Alex and Kyle Ch. 02

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Ch. 02: Get Caught

Quickly I walked home reviewing the past hour of my life, wondering if I wanted to go back to Alex’s house that night. Things moved pretty fast and even though my hormones were kicking into overdrive, I always considered myself to be a pretty straight arrow, yet I found myself thinking about Alex’s cock – seeing him in my mind’s eye jacking off in front of me. The DVD was in my hand as I walked. My cock was stirring in my pants as I thought about Alex and I wondered what was on the DVD. I only live a couple of blocks away, so I was soon home, greeting my mother who inquired about my day. I muttered a few pleasantries and scooted to my room to grab a few things – toothbrush, change of clothes, shit like that. I closed my door and booted up my computer while I gathered my things. By the time I had assembled everything, the computer was ready and I popped the DVD in and hit play. I beautiful blonde appeared on my screen sucking and licking a giant cock like it was a popsicle she was afraid would melt if she didn’t eat it fast enough.

“Holy shit,” I said under my breath, as my own cock hardened immediately. I paused the clip and walked over and locked my door. I pulled off my shirt and looked at the cum stain on it. Without really thinking, I held the spot to my nose and inhaled. The strong smell of cum flooded my senses. I tossed the shirt by my computer and released my cock which was already dripping with pre-cum. I sat down and pressed play and leaned back to enjoy the show while slowly stroking my dick. I don’t know which fascinated me more, the blonde expertly bathing the cock with her tongue and lips, or the monster cock itself! All I know is that it was fucking hot. I imagined that it was my cock and she was slathering on my balls as I watched her lick and suck away.

Man, what I wouldn’t give for a blowjob like the one she was giving him. I slowed my strokes, feeling my balls start to swell. I stood up and grabbed the shirt I was wearing and laid it on my bed and took aim. I watched with pleasure as my cock expanded in my hand and then let loose rope after rope of cum onto my shirt. It was the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had. I cleaned myself up, put on another shirt. I took the DVD out of my computer and put in my overnight bag, said good bye to my mom and headed back over to Alex’s house thinking about his fat cock and all that porn. My hormones won out!

By the time I got there, his parents were just getting ready to leave. We helped them load the car and waved as they pulled out of the driveway. Alex turned to me and asked, “Did you watch the clip?”

“Hell yeah! Man, it was hot.”

“Did you jack off?” His forwardness caught me off guard and I hesitated. He smiled, “You did, didn’t you? That’s cool. I figured you were ready to bust a nut when you left. Did you bring it back?” I nodded and followed him back in the house. “Do you want canlı bahis a beer?” He walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge and pulled out two beers and offered me one. I took it, we clinked bottles and he said, “Here’s to a great weekend!”

We went back up to his bedroom and sorted through all the porn he had. There were magazines, smut books, DVD’s and a few VHS tapes. As we looked over the selection, I felt my cock getting hard again. Alex peeled off his shorts and shirt, and was standing there in just his boxers. “No need for any more clothing than this,” he said as he grabbed the edges of his boxer and stretched the waistband a few times. I could see his pubic hair when the boxers were pulled out and found myself wanting to see more. What was going on with me??? His question brought me back to reality, “You going to join me or stay fully clothed?”

“What?” I stammered. “Oh, sorry.” I quickly shed my shirt and shorts and soon I was standing there next to Alex with just my boxers. We were both semi-hard and you could see the outline of our cocks through our boxers. He grabbed a DVD and headed down to the den where they had a large flat screen TV and surround sound. As he moved around I could see flashes of his cock through the boxer opening. Watching him “swing” around was causing me to get harder.

He turned on the system and placed the DVD into the player, clicked play and sat back on the couch. I joined him and waited for the DVD to start playing. The most gorgeous brunette was on a couch with a blonde bombshell making out. Their hands were all over each other as they kissed. Piece by piece the clothing was shed until these two beautiful bodies were naked and intertwined. Alex’s hand went inside his boxers and I could tell out of the corner of my eye that he was playing with his cock. The blonde was completely shaved smooth and the brunette was nicely trimmed. There were plenty of close-ups showing the girls going down on each other. From time to time I’d steal a glance at Alex, who was clearly rubbing his dick inside his boxers while drinking his beer with the other hand. Fuck it, if he could do it, so could I.

My cock was so hard and aching to be touched, so I reached in my boxers and firmly grasped my dick and squeezed it, then I slowly started moving my hand over my balls and up and down my shaft. I saw Alex glance over at me and smile before returning his gaze to the screen.

About this time, Alex paused the DVD and said, “I need another beer.” He stood up and, I swear, his cock just popped out through his fly and was sticking straight out at me. He laughed, but did nothing to hide his cock. “You want another beer?”

I was starring at his cock for a minute before responding, “Sure,” I said. As I stood up to follow him into the kitchen, my cock popped into view as well. We laughed again and he wiggled his hips causing his cock to wag back and forth bahis siteleri a few times before turning and trotting out to the kitchen. I followed, grabbing my cock and stroking it a few times as I walked. If felt so good in my hand. It was pretty erotic.

When we got to the kitchen Alex asked me if I wanted anything to eat. It felt a little weird talking like normal with our cocks sticking out, but it was kind of cool at the same time. I said I was a little hungry and so he started pulling food out of the fridge along with a couple more beers. I hopped up on the counter while he put snacks together for us, my dick sticking up out of my boxers, watching his cock bob around while he worked. I began to wonder what his cock would feel like. What was happening to me?

“So, “he continued, “Did you like that clip I sent home with you?”

I answered, “Hell yeah! That bitch was on that cock like a starving woman on a ham sandwich!” He laughed and I continued, “What I wouldn’t give to be on the receiving end of a blowjob like that!” I grabbed my cock and waved it around a bit.

“Really,” Alex stopped and looked at me. “What would you give??” He walked in front of me, handed me a beer, took a drink of his beer, set it down and placed a hand on either side of me on the counter, and asked again, “What would you give for a blowjob like that?”

I took a swig of brew and laughed. “Why? Are you offering?”

“Maybe,” he continued. “I’ve watched that clip a hundred times focusing on her mouth and dreaming that it was wrapped around my cock. On the hundred and first time, I started to watch how the cock responded to those lips and that tongue. I find myself wanting to try it, but only on someone who’d be willing to reciprocate.”

“You mean, you suck my dick then I suck yours….”

“Yeah; I’ll suck your dick, like, what did you say, ‘a starving man on a ham sandwich,’ if you will return the favor.” He was alternating between looking at my face and my cock. “Have you ever had your cock sucked? Have you ever had someone else touch your dick?” With that he reached out and grazed the underside of my shaft with his forefinger.

It was electrifying, I had never had my cock sucked or touched by anyone other than myself. Could I suck him in return? Would I suck him in return? I didn’t know, but I knew I wanted him to touch me again.

With a horse voice I said, “Okay.” And I held my breath. Alex smiled and took my cock in his hands and started feeling it, caressing it, slowly stroking it as if it were a priceless object. I moaned with unspeakable pleasure.

“It’s soft and hard at the same time,” he said. “And so warm, almost hot to the touch. It’s like mine, but different, fatter.” He reached up my boxers and fondled my balls.

I leaned back on the counter, supporting myself with my hands while watching my friend play with my cock while describing bahis şirketleri it at the same time. Then he lowered his head until his mouth was just above my cock. I could feel his breath, and then he took the head of my dick into his mouth and closed his lips around just the head. I felt the tip of my cock rest on his tongue as he slowly sucked just the head.

His right hand was wrapped around my shaft, not stroking, but gently squeezing and releasing over and over again. His left hand was deftly working my balls back and forth. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I never wanted it to stop. I couldn’t imagine holding out much longer as I felt my balls churning toward orgasm. I wanted to reach out and grab his head and pound my cock down his throat.

He continued his efforts by pulling his mouth off my cock with a “pop.” Then he began to lick my shaft, starting at the base and slowly moving toward the tip like it was a lollypop – first on the left side, then the right side and finally down the middle of the underside. When his tongue reached that spot just beneath the tip of my cock, my body shuddered and I almost came right on the spot.

Sensing my state of arousal, he backed off a bit, but continued to massage my balls with his hands. Then he lowered his mouth on my cock again, but this time he did not stop at the head. He closed his mouth on my dick and started sucking, but with each suck, he took more and more of my cock into his mouth until I felt is nose on my pubic hair. The feeling was indescribable.

Then he pulled off slowly, but it felt like a vacuum cleaner hose was on my dick as he sucked and pulled on my cock as he slid his mouth up my shaft exposing my cock to view. He repeated this again and again, moving faster and faster and I felt my cock swelling in his mouth as I got closer and closer to cumming. Between his mouth and his hand on my shaft, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, though I wanted it to continue forever!

I started moaning and reached down and put my hands on his head to help his rhythm. I shouted, “I’m going to cum!” He increased his tempo and I let loose. He pulled his head away, but the first shot had to have gone into his mouth. We watched the second, third and fourth squirt of cum erupt from the tip of my cock into the air; one hit my chest, another landed on my leg and the final shot came to rest on my boxers. I was out of breath as he continued to stroke my cock, milking the final drops of cum out of my cock. The cum covered the head of my cock and dripped down the sides. He used my natural lube to coat my cock with cum. He stepped back and wiped his hand on my boxers. He looked at me and smiled. I could see traces of my cum on his mouth as he licked his lips and swallowed. And that was when she spoke –

“Very nice boys. Is this a private party or can anyone play?”

You never saw two people move faster in your life. I scrambled down off the counter and stuffed my cock back in my boxers. Alex started moving away with a look of horror and shock on his face, but somehow he managed to ask, “Mrs. Benson…Wh-what are you doing here?”

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