Amy and Clara: Prisoners in Space 1

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Clara awoke to hear a low humming sound all around her. She opened her eyes and was shocked to find that she was no longer in the TARDIS. She was lying, completed naked and her legs splayed, on a cool plastic bed that gently pulsed with white light. The bed was situated in the middle of a large, circular control room, with many panels and computer screens all along the walls. Some of the computer screens were displaying random alien text; others were showing images of outer space.

Clara started to panic when she realised that her hands and feet were restrained to the bed by thick metal straps. Where was she, and what on Earth was happening?

“Hey, what’s going on?” Clara cried out, struggling against the tight metal bonds. “Doctor? Where am I?”

Then Clara heard a gentle knocking sound coming from behind her. She craned her neck as much as her bonds would allow, looking in the direction of the sound. On the opposite side of the control room, there was a large glass cylinder. Standing inside the cylinder was a tall, slim young woman not much younger than Clara herself, perhaps about 5ft 10 in height. She had smooth pale skin, luscious long red hair that glowed like fire, and long shapely legs that seemed to go on forever. Unlike Clara, the woman was fully clothed, wearing tall black heels, a gold-coloured miniskirt, a tight black top and dark denim jacket.

Before Clara could speak, the woman said, “Please, don’t be afraid! I’m a prisoner here too!” The woman spoke in a soft Scottish accent.

“Who are you?” Clara demanded. “Where are we? And why am I naked?!”

“My name is Amy Pond,” the young Scots woman said. “I was with my friend the Doctor. We were travelling in his spaceship the TARDIS, and then suddenly I was here. I’ve been stuck in this wee glass cage for hours. You arrived only a short time ago.”

“Doctor?” Clara asked. “Did you say Doctor?”

“Yes, I did,” Amy confirmed. “Why?”

Clara leaned her head back to try and get a better look at the tall redhead. “But that’s impossible!” Clara exclaimed. “The Doctor is my friend! I was travelling in the TARDIS with him, and then next thing I know I’m lying here!”

Amy smiled and asked, “Does your Doctor look like a young nerd with floppy hair and a bowtie?”

Clara’s restraints clinked as she shifted about on the bed. “Yes, he did! But then he changed. Into an older man with white hair- and a Scottish accent, believe it or not!”

“I think I know what’s going on,” Amy surmised. “We both travelled with the Doctor at different points in time. Somehow or other, we were both captured and taken here. I think this is some kind of spaceship.”

“Okay fine,” Clara sighed, looking down at her naked body. “But what am I doing with no clothes on?!”

“Well, that I can explain,” Amy said, turning away slightly and blushing. “As soon as you arrived, the robots came. They tied you down to the bed and cut your clothes off. I told them to stop but they didn’t listen. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault,” Clara said. “I guess we’re both stuck here. What do you think the robots want?”

“I don’t know,” the redhead replied. “They haven’t said a word since I got here.”

Clara relaxed, let her head fall back on the bed. “We’ll just have to play the waiting game, then. Maybe the Doctor will be here soon. He must be looking for us.”

“Yeah, I really hope so,” said Amy from inside her glass prison cell.

Just then, a loud alarm rang out through the control room. Several of the computer screens started displaying the following casino siteleri text:


Clara tensed. She suddenly felt very vulnerable, naked as she was. “Amy? What’s happening?”

“I don’t know Clara!” Amy exclaimed. “I wish I knew. Just relax. I’m sure everything is going to be fine!”

All of a sudden, portals opened up on Clara’s bed. Clara looked down in panic. Out of the portals came six thick metal tentacles. Two of them coiled around her ankles. Another two latched onto her arms, looping around several times until they were taut. The final two snaked underneath Clara’s body, wrapping themselves around her waist.

“Amy! Help me! I don’t know what to do!” Clara screamed out loud as the rough metal tendrils felt their way over her petite, exposed body.

Amy bashed on the unbreakable glass of her cage. “Hey! You lot! Leave her alone!”

The tentacles- or whoever was controlling them- didn’t respond. Clara’s handcuffs and foot restraints snapped back, freeing her hands and feet. But there was no escaping now- the tentacles held her fast. Clara struggled in their powerful grip, desperately trying to wrench herself free. It was no use. Her weak flesh and bone was no match for the strength of the alien technology.

The next thing Clara knew, the tentacles were lifting her tiny naked body into the air. She tried kicking out with her arms and legs, but all her struggles were to no avail. It had no effect on the behaviour of the tentacles. She was their prisoner, and it was clear that they could do whatever they liked with her.

One of the tentacles around Clara’s waist started to move again. It very slowly slithered down Clara’s naked body. Clara was dismayed to see where it was heading. It was going straight towards her exposed dark pussy!

“No, wait, please stop!” Clara pleaded with her captors as the tentacle inched closer to her tiny pink mound.

“Leave her alone! Stop it now!” Amy cried out, unable to help her brunette friend.

The tentacles around Clara’s smooth legs coiled further up to her thighs. They started to move apart, wrenching Clara’s legs open. Clara threw her head back and screamed as she realised what the tentacles had in store for her.

Meanwhile the tentacle menacing Clara’s pussy started to change. The front of it morphed its shape, growing a long silver tongue. The tongue was wet with translucent alien saliva, dripping and drooling onto the control room floor. The tentacle reared up like an animal about to attack, and then it pounced on Clara’s womanhood.

Clara screamed louder than ever as the invading alien tongue licked and sucked at her most sensitive area. “Nooooooo!” she cried out loud, sobbing, as she felt the rough appendage slobber and stroke from the bottom of her opening to the top. Alien spittle mixed with Clara’s own sexual juices as the synthetic tongue found Clara’s clit, working it mercilessly.

The other tentacle around Clara’s waist drew back, and also started to change. It grew wider and longer, forming a huge silver penis. The artificial cock was at least ten inches long.

Clara’s eyes widened as the penis hovered above her head. “No, please, no!” she wailed. Before she had time to say anything else, the cock launched itself into her pouting mouth, filling her throat in one brutal movement. Clara groaned, unable to do anything except lie there, as the giant penis started to slowly thrust in and out of the time traveller’s sweet mouth.

Amy could canlı casino nothing except stand and watch as Clara was being brutalised by the alien tentacles. Her eyes filled with tears and she sobbed out loud, not just for the poor ravaged brunette, but in the knowledge that surely, soon, it would be her turn.

Clara moaned as both her pussy and mouth were being ravished by the uncaring alien tech. The cock ramming itself down her throat was so big, she was certain it was going to dislocate her jaw. The metal penis was coated in some form of alien lubricant, and these mixed with Clara’s saliva to aid its progress in facefucking her like crazy. Clara gagged several times as the violent alien prick forced itself further into her mouth, smashing against her tonsils.

One of the tentacles around Clara’s legs also began to change, turning into another huge metal penis. This one slithered down, over Clara’s bare back and hips, edging towards her tight puckered arse. Clara shook her head in desperation, moaned as she felt the alien dildo caress her bare buttocks. She clenched her pert buttcheeks together, praying that the tentacle would leave this part of her alone. She had never done anal before, and was sure it would hurt. There was no way the tentacle was going to be gentle!

Then, quick as a flash and to Clara’s horror, the huge metal member rammed itself into her arse. At the same time, the prick in Clara’s mouth withdrew, leaving her free to scream at this new invasion of her body.

“Aaaaaaaaargh! No please take it out!” Clara wailed. “Amy please help meeeeee!”

“Stop it! Stop it, you’ll kill her!” Amy shouted at the alien monster.

Clara shut her eyes, tears streaming down her face, as the metal dildo pounded into her arse. She shrieked with every one of its savage thrusts. It felt as if it was ripping her open. There was no protection from the force of this raping alien monstrosity.

The penis that had been in Clara’s mouth now moved to her perky tits. The two tentacles around her arms adjusted, pushing Clara’s jiggling tits up. The penis inserted itself between the two tits and started sawing backwards and forwards, using Clara’s sensitive breasts as a mean to elicit pleasure.

“Nnnnngh! Aaaargh! No!” Clara cried, powerless to stop this new humiliation. The silver cock was well lubricated with both its own and Clara’s juices, and every so often it twitched and spurted out droplets of thick white liquid onto Clara’s breasts. The cock in Clara’s arse pulled in and out of her, matching the rhythm of the cock abusing her poor titties.

Amy could barely bring herself to watch the terrible spectacle. Clara was completely in the tentacles’ power. The petite brunette looked like nothing more than a doll, a tiny doll suspended in the air, legs splayed far apart and wrapped in raping metal tendrils. Amy cursed whoever had subjected her new friend, and fellow companion, to this indignity.

The dildo in between Clara’s tits crawled away. It moved slowly down her tight body, spurting alien cum as it went. Clara followed the tentacle with horror. She knew where it was heading, what it wanted from her. The final degradation. She squealed and pleaded with her alien captors, but she knew that they would offer no mercy. She was now their plaything. The huge metal cock throbbed and slithered slowly over her tummy, towards her pussy. Clara knew it intended to rape her again.

The tentacles around Clara’s legs moved at the same time, pulling her legs even wider apart, stretching Clara’s petite body out. The metal kaçak casino dildo approached Clara’s pussy. The tongue which had been relentlessly licking at Clara’s swollen clit moved out of its way. Clara looked down at the horrible enlarged organ. Thick alien juices glistened all over the metal shaft. Clara sobbed helplessly as the thing slowly moved towards her opening, which was wet with saliva from the alien tongue. The huge metal cock pushed against Clara’s pussylips and slowly, inexorably thrust inside.

“Aaaaah!” Clara groaned forlornly as the cock slammed into her sopping cunt. Both of her holes were now being assaulted viciously. The tentacles pinning down her arms and legs moved rhythmically backwards and forwards, rocking the petite brunette up and down on the rock hard metallic pricks. The alien dildos were so hard and cold inside her, filling her up totally and giving her previously unknown sensations. Pleasure mixed with pain and shame as her arse and cunt were raped brutally.

The cocks inside Clara started to pound her harder and faster. The dark-haired girl winced and her mouth gaped open in a wordless scream; she had never been fucked this hard in her life. The tongue tentacle leaped to her breasts, licking and sucking her round nipples, making Clara coo out loud.

Amy wanted to be sick. Surely Clara couldn’t take much more of this? Whoever was doing this, they wouldn’t stop until they had squeezed every ounce of pleasure out of the ravaged brunette. Loud squelching sounds and the slapping of metal against Clara’s flesh were all Amy could hear, echoing horribly around the control room.

Clara felt something happening. The metal cocks were growing larger and more aroused. She felt them start to twitch against her pussy walls and arsecheeks. Surely the time was now…?

As soon as Clara thought it, the dicks exploded. Thick jets of alien cum spurted inside her butt and pussy, spilling out of her. Clara screamed as she felt the cold sexual oil spray inside of her body. The cocks continued to twitch and squirt for over a minute, draining every last drop into Clara’s holes.

“Clara!” Amy exclaimed from inside her transparent jail cell.

The metal penises withdrew from Clara’s orifices, sliding out with loud popping sounds. The tentacles fastened around Clara’s shapely limbs retracted, bringing her poor tired body back down to the plastic bed. Clara flopped onto the bed, too weak to move, her pussy and arse stinging and raw. The tentacles disappeared into the portals around the bed.

Amy blinked and the glass cylinder holding her captive ceased to exist. Now free, Amy rushed over to her abused friend. She ran to Clara’s side and held her, hugging her close. Clara was covered in a thin glaze of sweat and globules of sweet-smelling alien jizz.

“Clara? Clara, are you alright?” Amy asked, tearful. Clara could say nothing, was practically passed out in Amy’s arms. The redhead stroked the brunette’s shiny dark hair, trying to comfort her. “Don’t worry, it’s alright. It’s all over now.”

Even as Amy spoke those words, she knew that they weren’t true. They were both prisoners of an unknown alien force, who would stop at nothing to extract the utmost amount of sexual gratification from their powerless bodies. It was Clara’s turn now, next it would surely be Amy’s. Amy shuddered at the thought of being carried aloft by the raping tentacles and abused in all her holes.

The alarm rang through the control room again and the computer screens started displaying a new instruction:


Amy gulped, clutching Clara’s naked body close to her. They were both in serious trouble…


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