Born Beautiful, Rachel’s Story #14

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Chapter 14

Women take back control from men by sucking their cocks.

Olga rebuffed her husband’s touch, when he reached out to grab her and to grope her in front of her son.

“Be careful, Olga, or I’ll take you out to the barn to teach you another lesson,” said Hugo to his wife.

“Go ahead. You don’t scare me,” said Olga to her husband, while making eyes at her son behind her husband’s back.

Obviously, Olga wanted her husband to take her out to the barn so that she could have sex with her son. Obviously, once what was a threat and a punishment was now a delight and a pleasure.

With her father and brother drinking again, Rachel decided to stay out of their sight and reach. Always grabbing her, groping her, and feeling her, they’re too unpredictable when they’re drunk. So long as she stayed out of their way and remained their hidden and temporary forgotten victim, she knew they’d take her mother to the barn again.

“I’m going to bed,” said Rachel leaving her mother to defend for herself and giving her father and brother the privacy they needed to do their nasty business in the barn.

With her dresser pushed against her bedroom door, Rachel locked herself in her room, until she heard them leave the house to go out to the barn with her mother. Reeling from her mother’s confession, she was still shocked that her mother admitted that she enjoyed having sex with her son. She recalled the conversation she had with her mother.

“The only pleasure I have is when having sex with Karl. While his father sleeps against the support beam in the barn, Karl takes his time to make gentle love to me, something that your father has never done in the more than 20 years I’ve been with him. In return for how he makes me feel so desired, I’m happy to give my son pleasure,” she said looking at her daughter with guilt.

“That’s just so nasty that you have sex with your son Mother,” she said with a face full of disgust.

“He doesn’t know that I enjoy giving him pleasure, as much as he enjoys forcing me to give him sex,” she said with a sly look as if she was proud of the fact that she had the upper hand over her son. “So long as he makes it appear that I’m being forced to do the things that a mother should never do with her son, I’m obliged and happy to do them.”

Even though she saw her mother through different eyes and with a new insight, she wondered what woman would enjoy being forced to have sex, especially with her son? In a world where women lived a life of drudgery, forced slavery, indentured servitude, and had no control over anything or anyone, perhaps a freer woman was a woman who felt in control over a man. Perhaps a woman who gave her man what he wanted was a woman who got what she wanted too. Then, she wondered, what mother would enjoy having sex with her son? Even if only by having sex with her son and even if only with sex for an hour at a time, her mother was a happier woman after she’s given Karl what he wants and he’s given her what she needs.

As if they were two guards walking their prisoner to jail, Hugo and Karl with Olga in the middle, she watched the three of them walk towards the barn carrying the lantern. As if they were monsters walking in the night, with their shadows looking as frighteningly big as what was about to happen, Rachel watched them disappear in the barn in stunned silence. She listened for her mother’s screams from the beatings and the whipping that her father gave her for the offenses and transgressions he felt she did, even when she didn’t.

“No! Hugo! Please! Stop! Don’t! No!”

Now knowing their routine, even after hearing her screams, she waited until she heard the crack of the whip, before sneaking out of the house to walk to the barn to see. A big risk going to the barn in the dark and without a light to show her way, there could be any kind of animal out and about at this hour. If they knew she was there looking, no doubt, they’d drag her inside, strip her naked, beat her, and force her to have sex with them too.

Bored with her life and with nothing else to do to occupy her time but chores, Rachel walked to the far side of the barn to peek through poker oyna the split, petrified wood. Surrounded by knee high weeds, insects tickled her bare legs. She just hoped there weren’t any snakes stealthily crawling through the grass. From where she stood peeking in the barn, with their backs turned to her, she could see what they were doing to her poor mother but they couldn’t see her poised there in the darkness while peeking through the split wood.

Had she not seen this before, had she not known what they did to her poor mother, she would have been horrified. The first time seeing them beat her, strip her, and rape her, she wanted to scream her indignation at her father and brother for brutalizing her mother in hopes of stopping the abuse and rescuing her mother. Only, she knew if she interrupted their good time, too drunk to know any better, they’d take her instead. Now, helpless to do anything, never wanting to forget, she just watched to make sure that she’d always remember.

Glad that she had already missed the beating and the whipping, not wanting to see her father beat her mother, they had already stripped her mother to her waist. Rachel felt sexually aroused in seeing her mother’s breasts exposed to her brother. As soon as the wounds reopened on her back from her father horse whipping her and as soon as she started bleeding again, her brother stopped the whipping and untied his mother, allowing her to collapse to the ground. With his back turned to his father, unable for her father to see, her brother squatted down consoling her and kissing his mother on the lips while feeling her big tits and fingering her erect nipples. The normal bond of a mother’s love for her son had somehow morphed to include their incestuous, sexual love.

“It’s okay, Mom,” she heard him say. “I have you now. Don’t worry. You’re safe in my arms,” he said.

Feeling as much shame as she felt guilt in her sudden fascination with watching her father and brother with her mother, normally she bristled at the thought of her brother stripping, groping, and sexually using and abusing her mother. This time, however, she felt different. This time she was fascinated by the sexual assault.

Sexually aroused by what was happening, she was as twisted in her voyeuristic delight in her mother’s exhibitionistic display, as she was shocked and ashamed by her excited, incestuous interest. As much as she was horrified by her mother’s plight, she was envious. She was aroused by the thought of being taken and stripped naked, not by her father and brother, but by someone else, a handsome, mysterious stranger. This time, instead of looking about the incestuous sexual scene with horror, she quivered with sexual excitement by the thought of having her breasts so completely exposed, even if only to her father and brother, especially to her father and brother.

Always embarrassed before when forced to bathe naked in front of her father as he masturbated while he leered at her naked body, she couldn’t wait to give him a good show now. Knowing that her brother was peeking in the kitchen window while outside masturbating too, she couldn’t wait for her next bath to tease him too. Only something that she could get away with her brother, she had to take care not to anger her father by flaunting her naked body too salaciously to her father. Still learning how to control men by watching her mother, she didn’t want to let her father know that she as playing him while controlling him.

It was one thing for her to be victimized as the dutiful daughter forced to strip naked and bathe in front of her father. Yet, it was quite another thing for her to hold up his distorted mirror of incestuous, sexual enjoyment of his daughter’s nudity to his face by her taking pleasure in her exhibitionism in the way he took pleasure with his voyeurism. Obviously after having lied to himself for so long, when shown who he really is, in the way of the Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera being so exposed for who and what he is, the monster always recoils before lashing out to the one who exposed him.

Too drunk to do anything other than to watch, she watched her father allowing his son to have his canlı poker oyna wicked way with his wife. She wondered how a father could watch his son have sex with his mother. With his eyes half closed, he was sitting in a drunken heap against a support post, while his son knelt beside his mother whispering his forbidden thoughts in her ear, fondling her tits, leaning down to suck her nipples, and kissing her.

“I love your big breasts, Mother. I love sucking your hard nipples.”

“Suck them, Karl. Suck my nipples,” she said whispering in his ear, while running her fingers through his hair.

Despite the shame that she felt by her heated sexual arousal in watching the physical assault of her mother, Rachel fingered her nipples while watching her brother playing with her mother’s breasts. Even though she was horrified by the incestuous, sexual scene, she wished she was the one being so sexually abused. She wished someone had stripped her topless. She wish someone was feeling her breasts and sucking her nipples. She wished someone was forcing her to touch them before sucking them.

If this was a Shakespearean play at the Globe Theatre in London, England in the 17th century, instead of a small rural farm in southern Germany, in Munich, by the Bavarian Alps in the 19th century, as written in the play, Karl would have killed his father to marry his mother. Instead of the shame she felt for wanting to be ravished too, in the way her brother was ravishing his mother, she’d have applause. Instead of the guilt she felt for enjoying such a incestuous sexual show, there’d be a standing ovation, by the spectacle of a son so disrespecting and dishonoring his mother before doing the same to his sister. Only what she was watching in the barn was reality and not a play.

A son having incestuous sex with his mother and/or sister was all too common an occurrence and one that went along with a lonely life on the farm. Even though it was such a common occurrence, being that incest was a deep rooted taboo, with no one speaking of it, those who were in an incestuous affair thought they were the only perverted ones having incestuous sex. If only they knew that their neighbors were just as consumed by incest and incestuous sex as they were. If only they knew that fathers were fucking their daughters and brothers were having sex with their mothers and sisters everywhere. Perhaps had they known, their guilt and shame would have been lessened by understanding the phenomenon of mass incestuous.

Armed with the knowledge that incest was happening not only in Germany but all over the world and that it was wrong, perhaps they would have thought twice before a father forced his daughter and a son forced his mother and/or sisters. Only, these weren’t modern times with mass communication. Back then, it was a big world and not a small one. No one knew what the other man was doing the next farm over never mind in the next city or country. On the other hand, if they knew that incest and incestuous sex was such a common occurrence, with less guilt and shame preoccupying their thoughts, perhaps in the way of the plague, incest would have been much worse when making aunts, cousins, and grandmothers fair game too.

Unable to control her sexual urges, impulses, and excitement as she had done so often in the past, Rachel unbuttoned her nightgown to reach her hand inside to fondle her breasts and finger her nipples while watching her brother manhandle her mother. Feeling so very horny by the violent incestuous sight of watching her mother do unspeakable things to her son, she unbuttoned more buttons of her nightgown to lift her breasts out of her nightgown and high enough for her to suck her nipples. Taking turns, she fingered one nipple and sucked the other, while watching her brother finger and suck her mother’s nipples. In a momentary moment of heightened sexual excitement, so long as they didn’t beat her, whip her, and hurt her, she almost wished they’d see her peeking through the cracks of the barn. She almost wished they’d catch her touching herself and abuse her in the way they were now incestuously abusing her mother.

Other than her brother and father, internet casino she wondered how sexually excited she’d be having a man see her breasts and/or see her naked. She wondered what it felt like to have a man feel her breasts and finger her nipples, before sucking them. In the way that she wanted to touch a man, she wondered what it felt like for a man to touch her. After witnessing the perverse sight of a husband abusing his wife and a son having his wicked, sexual way with his mother, knowing that what she was suddenly feeling was so wickedly wrong, she wished she had a man in her life to want her, touch her, and take her too. She yearned to feel a man’s naked body next to her and laying upon her while humping her, feeling her, and whispering his love for her in her ear. She yearned to explore a man’s naked body in the way she wished a man would explore her naked body.

“I love you, Rachel. I want you. I have to have you,” she imagined a man whispering his love to her, while making passionate love to her.

Only, what she was watching now had nothing to do with love. What she was watching now had nothing to do with sex. What she was watching now had only to do with control, domination, and violence. Not caring if the woman was their wife, their sister, or their mother, with no regard for the woman, what she was watching now was the violent confrontation of men controlling a woman by forcing her to do dirty and nasty sexual things against her will for the sake of their personal pleasure. Deadening her spirit and her will to fight back by forcing her to do the sexual things they knew would violate her physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it was their way to show their women that they owned them in the way they owned their livestock.

‘How dare they!’

As if she had fallen and he was helping her up, she watched her brother gently lift his mother to her knees. Then, with her still topless and her exposed breasts still on display to his horny eyes, he held her and propped her up against the horse stall. It would be different if this was just a random man with a random woman, but this was her brother having sex with their mother. Even though she knew it was wrong, she couldn’t look away.

For some twisted reason, she may have not been as sexually excited seeing a man having sex with a woman as she was now sexually aroused watching her brother take control of her mother. With her mother pleasuring her son as much as he was pleasuring his mother, the sight of them together gave Rachel a sexual hunger that burned deep inside of her. She wished she had a man to give her sex. Now that she knew her mother enjoyed having sex with her son, she wondered if her mother was controlling her son.

The action of them moving about so early in the morning frightened the hidden residents of the barn and she watched a pair of rats scurry away hugging the wall, while several more snuck out of a haystack in the opposite direction. Even the dogs, a wildly ferocious, natural born killer pack of Jack Russell and Rat terriers, were smart enough to still be sleeping, otherwise, they’d have earned their keep in ridding the barn of the rats. Nonetheless, as if they were offended by it too, Rachel didn’t miss the symbolism in seeing rodents, the scavengers of the Earth, abandon a place where incestuous sex was happening. She wondered if that violent perversion of incestuous control was solely found in humans.

Without feeling the guilt, the shame, the embarrassment, and the stigma associated with incest, she wondered if rats knew enough not to fuck their mothers and copulate with their sisters. Nonetheless, with these humans that were contained within the barn with the rats, she figured that even rats, especially rats, had incestuous sex. Maybe, whether animal, mammal, reptile, bird, fish, or human, we’d all have sex with whomever no matter our incestuous relationship and family ties. Maybe we’re all just animals and are as salaciously lonely as we are incestuously horny. Maybe, especially during a time of insanity and revolution, we’re all just looking for comfort, sexual or otherwise, with whoever, wherever, and whenever we find it.

“I have a big surprise for you, Mommy,” said her brother with a sick look on his face. “I’m going to give you something hard and hard to suck,” he said laughing while reaching in his pants to pull out his cock.

To be continued…

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