Amanda: My Friend, My Lover, My Bro

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(This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and, as such, may or may not be completely realistic. With occasional historical exceptions, all places, events, and characters are entirely fictitious, an any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.)


My brother, Jimmy, and I were very close, growing up. We had to be. We only had each other. Daddy was an abusive alcoholic and mother was the timid titmouse, suffering with the battered wife syndrome. We had an older brother, but he died at seven when daddy knocked him down as Johnnie tried to defend mother from one of daddy’s drunken batterings. Johnnie hit his head on the corner of the table when he fell. I was three, Jimmy was four, and we watched, terrified, from the doorway to the next room. Lucky for us, daddy stormed out to roam the streets after Johnnie fell. The incident was recorded as an accident, so daddy got off scott free. None of us ever forgave him for either, Johnnie’s death or for getting off free.

For that and for other reasons, Jimmy and I were very close and supportive of one another. Daddy still got drunk, every Friday through Sunday, and he continued to beat up on mother, but he left us kids alone. We just retreated upstairs to Jimmy’s room behind a locked door and shook with fear until daddy either passed out or left the house.

One Friday night, mother apparently reached the end of her rope and had enough. Uncharacteristically, she reacted back, picked up an iron skillet from the stove, and whacked daddy over the head with it. She didn’t kill him, but that blow sure addled his brains. People thought his drinking accounted for the change in him. He never worked again. He just turned into a slobbering simpleton. But mother and we two kids were forever free of his drunken beatings. This was five years after the death of Johnnie.

In the years following daddy’s “beaning,” mother began to slowly come out of her shell. By the time I reached sixteen, she had become much more of a self-confident, take charge person, although she still had a ways to go. Eventually, she also began bringing home men. She told me once, she never wanted to be tied permanently to a man again. She just wanted one around now and then for, “amusement.”

Jimmy was only a year older, but I was still his “little sister” and he felt he had to watch out for me. We bathed together from a very tender age and we never really stopped, even as we got into our sub-teen and teen years. Being nude in each other’s presence was as natural as being clothed. In the bath, we would wash each other, including genitals with no embarrassment.

Further intimacy seemed as natural as breathing and by the time we became teenagers, we had felt around on each other with more than a little casual interest. When Jimmy’s cock began to swell with my touches, he used the knowledge gained from the boys at school to explain to me what was happening.

I asked him one time, “How big will it get?”

” Pretty big.”

Well, his teenage cock was not all that small, deflated or erect, especially erect. The sight of his growing cock sent some signals through my teenage body, even if I did not yet understand them. I also noticed that Jimmy paid quite a bit more eye attention to my pussy now, and that when he did, his cock would get really swelled up. But, other than the casual touching and exploration during baths and just before sleeping, nothing more overtly sexual occurred.

The summer my boobs showed up got real interesting. Early in the spring, Jimmy noticed my chest was beginning to change, in other words, get bigger. He now paid increasingly more attention to my boobs and nipples as well as my pussy and more often than just at bath time. We slept, nude, in the same bed from the time we were out of the cradle. Now, I began to look forward to bedtime, more and more. However, we still maintained a more or less platonic relationship, at least no fucking.

That summer, we would lay on our sides on the bed on top of the sheets, and Jimmy would hold me tight as we faced each other as he had always done. But now, he would gently roll me onto my back and slowly run his hands all over my body from head to toe. He spent an especially long time on my boobs and on my pussy mound. Mother had talked to me about menstruation and Jimmy knew about my first period as I had to wear a sanitary napkin to bed. Neither of us was embarrassed, it was just a normal event in growing up.

Because of our dependency on one another and our general, physical closeness for as long as we could remember, the taboo of incest just did not register with us as an evil. Intimacy, including the final intimacy of coupling, did not repel or deter us as we came of age. Incest and its meaning just never entered our minds as applicable in our case.

By the time I turned eighteen, I had been playing with Jimmy’s cock for a very long time, but we had never, “gone all the way.” Neither of us let the urge get out of hand, although Jimmy probably did feel it more than I. That was about casino oyna to change.

One night, I said to Jimmy as he played with my boobs, “Jimmy, that feels so damned good and my pussy really burns.”

“Yeah, Mandy, you are getting horny! And my cock, as you can see, is not just stirring, it’s raging!”

“I guess I am ‘raging’ too.”

It was then that I reached over and stroked Jimmy’s cock and balls with an unusual fervor. His cock immediately grew even harder while he moaned audibly and I said, “Now who is getting horny, brother?”

“M, e, eee,” he croaked out along with another deep moan of pleasure.

“And now,” I replied, “I’ve finally reached an age where we can finish what we have started so long ago.” If I didn’t have the urge before, I certainly had it now.

Without further word, I slid down and took his cock in my mouth and began to suck. “Oh, God!” I managed to groan out around that cock, “I’ve waited so long to do this!”

Jimmy’s pelvis pushed up at the first touch of my mouth and he moaned some more. I used my tongue to play with his cock head, dipping the tip of my tongue in and out of that little eye. Then he really moaned. I continued the foreplay as I licked up and down his shaft, kissing and pecking it part of the time. My other hand was playing with his balls.

“Where’d you learn to do this,” Jimmy asked.

“Well, you know, boys are not the only ones who talk about sex and how it’s done. Jolene brought one of her mother’s dildos out at a pajama party we had there quite a while back and we all practiced sucking on it. Some of us even played around with it on our pussies, but we got to giggling and laughing so hard, we had to hide it when Jolene’s mother came in to quiet us down.”

“Boy, I’d of liked to have watched that, Mandy.”

“I just bet you would of. Anyway, after that, we got one out for every pajama party ever since. But this real cock is sooo much better! I have waited a very long time to make proper use of yours, Jimmy!”

By this time, his cock was bulging and pulsating something fearful. “Oh, God, Mandy,” he said, “I am going to cum, I’m going to CUM!”

And cum he did, right into my waiting mouth. He shot off four big, long spurts of rope-like cum and several shorter dribbles before he was done. I sucked him dry of any that remained and then exclaimed,

“Now I want you to do me! Show me how it’s done!”

Jimmy got between my legs and lowered his face down to my pussy. As yet, I still had a full area coverage although it was a sparse bush. Jimmy got his mouth over my slit and began to lick up and down, sinking his tongue in deeper each time. I started to moan and buck a little. When he got to my clit and began to lick, chew, and manipulate with the thumb and finger of one hand, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

The fire in my pussy was burning brightly now! Jimmy quickly put one, then two fingers in my love tunnel and rubbed my G-Spot [although I did not know what that was yet] in earnest. I thrust my pelvis into his mouth and reached a shuddering orgasm as I squirted cum all over my brother’s face.

I was a quivering mess! I finally calmed down and said, “Oh my God, Jimmy, that was fantastic. Now I want to fuck your cock! That has to feel even better!”

Jimmy said, “Ok, I’m game, but let’s wait until tomorrow night. Right now, I want to shower with you and I think you need a shave!”

I exclaimed, “A shave? I don’t have a beard, Jimmy!”

“Yes you do,” replied Jimmy, “but it’s not on your face, it’s between your legs!”

“Oooooo!” was all I could say as we proceeded to the bathroom.

I sat on the edge of the tub and spread my legs. Jimmy lathered me up good with shaving cream and managed to get me good an horny in the process. (as if I wasn’t horny in the first place!) When Jimmy started to apply the safety razor to my pussy mound, I croaked, “You be damned careful with that thing. I don’t want my pussy in pieces and I don’t want cuts and nicks in it either!”

“I’ll be careful,” he promised.

The shaving went smoothly. When Jimmy was done, his cock was standing straight out again and my pussy really needed some TLC. We both stepped into the tub and turned on the shower and had our hands all over each other again. My pussy and his cock were aflame with arousal more than ever in seconds.

Before we rinsed off for the last time, I had jacked his cock to squirt more spunk all over the front of me and he had fingered me to three more orgasms of my own.

We finally stepped out of the tub and dried each other off, very slowly and sensuously. I grabbed Jimmie’s still rigid cock again and pulled him along with me P.D.Q. into the bedroom. I pulled him along hard enough to cause his some pain and elicited from him a curt, “Damn, Mandy, easy there or you’ll pull it off.”

I replied, “I can’t wait until tomorrow night, I have to have that cock of yours in my pussy now. Right now. I’ve waited eighteen years for it and that’s long enough. On your back brother, I want a ride!”

Jimmy complied and I went into a 69 with canlı casino him and we both began eating away. We went slowly to savor the moment. I would play with and suck his cock and then pause to get the full pleasure of him working on my pussy and clit.

This went on for nearly half an hour. We both had to do things to prevent us from cumming too quickly. But eventually, neither of us could hold back any longer.

Jimmie said, “If you are going to ride, you better get at it as I can’t hold back cumming much longer.”

So, I straddled Jimmy’s hips and positioned myself over his cock. My hand grabbed hold of his pulsing manhood and I wiped the mushroom tip up and down my crease to lubricate that lovely spear. Slowly, Jimmy’s cockhead sank into my love tunnel until only the head was engulfed. I Moaned in pleasure, savoring thrilling new feelings.

I Lowered myself further and met resistance. My maidenhead blocked further progress. Though my hymen was perforated and allowed me to use tampons or narrow objects like my fingers or Jimmy’s to pleasure myself, the perforation would not allow penetration of a full size cock.

Well, that was about to change. My love for Jimmy and my sexual arousal simply crescendoed and I dropped forcefully down, forcing Jimmy’s cock all the way in to his balls and surrendering my virginity to my true love, my brother! Then I rode him, bouncing and swaying, clenching and unclenching my pussy muscles around his throbbing missile of love.

In less than a minute, Jimmie cried, “I can’t hold back Mandy, I’m cumming again, oh man I’m cumming.”

And cum he did. In buckets! He filled my pussy, literally, to overflowing. Jimmie was still pumping cum when I let go with an orgasm of my own, mixing my juice with his and watching both us and the bed get creamed!

We were both a quivering mass of jelly and gasping for breath as we came to a dead stop with Jimmie’s cock still buried deep in my pussy and still hard as a rock.

“How the hell are you still hard?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Jimmie replied, “but let’s enjoy it while it lasts!”

I leaned forward and down so my boobs rested on Jimmies chest but kept his hard cock inside me. We both breathed deeply and held each other tight. We stayed that way for quite some time.

I whispered in Jimmy’s ear, “Jimmy, I don’t care that you are my brother, you are my true love. I want to be with you always. I can’t imagine being with anyone but you!”

Jimmy answered back, “I feel the same, Amanda, I will love only you!”

I finally began making small back and forth motions, causing my tits to rub Jimmies chest and my pussy to slide just a bit up and down on his cock.

I felt Jimmie’s cock swell tight inside my pussy again and he said, “Now you’ve done it, I need another fuck!”

He sat up and rolled me over onto my back, staying tightly coupled with me all the time. He took my legs, one at a time and placed them over his shoulders. Then Jimmie began to thrust in and out of my pussy, very slowly at first, but gaining momentum as he went.

My pussy lips turned red again with engorged blood and I cried out, “Oh God, Jimmie, fuck me harder, fuck me really hard!”

And he did. Jimmie began to thrust very fast and very hard, slamming his cock in and out of my cunt and his balls onto my butt. His cock was a good eight inches or more and was getting all the way to my cervix and displacing it some. This time, we cried out simultaneously, “I’m cumming!” And we both did. I found out that I was a squirter if aroused enough and Jimmie shot a load of cum nearly as large as the last one.

Finally, it was back to the shower together to clean up. We washed and fondled each other for some time in our new found bliss. I said at one point, “Well, Jimmie, we have fooled around for a number of years, but you popped my cherry tonight, so I guess I am no longer a virgin. Were you still a virgin before tonight?”

“Yes, I was,” he said, I did some bare boob petting with two other girls, but I was too shy or scared to go any further with them. I don’t think they would have anyway. You were my first also, as I had wanted it to be. First with each other. And, for as long as you wish.”

And so we were! We continued our life pattern at home, nudity around the house, bathing together, sleeping together, and fucking all through our senior year in high school. In the second semester, we both dated some others, to keep up appearances, even getting intimate with one or two, but we pretty much stayed true to each other.

As first Jimmie and then I went off to college [the same one], we lived in different dorms saw much less of each other and much more of new acquaintances at the university. Eventually, the inevitable happened and we each began seeing more and more of a special person outside of our own intimate relationship. By the time Jimmy graduated from college, he had found his life partner.

At a special supper in an elegant uptown restaurant, Jimmy said to me, “Amanda, I have to tell you something.”

“You found the girl you want to marry,” I kaçak casino quietly whispered.

“Yes, but how did you know?”

“Oh, that is not hard for a girl to tell,” I replied, “And besides, I also have to tell you something.

“Don’t tell me you found someone you want to marry too?”

“Yes, but how did you know?”

“Oh,” mimicked Jimmy with a silly grin, “it’s not hard for a guy to tell!”

Well, to make a long story short, Jimmy and I had a double wedding!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I mean that he married his love and I married mine, we just had one big wedding. Jimmy and his bride left on their honeymoon to Niagara Falls and then jobs in New York. My new husband and I honeymooned on a three day weekend getaway and then returned to finish our senior year of college. We then were off to California and our new jobs.

It was fully Three years after my college graduation and marriage, that we and our respective spouses, got together in Chicago for Christmas. We had a suite with two bedrooms at the Palmer House but our spouses were not aware of the former incestuous relationship between Jimmie and I. But, as our eyes locked upon our first hug of greeting upon arrival at the airport, both Jimmie and I knew we were going to fuck again before this reunion was over. We just yet did not know how we were going to accomplish the deed with our spouses around.

As he released me from our tight hello hug, Jimmy said, “I have a surprise for you, but you’ll have to wait until the evening is over tonight before I tell you.”

“Bastard,” I replied.

As it turned out, we needn’t have worried. After dinner at the Palmer House, Jimmie and Tom (my husband) decided to take me and Sue (Jimmie’s wife) to a strip club for the evening entertainment, mostly theirs, or so they thought. But for me, the thought of going to a strip club made me horny and I could feel my pussy start to dampen. Later, Sue confessed that the same thing had happened to her.

When we got to the club, Jimmie tipped (bribed) the man inside the door and we were seated at a table right next to the stage runway, after being informed by both the guy who seated us and placard stands that it happened to be amateur night. That sent chills up and down my spine! We ordered drinks, a wine cooler for Sue, rum and coke for me, and Kentucky bourbon for both boys.

The first act of the evening, one of the club regulars, was introduced as “Chesty Shannon, Parochial School Girl.” In typical parochial school uniform–white blouse; black, red, blue, and white checkered plaid skirt, very short; white knee socks; and black shoes, CS danced out onto the stage and into her sensuous strip.

We were seated less than ten feet from the brass pole she was using. By the time she had been on the pole five minutes, she was stripped down to her micro thong and that only lasted two minutes longer. Now she was flashing naked boobs and a naked and gaping pussy, right in our faces. A number of people, including our spouses tossed money on the stage.

“Mandy, you appear to have really enjoyed that!” exclaimed my brother.”

Tom chimed in, “Yeah, sure looked like to me she enjoyed it, and if I don’t miss my guess, so did Sue!’

“Yes, I did!” chimed Sue and I in unison.

I knew my panties were sure getting wet! We sat through two more acts by regulars before the announcement was made that it was amateur time and anyone who wanted to dance should come up on stage now. At first, no one moved. Then two girls and then two more, started for the stage.

Before I could think much more about it, Sue and I rose simultaneously, drawing incredulous looks from our spouses. Without further word, Sue and I held hands and trooped up to the stage! Spontaneously, we both shook our asses in the faces of our spouses and the rest of the audience behind us.

The hoots, hollers, and whistles were coming from all sides as ten of us women gathered on stage. Sue and I continued to hold hands as we were all led backstage and given some simple instructions while the band played hot music to strip by, with heavy on saxophones. I guess this was to whip up enthusiasm in the crowd and get them in the mood for the first contestant.

Sue and I drew 9

ninteth and tenth positions, so we had a fairly long wait to perform. We did not talk about it, we just watched the performance of each of the others from the stage wings. Some of them were pretty darned good. Some were pretty darned bad, too.

We had given a first name at our instruction, so when I heard, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, here she is, number nine, Mandy! Give her a big hand,” I just instinctively grabbed Sue’s hand again and drug her out with me!

“Pardon me,” said the announcer, “but I do believe we have number ten, Sue as well. Give them both a big hand, folks!”

Applause swelled as we instinctively pranced out onto the runway, hand-in-hand. Locking eyes, Sue and I began to ad lib a seductive dance for each other, circling each other and the pole. The crowd began to whistle, clap, and cheer. The seduction and self-touching heightened, as we began touching each other and slowly stripping each other of clothing. Eventually we ended up on the floor of the stage in a totally naked sixty-nine. The crowd was really into it now with their approval.

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