Betty’s Self Discovery Ch. 03

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Denise’s car followed mine home after work. She was behind me as I fumbled my keys in the lock of my apartment but didn’t say anything until we were inside. She sat her purse down on the bar that separated my kitchen from my dining room and announced, “I like your apartment, Betty.” She hesitated a moment and spoke again, “I know I was pretty aggressive at work today, and I am really excited to be here, and this is something I have looked forward to in my mind…”

I stepped closer to her looking at her pointed, fox-like features and wanting to kiss her, “Do I hear a ‘but’ coming, Denise?”

“Yeah,” she said with a little chuckle and a big grin, “My heart is just pounding away right now. I guess I’m just a little nervous. Could we maybe have a drink and talk a few minutes?”

“Sure, sweetie,” I stepped past her into the kitchen and called over my shoulder, “How about a nice, stiff, Tom Collins? We can sit on the couch in the living room. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable, and I’ll be along with the drinks in a minute.”

“Oh, I’ll wait here for you, Betty,” she said airily, “I love watching your body move, and I love looking at your legs.”

I laughed as I brought vodka and Tom Collins mix out of the fridge and set them down on the cabinet. As I reached for two glasses, I quipped, “Gracious, sakes, Denise! Keep up the compliments and I might just become a nude bartender for you!”

I heard Denise giggle, “Don’t do that, please. I don’t think that seeing you naked would be at all relaxing. Just looking at your legs makes my mouth dry.”

In the living room, I handed over her drink as we sat down together on the couch a couple of feet apart. I studied Denise as we sat down, her neck-length shiny black hair, her extremely white flawless skin, her sharp featured and very pretty, almost pixyish face, and her smallish but very up-thrust, firm breasts. Her top lip was a little thinner than her pouty lower lip, and both were stained bright red. She was twenty-one or two and she was dressed in a striped long sleeve blouse, and a fairly short gray skirt – her work clothes from today, and of course I was still wearing my brown dress with a longer hemline than hers. We had both enjoyed pretty vigorous fingering-sex earlier that day in the basement at work.

As I sipped the sharp cold beverage, I admired Denise’s crossed legs and the way her calves flared on her outer leg. “You know, I certainly enjoy admiring your legs too, Denise.”

She smiled her lovely red painted lips for me, “My calves are a little large for the rest of my body,” she shook her short shiny-black hair in some sort of gesture, “My husband says it’s a sign in women of being over-sexed, but frankly I just think it’s a coincidence that I’m over-sexed and have big calves. What about you, Betty, those are some wickedly sexy curves you have on your calves?”

I grinned and kicked off my heels. I pointed my toes as I stretched my legs for her, “I never really considered myself over-sexed until pretty recently, so I’m inclined to agree that it must be a coincidence. In fact, until recently, I don’t think I was ever into sex as much as I should be. Now, I can hardly stop thinking about it. Especially if the woman is younger and pretty with sexy legs.”

Her eyes locked on my legs while I stretched them, Denise took a large gulp of her drink and asked, “Would you mind telling me what turned you into the tigress that had sex with me in the basement this morning?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer at first, but then I chose the easy way out and told the truth, “First this woman made a pass at me at a party – that was a couple of years ago, but it was my first sexual contact with a woman. It was nice, but I felt ashamed and guilty and tried to forget it. Then more recently a friend of mine masturbated in front of me, and that was pretty hot. No, it was really hot! Then I invited the woman over that had made the pass at me years ago, and that was my first time eating pussy. But I still didn’t really know how I felt about sex with women until a few weeks ago when I strangely just suddenly got the hots for this college girl that was doing some work for me.”

“Ooo,” cooed Denise as she sat up straight and put her finished drink on the coffee table, “This is all sounds really good. Especially the college girl, did you have sex with her?”

“Every day and every night for the whole two weeks until her fall term started. That was just four days ago, and since then I’ve been a horny wreck, until this morning, that is…”

Denise moved herself down the couch until she was next to me and put one of her arms over my shoulder. Then leaning close so that her red lips were inches from mine she said, “Now I’m getting really hot. Please describe her to me and tell me in incredible detail about your having sex together.”

“All for a kiss,” I breathed into her mouth as her lips touched mine. She kissed me lightly tracing my lips briefly with her tongue while her fingertips lightly stroked my breasts. Denise pulled her head back to peer canlı bahis şirketleri into my eyes with her own dark brown eyes – a darker shade of brown than my eyes. Then she kissed me slowly and deeply, her warm pointed tongue licking under my tongue. She moved her mouth to my ear and breathed for me to start talking. So I described Lisa for her in detail including her lovely breasts, muscular legs and trimmed brown pubic hair. I told her about our sex, including even the details about ass licking and licking pussies clean after peeing. And I told her how often we would have sex and how we had sex in every room of my apartment.

“I think I would like to meet this Lisa sometime,” said Denise as she was eyeing my legs again. She scooted away from me half a foot and retrieved her glass, remembered it was empty and gave me a mock pitiful look. “Can I have another drink?”

I laughed and said, “Right away, are you going to follow me to watch my ass?”

“Damn right!” She said jumping up.

While I was mixing us fresh drinks, the phone rang and it was Laura, “Hey Betty, I’ve been thinking things over and fucking this boyfriend of mine for weeks now, and it isn’t really scratching my itch. Is it all right if I come over? I promise I won’t stay longer than necessary. Please say yes! I am sooo horny!” And that was Laura – straight to the point.

“Hang on just a sec,” I put my hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and turned to Denise, “My friend wants to come over and masturbate in front of me again. She says she won’t stay longer than necessary. What do you think?”

Denise’s eyes gleamed, “Is she pretty?”

“No,” I shrugged, “More like drop-dead gorgeous, especially her body.” Nancy eagerly nodded, so I put the phone back to my mouth, “Laura, you would be welcome, but would it make a difference to know I have company over – a girlfriend from work? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind your visit.”

“Uh,” Laura hesitated a second, “Is she pretty? And are you sure it won’t cause you a problem at work?”

“Yes she is very pretty, and no, there won’t be any problems.” I assured her and she replied she was coming right over. I finished with the drinks and led Denise back to the living room.

“Okay, spill it,” Denise giggled, “tell me about the woman who masturbated in front of you.”

“We have time,” I said, “It will take her twenty minutes to get here. First, tell me exactly what is it you’re nervous about. Eating pussy?”

“Yes, that, and also you going down on me.” Denise sipped her drink. “My qualms about going down on another woman are simple – I have this erotic picture of it in my mind, and I want very much to like doing it – otherwise it’s going to nip my bi-expansion in the bud. And my concern about a woman going down on me is about the same, like what if I like it better than my husband. That is kind of a serious concern because quite frankly, the orgasm you gave me this morning was the best I’ve had, or least in the top two or three.”

“Do you enjoy sex with your husband?” I asked reasonably.

“Oh yes, very much. Like I said, he has only recently begun pestering at me about this threesome thing – just a couple of months. We have sex pretty often, and I love getting a good fucking.”

“Then I don’t think you have too much to worry about if he isn’t going to mind you spending a little time with girlfriends. Even if it turns out that you like girls more, I don’t think you’ll have problems staying married, especially if he gets his occasional threesome. I’m starting to be pretty sure I do prefer women, but I’m not sure I’m ready to give up men altogether.” I smiled then went ahead and told her in detail about Laura’s last visit.

“Wow!” Denise said when I had finished, “Now I’m really looking forward to watching Laura!”

“So how is it, if you had no previous interest in girls, that your husband has convinced you to give it a try?”

She gave me a wicked grin, “We watch porn like I said, only, he makes sure to make me come during the girl-girl scenes. After you’ve had enough orgasms watching two chicks kissing, going down on each other, or sixty-nining, you kind of start putting yourself in the picture. Then he’s asking me whom I might know at work that I would find attractive and stuff, and that’s how I started thinking about you that way. Although God knows, I would never have had the courage to approach you until you brushed up against my ass in the copy room. I felt sure that was deliberate, so naturally I set up that little test in the library.”

“Of course, I can’t help feel pretty flattered that you chose me. As for your test, looking up your dress and knowing you were showing me your panties on purpose made me so hot! Your legs reminded me of Jodie Foster’s calves, and your face is even a little like hers. I happen to be a Jodie Foster fan, so I had to fight to keep from jumping you on the spot!” I said.

“Oh if you only knew how wickedly I’ve thought about you,” she giggled, “And thanks for the comparison to Jodie – I’m a fan of hers, canlı kaçak iddaa too.” Denise glanced at my breasts, “See sometimes it wasn’t watching porn. My hubby would go down on me and tell me to close my eyes and imagine an encounter with my work friend. So I would think about you in all these different situations and he would eat me until I came with you doing it to me in my mind, or sometimes I would be doing it to you, or the sixty-nine thing, of course. It’s made me so hot for you that when you kissed me in the basement, I thought I was going to pass out from sex-fever.”

“I was very interested to find out that you had such a smooth pussy,” I commented, remembering with pleasure the feel of her pussy.

Denise smiled and sighed, “Funny story about that. My husband talked me into it in the first year of our marriage. He said it would heighten my enjoyment of oral sex, and I do have really sensitive skin. So I went for it all, got my armpits, legs and groin lasered. Took about 4 visits every couple of months to get it all.”

She lowered her voice a little, “Anyway, Celly – that’s my laser tech. She told me right off that it didn’t hurt much but some people experienced some light stinging, so the best way to think of it was as an enjoyable pain. Somehow my mind went for that straight away. It’s really kind of tingly and warm with an occasional little sting like you might get from some one lightly popping you with a rubber band. And right away, it started making me hot, uh, sexually. Now when your completely naked as I was and especially in later treatments when I was already pretty hairless, it gets pretty obvious with my sighing and my pussy literally dripping its enjoyment.”

Denise blushed, “So finally, I had to apologize to Celly for my grossness. I mean there she was lasering the few hairs around my asshole area and in my perineum – you know the space between the pussy and the asshole?” I nodded, being quite fond of that area myself and instantly memorizing the term. Denise went on, “I was so wet that she was having to towel me almost constantly to do her work. After I apologized I offered that maybe if I just touched myself a little, I could get it done with quick.”

Denise shrugged, “Well she was embarrassed, and so was I, but I only had to touch myself few seconds, and then I came big time. Then she toweled me again and finished the treatment.” Denise blushed again and added, “I started to apologize again, and she just said it was okay, that I was her favorite subject, that she kind of liked having me enjoy the treatment. She said that it beat the hell out of the people that complained and griped all the time.”

I giggled, “Maybe Celly was tempted to touch!”

Denise raised her eyebrows, “I’ve wondered about that. She smiled at me a lot, gave me a lot of compliments on my body, and she would help to undress me. Maybe I should ask her out for drinks sometime.”

“Oh, you definitely should,” I agreed. “Especially if you found her attractive. What did she look like?”

“Uh, about my size, much bigger breasts than mine,” Denise smiled shyly, “She has nice shapely legs, a butt to die for, long blond hair and she has the most wonderful, light touch that sometimes, for some reason I wanted to ask her to spank me.” Denise giggled.

At that point, a knock came at the door. I opened it and Laura hurried in, taking in the seating arrangements by the glasses on the table and sitting in the armchair opposite, where I had sat the last time she was over. I offered her a drink, which she accepted. I came back from the kitchen with her drink and she and Denise were chatting merrily about this and that – just small talk.

Laura took a sip of her drink and said, “Hey, that’s good! Tom Collins, right? Haven’t had one of those in years.” She looked at Denise and looked her over thoroughly, “My goodness, Betty, you sure have a lovely young friend. Denise, you are very sexy.” Laura turned her steady gaze to me, ” Have you told her what to expect from me?”

I could see that Denise was also giving Laura the same looking over, noting Laura’s light brown hair with blond streaks and highlights, her lovely blue eyes and tall figure – mostly hidden by an ankle length orange print dress. As usual, Laura was wearing flats. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Laura was a little taller than me and that she has a statuesque body. “Of course, I’ve told her,” I said, “I’m sorry to deny you the shock factor but I’m just not into shocking my guests.” I smiled, “Although the shock was pleasant enough, Laura, at least once I got over it.”

“You seemed to have a pretty good time during the shock, if I may say so,” Laura smiled back, “At least you didn’t take your eyes off me – not once.” Laura set her drink on the table and put her right hand casually in her lap and began rubbing her lower tummy, sinking her hand slowly toward her groin area without raising her dress. “So, what were you two up to before I came in?”

“Chatting about sex and drinking mostly,” I offered.

Laura cupped canlı kaçak bahis her pussy and squeezed then looked at Denise, “What about sex?”

Denise smiled and put her arm around my shoulder, “We had wonderful sex at work, and we were just getting ready to get it on again. We just fingered each other at work, but now we are going to go down on each other, and really have some fun.”

I nearly laughed at the surprised look on Laura’s face, and I couldn’t help but grin. Laura turned her eyes back to me and said, “Well I guess you’ve overcome some inhibitions since the last time I was over, Betty.”

“What did you expect?” I said, still grinning. I added a cocked eyebrow to my grin, “When you went down on me, that was the most powerful sex I had ever had. That kind of thing tends to affect a person. And that’s not to mention the effect of seeing so much of your pretty pussy. And then you ran off without giving me even one pussy flavored kiss! All that has to start a girl thinking things over…”

Denise was watching Laura’s hand stroking her pussy through her dress, “I would love it if you took off your dress, Laura. That is, if you don’t mind sharing a view of your lovely body?” Denise licked her red lips as Laura wordlessly stood, kicked off her flats, and raised her dress over her head. Denise’s eyes widened, and I know mine did too, but Denise said it aloud, “Oh my God, Laura! You have such a gorgeous body!”

Laura was tall. Her breasts were a tad smaller than mine but they were perfect cones with medium pink aureoles and thick pink nipples. Her waist was slender and she had a lovely, flat belly. Her hips widened to support two long shapely and well curved legs, her thighs and calves were thick with visibly moving muscles, and in the center a delta of dark brown pubic hair that looked very soft and fine. Laura’s skin had a natural olive tone, almost like a tan that went everywhere. Obviously some Mediterranean blood that mixed strangely with her blond streaked light brown hair and blue eyes. She didn’t have any bikini lines, in fact, I doubted if Laura had ever been to the beach, and she had told me she didn’t own a bathing suit.

Wordlessly, Laura moved our drinks to the side and sat down on the coffee table not two feet away from us. My coffee table is solid, varnished white oak and easily withstood the load. Denise and I glanced at each other and then watched Laura as she spread her bush open with one hand and began exploring it with the other. Inside her pink slit, Laura was already wet, a juicy wetness, which quickly coated her fingers as we watched her probe her vagina, and rub her clit with the slick juices. Laura’s look was hooded as she gazed at Denise and said, “Betty told me she thought my pussy was pretty. What do you think, Denise?”

“Oh,” breathed Denise, “I very much agree!” Her hand slipped over and squeezed my hand with her eyes never leaving Laura’s lap.

“Now ladies, you could help me finish more quickly,” Laura began giving each of us hooded looks in turn, her hands busy in her lap, “If you will both just take off your panties and raise your dresses. You know I’d love to see your pussies, too!”

This time, I didn’t mind at all, and Denise didn’t appear to be bothered either. So both of us hooked our thumbs in our panties and pulled them down. Denise was careful pulling down my red satin panties that we had traded earlier in the day. She even managed to slip them over her heels without removing the shoes, so I did the same with her cotton panties with the flowers on it. Wearing high heels does make a woman’s calves look sexier. Then, at the same time, Denise and I pulled our skirts up to our waists while spreading our legs lewdly for Laura. I also took the opportunity to peek at Denise’s smooth pouty lower lips. They were lovely. Laura obviously agreed, since she said, “Oh my!” when she saw Denise’s bare lower lips.

I could tell by the parted lips and the huskiness in her voice that Laura was close to coming as she gazed into Denise’s long-lashed dark eyes, “Can I kiss you there?” pleaded Laura.

Denise took a deep breath, “Only if we’re talking French-kissing, and only if Betty doesn’t mind.” Denise spared me a quick, desperate glance, her own lips parted so she could breath through her mouth. I could see she was very excited at the prospect of Laura’s going down on her, so who was I to object?

“Okay,” I gulped, “But I might need some attention, too, after you finish with her, Laura. And only one climax for each of us, you naughty woman, we still want to have sex together later!”

Laura gave me the most knowing and sexual grin ever, and that’s saying a lot for her, “I only quit last time because my tongue got so tired. I needed a little rest.”

I sighed, thinking of it a little wistfully, “I couldn’t even stand up for half an hour after last time.” Laura snickered and knelt on the floor in front of Denise. Still using both her hands on herself, Laura leaned forward slowly and with incredibly deliberate sensuousness, molded her lips around Denise’s bare slit and kissed the pussy like the mouth of a lover – over and over and over again. Denise began breathing heavier almost instantly and eased her hips a bit more forward, her snowy thighs spread wide, her thick calves hugging at Laura’s back.

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