Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 08

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Fresh out of the shower, I used a washcloth to wipe the condensation off the bathroom mirror, wondering if I could still make eye contact with my own reflection. What had transpired over roughly the last 36 hours had changed my life forever. And not just mine. There could be no going back. Could I live with myself? Could I continue doing what I had just done?

As I began to ponder this existential line of thought, I felt a pair of soft slender hands graze along my naked midsection from behind. One hand reached up along my still-wet chest; the other reached lower and gently circled its slender fingers around the shaft of my long, flaccid penis. I looked down and watched that little hand, and my penis began to thicken once again.

Could I live with myself? Yes.

Then I felt the girl press her moist naked body against me from behind. I caught her reflection as she peeked around, her hair still as wet as mine from the shower we’d just shared.

My 18-year-old daughter, Cait, smiled at my reflection, and I smiled back.

Could I continue doing what I had just done? Yes.

I also found myself pondering the profound declaration my new incestuous lover had made early this morning: I would love to share you with Mom…at the same time.

My cock thickened even more. Cait let go.

“Oh no,” she said, chuckling. “We just washed hours of sweat and cum off of ourselves, and my pussy is soooo sore right now.”

I turned to her, smiling. “Don’t worry, pumpkin. I definitely have to recharge my batteries again. I will let you recover.”

“But we still stay naked, right?”

“Of course!”

She giggled with delight, causing her pert round tits to bounce hypnotically. She gave me a quick but passionate kiss, then twirled on her heel and raced out of the bathroom, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her wet hair as she moved. She called back over her shoulder, “Coffee in five minutes, breakfast in ten!”

In a remarkable repeat of the previous morning, Cait and I idled away in completely normal small talk as we munched on breakfast. Just dad and daughter: but nude. We went with lighter fare this time, some yogurt with granola mixed in, washed down with OJ and coffee. I noted that it was going to be a warm and sunny day, and Cait suggested we enjoy the pool.

I grinned at the suggestion. In recent months, through a combination of adding trees, hedges and repairing fences, our back yard was now well shielded from view by any of our neighbors. Unless someone walked right up to the fence and purposefully peeked through a narrow gap, there’d be no way to know that naked people were splashing around. I had originally intended this to be able to freely skinny-dip with my wife, Heather, in celebration of becoming new “empty nesters.” But now, amazingly, I was going to go skinny-dipping for the first time in the back yard with my cute young daughter.

I couldn’t wait!

As we finished breakfast and put food away, plates in the sink, poured more coffee, Cait asked, “So how in the world will we ever be able to bring Mom into this?” By “this,” Cait specifically pointed at my naked penis and then her smooth shaved vagina.

I swallowed, thinking, and said, “I really have no idea, but, to tell you the truth, I don’t know that we ever will be.” Cait gave me a disappointed look, and I stepped closer to her and put my hands on her shoulders. “Cait, we have to be realistic. The odds of you and me, father and daughter, connecting like this and being okay with it…they are almost infinitely remote.”

“And yet it happened!” Cait insisted.

“Yes, oh yes.” I smiled, proudly, allowing my eyes to wander to her large, pert, youthful breasts. When I was able to pull my gaze back up to her face, I said, “And I am very happy for that. But you realize, of course, that this is one of the most taboo things in society.”

Cait glanced down in thought, and it was her turn to stare at my nakedness. Her eyes were glued to my cock, which hung limply but still thickly between my legs.

I went on, “There’s also the fact that I am technically having an affair on your mom.”

Cait looked up at me. She seemed to sense that I still felt a good degree of guilt about what we were doing. She reached up and touched my cheek, saying, “And that’s what I don’t want. I don’t want Mom to think you’re cheating on her.” To reiterate, she repeated something she had said earlier: “I’m not just some random slut that you picked up at a bar.”

“Of course you’re not, my love,” I said, cupping my hand over hers. “But you are still another woman I am now sleeping with. Your mother would have to be okay with sharing me with another woman, and completely this time, not just a fun, one-night college fling.”

I had recently told Cait about the ‘two-and-half-some’ I had had, years ago, before Heather and I had gotten married but were steadily dating. As casino siteleri a kinky sort-of pre-marital gift, Heather had offered to arrange a night where I could share a bed with two girls. The only catch was I couldn’t have actual intercourse with the other girl. Nevertheless, it had still been a highly erotic night, with me getting more than one blowjob from the other girl, and getting to have sex with Heather a few times, always with my cock being guided into my future wife by the other girl’s soft hands…

Snapping myself out of the erotic reflection, I said, “Convincing your mom to let me have sex with another woman is one thing. Then getting her to accept that the ‘other woman’ is you…”

I trailed off, seeing from her expression that she was getting the picture. She lowered her hand and turned from me, momentarily at a loss for how we could ever reconcile the situation. Despite the seriousness of our current discussion, I couldn’t help but look up and down the back of her naked body and admire it. Her ass cheeks were tight, round, and had the gravity-defying perkiness of youth. It also brought a smile to my face noting once again that she had the same adorable (and sensual) little dimples just above her ass, just as her mom had. With Heather, I had nicknamed those dimples my “thumb grips,” because whenever I did her doggie-style and gripped her hips while pounding away, my thumbs nestled just perfectly in those little skin-divots. Cait was much more petite than Heather, so I was sure her thumb grips would fit perfectly, too…

Cait was turning back to me, and I made an effort to meet her eyes. She said, “Okay, we know it’s a longshot. A really, really long, long, longshot. But it’s still possible.”


“No, no, I understand,” she said, raising a hand. “The risk of blowing up this family is an absolute reality if Mom finds out and reacts negatively to our relationship. I totally get that. And I also realize we can’t just announce what we are doing as casually as discussing my grades or what I want for Christmas.” She grimaced and adopted a sarcastic tone: “Oh, by the way, Mom, Daddy and I are having sex now, and you can join us if you’d like, and can you please pass the bread rolls?”

We both laughed. It was good that we could laugh, but there was no denying the reality. Facing this reality, I suggested the most sensible course we should take: “It really would probably be best if we simply kept your mother out of this.” Well, okay, the most sensible thing would be to absolutely stop sleeping with my daughter, but I wasn’t ready to give that up. I was ready to have a full-on affair behind my wife’s back, with Cait.

She said, “I agree that that would be the safest thing to do, but…”

I looked at her. “But what?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I mean…look, as I said, we can’t just blurt out to Mom that we’re doing it with each other. But what if we started a very careful, very subtle—I don’t know what you’d call it—whisper campaign?”

I blinked. “Whisper campaign?”

“Yeah. We take our time, and we start slowly, gradually, providing subtle hints to Mom that the idea of you and me…becoming intimate…may not be the most horrific thing a father and daughter could do…in the right circumstances.”

I shook my head. “Those are the operative words: ‘in the right circumstances.’ In what alternate universe would your mother ever come to the decision that you and I could ever be lovers with her approval?”

“I don’t know,” Cait admitted. “I’m just thinking out loud.” She turned again and walked into the TV room. I followed. I found her glancing down at the couch, which still had noticeable semen stains. I made a mental note that we would have to do a bit of cleaning up around the house before Heather came home this evening.

That snapped me to a brief moment of reality: Heather, my wife, would be returning home this evening. We still had time, fortunately. I knew her flight wasn’t due to arrive back into town until around 7:00 PM this evening, and then it was a 45-minute drive from the airport. So Cait and I could enjoy another several hours of nakedness, and definitely more sex, before we had to go back to being just daddy and daughter.

“What if…” Cait was still thinking out loud. “What if I started occasionally dropping hints to Mom. Nothing too direct or obvious.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, she will assume that you and I have had The Talk, as she originally wanted you to have.” She looked at me. “And we did, actually.” I nodded, then grinned. Yes, we had had The Talk, but then we had done The Deed. She grinned back at me, no doubt thinking the same thing. She went on: “I can start having follow-up conversations with Mom, asking more about sex stuff, telling her I would also like to get a woman’s perspective.”

“That makes sense.”

“Perfect sense. And I could ask her direct questions about her sex canlı casino life with you, suggesting that you were fine with talking to me about sex in general, but not so comfortable in providing specific details about you and Mom.”

“Go on.”

“Well, I’m not quite sure how to go on from there. It would depend on how Mom reacted, and of course her attitude toward the whole line of questioning. The more open she is about it, the more I could probe further, dropping more hints that I’m curious about you as a sexual being, not just my dad. You never know.”

“Hmm…still an infinite longshot.”

“I know, but Mom can be surprisingly direct and open-minded when she chooses.”


“An example I was thinking of was from the book, My Secret Garden.”

“You read that?” I asked, quite surprised.

She blushed. “Yes.”

“And here I was thinking I was teaching you so much about the Birds and the Bees.”

“Well, let’s just say I already had my book smarts…” She sauntered her adorably naked body close to mine and put a hand on my chest, “…and you taught me street smarts.”

We both laughed again, but she got to her point: “In one of the collected interviews, a woman talked about, when she was a kid, how she had been asking her mom all sorts of questions about the physical differences between a man and a woman ‘down there.’ She kept asking questions about the penis, and her mom finally decided to let her see her father’s penis.”

“Really?!” I was going to have to read this book.

Cait nodded, “So the mom let the daughter go into the bathroom where her father was showering. He got out and gave his daughter a good look at it.”

“Wow, incredible.”

“What’s more remarkable about that is that, in the interview, the woman said that it wasn’t until much later that she realized that it was not just that she got to look at her dad’s penis, it was that he was completely erect!”

“Holy shit!” I was amazed. “Did she do anything with it? Did she touch it?”

Cait shrugged, causing her boobs to bounce. “No, I don’t think so. That was as specific as she got.” She turned and walked away again, heading toward the sliding glass door that let out to the patio and pool. I followed again, and as she walked, Cait said, “I still don’t know where I’m going with this, or how Mom would react, but I just like the idea of her eventually becoming open and accepting of the pure and loving situation that you and I are now in.”

Pure and loving. Indeed.

I caught up to her, turned her toward me and kissed her passionately. We made out for several minutes, and I felt my penis thickening again, pushing against the upper part of her flat stomach. Neither of us was quite ready for more sex just yet, but it was still so wonderfully sensual to kiss her and hug her without any clothes on.

I broke the kiss and looked at her. She had a somewhat dejected expression. I could tell it was now her turn to feel a degree of guilt. She was now accepting that she was “the other woman,” and until we figured out how, by some miracle, my wife would be open to this incestuous relationship, we would have to keep this very, very secret.

“Come on,” I said, hoping to cheer her up. “Last one in is a rotten egg?”

Before Cait could reply, I slid the door open, ran out and launched myself into the pool, splashing down in the form of a huge, naked cannonball. I surfaced and blinked the water from my eyes just in time to see Cait, also fully nude, in mid-air, splashing into the water just a couple of feet from me.

We splashed and played and fondled each other in the water, both of us fascinated from the novelty of being naked in the water together. Whenever I floated on my back Cait would ask to see my “periscope,” and whenever she made a move to dunk under the water from a wading position, I enjoyed seeing a quick “wink” from the bald vagina between her legs as her butt briefly surfaced.

Eventually we got out and relaxed on a couple of lounge chairs. It was getting quite warm, and neither of us had thought of sunscreen, let alone towels, and of course no clothes, so I maneuvered one of the big umbrellas to provide shade. Not wanting to get sucked back into the conundrum of how to get Heather’s acceptance of this new relationship, we bantered about other mundane topics, from school to movies to politics.

Despite being in the shade, it was getting kind of hot now as we approached midday, and Cait offered to go fetch us a couple of beers. I happily agreed and rested my head back on my arms, admiring the view of my daughter’s gorgeous body as she padded back into the house. She returned a couple moments later holding an ice-cold bottle of beer in each hand.

When she got near me she held each bottle against her breasts, essentially “censoring” her chest from me. “Which one would you like?” she said, teasingly.

I grinned. “Either one is fine kaçak casino with me, gorgeous girl.”

Cait handed one of the bottles to me and lifted the other to take a swig from it. It was then that I noticed that, because she had been pressing the cold bottles against her nipples, they were now absolutely rock-hard. They looked so wonderfully edible in that moment, and I actually choked slightly on my beer.

“Wow, Daddy, you must really like your beer,” Cait mused. But she hadn’t said it because I choked, it was because I had become completely erect again. I glanced down at my hard cock, then back up at her, shrugging, my expression asking, What are you going to do about it?

Cait sat upright on the lounge next to me, squarely in front of my penis. She took another sip of beer, then leaned over and kissed the head of my dick, causing it to flinch. Cait giggled at this, then repeated her actions: swig of beer, kiss of penis, watch it flinch.

“It’s so funny how it does that,” she said.

I just smiled and drank my beer.

Cait took another sip of her own beer, then bent down as if to kiss my dick again. But instead of putting her lips on it, she said to it at point-blank range, “It’s too hot now. Let’s go back into the water.” With the word hot she had extended the H into a long, warm breath, which caused my dick to flinch yet again. Then she set down her beer, got up and went back to the pool.

Instead of jumping in like before she used the steps in the shallow end, very slowly, seductively swaying her hips back and forth with each step, just to the point where the water was about an inch below her naked pussy. While I watched she dipped just slightly, letting the water “kiss” her pussy, then she lifted again, letting the water drip off of it. Then down again, and up. The sultry look in her eye was intoxicating, far more than the single beer I was now quickly finishing.

I got up and walked toward her. As I stepped into the water I reached for her, but she backed away. Still sporting an intense erection, I approached her again, and still she stepped back, toying with me. I finally launched myself through the water and grabbed for my daughter. She playfully pretended to try and get away, but her attempts at escape included repeatedly grabbing my butt and cupping my balls. At the same time, I played with her breasts, squeezed her ass and ran my fingers across her pussy. Finally, we settled down from our squirming and embraced as lovers.

Cait and I began making out again, chest-deep in the water. She pressed her body firmly against me, and I had to adjust my stiff cock so that it didn’t poke directly into her midsection. Apparently thinking I needed more “adjustment,” I felt my daughter’s hand get a grip on it. As she did that she lifted herself easily, the water giving her a degree of weightlessness, and guided my cock so that it was now firmly between her thighs.

For the next several minutes, Cait rode my cock. I was not inside her, but because her tiny teenage frame was so practically weightless in the water, she was able to straddle my shaft, and she moved her hips back and forth, letting her pussy lips massage the top of my dick.

We went back to kissing, and kissing and kissing. I could kiss this girl forever. Her lips and tongue tasted better than the finest wine. Her skin, wet and slick in the water, was softer than the finest silk. I loved this girl so much, and I was dying to be inside her again. My body was aching to pour more of my sperm into her tight, unprotected pussy.

When I could resist no longer, I lifted Cait slightly, allowing the tip of my hard cock to poke more directly at her entrance. I pulled her onto me and felt myself pop the head just inside her. We both groaned, and Cait squeezed her eyes shut and bit her bottom lip. I realized the poor girl was still quite sore from all the sex we had been having all weekend, and I hesitated. When I remained frozen like this for about a minute, Cait opened her eyes too look at me. I stared right back at her. She nodded.

“Take me, Daddy,” she said, and that was all the encouragement I needed. I pulled her down further on me, back up again, then further down, each time getting deeper, deeper, inch by inch, until I could feel the head of my cock squishing against my tiny lover’s cervix.

“Oh God,” we both said, simultaneously.

With Cait now thoroughly impaled on my cock, I held her still again, just for another moment, letting her body adjust. Letting her pussy build up the natural lubricants to help receive my girth. She would need to produce plenty, and I would certainly produce a lot of pre-cum, because the water would wash much of it away. I felt her pussy clench and relax, clench and relax. She was ready.

I began pulling Cait tighter against me as I stood there in the water, thrusting up with my hips. I started slowly at first, still allowing my daughter time to get used to me, but I was soon speeding up my thrusting, as well as pushing hard and harder into her. For her part Cait clutched me tightly, her arms around my neck, her legs around my waste, and she allowed me to use her as an instrument of pure sexuality.

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