Bedside Luxury

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Sammy rolled over in bed, and snuggled down deeper under the covers. “Just a few more minutes of sleep,” she thought to herself as she felt her feet scoot into a cool section of the sheets. Her eyes opened briefly as she tucked everything tighter under her chin before closing again.

Seconds later, Sammy sat bolt upright. This wasn’t her bed, and this wasn’t her room. She had no clue where she was, and had no idea how she’d gotten here. Another surprise was that she was sitting in this weird bed completely naked. Her prior sleepiness was instantly cleared as she looked around and tried to remember what had happened the previous night. It looked like she was in some sort of hotel room, and the nice sheets suggested it was a fancy place.

As she searched her memory, her last thought was leaving work the previous day. She’d finally gotten fed up with the new secretary’s attitude, and had confronted her. The argument escalated until Sammy was yelling that Carol was a “lazy fucking bitch,” and that “everyone knew it.” Carol simply looked stunned, but as Sammy turned around to go back to work, she saw that Tim from HR was standing right behind her.

Sammy had been disappointed as she packed up her belongings after being fired, but was at least glad that she’d been able to say what everyone had been thinking. It might be hard, but she figured she’d be able to find a job with better people to work with. She vaguely remembered going to a bar afterwards, but that’s where things started to get confused.

“Did I get drunk and go home with someone, and that’s how I ended up here?” Sammy asked herself. She got out of bed, and looked around to see if she could find her clothes. There wasn’t anything on the floor, under the bed, or in the closet, and when she went to check the dresser, she found most of the drawers closed and locked. Oddly enough, the only drawer that opened was full of coils of rope, all in different bright colors.

As she was wandering around, Sammy realized that she really had to pee. She didn’t see a bathroom door, so she tentatively opened the door exiting the room. Beyond, she saw what looked like a waiting room. To her left was a reception desk, with what looked like a nurse behind the counter. There seemed to be similar doors to the one she was peeking through up and down the other walls. She also saw that the hallway that extended beyond the reception area had a sign for a bathroom.

Sammy knew that she didn’t have much time to decide, so figured that she would just be brave and walk calmly down to the bathroom, and pretend like she was clothed and that everything was normal. She stepped out of the room, and winced as her feet landed on the cold tile of the waiting area. Her left hand went down to cover her crotch, and she used the right to hide her breasts, as she slowly walked down towards the bathroom. She passed the desk, and the nurse looked at her. “I have to go to the bathroom…” Sammy looked at the name tag, “Renee. Sorry.” The nurse looked to be about her age, and was also short and Asian. Renee didn’t say anything, and Sammy didn’t bother to wait for approval as she continued towards the bathroom.

She reached the bathroom, and saw that the door next to it was labeled, “Loading Area.” Sammy pushed the door open, and stepped into the bathroom. Inside, she found three toilets, but there were no walls separating them. Even more bizarre, the far wall was made of glass, and looked out onto what was clearly the Loading Area. She saw a number of people in grey jumpsuits loading large cylinders with a forklift. To one side was a large pile of jumpsuits.

“Once I’m done here, I can go next door and get one of those, and then I can find my way out of here and get back home.” Sammy went over to sit down on one of the toilets.

Back at the reception desk, Renee looked up to see her boss Debbie returning. “Where is the new girl?” Debbie asked.

“She said she had to go to the bathroom.”

“Damn it, you know you’re not supposed to let out of your sight. We’ll discuss this later.” Debbie stormed down the hallway, and burst into the bathroom, surprising Sammy. She caught Sammy before she could sit down, and tightly grabbed a hold of Sammy’s left arm. “Come now, you’re not getting away that easy. Don’t you know we have plans for you?” Debbie led the naked and surprised girl out of the bathroom, and back down the hallway. As they walked, Debiie hooked her right elbow through Sammy’s left, and used her own left hand to hold Sammy’s. She then used her free right hand to unzip her uniform, letting it open down to her waist. She then directed Sammy’s hand into the opening, and down between her legs.

Sammy could feel her fingers slide through the older nurse’s hair, only to stop when they found the wet slit it hid. Sammy looked stunned as she was led (and half-dragged) back to the room she had started in. Once they’d returned, Debbie pushed Sammy down onto the bed, and went over to the dresser. She removed a pile of rope from it, and tossed it onto the bed next to Sammy. “Maybe I just need to tie you down, first.”

“Wait, I really need to pee,” was canlı bahis Sammy’s response.

“No, I think I’d rather you be safe before we start. You’ll just have to hold it for a little longer.” Sammy struggled briefly as Debbie grabbed her left hand and started to pull it down, but stopped when she heard the ominous response. “We can do this the easy way, Dear, or we can just drug you, and then you won’t get to enjoy yourself at all.”

By the time Debbie was done, Sammy had been tied down on her back, with her arms and legs stretched to the corners of the bed. In addition, her knees had rope looped around them, and pulled out to the sides, forcing her legs to spread widely. Sammy felt very exposed, and could feel Debbie prodding her labia as she laughed to herself. Debbie then went back to the door, and shouted out at the other nurse. “Renee, I think we’re ready to start now, if you’ll get the supplies and join us.”

A few minutes later, Renee entered the room with a large cart full of medical supplies. “I think we’ll do the standard, Renee, but let’s start with the fluids. She’s a bit full,” said Debbie.

“What are you going to do to me?” asked Sammy.

“I think it’s probably best if you don’t watch this part,” Debbie replied, as she climbed onto the bed with her. She crawled over until she was straddling Sammy’s chest before continuing, “This is probably the most effective blindfold, wouldn’t you say?” She then slid forward, placing her wet cunt over Sammy’s face.

Below her, Sammy’s vision was immediately blotted out, and with Debbie’s thighs on either side of her head, she couldn’t hear much at all. As the nurse’s slit lowered to her mouth, Sammy reluctantly opened her mouth and tasted it. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but in her current position, she didn’t think she had much room to object.

Unseen to Sammy, Renee was preparing a number of things at the foot of the bed. When ready, she removed a catheter from a sterile wrapper, lubed it, and began to insert it into Sammy’s urethra. Sammy moaned as her lips were spread, but the moan quickly turned into a shout as she felt the rubber tip probing her. She felt it slip inside her as Debbie said, “Oh, I love it when you scream, Dear. The vibrations are wonderful.”

Renee’s response, “then you’re going to love the next few steps,” was too quiet for Sammy to hear it. Renee attached the catheter to a bag, and watched as Sammy’s urine flooded out. Sammy was relieved as well, and renewed her attention to Debbie. Renee moved on to the next phase, and removed a large steel device from a box. She lubed it as well, and slid the large shaft into Sammy’s vagina. The base of the device was flared into a large plate, which had a number of spikes facing out. Renee briefly stretched Sammy’s labia over the plate, noted where the spikes landed (eliciting a few “yelp!”s from her patient), and then removed a pile of piercing needles. One by one, she pierced Sammy’s labia in exactly the same positions as the spikes. Throughout the entire process, Sammy screamed as loud as she could, but for the others in the room, it was only a faint roar.

“Oh, Sammy, I love what you’re doing down there. If you keep this up…” Debbie trailed off as she bent forward and braced herself against the wall. She gasped loudly, and then leaned back with a smile. “You’re a natural, Dear.”

Renee continued without interruption, although she could clearly smell Debbie’s excitement filling the room. Once all the piercings were complete, she fed the spikes through the holes, and then locked them in place with small steel balls. She moved on to the next piercing, sliding the needle through the hood of Sammy’s clit, which she then filled with a large steel bar. Renee then moved to the left side of the bed, and placed a similar bar through Sammy’s left nipple. She repeated this on the other side, and then started to clean up her cart. “I’ve got the piercings in, so if you’re ready to move on,” she said to Debbie.

“Just a moment,” was the response, as Debbie reached back and flicked the new nipple piercings. Sammy replied with the expected scream, and Debbie flushed a bright red while squeezing her eyes closed tightly. Sammy could tell she was orgasming again, as Debbie’s thighs seemed to be trying to crush her head. She was also slowly being smothered, and could feel her lungs start to spasm. This just excited Debbie more, and she momentarily lost control and peed into Sammy’s mouth, causing her to cough.

As Debbie stood up, Sammy realized what she was tasting in her mouth, and licked to try to clean her mouth. “Oh, did you enjoy that?” Debbie asked with a smile. Sammy started to answer, but Debbie cut her off. “We’re ready for the next step, Dear, and I know that the last one hurt a bit, but this one will be much easier for you. If you’d like to continue to cooperate, that would be best, but rest assured that we will get our way. Are you going to be a good girl?”

Sammy again considered her options, and quietly said, “Yes.”

“Very good, Dear, now let’s get you up and dressed, shall we?” Debbie and Renee then started to untie the ropes bahis siteleri that held Sammy to the bed, and then helped her to her feet. Sammy looked down at her new piercings, and realized that the device in her vagina would make it impossible for anything to penetrate her, and was held in place by the piercings. Renee checked the piercings as she stood, and then removed three small steel devices, and clipped them to the piercings in Sammy’s nipples and clit. Finally, she locked the one on her clit to the exposed top part of the chastity plug. All three were like small cups, and completely covered her nipples and clit. She could feel a thin layer of rubber keeping the cold steel from her sensitive parts.

While Renee was checking the piercings, Debbie had unlocked another drawer of the dresser, and had removed a large bundle of black leather. “I think you’ll enjoy how this feels, Dear.” She held it up, and Sammy could see that it was a leather suit designed to cover her entire body. “Come on, let’s get going.” Debbie unzipped the back of the suit, and had Sammy sit down on the bed to ease her legs in. They slid in without trouble until her feet reached the ankles of the suit, at which point Renee bent down to open a zipper on the outside of each ankle. This loosened the suit enough to allow Sammy’s feet to slide through. “Make sure you get your toes in the right slot,” Debbie advised, and Sam realized that there were small leather straps to separate each of her toes. It took a moment, but Sammy was able to get her feet in place. Renee then zipped the ankles back up, and helped smooth the suit over Sammy’s legs. It was rather tight, but did not feel uncomfortable anywhere.

As the suit reached Sammy’s crotch, Debbie reached inside, and aligned a small post on the outside of the cap over Sammy’s clit with a reinforced hole in the suit. She then slid a lock through a hole in the post, but did not lock it. Sammy could feel each shift of the suit from that point on, and was glad that the suit was as tight as it was. This helped keep the suit from pulling down painfully on the cap.

Renee grabbed Sammy’s left arm, and helped it down its sleeve. The gloves had no fingers, and Renee had to open another zipper to get Sammy’s wrist into it. Sammy felt that there were slots for her fingers like the feet had, and made sure she had each finger in place. She had to search around for the thumb, and then realized that it was located so that her thumb was held bent against her palm. Renee closed the zip on the left sleeve, and then moved to Sammy’s right and helped her with that one.

While she was doing this, Debbie made sure that the front of the suit was fitted correctly, and pushed posts from Sammy’s nipple covers through grommets like she had done with her clit. Again, locks were fit through the holes but not locked. When Renee finished with the other sleeve, she started to zip up the back of the suit. “Ok, Dear, now it’s time to get this mask in place.” She held up the attached hood that had been left loose on Sammy’s chest. Sammy could see that it covered most of her head, but looked like her mouth and nose would be left free. “First we need to get a few things in place. One final thing, Dear: be good.” said Debbie. She then inserted earplugs into Sammy’s ears, and then pulled the hood up and over Sammy’s face. Sammy felt her eyes covered with soft pads, and similar pads covered her ears, blotting out all sound. She could feel the zipper in the back being pulled up, and felt the suit compress around her body as the zipper moved up. Next, the hood seemed to shrink as it was laced and zipped closed as well.

Sammy stood for a moment when the suit was finished, and then quietly asked, “Is that it?” Renee and Debbie laughed to themselves as they pulled a set of wide steel cuffs out of another drawer. They started with Sammy’s wrists, wrapping the cuff around, making sure that the zipper on the suit was correctly placed so that it would be trapped in place by the cuff, and then locked closed. Renee repeated this with Sammy’s ankles, while Debbie fixed a similar collar around Sammy’s neck, locking the zippers holding the suit and hood closed in a similar arrangement. With the zippers locked in place, Renee and Debbie put cuffs around Sammy’s elbows, knees, and waist, pulling them tight and locking them in place so they would not move around. Sammy shifted around, and found that the cuffs held the suit to her body, making it somewhat harder to move around, as the suit had even less give, and wouldn’t slide.

Sammy next felt her face and head being petted, and she tried to reach out to grab the nurse that was reassuring her. Instead, her arms found themselves sliding into some kind of sleeves. She felt that the sleeves were attached together, and as these new sleeves reached her armpits, she felt a thick heavy sheet meet her chest. Renee and Debbie made sure that Sammy’s arms were fully in place in the outer wrap, and checked that the posts on Sammy’s wrist and elbow cuffs poked through the grommets in the thick leather. As soon as those were in place, they quickly affixed locks to the posts, trapping Sammy’s bahis şirketleri arms in place. They then smoothed out the front of the suit, and made sure that the posts on Sammy’s breasts, waist, and clit also poked through and were locked. Sammy could feel her body being pulled forward, and felt the thick leather press against her front.

With the first side finished, the two nurses eased Sammy down onto the bed face first, and wrapped the stiffly boned outer wrap around Sammy, locking the cuffs through the suit, and finally lacing up the back. Although Sammy could only feel the crushing tightness and pressure, she knew that she had lost pretty much all movement. She could feel that her body was encased from her feet to her neck, with her arms trapped in sleeves at her sides. With all the cuffs locked through the suit, no part of her body could wiggle more than a few millimeters.

“Ok, let’s get her packaged up and shipped out,” said Debbie, as Renee stepped out to get a cart. They stood Sammy back up on the cart, and attached a hook to her collar. They then wheeled her down the hallway to the loading area, where other workers unclipped Sammy from the cart, and then opened up an empty cylinder. As they popped the handle, the top foot of the cylinder split into three parts, revealing that the cylinder was largely filled with foam, with only a narrow opening. They aligned Sammy with the opening, and then pushed on her shoulders until she was buried in the foam up to her neck. Next, they checked how Sammy’s head was placed correctly, and then flipped the handle back closed. This caused the to parts to close again, with first tipping Sammy’s head back, then inserting a gag into her mouth, and finally sealing the cylinder around her.

Debbie then opened a small panel on the front of the cylinder, and made sure that Sammy’s catheter was attached to the correct connector. Renee had brought the bag of urine that Sammy had filled earlier, and watched as Debbie attached it to the connection labeled “water.” “Just a little treat for her,” said Debbie with a smile.

Inside the tube, Sammy knew that she was completely trapped, and couldn’t move any part of her body. She felt the tube being shifted around, and when the tube stopped for a few minutes, and then started vibrating, she realized that she’d been loaded onto a truck, and was now being delivered to where ever she was to go.

It seemed like forever to Sammy, but she eventually felt her tube being shifted around. She could feel that she was put on another cart, and rolled somewhere, then bounced down some steps. She was finally spun around a few times, and then felt herself being raised upwards. Again, she sat encased in the leather and foam for a long time, and then suddenly felt herself sliding upwards. The top of the tube opened up again, sliding backwards out of the way of Sammy’s head. Sammy then felt the tube bending forward, until she was nearly horizontal. “Where…where am I?” asked Sammy.

Immediately, she felt electric shocks attack her nipples and clit, and then felt herself tip backwards, and the tube’s cap again closed, sealing her gagged face away. The shocks continued for a few seconds, and then Sammy again found herself trapped an alone. Some time later, the process repeated itself, with the tube sliding up and over, and the cap opening. Sammy wiggled her head around, but it didn’t hit anything. She wondered if the shocks would return, and after nothing happened for almost a minute, she asked again, “Hello?” Sammy regretted this again, as the electricity bit her, and the tube sealed up. This time, the shocks continued for nearly a minute after she had been sealed away, and when they did stop, Sammy could tell that her eyes were damp with her tears.

“I guess I need to be quiet,” Sammy thought to herself as she waited for another chance. This wait seemed longer, and Sammy fell asleep. She was awoken by the tube rising and opening, but this time, Sammy just waited quietly when the cap opened. Sammy didn’t make a sound, and after nearly ten minutes of being quiet, she felt a vibration start in the probe buried inside her. It slowly pulsed faintly, giving Sammy enough pleasure to moisten and get excited, but not nearly enough to reach orgasm. She let the feelings wash over her, and eased into a pleasant mind state.

This was interrupted quickly when she felt something brush against her lips. Sammy pulled back in surprise, and felt a quick shock hit her nipples. She stopped immediately, and felt something pry her lips apart. Sammy opened her mouth in response, and felt what seemed like a toe enter her mouth. The toe waited for a moment, and then the shocks hit her nipples again. Sammy wasn’t sure what to do, so since the toe was already largely in her mouth, she started to suck on it. This caused the vibrations to intensify, which Sammy took as a good sign. The owner of the foot waited as Sammy cleaned each toe, and then pulled out and shifted to a new one. With each toe, the vibrations increased, until Sammy was nearly mindlessly sucking on the foot presented to her. It tasted clean, but by the time she had finished the first foot, Sammy knew that she would do almost anything to continue the sensations. Since the vibrator was effectively pierced to her clit, as the strength was increased she felt the most intense sensations ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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