An American Count

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Author’s note: I am taking creative license with nobility titles in this story, even though these titles are not allowed to be used in Austria since before 1918. Enjoy!


“Thanks for meeting with me today, Mr. Wagner. Please come in. We have a lot to go over today.” the middle-aged lawyer said to the young business man as they shook hands.

“Please, Mr. Anderson, call me Luke. I hope we can keep things casual. Formalities and I don’t mix well.” The dark-haired twentysomething replied as he took a seat in the attorney’s well-apportioned office.

“Very well, Luke,” Anderson continued, “As you know, I’ve been working on your father’s estate for some time and I believe we finally have it resolved. From our previous correspondence, you are aware that your family had holdings in Europe, specifically Upper Austria where your father’s ancestors are originally from. As it turns out, the holdings are quite a bit more significant than we first thought. Financially, there is enough to make you quite a rich man. You’ll most likely never have to work again. But there’s more. There’s also a home near Freistadt, near the Czech Republic border. Well, not so much a home. More like a castle. A very large one, actually. And, most intriguing of all, you have a royal status.”

“Excuse me?” Luke interrupted. “Did you say a royal status?”

“That is correct,” the lawyer responded. “Your great-great grandfather held the title of Count and it is hereditary, even though your great grandfather immigrated to America before World War One. Since you are the only heir to your father’s estate, you are entitled to the nobility. You are now Count Wagner XII.”

Luke sat stunned in the barrister’s office. Royalty? he thought. Why hadn’t his father said something before? What does a Count do? Am I still an American or an Austrian? The questions swam through his head. “Mr. Anderson, what should I do next?” he asked.

“Well, Luke,” Anderson replied, “If I were you, I would want to go see my new inheritance firsthand. You have the funds to fly there today and stay as long as you like. I have statement here with your various accounts and the ways and means to access those funds immediately if you’d like. The local baroness and her family currently live in the castle. They have been notified of your imminent arrival and have assured me that the transition will be smooth.”

“Thank you, Mr. Anderson,” Luke said as he too the account books. “I believe I’ll go as soon as possible. I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe. Now I have a reason to go.”


Lukas Wagner thought himself as far from royalty as one could get. He was born in Gravel City, Michigan, the only child of Gil and Dana Wagner, and had to grow up fast. Luke’s mother died of a heart attack at the age of 29. Luke was 7. His father took on more work and various part-time jobs which left Luke in after-school programs and occasional sitters until he was 11, then on his own at home throughout middle and high school. Luke and his father had a good albeit disconnected-at-times relationship. Gil always made sure that he and his son had a roof over their heads and food in the fridge, but their time together in Luke’s formative years were slight.

Despite his disadvantages at home, Luke graduated from high school fourth out of over 300 which earned him a full-ride scholarship to the Ivy League university of his choice, but he decided to stay a little closer to home. Southern Michigan University School of Business gladly accepted Luke and he earned his degree in Business Management in just under four years. Although he set a rigid study pace, he still had time to socialize and had his share of college flings. Coed dorms made it easy for students to explore the opposite sex and enjoy one another.

Luke had a few girlfriends but decided against getting serious with anyone until after he graduated. Focusing on career, he landed a job with a local firm and in two short years was promoted to office manager then junior vice-president a year after that. Now, two years after the second promotion and nine months after his father’s passing, Luke had more money than he could spend in two lifetimes, a castle in Austria, and a royal status. How fortunes can change from one moment to the next!


“Good Evening, passengers. Austrian Airlines Flight 201 to Innsbruck will be landing in a few minutes,” the flight attendant’s voice squawked over the intercom. “Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you for flying Austrian Airlines.”

Luke had chosen not to charter a private flight to Europe, opting to fly commercial (he did go first class though) and take his time and see a few sights like London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Now on approach to Innsbruck, Luke would have to contract a private flight to Linz then figure out transportation to Freistadt and the castle twenty miles northwest. After resigning his position zümrütevler escort bayan with his employer, Luke purchased both software to try to learn the Austrian German language/dialect and a German/English dictionary for translation help on the fly.

Luke bought some new clothes and stayed the night in Innsbruck then chartered a private plane to take him to Linz. From Linz, Luke rented a car and drove the last 40 miles to Freistadt then on to his new home. The castle was visible a couple miles out and was nestled in the lower part of the Gratzener Bergland mountains. When Luke finally approached the citadel, he stopped the rented car and got out, aghast at the sheer size and beauty of the structure. He shed a few tears wishing his father could see the incredible sight that was now his, then got back in the car and continued up the mountain drive to the front gate.

Luke parked the European sedan near the front door on the circle drive and walked to the door. He had a duffel bag of new clothes and account books with millions of Euros. He puzzled at what he should do next. It was his house, his castle, he thought, but didn’t want to just walk in without announcing his arrival. The decision was made for him when the door opened and a short, slender woman in her mid-fifties met him.

“Welcome, Count Wagner,” the woman spoke in English and bowed slightly. Her accent turned the W’s into V’s and reminded Luke of the old vampire movies he used to watch on late-night television. “I am the Baroness Valentina Lehner. We have been expecting you. Won’t (Von’t) you please come in and make yourself comfortable after your long journey?”

“Thank you, Baroness,” Luke replied and returned her bow with one of his own. “Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Thank you for yours, my Lord,” the titled lady said. “My family has lived in your castle for three generations. We are still trying to find new accommodations, but my family and I will be out of the castle by tonight.”

“Baroness,” Luke replied, “Please accept my invitation for you and your family to stay here until your new accommodations are ready. There seems to be more than enough room for all. And I would enjoy the company of someone familiar with this place and with the local history. Please stay and be my guest for a while.”

“You are most kind, Sire,” the Baroness answered. “There is only myself and my daughter Sophia. The staff is, of course, pledged to you and will stay after we leave. Now, please, my Lord, come inside and familiarize yourself with your new home.”


Luke had done some research on castles in the area and there were even a few pictures of his new home online. From his investigation, he learned that most castles were damp, drafty dwellings that needed fires lit in every room. Often, cold stone walls and leaky roofs meant sickness and early death for castle inhabitants up until the late 19th Century. But when Luke stepped through the high-arched doorway he felt an instant warmth. Modern amenities such as an updated furnace and air conditioning system kept the stone residence comfortable year-round. Newer furniture sat upon carpeted floors and flat screen TV’s hung next to works of art on the granite walls.

“We hope you approve of the changes made to your home, my Lord,” the Baroness said as she walked Luke through the parlor. The baroness pushed a button near the doorway and Luke heard a bell ring throughout the house. In less than a minute, the house staff was assembled in the parlor, ready for the new Count’s inspection:

“Johann is your Diener- your butler. He will attend to your day-to-day needs and oversee the rest of the staff.” Johann was a tall, balding man of approximately sixty dressed in a black suit with a high-collared white shirt and bow tie. He bowed slightly at Luke but did not speak.

“Maximillian is the house chef along with his son and assistant, Tobias. They are very skilled cooks and can prepare anything you crave.” Both Maximillian and Tobias were dressed in white chef’s outfits and aprons with their names monogrammed on them. Maximillian was a large dark-haired man with thin slicked-back hair. He nodded at Luke while he held his toque blanche in his big hands. Tobias was a younger, thinner version of his father with thicker, similarly colored hair. At 6’2″, Luke didn’t have to look up to many people, but Tobias towered over him by at least four inches. Luke thought Tobias probably had no problem finding female companionship as he was a strikingly handsome young man.

“And these are your two handmaidens, Anna and Marie. They are responsible for making sure your home is clean and fresh, my Lord. They also see to the laundry and shopping duties. Please let them know if there is anything you desire, and they will endeavor to please you.” Both women were dressed alike in black maid outfits, but were in divergence physically. Marie aydınlı escort bayan was a short brunette, lithe in build and no older than twenty-one. She was a pretty young woman with brown doe eyes and long dark lashes. She smiled slightly at Luke then gave a small curtsey. Anna was, by contrast, a Bavarian bombshell. Blonde and stacked, she filled out her work uniform with a massive rack that Luke guessed to be at least 40 DD. She stood about 5’10” with dancer’s legs. When she curtsied, Luke saw her giant boobs jiggle and felt the familiar stirring in his groin. Luke felt that Anna’s blue eyes could pierce through a man’s soul and that he would have to be careful around his new cleaning lady.


Johann led Luke to the master bedroom. Luke marveled at the size of the suite. He thought it was half as big as the gymnasium at his old high school and with the vaulted ceilings he thought about having a basketball hoop installed. He was also taken aback by the juxtaposition of the modern updates in the 600-year-old castle. A giant flat screen TV hung on the stone wall across from the four post king-size canopy bed; a state-of-the-art security system guarded the heavy arched door; and Luke’s Wi-Fi signal on his smartphone was as strong as he’d ever seen it. He opened the drapes and looked out on to the fortress’ grounds. A substantial portion of the field was partitioned off by white wooden fencing. A woman was riding a brown and white horse around and over obstacles in the pen. The woman was too far away for Luke to see any distinguishing features, but he could see she was a red head and when she dismounted the steed her head came to just below the horse’s back, making her about five and a half feet. It must be the Baroness’ daughter, Sophia, he thought. Luke had always been partial to redheaded women and he hoped to meet the baronetess soon.

Johann had offered to show the new Count the castle, but Luke decided to forgo a formal tour of his new home and explore on his own. There were twenty-seven rooms on four levels and they included a formal dining room, a game room with a full bar, and a large library with an extensive family history that Luke was itching to research. Lots of time for that, he thought to himself. Let’s see what this place is all about.

Luke started on the top level. Nothing but a few small bedrooms, one bathroom, and closets there. He descended the stone staircase to the third level. The master suite was on this floor, so Luke started from there and worked his way to the other side of the floor, checking doors as he went. He found the library at the other end of the third level and was astonished at the sheer size of the collection. Luke vowed to himself that when he was done exploring the castle he would come back and take a closer look at the tomes in the enormous library.

The second floor was where the staff lived. Most of the doors were locked and although he had a skeleton key to every door, Luke respected his new employees’ privacy. As he continued down the hallway, Luke heard sounds coming from the end of the corridor. There was a door open a quarter ajar and Luke could see that the room was a large walk-in linen closet. More sounds emanated from the large cubby and Luke clandestinely peered inside. What he saw made his eyes widen to the size of saucers. On the floor of the linen was his new maid, Marie with her top down exposing her perky B cups. She was kneeling in front of Tobias who was sporting a huge erection. Luke never cared much for comparing his penis size against other men, but Tobias was sporting at least ten inches and Marie was working her mouth over at least six of them. Marie slurped Tobias’ hard pecker in and out of her mouth while fondling his ample ballsack in her petite hand. Marie slipped Tobias’ fat rod out of her mouth with an audible popping sound then stood up and turned around so that her cute little ass was facing her lover’s gigantic dick.

Luke stepped back and around the stone door frame so that the couple couldn’t see him, but he could still observe the action. Tobias grabbed Marie’s slender hips and pulled her slight butt toward his rock-hard dong. Luke thought Marie would be split in two by the young European man’s massive member, but Marie was ready and bent at the waist grabbing ahold of one of the shelves in the closet. Tobias slid his cock into Marie’s wet and waiting cunt and the petite handmaiden moaned with delight. The assistant chef built up a rhythm that allowed him to eventually slam his meat all the way into Marie’s inviting twat. After a few minutes of taking her from behind, Tobias picked Marie up and spun her around so that she was facing him. He lowered Marie on to his rigid pole and slammed balls deep into her swollen gash. Marie tilted her head back and spoke something in German that Luke couldn’t quite make out, but the next words were loud and clear.

“Oh, GOD!!” Marie screamed as waves of pleasure gebze escort tore through her body and she convulsed in a shuddering orgasm. Marie coated Tobias’ long pud in her milky emissions as the large stud continued his assault on her spent pussy. After a few more minutes of pounding the diminutive maid’s hot box, Luke saw Tobias’ balls cinch up toward his body as he unleashed a hot load of his seed deep into Marie’s well-fucked snatch. The couple slaked long, tongue-probing kisses while Tobias’ cock deflated and quietly slipped out of Marie. His cum gushed out of her violated opening and after Tobias set Marie back on her feet, the exhausted maid grabbed a hand towel from the shelf she had previously braced herself with and wiped the semen from the floor.

Luke made a hasty but silent exit from outside the linen and made his way to the ground floor. He was still half-dazed from the impromptu sex show he witnessed a few minutes before and he realized he was sporting a rock-solid erection of his own. Luke stepped out of the large main door and into the cool mountain air to regroup. He breathed deep of the fresh Austrian air to regain his senses. After a few minutes, he composed himself and started for the front door when a sweet voice beckoned to him.

“Good Afternoon, Sire,” the voice called to Luke as he whirled around to meet a stunning redheaded woman in riding clothes bowing slightly to him. “You must be the Count Wagner. I’m sorry if I startled you, my Lord. I am Sophia Lehner, the Baroness Lehner’s daughter.” Sophia carried her mother’s accent but not as pronounced. Her fire-red locks hung in curls past her shoulders and fell gracefully on to her white shirt. Luke gazed into the noble woman’s green eyes and felt a rush of lust swell through him like a wave crashing on a beach. Sophia took Luke’s hand and led him back into the entryway. “Come, Sire. Maximillian will have lunch prepared for us and we can get better acquainted.”


Luke and Sophia lunched in the smaller dining room adjacent to the parlor. They chatted about their lives as they ate toasted ham and swiss sandwiches. Luke told Sophia about life in the Midwest and his time studying at SMUB and his recent windfall. She filled him in about life at Castle Heidenreich, now renamed Castle Wagner in his honor. Sophia was born in the master bedroom where Luke now resided and grew up inside the citadel walls and property, leaving only for a brief time to study veterinary medicine at the University of Vienna. She returned to the castle three years ago to take care of the horses in the stables and render her services to the farms and folks in the small villages in the surrounding area. Her father, the Baron Manfred Lehner, had died just after Sophia returned home from college, which left her mother and herself, Baroness and Baronetess, respectively, to dwell at the castle until they were notified that the heir to the Wagner fortune had been found.

“My mother tells me that you are letting us stay here until we have acquired new accommodations,” Sophia said after she finished relaying her life history to Luke. “You are most generous, my Lord. My mother and I are in your debt.”

“Well,” Luke replied, “I don’t really know anyone here so you’re actually doing me a favor by staying. Johann isn’t much of a conversationalist, so it will be nice to have someone to talk to, when you not doing your veterinary rounds that is. And please, call me Luke. I don’t even know what a Count is supposed to do! I have lawyers and accountants that do most of my ‘counting’ for me, if you know what I mean.” They both laughed, and Luke felt an instant kinship with Sophia. After a few minutes, Marie entered the dining room to clear the lunch dishes. Luke stared at the diminutive maid, replaying the erotic scene with her and Tobias in his head that had occurred in the second-floor linen closet just a few hours before.

Sophia stood from the long oval dining table. “Please excuse me, Si… I mean, Luke. But I must check on one of my, I mean, your horses. He stumbled the other day and I’m trying to heal his leg so that he won’t be destroyed.”

“Will I see you for dinner tonight?” Luke asked pointedly, and then blushed a bit at his own forwardness.

“Of course,” Sophia replied as her green eyes lit up at Luke’s invitation. “Maximillian and Tobias have planned a special welcome dinner for your arrival. See you at 7 o’clock!”


After lunch, Luke went back to the third floor and into the library to do some research on his ancestors and the castle itself. He had a few hours to kill before dinner and wanted to learn a bit more about his heritage. He learned that the castle was built in 1495 for the first Count, a man named Jonas Heidenreich. Heidenreich was a hero at the Battle of Guinegate in 1479 and was given the title of Count by Archduke and Emperor Maximillian I himself. Luke flipped through more of the chronology and found that both the Wagners and the Lehners were descendants of Heidenreich, making Luke and Sophia relatives, albeit very distant ones.

Luke desperately wanted a shower before dinner, so he headed back to his room. When he arrived, he noticed the door was open and when he peered inside, he saw that Johann was in the master suite preparing Luke’s evening clothes.

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