Adina Ch. 01

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It’s hard to believe that’s its only 4 months since the day that changed my life forever. It was a Wednesday and about 11, I got a horrible feeling I didn’t want to be at work. Ok it had been a little stressful but nothing any worse than any other day. I checked my diary and saw I only had one appointment and that was wi9th a junior team mate, so rang my secretary. Told her to change my meeting with John till tomorrow morning as I had to leave the office.

In the 15yrs I had worked there I had never taken a day off or left the office but she didn’t question me. In fact it was the start of a lot of firsts for me. I went straight home and got changed in to jeans and a tee shirt put my walking boots on and drove 10 miles to the State Forrest. After parking my car I started to walk down one of the many walking tracks. It had been years since I had last been there in fact it was when the kids were younger we used to bring them here to run off some steam.

I walked for about 2 hours before arriving back at the car park, I grabbed a cold drink from the cold pack in the trunk and sat to drink it. I was about to finish my drink when a motor bike rode in to the car park one of those big Harleys with the throaty sound. The bike stopped on the opposite side of the car park from me about 30 feet away. The biker got off their bike and from the shape and curves of the body I knew it was a women.

She took her helmet off and let her shoulder length blond hair fall out which she shook to let lose and reshape. She had a leather jacket and jeans on with riding boots. She took off the jacket under which she wore a white blouse under that she had a red bra which I could clearly see through the top. She replaced took a bag out of the saddle bags on her bike and started to walk, as she went past me she smiled a beautiful smile that seemed to say so much more then hello. I tried to decide how old she was and came to the conclusion she would be in her late thirties maybe forty but no older. I watched her walk past and down the path I took out of yenibosna escort the car park and I don’t know why but I felt the urge to follow her.

I was 25 to 30 feet behind her, she never looked back but walked with a casual stance for about ½ a mile then she turned right and disappeared in to the trees. I got to the spot where she turned and looked and saw a small trail leading off I hadn’t noticed it earlier but there is was. I could just see the top of her head walking away from me so I followed. After walking for a further few minutes I lost sight of her and looked around couldn’t see anything or anybody, I thought to myself I am lost here I can carry on and see where this tail leads or go back but the thought of that women lead me on.

I didn’t have to walk far before I realized why I couldn’t see her. There was a clearing in the trees about 20feet in diameter and right in the middle was a flat round table which she was kneeling next to. She must of heard me arriving as I was not quiet but she didn’t look around in my direction. I took a few steps back in to the trees and stood behind a small bush where I could still see her and she could probably still see me. She pulled a blanket out of her bag and spread it over the table and then she pulled out something that shocked me at first but turned me on at the same time. She lay two B.O.B’s (battery operated boyfriends) one small slender and pink the other what is called a rabbit which was bluish in color. The she pulled out and placed on the table 2 metal shinny balls about 2inches in diameter. I just stood there and watched.

She the stood up and faced me without look directly at me she removed her blouse and I could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the red bra. She then sat on the edge of the table and took her boots off and then stood up to take her jeans off wow she had matching red knickers on they were as shear as the bra so I could clearly see the outline of her shaved pussy. My cock was now standing yeşilköy escort to attention inside my jeans. The women then laid down on the table with her head furthest away from me and her legs dangling over the edge. She got hold of the small pink BOB turned it on to a slow hum. Using it to run around each nipple making them hard and clearly visible from my vantage spot. I watched as she worked that vib all around her boobs sliding it under her bra and holding it between then as if it was a cock. She then sat up and unclipped her bra as she did this she looked right at me but did not acknowledge me at all, just looked deep into my eyes.

As she let the bra fall away she laid back down and softly pulled on her nipples making her boobs pointed she pulled them as high as she could stretching her skin as she did. My cock was now making me feel very uncomfortable so I unzipped my pants and released my aching cock. As I watch this beautiful women play with her nipples and boobs I started to stroke my hard cock feeling the precum start to leak out of the tip of my cock wetting the gland under my foreskin. The women’s breathing had increased and was becoming heavy. She again stood up and looked directly at me first fixing g her gaze at my face then lowering her eyes to take in my 6in hard cock a smile crept across her face as she lowered her pants and my cock gave a distinct twitch as I caught my fist look at her wet pussy lips.

She lay back down on the table and lifted her legs up bending them at the knees and opening them, What a great sight meet my eyes, her pink pussy was open and so wet I just wanted to rush over and lick her till she screamed. She then took both steel balls in her hand and pushed first one then the other one inside her pussy till not a sight of them was visible. Next she picked up the pink Vibrator again and ran it up and down her wet pussy lips. As the vibrator passed over her clit she gave a load moan followed by a sharp intake of breath.

She worked zeytinburnu escort the vibrator around her clit and I could see her pussy mussels working to keep the balls in place after a short time with her breathing becoming labored she replaced the pink vibrator on the table. Before placing a hand under her pussy and pushing one of the balls out and into her palm. What she did next shocked and excited me to such a pitch I started to fully masturbate. She took the first ball and sucked it into her mouth washing it and cleaning it before placing it back on the table she repeated this with the second ball and I was almost Cumming.

She then picked up the blue rabbit and turned it on sending the little balls spinning which she then licked and moistened. Before pushing it slowly into her wet pussy. And turning the rabbit ears on what sounded like full speed. As she moved the vibrator in and out of her pussy at ever increasing speed I seemed to match that speed with my hand along my cock. It was only a very short time till we both came at the same time. I hadn’t noticed but she had moved so she could see me while playing with herself. As the last drops on my cum dripped from my cock I looked up and saw her tongue licking her lips as if to say I want to taste you. We both took a few minutes to compose ourselves after our orgasms.

She stood up and replaced her pants and bra still watching me and my now limp cock. When she was fully dressed again she turned to me and asked if I would walk her back to the car park. I was so shocked I still hadn’t even put my cock back in. I walked over to where she was stood and picked her bag up and started to walk but she said I think you should put that away first and laughed. I quickly put my cock away and zipped my pants up. As we walked I told he my name was Rick and she said she was called Mia. I thanked her for a great show and said I was so close to rushing in and joining her a few times but held myself back as I didn’t want her to stop. To which she replied maybe next time if you’re here again on Monday about the same time. I just nodded like a fool.

When we got to the car park I gave the bag back to her and she put it in her saddle bag before putting on her helmet and jacket. She said goodbye hope to see you on Monday and then started her bike with a roar and rode off leaving me stood dumb founded in the middle of the car park.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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