Bob , Marcy Ch. 02

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In the weeks that followed their adventure in Columbus, they didn’t talk much about the incredible weekend they had shared. Both feared the other thought they had gone too far. This worried them both, as communicating was their strength.

As they sat at the dinner table, having one of Bob’s world famous (at least in his mind) low fat burrito dinners, Marcy posed the question.

“Okay, you think I was wrong to suggest what we did, don’t you?” she asked, looking directly into his eyes to get his reaction. Bob spoke more with his eyes than his mouth.

“No, sweety, I thought you were having problems with it,” he offered.

“I just felt funny talking about it, I guess. I was quite aggressive in getting it arranged and worried that maybe you found that pushy,” she said, as her eyes dropped to look toward her plate.

Bob stood and walked around the table, took her cloth napkin and wiped a bit of sour cream from the corner of her mouth, and kissed her.

“I want you to know something. I adore you. I need you to be a part of my life. I will experience anything and everything with you. But remember, I need nothing else but you. Yes, I truly enjoyed the things we did and will enjoy the experiences to come, but you are what I desire most,” he explained.

She kissed him even before he finished the sentence. They finished their dinner, broke out their favorite George Benson CD and made love on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Part 2-

The weekend was coming up. It was warm and sunny. A cool breeze blew in off the lake, keeping it very comfortable. They were spending the week at her parents home west of Cleveland. It was a large colonial home right on the cliffs overlooking the lake. They sat in deck chairs at the edge of the cliff, watching the cargo ships and sailboats play tag on the water in the distance. They were holding hands, having a cool summer drink and not really saying much of anything. They both enjoyed that part of their relationship the most. The ability to be happy and content with silence. Most people, they had found, felt the need to talk, to avoid quiet moments. They savored them. It was like a recharging of energies.

The wind blew through her hair as she leaned back in the old wooden chair, her body stretched out. She was wearing a midriff style blouse, that revealed her perfectly formed stomach. He looked upon her beauty. He was drawing a mental picture that he would call upon many times in the future. He followed the curves of her body with his eyes, from her feet, up her calf to her slightly bent knees, on to her wonderful thighs. She told him many times that she hated her short stubby legs, but they were very lovely. He admired the way they flowed into her torso. His eyes gazed upon her stomach, and up to her breasts, so perfectly formed and outlined by the wind blowing her blouse tightly against her skin. Her nipples were taught, teased by the cool breeze. He looked up, past her gorgeous neck, and stopped as he looked upon her beautiful face. He only then noticed that she was looking right at him.

“Did you enjoy your tour?” she laughed.

“Yes, Madame, very much thank you. It’s like a trip to the museum. You see the same things on each visit, but you always find something new in them to admire,” he smiled. She squeezed his hand.

“Martha is coming to visit tonight. She is engaged you know. Again!” she said, and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm sunshine on her body.

Martha was an old college friend. In fact, they had gone to school together since kindergarten, and when the college financial aid papers came, they filled them out together, applied for the same scholarships and both received them from the same university. They were roommates for four years. They came of age together, through failed relationships and both, interestingly enough, were left at the alter. Bob liked her. She was funny, with a quick sarcastic wit that could cut the most loutish oaf down to size. She was the physical opposite of Marcy. Tall and dark. During their school days they often were called Mutt and Jeff.

“How many times is this?” Bob wondered aloud.

“Fianc‚ number four, but she claims that she’s going to stop at five,” she said, turning to Bob and smiling. “I saw him the other night. He’s very handsome, tall and dark with a dark complexion. They make a striking couple.”

“Oh, lusting after other men, again, are you?” he teased.

“I learned from the best,” she laughed, as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Her breasts grazed his arm and he felt the overwhelming urge to pull her onto the grass and have his way with her. Of course, the elderly couple next door probably wouldn’t appreciate it.

Marcy leaned back in her chair. “Mom and Dad won’t be home now until Tuesday. They decided to stay in Sarasota a few more days to visit with Aunt Gladys.”

“That’s too bad, I was looking forward to spanking the tar out of your Dad at the club,” he joked, since her father was a scratch golfer and he couldn’t actually remember ever winning a hole, let alone a round. He did genuinely like her parents. They reminded him güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of his own. At the same time, he was happy to have a weekend alone with her. Regardless of their history, when they visited Mom and Dad’s, they had proper sleeping arrangements. With them gone, they managed to sleep together in the family room on the couch. Even with the folks gone, it would be disrespectful to share a bed. She was so old fashioned, and he loved it

“Martha and Eddie will be here around 8. We’ll have some dinner in the Flats and come back here for a drink or two here after, and maybe a swim, okay?”

“Sounds good to me. I guess she needs our seal of approval?” he asked.

“Exactly, although my seal has been tarnished by my hesitant acceptance of the first three. I should have told her what I really thought,” she laughed. “This guy could be in for a rough evening.”

Part 3

They ate at the Bandstand Restaurant. To the casual observer, the two couples differences would be striking. Bob and Marcy with obvious northern European roots, both blonde with blue eyes and fair skin. Martha and Eddie looked very Mediterranean, with olive skin and dark hair. They enjoyed a nice dinner. Martha and Marcy settled into girl talk, all but ignoring the guys. Both men seemed okay with it. Bob learned that Eddie was an investment banker, had never been married, and genuinely thought Martha was a God-send. Bob liked him. As the conversation between them waned, Marcy suggested the whole group head back to her parent’s house.

“Did you remember to bring your suits, you know how much fun the pool is at night!” she asked with childlike excitement. The pool had always been the cornerstone of friend and family entertaining there. Bob had heard numerous stories of high school pool parties, and her father’s constant hike down the cliff to break up adolescent hormonal entanglements, as he put it!

“Yes, and a change of clothes too. I was hoping for a sleep over like in the old days. You know how much I hate driving to the east side after a night at your Mom and Dad’s,” Martha said, smiling. In spite of their physical differences, Martha had the same energetic smile as Marcy. A product of their long term friendship, no doubt.

They paid the bill and each couple left arm in arm.

Part 4

The water was warm, as the pool was heated, but the early June nighttime air was cool. The girls were relaxing on floating seats, the guys in the water nearby. They all had drinks and were getting slightly giddy. Jokes became much funnier, and the friskiness of young couples in love became evident and stolen kisses became more obvious and longer in duration.

Bob and Marcy were holding each other on one side of the pool, while Martha and Eddie did the same on the opposite.

“Lets get in the hot-tub, I’m getting cold. Care to join us, Martha?” Marcy asked.

“You two go ahead. We’ll be along in a bit,” she replied.

Bob and Marcy climbed into the hot tub. The shock of going from the cool night air to the hot tub took their breath away, but the whirlpool jets soon settled them down, as they held each other close, watching Martha and Eddie in the pool.

“I like him, Bob. He seems to genuinely love her. Did you notice anything that could be of concern for Martha?”

“No. I think he does care for her very much,” he offered. “And they do make a great looking couple. I had never seen Martha in a swimsuit. She really is a knockout isn’t she?”

“Yes she is. But she has those damn legs! You know the one’s that go all the way to the top!,” she laughed then looked at her own.

“Don’t even go there. You are gorgeous, and I could not help but notice that Eddie thought so, too.”

“Oh, really,” she said in mock disgust. “He can’t take his eyes off Martha.”

“He was checking you out. Trust me! Men in love have built-in `other guys checking out your chick’ radar,” he laughed. She joined in and they hugged even tighter, as they looked again in the direction of Martha and Eddie. Their kissing had taken a decidedly intimate turn. Eddie was sitting in the water, on the pool steps with Martha on his lap. They kissed passionately. Bob and Marcy watched while gently stroking each other. Marcy rubbing Bob’s chest and he caressing her back. He noticed a change in her breathing, as if the scene being played out in front of them was having a serious effect on her libido. As he thought this, she looked up and him, and pulled his face to hers. They kissed passionately, as she repositioned herself, pressing her breasts into his chest.

They got lost in the moment, and would have remained lost, had not the sound of splashing water interrupted them Marcy jumped, momentarily taking a mental trip back to her high school days. She literally forgot where she was and, for that matter, when she was as she assumed the sound was her Dad catching her kissing a boy! She was relieved to see it was Martha and Eddie slipping into the hot tub.

They laughed and joked for a bit. Then turned their entire attention to their partners. Each kissed and hugged in the warm water.

“I’m güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri beginning to feel prune like,” Marcy laughed. “Lets all go in and get comfy in the family room.”

-Part 5-

They spread a blanket on the floor, in front of the TV. Marcy lit a few scented candles. Large pillows from the guest room allowed for comfort. The carpeting in this room was amazing. Plush and soft, with very thick padding. It was almost like lying on a bed. Each couple cuddled on the floor. Kissing at times, mindlessly watching the television at others. The conversation was limited, until Marcy took the remote control and turned off the television.

“I don’t mean to pry, but …are you two sleeping together?” she asked.

“Hey, why don’t you tell us what you really want to know, instead of sugar coating everything?” Bob mused, prompting an elbow in the ribs from his beloved.

Martha laughed and Eddie just look surprised. “Yes, we have shared intimate human contact,” Martha said, as if she were addressing an anthropology class studying the mating habits of some endangered species.

“Bob and I have been, too,” Martha said. “We waited for about a year and a half, but couldn’t take it any longer. Especially after sharing our fantasies.”

“Your fantasies?” Martha asked, as she looked up at Eddie and cuddled closer into his side. “We really haven’t done that. I’m not sure about Eddie, but mine have a perverse bent to them.”

“Like what?” Eddie asked.

“Oh, I’d rather not talk about it. It’s embarrassing.,” she answered.

“Go ahead, Martha. I have some wonderful things to tell you about us!” Marcy shouted, throwing a pillow in Martha’s direction. “Bob shared all of his with me, and some of them are amazing.”

“Oh, God,” Bob thought. “I just met this guy and she’s going to tell him about my fantasies. And what about my realities.” He felt suddenly uneasy.

“I really don’t think I can,” Martha said. This time sounding serious. Bob breathed a slight sigh of relief, hoping that the matter would be dropped.

“Okay, let me tell you about us,” Marcy offered with unbridled enthusiasm, as she sat up erect with her legs crossed in front of her.

“Marcy, I really don’t know if this is a good idea,” Bob warned.

She turned to him, looking surprised. “Really? Martha and I have shared everything from the time we were little kids. But if this makes you too uncomfortable, that’s fine, sweety. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You didn’t upset me, I’m just not too comfortable with the idea of sharing some of these things with somebody I just met.”

“It’s okay, Bob,” Eddie noted. “I would love to hear about you two. But it’s your call.”

“Yeah, Bob,” Martha teased. “This is a sleepover. You tell everything at a sleepover! Like the time in the sixth grade when we had Marilyn and Carol over at my house. We all wanted desperately to learn how to kiss. Carol was the only one who had, and had to share the whole thing. She was mortified. And remember when she gave me a lesson?”

“Oh, yes, I remember,” Marcy laughed. “She give me a little peck, too, remember? But when she tried to slip me the tongue, I pushed her off the bed.”

Martha and Marcy shook with laughter. They were both so truly beautiful. Both got a good looking over from both men. It was just so darned sexy when they laughed like that!

“So, Bob, can she tell?” asked Martha.

He looked at Martha, her face still flushed from the laughter. Or was it something else? He looked at Marcy and she had the same look. “Sure, Honey, go ahead!”

Part 6

Marcy started at the beginning. How she had learned of Bob’s experiences with men. How it had turned her on. How they made love tenderly and sweetly that first night.

Martha was now sitting in front of Eddie. Her back to his chest. She rubbed his thigh, as he wrapped his arms around her with one of his hands resting on her breast. They were riveted by the stories Marcy told. As she spoke, her voice became more breathy. She leaned against Bob, mindlessly rubbing his cock. Eddie was the first to notice this, and as a result, began to massage Martha’s breasts. The Phoenix story seemed to have the most pronounced effect on Eddie. His breathing quickened, and Martha reached behind her and rubbed his penis through his swimsuit.

Marcy turned toward Bob and gently touched his cheek. “Can I tell them of our experience?”

“Absolutely,” he agreed, leaning forward and tenderly kissing her lips.

Marcy went into explicit detail of their weekend in Columbus. She explained each moment completely. She related how Bob sucked Adam to orgasm. Telling the story was too much for her. She wanted Bob badly and right now. She turned and kissed Bob passionately. Her tongue licked his lips, and she would suck them into her mouth, delicately licking them each in turn. Bob reached out and massaged her breasts, and then lowered his head, pulled her swimsuit to the side and licked her nipple. She moaned in pleasure. A quick glance at Martha and Eddie found them lying on the floor, locked in an embrace. Her swimsuit güvenilir bahis şirketleri top was gone, and Eddie gently massaged them.

Marcy and Bob watched them intently. They were a truly beautiful couple. Both were moaning as they kissed. Martha moved up Eddies body and offered her breasts to him. He sucked, licked and massaged them. She threw her head back, and as she did, her long hair flowed over her shoulders. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and her nostrils were flared. She looked over at Bob and Marcy. She sensually smiled, closed her eyes and ran her tongue around her lips.

Martha was grinding her hips into Eddie’s. His trunks did little to hide his excitement. His cock appeared to be quite large as it strained at the material. Martha stood, looked at Bob and Marcy, then down at Eddie, and removed her swimsuit. She stood naked before them all. Then sensually got to her knees and slowly removed Eddie’s suit. As she moved them over his hips and down his legs, she kissed the inside of his thighs, her hair coming in contact with his penis. He jumped at the touch, and leaned back further into the pillow, closing his eyes. After placing his suit carefully on the tile near the fireplace, she slowly worked her way back up his body with her mouth. She kissed his feet and ankles. She licked along the inside of his knees and rubbed his legs just above where her mouth and tongue would be next. When her face was level with his cock, she touched it gently with her fingers, running them along its length, slowly, deliberately. She looked over at Bob and Marcy. Both were completely entranced by what was happening. Marcy was stroking Bob’s cock through his pants. Bob had removed Marcy’s top and was stoking her nipples, as he kissed her neck.

Martha turned back to Eddie, and lowered her head, and, using her tongue, licked from the center of his balls up the length of his shaft. She licked around the head, and put him into her mouth. She held her head still, and apparently was twirling her tongue on the underside of his penis, because Eddie let out a loud groan and began to thrust his hips.

Marcy looked at Bob. She smiled, kissed him, and stroked his cheek. Bob kissed her in return, turning more passionate by the second. He removed her suit, then his, then laid her on her back and began to kiss every inch of her body.

Part 7-

Surprisingly, both couples felt at ease making love to each other in full view of other like minded individuals.

Martha teased Eddies cock with her mouth. She sucked him in deeply, taking it all. Then, she would take it from her mouth and stoke it, coaxing pre-cum from it. Marcy watched with great interest as Martha slowly licked it up and with it visible on the end of her tongue, slid up to Eddies mouth. He took her face in his hands and sucked on her tongue like he would a cock. He appeared to be savoring the taste as he sucked and licked her lips and tongue. Marcy smiled, as Bob continues to manipulate her clit with his tongue.

Martha mounted Eddie. As she slowly rode his cock, she sat up straight and rocked on him. She looked at Marcy and smiled. Then reached out and took Marcy’s hand in hers. Each of them rocked as their men pleasured them. Bob looked up, saw that Marcy and Martha were holding hands and smiled. He slid up Marcy’s body and gently kissed her neck as he slipped into her. She had never felt so totally loved. She and Bob kissed, as Martha’s hand moved from Marcy’s palm to her forearm. She massaged Marcy as both were locked in loving sex with their men. Marcy looked at Bob and motioned in such a way that he perceived that she wanted to slide closer to the other couple. Still joined, they moved directly beside Martha and Eddie. Eddie noticed the proximity of them and reached out and stroked Marcy’s hair. Marcy returned the gesture in kind. But then moved quickly from his head to Martha’s shoulder. She caressed it, then slid her hand down and touched Martha’s breast. Martha moved toward her, giving Marcy better access. She closed her eyes and licked her lips as Marcy felt every inch of her breast, paying particular attention to her nipple.

Bob watched with great interest, as he leaned down and whispered, “Do you want to go further with this?”

She pulled Bob close with her free hand and said, “More than anything.”

Bob rolled off of Marcy, as she raised herself on one elbow, leaning toward Eddie and Martha. Bob spooned behind her as they watched this couple just inches from them make love. Marcy leaned forward and kissed Eddie’s chest. Martha moaned, as she saw Marcy lick her way up Eddie’s neck to his face, to his lips and then kiss him. Bob was massaging Marcy’s shoulders and kissing her back as she and Eddie shared the moment. Martha’s speed increased as she ground herself against Eddie, his cock going deeper and deeper into her.

Marcy broke her kiss with Eddie and moved toward Martha. She got on her knees, took Martha’s face in her hands, and kissed her. They shared their lips and tongue as Martha came closer to orgasm. Her breathing became uneven and she moaned into Marcy’s mouth. Marcy lowered her head, tracing her tongue down Martha’s lovely neck and chest and stopped when the nipple of Martha’s left breast reached her mouth. Marcy sucked it in, licking it the way she did Bob’s lips when she sucked them into her mouth, often fantasizing that they were nipples. The nipples of a woman as beautiful and sexy as Martha.

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