Alicia’s Revenge

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I was 22 when I first met my wife to be, we were married a short time later. She was full of life, loved to play and wanted more than anything to get out of her large family. It was like she blossomed into this little play thing when we were out of her families sight.
We got married and moved to t6he other side of town; we had a two bedroom apartment with the pool and workout area. It was very nice. It was only about a couple of months when the sisters all, and I do mean all of them started spending the night just to get out of the house. I didn’t mind it, they all knew me but they didn’t know there sister, or at least they thought they knew there sister.
The first was Katie, she was the next oldest and one little lady I would love to take to bed, she has much bigger tits than my wife, and stood out nicely. Now a little about my wife, Samantha, she stands 5’5” 100lbs soaking wet and 32b tits, now she was so on fire when I got her out, that’s what drew me to her. I found out later she was a firecracker in bed and wanted it all the time and I do mean all the time.
So Katie came to visit, it was just over night and so I didn’t think anything about it, she was polite enough, Sam as I call her was her normal self and was flaunting her little body so I’d take her and give her a good fucking. She was a virgin when we got married and yes, I know because I popped her cherry on our wedding night.
Katie was sitting there watching Sam walk around in her little half shirt and panties, she normally doesn’t wear anything when we’re alone, yummy. But Katie was there, so, anyways, Samantha came over to me and asked me to fuck her in front of her sister, she almost begged me too, I looked at Katie, she was sitting there watching the TV, I said what about Katie, Sam smiled and said well if she wants to join in, it’s ok with me, I smiled and she licked her lips, so I nodded ok and Sam squealed with glee.
She didn’t have to be told twice; she had her panties down and her shirt off in a split second. She turned to Katie and said we’ll be a few minutes, I want Paul to fuck me right now, so you can either join in, or watch, well I saw Katie’s jaw drop and Sam was tugging at my shorts, she freed my cock, sucked it hard, which didn’t take anytime and she sat down on me and rode me threw three orgasms and when I came, Katie was right there waiting her turn. So I was one lucky fellow that night. Katie slept with us and when I was done, they went at it, I found out later that as I knew they were roomies at the house, so they often ate each other out to calm the urges.
I got to fuck her once and Sam twice, so I was a happy camper that night. When she left she smiled and thanked me for the great night, I kissed her softly and said no, it’s me that should be thanking you for the fabulous night, she blushed and left for work.
The following weekend she called but Sam and I had plans to go out of town on some business that I had to do, so Katie was left at home pleasing herself she told us later.
Nothing happened until we were invited for dinner that next month, it was her dad’s birthday so we all got together and celebrated. Now they have an old Victorian house, it has three floors, all which I’ve painted inside and out, ugg. But I also installed a second bathroom at the top of the basement steps, they only had one and it was upstairs, typical old house.
So I was asked to go get a large pan out of the basement for the ham, I said ok, now if anyone was in there taking a shower, the signal was knock, wait to be told ok or wait, so I waited for the voice to call back, it was Alicia, she was in the shower, now she’s four years younger than us, but she’s a cheerleader and has a nice rack of tits, her bra says 36d and I believe it. The glass is frosted but you can see silhouettes in it and hers was magnificent. As I went by I whistled and said sexy, she giggled and said yea right, I said nope fact and went down the steps to get the pan for the food, as I came up the steps the water turned off and I assumed she was still inside drying off knowing I’d be coming back up, but to my pleasure she had the door open and she was drying off completely naked to me, she smiled and motioned for me to be quite, so I smiled and watched her dry off, she turned around and wiggled her cute little ass at me and I slapped it once, she muffled the squeal but she loved it.
I came out of the room, gave the pan to my mother in law and went into the living room to watch the game on TV.
Alicia came out later dressed and sat down in front of me on the floor, she leaned her head back and asked who was winning, I saw her luscious tits again and said I’m not sure, I just got here, she turned back around and watched the game.
We ate dinner and after it we watched as my father in law opened his presents, now I had the idea to give him what he wanted, he wanted money, so I went to Kinko’s and had them sort of tape them all together like a toilet paper roll, he laughed so hard at it, he said now that’s keeping your money protected.
We stayed for a time; Sam was itching to go, so we said our good byes and went towards the door. Alicia asked Sam if she could come over this weekend for a visit, she said well you know what we do, are you sure, she smiled and said oh yea, most assuredly, so Sam so ok, but don’t be shocked at what might and probably will happen, she giggled and said sis, I’m not a child, Sam laughed and said ok, I’ll pick you up after work Friday, ok, she squealed and said ok, and she hugged Sam,
Friday came and Sam got caught up in a meeting at her work, she’s a legal beagle as I call her, she’s a research assistant to the hottest attorney I’ve ever seen, so she’s always having to stay later for some reason, I’m not sure they aren’t doing each other in the office, but hey, I’m not complaining, so anyways, Sam asked me to pick up Alicia and keep her occupied until she got home, she would call when she was ready to leave and she would pick something up for dinner, I said ok, sounds like a plan.
I went to get Alicia, she was wearing a little pair of shorts, and I do mean little, when she sat in the bench seat of my truck, they rode up so far I could see her pussy lips poking out of them, and a little half top, she must have put it on just before she came down, because I know her mom wouldn’t have allowed her to leave dressed like that.
We took off and she was smiling the whole trip to our place. We pulled out onto the highway and she leaned over and said guess what, I said ok, I’ll bite, what? She smiled and said I’m not wearing a bra and she pulled up her little half top to reveal her canlı bahis naked tits, I smiled and said yummy, may I? She sheepishly smiled back and said what would my sister think, I laughed and said we are talking about Samantha aren’t we, she laughed and said well ok, I’ll allow it, so I caressed her left tit and she purred as I did. I had a hard time concentrating on the road and her big tits.
We got to my place and she pulled her top back down to walk across the parking lot to our building, when we got into the hallway she looked around and said here you go and she pulled it up again, I said and I’m suppose to do what here? She said suck on them, I laughed at her, and that was the mistake, she pulled down her top and stormed up the steps towards my door, I smiled and thought to myself, little bitch and opened the door.
I got in and the door closed behind me, I said want something to drink, she giggled and said yea why not, I said I’ve got Pepsi or ice tea, she said what you having, I said I’m having a glass of wine, she said that sounds good, I’ll take one too, I smiled and said let me see some ID, she patted her little shorts down and said I must have left them in my regular pants, I smiled and said ok with a smart ass response, what year were you born, she started to think, I said come on, she told me I said nope, wrong year, she said oh come on, I want to have some, I said why, you’re not old enough yet, she said oh and she stripped down naked, she said does this look like the body of a minor, I looked at her naked body and said large or small glass, she giggled and said small please, she started to put them back on and said oh no you don’t, leave them off, she looked at me, I said naked or no wine, she looked at me with those I’ll get you eyes, I said you heard me, so she put her clothes back down, I handed the glass to her and I said so, fair is fair and I stood up and got naked, she watched as I removed my clothes and she smiled when I dropped my jeans revealing my cock, she said holy shit Paul, is that real, I said nope, just a picture I have taped to my leg, she giggled and said damn, it’s huge.
I sat down and we waited for Sam to call, she was about an hour late so when she called we had had several glassed of wine, I said you on your way, she said yea, the boss wanted a brief done up, so yes, I’m on my way, I said well pick some wine up and something to eat, she giggled and said you mean besides me, I laughed and said well yea you and your sister, she said oh yea, I forgot, how’s she doing, I said well she’s naked and half drunk on wine, Sam laughed and said well use a condom if you fuck her ok, no little Paul’s running around unaccounted for, I said yes mame and she hung up.
I told Alicia what Sam said, she smiled and said well, I said well what, she said are we, I said I haven’t decide yet, she spread her legs as wide as she could and said so, I said ok, let me get a condom and she smiled.
I gave her several good poundings that weekend, Sam and her had loads of fun, we never did put any clothes on, Katie came over and three of them put on the hottest show for me, it was a cock drainer.
Alicia was really hung over that Saturday after she got there, Katie was laying on the bed next to her and naked, Alicia came into our room, saw me laying there naked and got up on the bed and got me hard, now I had had several, well lots to drink so I wasn’t moving the quickest, she got me hard, slid down around my shaft and started fucking me without a condom, when she let out her moan, she woke up Sam, Sam screamed what the fuck you doing and that woke me up, when I did, I blew my load inside her and she yelp as it flooded her little pussy, I threw her off but it was too late, I had blown my load deep inside her, she laughed and said teach you guys to not let me ride bareback like you two, Sam yelled but we’re on the pill you dumb ass, Alicia said so, I put in some foam before I got up here, Sam looked at her, then realized what she said, she smiled and said well why didn’t you say that in the first place, Alicia said you never gave me the chance you dumb ass, and they started laughing, I said ok, I need a hospital because I just had a heart attack, they started laughing and Sam kissed me, she said go back to sleep stud, we’ll call you when you’re needed, I smiled and went back to sleep.
When I got up, the girls were sitting on the balcony in panties only, now the balcony over looks the parking lot, so anyone coming into the complex saw the girls, but they didn’t care. Sam handed me her coffee, I kissed her and thanked her, I said what happened this morning, they laughed and said well besides you getting Alicia pregnant, nothing, I said oh ok, and when I turned I realized what she said and turned and said what? They all laughed and came back inside with me, Katie said so stud, feel like fucking us all, we’re really horny, I said can I have something to eat first, Katie spread her legs and said breakfast is served, I said I was thinking on the lines of real food, she frowned and Alicia said well I’ll take it and she knelt in front of her and started licking her pussy.
I shook my head and went into the kitchen, Sam was starting breakfast and I said your sisters are just like you, she giggled and said you’re complaining, I said well no, but they are a little weird, she giggled and said that I will agree on.
She bent over to get a pan out of the oven tray below, I slid my cock up and down her slit and she moaned, I slid it in, she purred, I fucked her right there and when I came I let out this grunt of pleasure and she giggled. I pulled out of her, she stood up and said damn Paul, that was fantastic, do it again, I smiled and lifted her up atop the counter and did her that way, she was screaming as I pounded her, the sisters came in, watching the whole show, they wanted seconds but I said not this time, it’s all hers and fucked her until I was dry.
After lunch I gave them all one load each, then before dinner and afterwards, they were happy and ready to go to bed, it was around 3am when I woke up horny, so I nudged Sam, I said I need some ass, she said go do the girls, I need sleep, so I went into there room, they were asleep on there stomachs, I went to Katie, lifted her up onto her knees and started sliding my hard cock into her, she woke up, looked back and smiled at me as I started fucking her from behind. I did Alicia that way then she sucked me hard again and I did her in the ass, she squealed at that, that was her first time, she didn’t mind it, but she wanted it to be different, I looked at Katie, I’d done her in hers before, so she was use to it, bahis siteleri I smiled, she offered her ass to me and I slid it in, she grunted as I did, purred as I slammed her ass and when I came, she giggled as it flooded her gapping ass.
I pulled out, Alicia came over and started sucking my fresh out of Katie’s ass cock and she didn’t miss a stroke, she licked all the cum off me and smiled the whole time doing it.
We fell back to sleep right there together, when I woke up Sam was looking at us smiling.
We went to the local state park that day, we played around in the trails, I took some pictures of the girls naked and partially naked, it was a great day, Katie got caught doing it by some hikers and she just smiled as they walked on by. We all laughed about it but knew we could get in trouble so we left there and went to another park in a different county.
We did the same thing there but this time when the girls were naked four guys saw them and came over, I stood next to them and the guys were wanting some action, Katie said well sorry guys, we’re with him and they all clung to me, Alicia started to gather her clothes up and the one guy came towards her, I said I wouldn’t do that if I were you, he laughed and said well you’re not me so beat it, we’re going to have some fun with the ladies, I said nope, isn’t going to happen, they laughed and came towards us, I said stop right there if you want to walk out of here, and they kept coming, so Alicia kicked one in the groin, I took two out and Sam took down the last, we left them there butt naked and tied to a tree with there belts, we said we’ll send the rangers back for you, so stay warm and left.
When we got clear I said well I’m glad you ladies kept up with your lessons I gave you and they all said us too.
When we got back to the car, Sam and Katie both told me they were drenched and needed a good fucking, on the other hand Alicia said she was really scared for her life, then Katie said well the worst that would have happened was they actually would have fucked us, so, why fret about it. Alicia said yea, but what if they took us somewhere and had a lot more guys fuck us all the time, Sam yelled back, quit, I’m horny enough right now, I’m about to squirt all over the seats, Katie said umm, now that does sound like fun, being gang raped for days. Sam and Katie laughed about it all the way home.
Alicia was feeling down, she was confused but yet strangely wet herself, the fact of being out of control, being used by so many strange men, and having them fuck her all the time without her saying so, sort of repulsed her and excited her all together.
When we got back home the two girls stripped down and attacked me, I had to fuck them or they were going to rape me, yea right, I was willing able and ready for them.
The day went without any further madness, we ate, we fucked, we sat and watched TV, we fucked, I was getting tired, I was the only guy for three horny women. Hey, am I complaining, no, just tired, so I turned in early and the girls kept fantasizing about what they thought it would be like, to have several men just fuck them while they were tied up and helpless, Sam and Katie got so worked up, they went down on each other to relieve there urges, and all this time Alicia was sitting there worried about them and there strange notions.
That night she felt alone, and she didn’t like it, the girls were together, playing and she was alone, so out of her desperation she schemed up the plan to see if they were all talk and no show. The next day she was on her phone, she called several guy friends and wanted to meet with them all, she was smiling the whole time.
She figured she could talk them into it by telling them it was a birthday wish of her older sister to have this a fantasy so to speak, she had it all planned out, she thought.
While she was waiting for the five guys to show, she ordered a coffee, she was sitting there when two of them came in first, she smiled as they sat down and they talked about school and stuff. When the others finally came, she launched the plan, they weren’t sure at first, but she assured them they weren’t doing anything wrong and wouldn’t get in any type of trouble, so they agreed.
She told them she would text them with the information of time and place, she even told them she would personally be there to make sure it went ok. When she got back to my place that Sunday afternoon, she was smiling, Katie said well either someone got some cock, or they have a secret, Alicia said well if you must know, it was the first, they all giggled and laughed about it.
When I got back from the store, the girls were preparing dinner, Alicia sort of probed me about what would I do if they girls were taken and had been gang raped, me not knowing she was serious, I said well I’d feel sorry for the guys, they wouldn’t last having them there. She smiled and so did I, so she launched her plan.
She knew I was going out of town for a business trip and that Sam had invited them to stay with her so she wouldn’t be lonely, and they accepted. Alicia texted the guys the info and she waited for them to come in, she told the girls that she had a horny guy coming over and if they played there cards right, he might just do them too, they both loved that idea. Now Sam and I have had numerous group sex bouts, so she didn’t think anything about it.
When the doorbell rang Alicia got up to get it, she was thinking they would come in, push her aside like they had worked out and get the girls, but was she wrong, they guys had worked it out they were going to take them all, they had always wanted her and they were going to take her too.
When she opened the door, they came running in, grabbing her and taking her inside also, she thought this was all part of there plan, so she acted like she was too shocked to respond. When they threw her on the floor and grabbed the others, she started to say something and the guys gagged them all and tied them up.
It was her worst nightmare, they had ski masks on, so they couldn’t be identified, they called each other by a number, so no names, they had it all worked out.
The girls were scared and didn’t know what to do, they all laid there until the guys started ripping there little shirts and panties off and tossing them all into a pile. She looked at the other unable to say anything, the guys stood over them, they were laughing and saying what hot babes they had here, one guy knelt down and pinched Alicia’s nipples really hard and she squealed through the gag, she winced at the pain, one of the other guys fingered Katie and she laid there not moving, bahis şirketleri he chuckled about how wet she was, the one over Alicia then spread her legs and stuck two fingers inside her, he laughed and said this one too, so one of them fingered Sam, she wasn’t fighting either, she knew the more you fought the better chances of getting hurt, so she laid there and took it all.
Katie was being fingered in her pussy and ass, they had her on her side and having fun with her, she was moaning from the excitement, then they pulled out there fingers and one guy took a bag and opened it, they pulled out what looked like a string of pearls but bigger, he went over to Katie and started pushing them up her ass, she winced a bit but after a while when the last one was in, she relaxed, then they did the same thing to Sam and Alicia.
They stood over them laughing, they said ok, fucking time, and they all dropped there sweat pants. The girls laid there looking up at them, none of them were too big, so they knew it wasn’t going to hurt, they were forced up on there hands and knees, then they were entered and fucked until the guys all came, then the leader dropped his pants and the girls knew they were in trouble, he wasn’t very long, but he was wide, really wide, wider that anything Sam or Katie had ever had in them, they shook there heads no, but he just laughed at them, he got over Sam and said ok bitch, you’re first and with that he plunged his massive cock into her, she screamed threw the gag, she was being ripped apart by him but there wasn’t anything she could do about it, he pumped his massive cock in and out of her, when she felt him harden even more know this she knew he was going to blow his load, she was relieved to feel that, he grunted and blew it into her already full pussy, when he did, he grabbed the cord sticking out of her ass and with one hard pull, pulled the beads out of her ass, the pain, the excitement of the beads coming out, she actually came herself, she shook with her orgasm, she fell to the floor panting with exhaustion.
The captures all laughed at her calling her a bitch and cum whore, she was too exhausted to say or grunt anything. Then he went to Katie, she looked at his limp cock and was relieved that he hadn’t gotten hard again, but she was wrong, he stroked it a few times and it came back to life, she was next, he positioned himself behind her, rubbed his hands along her cum soaked slit and lined up for the assault, he put the head of his massive cock to her pussy and with one hard and deliberate move buried it in her pussy, she groaned with his cock invading her, he laughed and said this one loves it, so he pounded her pussy until he came again and just like what he did with her sister he pulled the cord of beads out and she also came over and over again, he was laughing at them, he looked at Alicia and said your next bitch, I saved the youngest for the last, I’m going to really enjoy this little fuck.
He pulled his semi hard cock out of Katie with a pop, he laughed, he said damn, this bitch was tight, they all laughed and by that time several of them were hard again and were getting ready to have Sam and Katie again.
The leader came over to Alicia, she shook her head no, and pleading eyes, she was begging him not to do this to her, but he didn’t hear a muffled word of it. He stroked his cock once more, she was wincing at the aspect of him fucking her with his huge wide cock, he lined it up with her pussy, she thought if I tighten up, it’s going to really hurt, so at the last second she tried to relax, he plunged it into her, she almost fell forward but he caught her by her tits and she didn’t like that at all, it hurt really badly.
He fucked her for the longest of all of the girls, he pounded her forever, she was really sore and wanted it to be over, he pumped and pumped his massive cock in and out of her sore pussy, she felt him tighten, she was relieved, he blew his load, and just like the others he pulled the beads out, she was excited enough to cum, even thought she was sore, she actually liked the feeling of the beads coming out so fast it excited her to an orgasm.
The guys were pumping the girls pussies, then they together pulled out, and plunged there cocks into there unsuspecting asses, they moaned with the pain as they were being fucked in there asses, now it’s wasn’t the first or last time they’ve had there asses fucked, but they were tired and sore, so it caught them off guard.
Then the guys were all spent, they tied the girls up, left them on the floor and got dressed and left, when they did, they left the door wide open and the girls in plain site of the doorway, they were open for anyone to see them.
It was about a half hour when her guys showed up, they saw the girls and came to there rescue, Alicia was confused, if it wasn’t her guys, then who were the hooded men that just left, she got the one she knew the best and made him drop his pants, he wasn’t anything like the other guys, so they had been raped and she was appalled, she had been raped by four strange men and couldn’t do anything about it, she couldn’t figure it out, she had no idea.
Finally the next day she met up with the guys, she made them all drop there pants to make sure they hadn’t done this horrible thing to them, they weren’t nearly as long or large, she didn’t know, she looked around the food court at the mall, she didn’t know what to do.
When she left she passed five guys, and as she got just passed them she heard one say, she was so much fun last night wasn’t she, she was so scared she ran to her car and locked the door and sat there crying. She hadn’t gotten a good look at there faces, so she couldn’t identify them at all, she went back to her house and the girls said nothing to there parents about that night. Sam told me, she was ok, she said it was a fantasy she had, she lived threw it and didn’t want it to happen again, I smiled held her close, we didn’t make love for two weeks, she was sore and then her period came, she was relieved about that, I said honey, you’re on the pill right, she said oh heavens yes, but I was just worried, they dumped so much cum in me, it is silly, but I was worried.
The girls still come over, and we play a lot, Alicia even lived with us for a couple of months while her apartment was being fumigated, she was a blast, the experience was a learning one, but the girls all had even though they wouldn’t admit it, loads of fun, and I say that knowing that the fact that they all came when they were even being forced to have sex, they still all of them had a massive orgasm, and oh yes, I do have a set of the anal beads and we use them lots. Sam will even wear them to work and pull them out some and put them back in on her breaks, she is such a nympho, but I love her dearly.

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