette’s pale blue eyes getting big with surprise, then their faces were just too close to see. But it didn’t matter. Before they knew it, their lips were touching and joining together, and they were kissing.

Thrilled by Ashley’s unexpectedly direct move, Mia responded to her friend’s kiss with passion, pressing her heavy boobs against Ashley’s slim body and locking her arms around the blonde’s thin neck. Ashley moaned into Mia’s lips as she felt the brunette’s fingers running through her pixie haircut. She was crazed by how good Mia’s voluptuous naked body felt against hers even through her clothes, and she couldn’t believe how soft and warm her lips were as they slowly made out.

“I’d say that Ash answered your question in the best possible way,” Nick chuckled as he looked intently at the girls’ tender yet intense lesbian kiss. “Didn’t she, Mia?”

Laughing, Ashley broke their lip-lock and echoed him with a grin: “Didn’t I, Mia?”

“You definitely did, yeah,” Mia nodded, brushing her nose against Ashley’s smooth sculpted cheek. “So, how about we get you naked now?”

Without waiting for a reply, Mia reached her hands to the crotch of Ashley’s jeans and cupped her pussy through the cloth before unbuttoning and unzipping her. Trembling with anticipation as she let Mia peel down her jeans and then her light blue cotton panties too, Ashley swiftly got rid of her top. Once all her clothes were gone, Mia gasped and took a step back to fully admire Ashley’s svelte, toned body in all its naked splendor for the first time.

“Oh my God, Ash…” Mia mumbled. She was awestruck as her eyes drank in Ashley’s long legs, her flat tummy and her perfect perky tits capped with long, achingly hard pink nipples. A little cackle escaped Mia’s slack mouth as she noticed the tiny tuft of soft-looking honey blonde hair right above Ashley’s otherwise smooth pussy. It struck her funny to think that maybe her friend intentionally kept that little bit of untrimmed pubes there just to confirm that she was indeed a natural blonde.

“Say something, come on!” Ashley nervously giggled, suddenly self-conscious under Mia’s devouring stare. “I’m too skinny, ain’t I?” she sulkily said, furrowing her brow as if in doubt.

“Ash, you’re so fucking beautiful!” Mia exclaimed, her tone serious and excited at the same time. “I knew you had to have a killer body all along, but this is some serious supermodel material, honey!”

“Wow, thanks!” Ashley laughed, unable to say more as she purred at the feel of Mia’s hands resting on her hips and gently caressing her skin. Shivers ran up her spin as Mia’s fingers traced her sides and reached her pointy, gravity-defying tits. As she lay her own hands on Mia’s plump round asscheeks and pulled her closer, letting her long erect nipples brush against Mia’s puffy buds, Ashley blurted out something she had wanted to tell her busty friend for a long time: “I’d kill to have tits like yours, Mia.”

“Oh please,” Mia chuckled, pressing her buxom rack harder into Ashley’s breasts, squashing her huge jugs into the blonde’s perky tits. “Sure, my boobs look okay now, in a slutty kinda way, but give them a few years and they’ll be all flabby and droopy while the rest of me gets horribly fat!”

Ignoring Mia’s self-deprecating criticism, Ashley let go of her fleshy ass and brought her hands up to the brunette’s luscious melons, caressing their bulging sides as she kept grinding her stiff nipples into Mia’s. “They’re so big and full and heavy, all nice and round… So soft and smooth, but firm at the same time… See, this is exactly what I always thought a woman’s tits should look like. My sisters and my Mom all have huge boobs like yours. I’m the runt of the family, tit-wise at least.”

Both Nick and Mia laughed at that, and Ashley joined them too. Then Nick hinted: “Well girls, maybe I could give you a man’s opinion about all this tit business…”

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