Best Night Of My Life

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In life, some things are simply necessary. Every human being needs to eat and drink. We also need to eat. Our bodies have very specific needs. No need to get into way too many details. All of us have needs, you get my point, right? Human beings have sexual needs too. All human beings. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, you’ve got needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. You’ve got needs too. Let’s all accept this about ourselves.

My name is Stephen and I am a big guy. I stand six feet two inches tall and I weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. I have dark brown skin. I’m average-looking in the face department. I have some meat on my bones. Hey, I’m being honest here. Like every other human being on the planet, I’ve got needs and I’ve gone to great lengths to satisfy them. I’ve got a story to tell you. It’s about what happened between me and some friends of mine when we all got together one night specifically for sex.

I’m a big guy in college. I’m not a pretty boy and I’m not an athlete. I’m not a genius either. All I want to do is get my degree and become a cop. In the meantime, I’ve got some time to kill. I wanted to get laid but it was so risky these days. Sleep with the wrong woman or man and you could catch HIV. Also, if you slept with the wrong woman, she could end up accusing you of anything from rape to sexual harassment. Naturally, those politically correct judges and prosecutors will side with her because they always side with the females and think females never lie. Sucks, doesn’t it? Yeah, a man had to watch out these days. It’s only prudent. It’s a good thing I had friends.

Who are my friends? My friends are other people like me who aren’t exactly at the top of society and aren’t pleased with the way their lives are going. There’s Crystal. Crystal is a big girl I met while I was in eleventh grade. We’ve been pals ever since. She’s around five-foot-ten, and weighs in at around two hundred and something pounds. She’s a chunky white chick with dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. Her plump body looks sexy in its own way and she has a really nice ass. When I met Crystal, she had a crush on some guy named Kelvin. Kelvin was a Latin stud who liked skinny chicks and couldn’t give a damn about Crystal. Eventually, Crystal saw the light and gave up on him. Currently, she’s taking up Fashion Design at the college and hopes to design clothes for full-figured women someday.

Smith is another one of my friends. He’s a stocky Black guy, standing around five-foot-eleven and weighing in at two hundred pounds. He’s a really strong dude. He’s also got some mental issues. I knew him since high school. He’s a nice enough guy. Just a little bit confused at times. He was also confusing sometimes too. Smith wasn’t a popular guy in high school and he wasn’t one in college either. He’s a Liberal Arts major. There’s also Wendy. Wendy’s a chick from the Dominican Republic. I met her on the bus last year. She’s around five-nine, and she’s a big girl with light bronze skin, dark hair and brown eyes. A thick, big-booty Latin girl. Yeah, Wendy was hot and she carried her surplus flesh with some elegance.

Those were my friends. We’ve been there for each other through thick and thin, man. All of us have had trouble in the past. Wendy got kicked out of her brother’s house by her brother’s bisexual fiancée, some bitch from Cape Verde. She stayed with me for some time until she got her own place. Smith is always getting into fights with kids who make fun of him because of his speech difficulties. He stutters and he can be a bit slow sometimes. Nothing against him. He’s a good guy. Yeah, I bailed Smith out when he got locked up on an assault charge. The charges were later dismissed and he walked away clean and free.

Crystal once got in trouble because some chicks played a mean joke on her. Girls can be so cruel sometimes. Well, Crystal walked up to one of the Queen Bees and punched her in the face. Crystal’s usually nice and calm, not at all someone given to losing her temper But having a mockup of a pig thrown at her during lunch had pushed her too far. Yeah, she made that chick suffer. I liked that. I’ve met plenty of chicks I’ve wanted to hit, man. Some of those bitches can be so cruel to men. Of course, I didn’t hit them because I didn’t feel like spending time in the slammer.

Oh, ankara moldovyalı escortlar man. I almost forgot my friend Derek. He’s a big, bulky light-skinned dude. Half Black and half Irish. He used to be on the men’s wrestling team in high school, until a certain incident. Wrestling is a tough sport and when Title IX basically rendered the sport coed, it was hard on a lot of guys. Most chicks who wrestled were just okay but some of them were real good. Like the daughters of coaches. Derek went undefeated in the weight class of two hundred and fifteen pounds. At a regional tournament, he faced a guy named Joel Mason and a girl named Mandy Stuart. Both of them were tough wrestlers. Derek won against both of them. Unfortunately, the media paid a lot more attention to the female contender than they did to the male athlete who had actually won the regional championship. Derek wasn’t pleased. When a reporter shoved a mike in his face, he grabbed the reporter and threw him on the floor. Derek was kicked off the men’s wrestling team shortly after. He lost his chance at winning a scholarship to a great school and ended up going to community college like the rest of us. I like my town’s community college. While most schools across the country didn’t have too many male students, this place was loaded with them. An even mix of male and female, whites and racial minorities. I liked it.

Last but not least among my friends is Nancy. Nancy is a short, round girl with blonde hair and pale brown eyes. I first met Nancy in my Civic Class. She was nice-looking. The thing I noticed most about her was that she was nice to people. I wondered why. I’m not a very nice guy. I’m polite and all but I don’t exactly have a sunny disposition towards members of either gender. In the past, I’ve had to deal with a female stalker. It wasn’t pleasant. The chick was psycho and started following me around, saying that I did things to her that I sure as hell didn’t do. People believed her. If it wasn’t for the dean of my school who got her to stop, I could have gotten into serious trouble. I don’t underestimate women anymore and for the most part, I sure as hell don’t trust them. Call me whatever you want but females are more dangerous than males and a man should watch out around them.

This describes my state of mind when I first met Nancy. I had a test that day and when I showed up, I didn’t have a pencil. It was one of those tests where you had to fill in the bubbles in a green and white sheet. You couldn’t use a pencil. I was scared shitless. If I couldn’t take this test, I was a dead man. I’d fail. I’d never make it to the police academy. I’d be screwed. Nancy had finished the test early and given me her pencil. I took the test and I aced it. All thanks to her. Man, I was very grateful. Next time I saw her, I was sure to thank her. Yep, and that’s how she became part of my circle of friends.

So, anyway, these people were my friends and we all had a lot in common. All of us were a bit larger than most. All of us were outcasts. All of us except Nancy, who wanted to become a teacher. She was well-liked by her friends and classmates. I kind of liked her, too. My thing is that when I like a woman, I never ask her out. I’ve liked Crystal in a romantic way once but we became friends. I’ve dated a couple of girls but they turned out to be bitches. I don’t date nice girls. I ask them to be my friends instead. The way I see it, it’s better this way.

So, anyway, one day, I sent all of my friends some emails. I wanted to ask them if they wanted to get together for some sexy fun. All of us had one thing in common. None of us got laid very often. We were lonely hearts. All of us. I was very hesitant about this. Still, it was a big fantasy of mine to do it with some of my friends. I’ve had sexual dreams about Wendy and Crystal. Heck, I’ve masturbated while thinking of Smith, as if that wasn’t surprising enough. I am a regular Black guy and I don’t consider myself gay or anything but sometimes I have sexual fantasies about other guys. The rest of the time, I like the females. I think I might be bi or something. I was hesitant. What would my friends think of me for asking them to come over for sex? I waited after sending the messages. If they were angry, I’d tell them it was a joke. If they were happy, I’d be real happy too. I asked all of my friends ankara ukraynalı escortlar to meet me at my house. The house in question was bought by my parents when they decided to move to the city. It’s a nice place. Two floors, four bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and a vast living room. Also, a pool. It was very nice. For once, my family was gone. They were in Canada, visiting some uncle of mine who was getting hitched.

Amazingly, all of my friends answered my emails in the affirmative. I had to send several confirmation emails but it was worth it. Yes, they were all coming over for sex. Who says large men and large women can’t have fulfilling sex lives? I made sure to get ready. I showered and cleaned myself up. I shaved and brushed my teeth. I put on a red silk shirt, black pants and black Timberland shoes. I checked myself in the mirror. I looked pretty good. A few minutes later, someone rang the bell. I hurried to greet the first arrival.

As luck would have it, the first person to arrive was my friend Crystal. She looked good, wearing a sexy black dress. It showed off all of her curves. The big girl looked sexy! I gave her a hug and surprisingly, she kissed me on the lips. I led her to the living room and served her a cup of wine. She sipped it and we talked while waiting for the others to arrive.

One by one they came. Big handsome man Derek. Stocky stud Smith. Large and lovely Wendy. Voluptuous beauty Nancy. All my friends. We sat in the living room, watching TV. Even though the idea of getting together for sex was mine, I was unsure on how to start the festivities. It’s not every day that I do this! In fact, I’d never done this before. Crystal decided to put a porn DVD on. It was one of those rare, decent porn videos featuring big beautiful people. Large men and large women having sex with each other. It was classy and not trashy. The performers looked good and appeared to be enjoying what they were doing. Or who they were doing, I should say. It was very hot. We talked while watching the movie. It was interesting to have guys and girls in the same room while watching a porno. Everyone had a lot say while watching it.

Men and women watching a porn movie will see different things while watching it. I saw a scene where a woman slid her finger into a man’s anus while sucking on his cock. I heard Smith protest that he’d never do anything like that, letting a girl play with his ass. As the scene continued, the woman started licking the man’s ass while stroking his cock. Crystal confessed that she’d always wanted to do something like this with a guy but never had the pleasure. I noticed that Smith was staring at her while she said that with a dreamy look on her face. Oh, yeah. There was something going on with those two.

Wendy and Derek sat awfully close together on a couch. I could tell by the way those two looked at the movie, and at each other, that they were way into it. I smiled when I saw the two of them hesitantly kiss, then they began making out. My eyes were riveted on them as they gently touched each other. I had never seen anything like this before. This wasn’t a porn flick. The people I was watching weren’t two strangers paid to fuck each other. They were friends who had known each other for a while. A big White stud and a big, sexy Latin girl making out on my couch. How sexy!

I looked to the side and saw Crystal and Smith making eyes at each other. I smiled. This was turning out better than I expected. I saw Crystal wrap her arms around Smith and pull him closer for a kiss. I smiled. Those two had liked each other for a long time and had probably never expressed their feelings for each other. They started really going at it. Moving from kissing to heavy petting and later, undressing. Slowly, they began making love. I had never seen anything like it. Crystal unbuttoned Smith’s shirt. He stood before her as she bared his flesh. Crystal smiled at the sight of Smith’s naked body, clearly liking what she saw. She kissed his chest, and began licking down his body like a lollypop.

Watching my friends having sex was starting to really turn me on. Crystal and Smith were currently rolling around on the soft carpeted floor. He was on top of her, smiling and kissing her. Tenderly, they embraced. He kissed her lips, then licked a path down from her neck to her chest. He gently caressed ankara minyon tipli escortlar her breasts, then suckled on them. I heard Crystal moan loudly as Smith feasted on her flesh. I watched them together. They were so beautiful.

I had almost forgotten about Derek and Wendy. Now, I had missed some things. Currently, they were naked and exploring each other’s bodies. The sight of a big girl making love with a big guy was very arousing to me. It wasn’t the artificial sexuality of porn videos. This was unscripted sex between friends, not scripted sex between strangers. This was spontaneous. This was real. They were kissing and rolling around on the floor. Wendy knelt between Derek’s legs and took his erect member in her hand. She slid her hand up and down on it before taking him into her mouth. Derek closed his eyes and gently stroked Wendy’s hair, clearly loving what she was doing for him.

I had been so drawn into this vivid love scene taking place between my friends that I had almost forgotten the young woman who sat close to me. Nancy had been watching our friends having sex and like me, she was increasingly aroused by what she saw. She was looking at something with her intense gaze. I followed her eyes and saw our friends engaging in sex. Wendy straddled Derek and he thrust into her. She began riding him for all he was worth. I saw Crystal on all fours, going at it with Smith. Smith was behind her, his hands on her ample hips, thrusting into her with obvious energy.

I smiled to myself as I listened to the sounds of my friends making love. Nancy watched as well. I looked at her. She smiled at me. Gently, she touched my hand and kissed it. I knew what she wanted but hesitated. I liked this girl. Ever since she helped me out in class, I’d been curious about her. Now, she seemed to be wanting me. Now I had my shot. I took it. I kissed her. I felt Nancy’s soft lips pressing against mine, and I must admit that it felt wonderful. I took her hand and led her upstairs. She smiled at me. I wanted her all to myself. Let the others have their fun downstairs. This was a private show.

I took Nancy to the place where no female I wasn’t related to by blood had ever gone before. My bedroom. Yes, my bedroom. My sanctuary. It was a simple room with blue walls. There were pictures of porn star Selena Silver on it as well as images of bisexual icon Ken Ryker. Yes, I like the American stud. Nancy noticed and asked me about it. I hesitated. Should I tell the girl of my dreams that I also had a thing for men? What would any man in my situation do? I crossed my fingers and told her the truth. Yes, I was a big Black man who liked both men and women. I was bisexual. I’d never had a same-sex experience but I still lusted for men. My sexual experiences with women had been very few, very rare and very brief.

Nancy did not seem surprised by what I said. I looked at her, trying to figure out what she was thinking. Nancy laughed and told me that she liked gay porn and felt weird about it since she didn’t know any other female who did and no man she knew admitted to liking the same sex. I grinned. We sat on my bed and talked. I told her about some of my fantasies. I liked guys and I also liked girls. Especially curvy girls. Skin and bones isn’t something I find sexy. Leave that to those lousy magazine editors.

Nancy seemed pleased by that statement since she was a bit on the voluptuous side herself. I looked at her. I felt so comfortable around that girl. She smiled at me and lay back on the bed. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Nancy wrapped her arms around me and we continued the kisses. Slowly, we undressed each other. She seemed a bit shy about it. I told her that I liked her just the way she was. Nancy smiled and continued with confidence. We kissed again and I removed my clothes. Usually, I worry about getting naked in front of a chick because most of them expect every man to look like a fitness celebrity. Well, real men don’t look like that! With Nancy, I felt comfortable enough to show my body and my true self.

Naked, we lay on my bed together. We made love. It was wonderful. When I woke up the next day, Nancy was still there. She told me that the others had gone home. Some were a bit confused as to the previous nights festivities. Derek and Wendy walked out holding hands. Crystal and Smith went out with their heads down. Oh, well. That was to be expected. Nancy and I spent the rest of the day together. I like this girl and I also like spending time with her. Our first night together was one of the best nights of my life. Here’s to hoping that maybe we can have something more in the future!

The End.

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