Aunty Molly

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As a result of my scholarship exam success I not only gained a hefty financial contribution to my university fees but I received the offer of a job with a large company during my holidays with a view to joining them when I graduated.

While I worked locally during the short university vacations I was required to spend the long ones at the head office in the capital, all my living expenses being met by the company along with a generous allowance. As exciting as the prospect was however, I dreaded the thought of being away from my beloved Bev for close to two months.

Before leaving, my mother said she had on old friend in the capital who I should contact when I got there. She described her as very easy going but said her sister thought Aunty Molly, as she called her, was a bit of a slut.

It was a couple of weeks after I’d arrived and settled in that I decided to give Aunty Molly a ring. She sounded pleased to hear from the son of an old friend and asked me to lunch. I told her the best day for me was Wednesday as I was given Wednesday afternoons off as part of the deal.

On the designated day I turned up at Molly’s modest house and was rather taken aback by what I saw when she opened the door.

Molly, who I reckoned was well into her 60s, was huge. She had on a sort of housecoat which despite its proportions could not hide the mountain of flesh which lay underneath.

Molly greeted me warmly and ushered me into the kitchen where the table was set for lunch. She then introduced me to her husband, Henry who was as slim as Molly was fat.

Molly had gone to some trouble to prepare a nice lunch for me and I found the time passed very pleasantly. So pleasantly that I readily accepted an invitation to return the following Wednesday.

Lunch at Aunty Molly’s on Wednesday became a regular feature of my week. She always greeted me warmly and I noticed that when I was eating she sat back in her chair eyeing me closely. I also became aware that the farewell peck of her lips was becoming directed more to my mouth as the visits went on. Despite her girth I found Molly more than a little sexy and certainly didn’t turn away when her lips sought mine.

Henry was always present at these lunches until one Wednesday Molly told me he’d gone off to spend the day with his sister. We were alone.

Usually, after we’d had lunch, Molly, Henry and I would chat at the table for a half an hour or so before I left but today, as I pushed my plate away with thanks for a very enjoyable lunch, Molly said

‘Let’s go into the sitting room. We’ll be more comfortable there.’

I readily agreed and sat down in one of the overstuffed chairs in the rather crowded room. Molly sat on the couch directly opposite, leaning back, making herself comfortable, spreading her ample body.

As we chatted I noticed the two bottom buttons of Molly’s housecoat, the only form of dress I ever saw her in, were undone showing her bare legs to slightly above her knees which were slightly apart. I wondered if she realised that from where I was sitting I could see a fair slice of her bare thigh.

We continued our chitchat but I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my eyes off the gap between her knees.

‘Are you alright?’ asked Molly ‘You look uncomfortable.’

I said everything was fine and did my best to look her in the eye. But then I noticed one of her legs was falling to the side exposing more of her flesh.

Molly continued to prattle on seemingly unaware that her wandering leg was slowly pushing her housecoat higher opening up a vision of more bare thigh. Then to my amazement I suddenly saw hair, cunt hair. It was obvious Molly had no panties on.

‘Are you sure you’re alright.’ asked Molly again. ‘You look as if you’ve seen a ghost. Or perhaps you’ve seen something else which canlı bahis has got you hot and bothered.’

I mumbled something to the effect that I was fine. But Molly pressed on.

‘Does what you see upset you or do you like it?’

‘A bit of both really.’

‘Would you like a closer look?’

I couldn’t talk, I could hardly breathe but somehow I managed to convey the message to Molly that I’d very much like a closer look.

‘If you want the best view you’ll have come over here. Kneel down between my legs.’

Molly opened her legs wide in a lewd display of flesh. She was just so big. Her thighs were enormous and far from smooth, her stomach bulged down while masses of straggly greyish cunt hair fanned out over her belly and down the insides of her thighs. It was so ugly it was beautiful.

‘Smell it’ ordered Molly. ‘Tell me what you think.’

I drew in a deep breath of very mature cunt and dried piss. It was both disgusting and erotic.

I looked up at Molly and said very deliberately. ‘It stinks and I love it.’

‘Good boy. That’s the right answer. Now get your tongue in my cunt-hole and then suck my clit. I haven’t had a good cum for years. My fingers don’t seem to work their magic as they used to. I’ve been thinking about you eating me out ever since you first came to lunch but today’s the first time I’ve been able to get Henry out of the house.’

Reaching down Molly pulled her thick cunt lips apart with both hands exposing a red, ragged hole not at all like the neat one I’d got to know so well with my beloved Bev. The hair around it was damp and matted but the hole itself looked quite dry. Her piss-hole was clearly evident as was a quite meaty lump off flesh poking out from her clit-hood.

Despite the almost gagging smell I pressed my lips to Molly’s hole and began to lick and tongue it which quickly brought forth moans and words of encouragement.

‘Oh you darling boy. You’re making me so hot. My cunt seems on fire. Suck my clit.’

I did as instructed Molly oohing and aahing at the same time tossing slutty words out describing just what she wanted me to do to her.

‘Oh shit you’ve got me going. Lick me harder.’

I did as bidden and used my tongue, my nose and lips in every way I knew trying to bring Molly off. I tried finger fucking her cunt with three fingers as I sucked and chewed her clit but she remained on the edge, very close but not yet over.

Molly was breathing hard and sweating, her body smell increasing by the minute.

‘Put your finger up my arse.’ demanded Molly

I removed my three fingers from her cunt hole which had become somewhat wetter, replaced them with my thumb and at the same time pushed my middle finger into her arsehole as deep as it would reach.

I continued to suck vigorously on Molly’s swollen clit at the same time working my cunt-embedded thumb and my arsehole-embedded finger in and out of their respective holes.

‘Fucking hell, don’t stop. I’m cumming!’ yelled Molly.

I kept up my attack on both Molly’s holes as she shook and moaned. Her orgasm must have gone on for more than half a minute before she started to calm down. The suddenly she went limp.

Laying back on the couch Molly looked at me with a big smile on her face.

‘Kenny you’ve just made this old lady very, very happy. I can’t remember ever cumming so hard. You are one hell of a cunt licker.’

Molly raised me up and pulled me against her huge breasts planting a sloppy kiss on my cunt smeared lips.

‘Now it’s your turn. I suppose you want to fuck me or would you rather I sucked you off. Up to you.’

‘Of course I want to fuck you but I want to see all of you. I want to see your big tits and suck your nipples.’

‘That will be my pleasure. But I have to warn you, my cunt isn’t as tight bahis siteleri as it used to be.’

Molly rose and stripped off her housecoat and then her only other item of clothing, an oversized bra allowing her amazingly large tits to spill out. They were massive with nipples to match and hung down to her waist.

Molly set herself back on the couch and spread her legs wide her heels resting on the front of the couch.

At this stage I was still fully clothed but I quickly removed everything I had on. I stood before her my thick cock standing as firm as it had ever been.

‘Oh that’s wonderful.’ exclaimed Molly. ‘A thick young cock with a magnificent pair of balls. Come to Molly.’

Molly pulled me to her and guided my very ready cock, now slick with pre-cum, to her open gash. As expected, with one gentle push I was in deep. Molly was right, her hole wasn’t tight; it was decidedly sloppy.

‘Oh that feels good. Fuck me with that lovely cock of yours. Give my cunt a good banging.’

Now my cock isn’t the longest in creation but it is of above-average thickness. Despite this, I was having difficulty getting the friction from the walls of Molly’s cunt that I had hoped for.

I kept banging away for a good ten minutes at the same time taking the opportunity to suck on Molly’s pendulous tits which she gave every indication of enjoying as much as I was.

However, despite my enjoyment of Molly’s roomy cunt I doubted it would produce the result I knew I’d be seeking in due course. Molly must have had similar thoughts as she said.

‘I’m sorry love if my cunt is a bit sloppy. Why don’t you try the other hole. I’m sure you’ll find it tighter. I’m afraid though I can’t hold my legs up any longer so you’ll have to do me from behind.’

I pulled out of Mollies cunt and with some difficulty she got up from the couch and repositioned herself on her hand and knees. As she did so I noticed her tits were drooping so much her nipples were brushing the carpet.

Getting behind Molly’s enormous lumps of arse flesh I parted her cheeks with both hands to reveal an almost black shit hole, grossly wrinkled and lumpy, surrounded by coarse matted hair.

I placed my slippery cock head against the opening and pushed forward my entire length going in with little resistance. It was though, considerably tighter than her more conventional fuck hole.

Now I could settle down to a steady fuck secure in the knowledge that I’d have no difficulty in cumming when I decided the time was right.

As I fucked her arse Molly kept up a running commentary on what I was doing and how she liked it. Molly knew all the words necessary to get me really fired up.

‘You know darling I haven’t been bum-fucked for more than forty years. Henry always refused my suggestion that we try it and although I’ve had various odds and ends up there while I was masturbating this is my first with a live cock in all that time. God how I’ve missed it. How’s it for you?’

‘Fantastic. Even better than your cunt. I’m not going to last long though.’

‘Pity. I’m really enjoying the fucking I’m getting. Do you want to shoot your load up me or would you like to finish off between my tits and then cum in my mouth.’

‘You make it difficult to decide. You choose.’

‘It’s been so long since I’ve tasted young fuck-cream and I don’t know when I’ll get another opportunity so let me finish you off with my tits and then you can cum in my mouth.’

With some regret I dislodged my cock from Molly’s slimy arsehole an audible release of her arse gas attacking my nostrils. Immediately she turned round and lay on the rug holding her enormous tits together.

‘Get between these you gorgeous fucker. Let me show you how good a tit-fuck can be.’

I straddled Molly’s flabby belly and placed my cock bahis şirketleri between her fleshy mounds which she tightly squeezed around it creating a very desirable fuck-chute. Inching forward I found the combination of my pre-cum and Molly’s arse fluids made it easy for my cock to slide in between her tits and I immediately began a steady fucking motion. Looking down I saw that at each stroke my drooling crimson head stood proud, in erotic contrast to Molly’s milky white skin.

‘Christ that feels fantastic.’ I told her. ‘I won’t be able to take much more though. It’s just too fucking good.’

‘When you’re getting close bring you cock up to my mouth and dump your load down my throat. But save a little for me to taste.’

Another half a dozen hard strokes with my cock skin stretched to its limits brought me to the point where I knew the decision as to when to cum had been taken over by my full balls. Quickly lifting my cock from Molly’s tit chute I shoved it deep in her open mouth her lips quickly clamping down on it.

With a loud groan I felt my cock erupt pouring jet after jet of cum down Molly’s throat. I thought it would never stop jerking and spraying but just as the flow seemed to be lessening I drew back slightly allowing my cockhead to rest on her tongue and deposit the final drops of spunk on her tongue.

Slowly I withdrew from Molly’s slimy lips watching her as she licked the shaft clean.

‘God that was great Kenny boy. I’d forgotten how good young cock cream tastes even when it’s a bit shitty. My fault. I should have cleaned out my shit hole but I didn’t plan on you buggering me.’

For the next half an hour Molly and I cuddled on the sofa talking quietly and exchanging kisses. Molly’s kisses were much sloppier than Bev’s and less sexy. But Molly liked ‘swapping spits’ as she described it so who was I to deny her after what she’d given me.

Although I’d greatly enjoyed Molly’s body I was ready to leave when she said it was time to get dressed. I put on my discarded clothes and kissed her lightly on the lips as I said goodbye.

“That was the most amazing sex Molly. I will never forget what you gave me today. You are a beautiful woman.’

Molly said nothing but I noticed her eyes were teary.

My regular Wednesday lunch visits continued without interruption but to my great regret Henry was always around. The only ‘bonus’ happened one day when Henry got up from the lunch table to go to the toilet. When she heard the door close Molly stood up and lifted the hem of her housecoat to display her voluminous panties. She then pulled the front of them down and said.

‘Quick, have a sniff.’

I shot out of my chair and buried my nose in her hairy snatch. As before it smelt of mature cunt with more than an overtone of stale piss. Clearly Molly didn’t worry too much about personal hygiene. A quick lick and a deep inhale was all I could manage before, with great regrets, she pushed me back to my chair.

By the time Henry came back Molly and I were sitting as before only a slight smile on her face giving any indication that anything untoward had happened between us. Fortunately Henry couldn’t see the tent in my trousers I was hiding under the table

Soon after that visit I had to return to my home town and while I knew my darling Bev would be waiting for me with her package of sexual goodies I was sorry I hadn’t had the chance to enjoy another sex-laden interlude with Aunty Molly before saying goodbye.

It was some months later that I heard from my mother that Molly had died suddenly. The weight she was carrying was just too much for her heart.

I never told Bev, or anyone else about Aunty Molly. Deep down I felt this was something so special that I should keep it to myself. I also feared that no one would believe me, or if they did, they’d think of me as perverted. I leave it to the reader to decide if what I’d been party to was indeed perversion or just good uninhibited sex between two consenting adults, albeit two with more than forty years difference between them.

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