Birthday Surprise Pt. 02

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Susan stood in front of her bedroom window; she looked out of it while smoking a cigarette. The light that reflected off her nude body enhanced her beauty even more. The mixture of shadow and light gave her body an artist look that one would see in an erotic photograph. She usually only smoked after sex, and now she needed one badly after spending the day with her new lover.

Susan glanced over at Amber asleep in her bed; the girl was worn out from all the sex that they just had. After they had sex yesterday, the girl returned the following day, and Susan could tell what she wanted. Amber wore a white tank top that showed off her midriff and cute tiny short shorts that made her look sexy as fuck. The girl’s face still held the innocent within her while her body spoke of sin that she wished to commit.

Susan had let the girl into her home and watched as she squirmed in trying to speak. The girl’s voice had both fear and excitement within it. “I got till nine tonight before my parents return, and I was wondering… if we could do… it again. You know… what we did on your bed.” Susan found it was adorable how innocent her asking to be fuck was.

Susan liked to sleep nude and only put on a pink kimono robe to answer the door. It was around nine in the morning, and she usually didn’t get dressed until around ten. She liked to walk around without the restraint of her clothes; it was Sunday, the one day she didn’t rush to get dress.

Susan’s job had been taxing on her love life lately. Being too busy to go out to meet anyone, and it had been over a month since she last had a date. Recently, the only things that kept her company at night were the vibrators that she used while watching her favorite pornstars. Susan’s lovers were usually around their mid-twenties, so it was pushing it a little by her having sex with someone still in high school.

The girl was at the legal age to fuck, but the real problem was that she was her neighbor. If her mother found out that she was fucking her sweet daughter, there would be hell to pay. Susan found the pleasures that she could have with Amber’s young, beautifully innocent body were worth the risk. It was rather convenient that the girl’s mother didn’t know she was a lesbian because she could spend time with her daughter without raising suspicion.

Susan led Amber to her bed, where they started kissing and felt Amber’s nervousness fade away. The girl became more confident with her actions as she untied her robe before sliding it off her body. She moaned from the tender way the girl played with her breasts and nipples. The girl was discovering her sexuality and didn’t mind being used by her sexually.

The girl broke from their kiss to remove her shirt, but before she could get it over her head, she attacked the girl’s breasts with her hungry lips. Closing her eyes as she sucked on one of the girl’s lovely breasts while playing with the other one. The girl let out a low moan before pushing her away to give her breasts the same treatment. When it comes to lesbian loving making, the girl was still wet behind the ears, but what skills she lacks made up with enthusiasm.

The thing she liked about Amber was that the girl gave everything she had to her lover. Lying on her bed, where she felt the girl’s eager lips kissed down to her inner thigh with one desire to make her cum. The girl licked her pussy with skills that made her juices flow before being swallowed up by her sex-starved mouth. When her friend seduced this vixen, she did the lesbian world a favor by turning her into a pussy loving slut.

There was no way of denying it that the girl was a natural at eating pussy. The girl wasn’t only good at it but had a real passion for the art of cunnilingus. She bit her lower lip while moaning as she felt an orgasm growing inside her; it hit her like a freight train that just slammed into her. The girl kept licking her pussy, and she had to push the girl away after giving her a third orgasm. She had to stop to catch her breath because her body was too sensitive to receive any more pleasure.

“Fuck! You are getting really fucking good at that!” She told the girl and could see the pride in her eyes and the juices from her well-satisfied pussy glistening on the girl’s lips as they formed into a smile.

She wanted to fuck the girl right then but needed to wait until her strength returned. The girl crawled into her arms, and they laid there for a moment. When her energy returned, she made passionate love to the girl until she couldn’t take it anymore. She liked watching girls’ faces as they cum and hear them let out those cute little moans before they screamed out in ecstasy.

The girl didn’t know how sexy she really was and was sure that a few girls from her senior class would date her if given a chance. It could be a scary time for a girl to be a closeted lesbian at eight-teen with no one to express their forbidden desire to. It is not that she thought there was anything forbidden or wrong with being with another kocaeli escort bayan girl. Doing anything sexual at eight-teen felt like you were doing something forbidden, which can make the sex any better.

Without bothering to get dressed, they spent the rest of the day in each other arms talking and having sex. It had been a while since she last had someone that couldn’t keep their hands off her. It felt good to have the girl’s naked body pressed against her, touching her breasts while kissing her shoulder when she was trying to cook some eggs. Their eggs got cold when the girl decided to push her against the kitchen counter and eat her instead.

Needing another cigarette, Susan took one from the top of her dresser and lit it up as she continued looking out the window. Where she was standing, no one could see her but wouldn’t care if they did. The only person who could see her was her neighbor Cindy who lived across the street, taking out the trash. She always thought Cindy had a great ass but unfortunately was married to a jerk.

Susan hasn’t felt this good in a long time, and the last time she had a day like this was with her first girlfriend, but that was many years ago. She wasn’t always a lesbian and only discovered that while in college. Susan stared at Amber’s beautiful face and drifted back to when she was young as her. A breakup and being homeless led her to share a day with Amber fucking their brains out.


6 years earlier.

At nineteen, Susan found herself in a tight spot when her boyfriend not only broke up with her but done it in the cruelest and cowardly way possible. That day, he borrowed her car and left it in the parking lot when her college classes were over. It had all her belongings within it and a Dear John letter left on the dashboard. What angered her more than being dumped and made homeless with one sucker-punched to the gut by her boyfriend was that they made love that morning.

He fucked her before fucking her by leaving her with no place to live. She couldn’t believe he had the nerve to have sex with her that morning when he planned to end their relationship that day. She had to sleep in her car that night and cried over his betrayal. The next day she put herself together and tried to find a new place to live.

The places she found ranged from unsafe areas where the crime rate was high to a perverted guy who kept staring at her tits the entire time they talked. She was so desperate to find a place that she almost considered letting herself be objectified for a place to live. She didn’t really want to live with someone that was constantly undressing her with their eyes.

It looked grim until she finally found a place in a good area and not far from her school. The rent was at a reasonable price, and the best part was a guy wasn’t renting it out. She wanted to jump on it before someone else beat her to it and called to set up an interview. Susan was thrilled to find that their room was still available and rush over to see the place.

The two women renting the room were oddly close and affectionate with each other. Mary, an attractive brunette in her mid-thirties, had an endearing look whenever she looked at Sam, the other woman that lived there. Sam was ten years younger than Mary with short light brown hair and was very attractive. The girl had a fit and curvy body that could turn even women’s heads.

“We figured it would be better getting this out of the way now so that we won’t waste each other’s time. We are lesbians, to be more precise lovers, and if this is too much for you, then we better end this interview right now,” Mary said frankly.

Susan had never been around lesbians before but needed a place to stay replied, “I have no problem with it.” She wasn’t a judgmental person and didn’t hold things against people. The truth was she never thought much about gays people because she never knew any to have an opinion on them. She respected them for being upfront about it and made it clear to them that she was straight. Mary replied jokingly, ” Too bad we have a friend that would be great for you.”

It took Susan some time to get used to living with her new roommates, and she found that she liked them very much. They didn’t shy away from their affection because she was in the room and did things any other couple would do together. Susan got to see the beautiful side of gay love that the hater never saw. There was nothing wrong or grossed about the way they shared their love for each other.

Susan did bear witness to the couple’s very healthy, active sex life a few times. Entering the kitchen late one night, She saw Sam leaning against a counter with her eyes closed and obviously in pleasure. One strap of her dress had slipped off her shoulder, revealing one of her lovely-shaped breasts. The girl’s legs were spread open, and her panties were hanging off of one of her ankles.

Mary was between the girl’s legs holding up her dress above her waist as she performed the most izmit escort bayan sensual thing Susan ever saw. The woman wasn’t just licking the girl’s pussy but was making love to it. Never had she ever seen anyone as tender and loving to her pussy as Mary was with Sam. The woman took her time savoring her lover’s flavor, letting her tongue slowly slid in and out of the girl’s cunt.

Mary could see clearly the attention the girl’s pussy was getting and how smoothly Mary’s tongue slipped inside Sam’s pussy. There was no hair between the girl’s legs, making what was being done to it more visible for Susan to see in detail. Susan wished that she had a boyfriend who cares about pleasing her, but they seem too eager to push things along. Knowing that it was wrong to spy on the lover, intimate moment quietly walk back to her room.

That wasn’t the last time she saw them being that intimate with each other and saw them acting like two teenage girls in love multiple times. Susan envies their love watching them two on the couch together with Mary’s head on Sam’s lap as the girl played with her lover’s hair and tenderly touched her face as they talked. When the two have sex, it was an act of love that nourished both their body and soul.

A month had passed living with two girls Susan had grown rather fond of when Mary decided to throw a party. Even that her parties were usually just for her lesbian friends invited Susan to it. Susan wasn’t sure going was a good idea since she would be the only straight girl there. She figured that she was being silly and thought it could be fun to see how many of them hit on her. She wouldn’t let anything happen but just wondering how she stacked up on a lesbian scale of beauty.

The day of the party had arrived. Susan figured she had time for a shower before anyone comes. She hoped to be done before it began to greet all of Mary’s friends as they arrive. Susan’s room was between the stairs and the bathroom down the hall. The water felt great on her body, and she took her time washing her body. After getting out of the shower, she heard a faint sound of jazz music. She realized that she didn’t make it and the party had already started. Wrapping a towel around her, she headed back to her room.

When she opened the door, Susan felt a surge of panic hit her. There were two women in the hall talking, and her room was beyond them. The women were too busy in their conversation to notice her and were afraid of walking past them. She thought she might be overreacting, tightened the towel around her body before she started walking toward her room.

Susan glanced at them for a moment, clinching the towel tighter, and felt like she was about to walk into a group of men. She knew that they weren’t men, but they had the same hungry looks in their eyes like them. One of them was a redhead in a sexy black mini dress with thigh-high stockings. The dress had a deep cleavage gap showing her nearly perfect boobs. The redhead was so stunning that it made her heart skip a beat, and she couldn’t stop staring at the woman.

Her mouth went dry, Susan had a hard time concentrating and couldn’t believe a woman was having this effect on her. She wanted to flee, but her legs kept walking toward the two girls. The path to her room was blocked, and two girls gave no sign of moving out of her way. When Susan looked into the redhead’s eyes was instantly hypnotized by the most beautiful emerald green eyes that she had ever seen. It was like they held some mystical power that kept her eyes glued to them.

The redhead never broke eye contact with her, looking at her like she was searching for something within her. The woman’s voice was both alluring and hypnotic. “Hi! I’m Kristen, and this is my friend Darcy. What’s your name?”

Feeling herself falling into a trance, and was unable to resist replying, “Susan. I am Susan.” She was embarrassed by her reply because she sounded like a teenager talking to her crust for the first time.

Kristen spoke again, making her fall deeper under her spell. “That is a pretty name for a lovely girl like yourself! I bet you have a gorgeous smile as well. Go ahead and show us how breathtaking your smile is.” Susan started to feel flush and flashed her best smile. She does not fully understand why she feels the need to obey the girl’s odd requests. She continued to stare into the girl’s eyes, feeling her resistance being sapped away.

“Susan, that is a beautiful smile! I just got to ask, are your tits gorgeous too?” Kristen said as she traced the top part of Susan’s breasts with her finger as she spoke.

Susan responded in the only way that she could in stun silence. The silence only encouraged the woman to push things further, and Susan wasn’t prepared to deal with a woman like Kristen. “I bet they are marvelous. why don’t you show us how fabulous your tits are.” Kristen said while staring at Susan’s breasts.

Susan couldn’t believe that this woman was talking to her like that. gebze escort In her state of disbelief, haven’t realized her towel had become less than snug, barely holding in place. Before she could see the danger she was in, it was too late as Kristen gently tugged on the towel. Susan could only watch in horror as her towel slid off her body, revealing every inch of it to these two women.

Susan was in too much of a shock to cover up as these two women took in the beauty of her body with delight. Every secret of her body was revealed to them, the curve of her small breasts, the thin blonde patch that barely covered her pussy lips; part of her wanted to hear the girl say that she was gorgeous. Susan couldn’t fathom why the girl’s opinion was so important to her. Susan tried telling herself that she wasn’t gay; because she liked men.

A voice in her head spoke, ‘If that was true, why are you not covering up? You could easily grab the towel and walk away to end this. You wanted her seeing your tits, and you are enjoying it.’ She couldn’t lie to herself that she wasn’t a little turned on right now, feeling her pussy getting a little moist. The voice within her head taunted her that a straight girl would have walked out of the room when she first saw her roommate having sex. A realization struck her that maybe she wasn’t straight as she first thought, and it terrified her of what that meant.

“Susan, your tits are amazing! Isn’t that right, Darcy? I do love seeing hard nipples on girls! It makes me want to suck on them.” She heard Kristen say, but her voice sounded like it was coming down from a long tunnel.

Susan realized that her nipples were not just hard, but they poked out like two soldiers standing at attention from her chest. She knew that she should leave before letting something happen that she couldn’t take back. There was something about Kristen’s eyes that kept her standing there, and if the girl tried to kiss her would be powerless to resist her. It frightened her knowing that she was caught in the web of their lesbian game where there is no way of escaping.

“I’m a boobs girl myself, but Darcy here is more of a pussy kind of gal. She can spend hours on your pussy, making it purr, giving you orgasm after orgasm until you passed out. Have you ever had your pussy licked that good before?” Kristen said, teasing Susan seductively.

Feeling the pounding of her heart, the rushing of fluid to her groin, Susan stood there flushed and confused, rambling off with some incoherent words before stating, “No, I haven’t.”

“That’s sad! but Darcy here can show you what she has been missing if you want?” Kristen asked with a devilish smile.

“Sure,” Susan said before realizing what she just agreed to.

Susan never paid Darcy any attention until the girl got on her knees; she took in the girl’s appearance for the first time. The girl wasn’t beautiful, but nor was she ugly either. She had long curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and a crooked nose. The girl’s body was average at best, with nothing special that would draw her attention to.

Susan started to tremble when she felt the girl’s hands on her hips before pushing her face into her groin. She felt a tingling sensation in her pussy as the girl breathed her hot breath into it. Using Darcy as support, Susan opened her legs to give the girl better access. Her first lesbian experience was to happen, and she didn’t have the power to stop it. She could feel her pussy opening up and her juices oozing out of it.

“Oh, Kristen, I think this may be the most beautiful pussy I ever saw!” Darcy said in amazement.

Darcy eased her tongue into the area of Susan’s body where no woman had gone before and finally understood how Sam felt when Mary ate her pussy. Darcy’s tongue was always on the mark from the way it danced inside her, swerving around like a serpent. When the girl found her clit, she gave it a little tug before sucking on it. Susan tried to hold onto her moans by biting her lower lip. Not being able to hold back anymore, she unleashed the floodgate, and her cries filled the hall, echoing down the stairs.

Lost in her moans, the pleasure she felt from having her pussy licked by someone finally showed it some respect. The men who performed oral sex on her were too forceful or sloppy, but this girl knew how to treat her pussy in the right way. The way the woman did it was an art form proving her tongue was as good as any man’s dick.

She looked into Kristen’s lustful eyes; the girl gave her a, I told you that she was that good smirk. Darcy’s tongue technique was beyond any man’s skills. Pounding her pussy on a nice hard cock could make her cum, but this was light years better. Never had anyone ever gave her pussy this much love and attention before. The waves of deep pleasure that were hitting her made her grind her cunt against Darcy’s mouth.

Grunting loudly like a beast wanting it to go on forever. Susan was burning hot with lust; beads of sweat were glistening on her body. Biting her lip before squealing and moaning loudly. She came hard and experienced her first real orgasm with a woman. Her vision blurred as multiple more orgasms hit her, which made her legs lose the power to work, and she had to used Darcy’s shoulders for support.

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