A Tribute to My Daddy

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It had been another boring April day at the office. Despite the fact that it was my forty-third birthday, not one person had mentioned it, even though I had worked with some of them for years. Just another day shuffling documents around, completing financial reviews, and in general doing nothing. And when I got home, things probably wouldn’t be any better. My wife, daughter, and I would go out to dinner — some place I wouldn’t want to go, most likely — where I’d be embarrassed by waiters singing “Happy Birthday” and giving me a crappy ice cream sundae, even though I don’t like them anyway. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even get birthday sex. Since Audrey, my wife, turned forty earlier in the year, it seems like her sex drive had vanished. Her midlife crisis, if that’s what it was, was starting to get to me.

When I got to the house, no one else was home. Audrey probably hadn’t even started her own commute home, and I rarely know where Jamie was. Since she turned eighteen back in December, it was harder and harder to get her to sit down. She had five days to pick a college, and for all I know, she hadn’t even looked at the letters telling her if she’d been accepted or not. So it was a nice surprise to see a note on the kitchen counter in Jamie’s clear, if girly handwriting.

“Happy birthday, Daddy! I just wanted to make sure it was the first thing you saw when you got home. I promise I’ll give you a better card when you get home. And your present is a surprise! A complete surprise, I promise. — Jamie”

I smiled. At least someone, someone important to me, had remembered my birthday. No one was going to be home for at least a little while, it seemed, so I decided to make the most of my time. Now Audrey doesn’t exactly approve of my favorite use of the Internet, but if she doesn’t let me at her, then I have to get my relief somewhere.

I logged in to my computer, and chose my favorite bookmarks. Ever since I first saw a quick video on the internet a few years back of some teenaged girl with nice round tits, probably no older than my daughter, sandwiched between two cocks, I couldn’t get enough. Nothing got me off faster than some girl sucking off one dick with another buried in her ass. That was what I loved. And luckily for me, the internet had more than enough sites for me. Just as what would have been my first video of the evening ended, each guy coming across the little blonde’s face, I heard Jamie’s old Honda pull into the driveway. The brakes squealed every time she put them on, so it was a little hard to miss. Shit, I thought, better not let her catch me looking at girls her age. I doubt she’d approve of that. Quickly, I closed the porn and brought up my e-mail, tucking my cock back into my slacks.

“Daddy?” I heard her call. “Daddy, are you home?”

“In here, honey, just checking my e-mail,” I said, my slightly strained voice carrying easily through the house. “Come on in.”

Jamie bounded in, giving me a wide smile. “Close that and come back in here. I want to give you your card now. Before Mom gets home.” She made a face; Audrey and her had been fighting lately, over everything. And every argument ended the same way: “I’m eighteen and I can do what I want,” followed by “Well, if you’re eighteen, you can just go live somewhere else.” So far, I hadn’t let things get entirely out of hand, but I had my fair share of moments of doubt in my ability to keep the peace.

“Alright. But I’m warning you, if it makes fun of how old I’m getting, I think I’ll need to find myself a different daughter. One with more respect for her elders.” I chuckled and smiled at her. No one could ever replace my Jamie, and though she knew it, she never took advantage of being an only child of a father who doted on her with all his heart. The occasional pair of new jeans doesn’t really count, does it?

“You’re not getting old. Just aging, kind of like a fine wine. You just keep casino şirketleri getting better every year,” she said with a smile.

“I think you’re sucking up. I bet there’s some new CD you want or something.”

“I’m not sucking up at all, I promise.”

“Well, I’ll come in right after I check my e-mail.”

“Can’t you come in now? I looked all over town for this card,” she said, using that insistent tone of voice that fathers know all too well leads to them doing exactly what their daughters want.

“Alright, alright.” I walked back into the kitchen, leaving my e-mail open, wanting to see what card she got me.

“There it is Daddy. I hope you like it. Open it now, and tell me how you like it when I get back. I have to pee,” she said with a giggle.

I opened the card, waiting for the inevitable joke about being over the hill. However, much to my surprise, it was just a picture of the stars on the front, but inside she had written a sincere, heartfelt message, telling me how much she loved me and how lucky she was to be my daughter. It ended with the words “I love you always, Daddy.” with her name written in big, bold letters. I looked around for her, but she hadn’t come back yet. “It’ll certainly be better than Audrey’s card,” I said to myself.

“What was that, Daddy?”

“Oh, nothing. I didn’t hear the flush or you come back in. Sorry. I absolutely love your card. I think I’ll take it to work, so I’ll always know what you think of me,” I said, smiling. “This card is enough for anyone. I don’t need any other present from you this year.”

She beamed wide, before giving me a long squeeze. “And I meant every word, Daddy. And I didn’t get you much of a present anyway. No money,” she said with a sigh.

“You know the rules. No borrowing from the Bank of Dad on his birthday. It’s closed. Like a holiday.”

She laughed. “I wasn’t asking, silly.”

I smiled at my lovely daughter. “Well, I need to finish checking my e-mail. Your aunt Rose has probably sent me another obnoxious e-card like she did last year.” I gave her another hug, then walked back into the computer room. Sure enough, I had gotten just that, along with a few chain letters and more spam than I needed. “Want to make her yours ALL NIGHT LONG?” one asked. I sure did. It wasn’t a matter of ability though, only willingness. I shook my head, then closed the window. Something about my desktop looked a little different, but it was only after a moment that I saw that someone — not me — had added a folder to it.

It was obvious after a quick look who had done it. It required no detective work, for it was labelled “DADDY’S PRESENT (so i lied a little bit).” I laughed, then opened the document. I figured I’d play it cool that I had seen it, then surprise Jamie with my knowledge at dinner. The only thing in it was a video file, labeled “A Tribute to my Daddy.” I looked at the length. Fifteen minutes. This must be some tribute.

“Daddy?” Jamie said, walking into the room.

“Something up?”

“Oh, nothing. I was just going to tell you I was going to run to the gas station before we went out. Can I have a little, teeny, itsy-bitsy bit of gas money?”

I laughed. “Take a ten from my wallet,” I said. “On the counter.” She gave me a thank-you hug, and after a few seconds, I heard the Honda pulling out.

Making sure that my daughter had left, I opened up her video. It began with a shot of her sitting in the living room. After some fiddling, she made sure the camera looked up at her before addressing it.

“Happy birthday Daddy. I wanted to do something extra special for you, so you know just how much you mean to me. I know you probably loved my card, but this is something special from me to you. I hope you think about it tonight, especially when you’re with Mom.”

I thought that was kind of a weird thing to say, especially after the card made it casino firmalari perfectly clear how she felt about me. She loved her Daddy, and that was plainly obvious. She reached to turn the camera off, and when it flicked back on, I gasped. What came up was entirely unexpected.

My daughter, my baby girl, had the camera on her desk, aimed directly at her bed. That, in and of itself, was nothing to excite comment. But as she scooted back from the camera, it was obvious that the only thing she was wearing were a pair of yellow bikini panties. I blinked, twice, making sure I was seeing straight.

“If you’ve gotten this far,” video-Jamie said, “then you might as well watch the whole thing. Besides, it’s going to suck for me if you turn it off. I really, really want you to see it. I know Mom hasn’t exactly been putting out lately.” I couldn’t help but laugh at my daughter’s comment. Obviously, our sex life hadn’t been making enough noise lately. “So I thought I might help you out a little bit. Watch me. Watch your little girl. Please Daddy, watch me.”

I never could say no when she called me Daddy. Never.

“First, though, I think you should go ahead and get your cock out, Daddy. It’ll make things easier for you,” she said. Like I said, never could say no. I pulled my pants down, and my cock sprang up out of my boxers, ready for a little attention.

“Assuming that you did that, we’re good. She smiled her most winning smile at the camera, two rows of sparkling white teeth glinting at me.

One hand went to pull her panties to one side, exposing a completely shaved pussy to my view. “Like that, Daddy? Like it bald? It’s so sensitive,” she said, drawing a hand across her slit and shuddering. I nodded, even though she couldn’t see me. “But know what I like too?” She quit speaking and drew a hand over her breasts — no, her tits. I knew they were smaller than most girls’ her age, but seeing them naked in front of me, I loved them, even though I’d always preferred big breasts. At that moment, the most beautiful thing in the world was the sight of my daughter’s mosquito bite tits. She tugged on one nipple, gasping as it stretched and snapped back.

“So I like it a little rough,” she laughed. “Well, maybe more than a little, but you can see more of that later.” She winked flirtatiously, then put her hand back to her pussy, rubbing what I could see in small circles.

At this point, I was already jacking my cock, letting my hand slide up and down the rock hard shaft. I wanted to see her sandwiched between two cocks, I wanted to cum on her tits, I wanted to make her my little slut. Some part of me kept reminding me that this was my daughter. But, honestly, I didn’t care. And this was my birthday present anyway.

After a little rubbing, she tugged down her panties, letting me see everything. Then, she climbed off the bed, disappearing from the frame for a moment. When she came back into view, she had a vibrator in one hand, and a dildo that I thought must be too thick to fit in my daughter, petite as she was. She turned the vibrator on, sliding it against her clit, which I figured must have been just as hard as my cock, before moaning loudly. “Fuck, yes! Yes, yes, yes! You like watching me fuck myself Daddy, don’t you? You like watching your little girl, who you never thought of like this, fuck her tight cunt with a vibrator. You can admit it.” I licked my lips. I never had heard such language out of Jamie, ever.

“I do like watching you fuck yourself, buzzing your clit, sliding it into your pussy,” I said to the empty room, rubbing my cock faster, feeling it tense as I watched my baby girl.

“I’m not stopping, not till I cum all over it.” And for the next few minutes, I saw her fuck herself every which way with her vibe. It slid into her pussy; it slid out of her pussy; it went in little circles along her clit. And every time she moved, she told güvenilir casino me how good it felt. How she loved it. How she knew I liked it. How she knew that I’d never be able to look at her without thinking of this for a moment.

Then, she began to slam it into her, driving it home. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK,” she began to moan, not stopping until her hips began twitching, her free hand clawing at her comforter. Her orgasm ended slowly, though I think she was drawing it out for my benefit. I can’t say I was complaining. She blew the screen a kiss, then it went to black. I was a little confused. The file had a good five minutes remaining. Maybe she had just forgotten to turn it off or something.

But, just as soon as I was about to close the window, it switched back on. “Sorry Daddy. I needed a rest after that. I came so hard, just for you. But, know what I like even more than fucking myself with a vibrator? I like to stretch my ass out with this,” she said, wiggling the dildo with one hand. “And just my ass. It’s never touched my pussy,” she said, a note of pride in her voice. “Not that I haven’t wanted it to. I call it my Daddy-Dildo,” she said pointedly, looking straight at the camera. I saw the dildo; it was bigger than me, I have to admit, but the whole idea of my daughter fucking her ass, wishing it was me, that turned me on.

“First, I suck on it just a little bit,” she said, then slid the head into her mouth. For about thirty seconds, she gave it the best head I’ve ever watched, way better than any of the sluts in the porn I watch. She swallowed it, inch by inch, licking every tiny bit, covering it in her thick spit, before drawing it out of her mouth, letting me see the look of pleasure on her face as she did so.

“Then, I press it against my little asshole. It hurt a lot the first time. I loved it,” she said, and for the first time since I started watching the video, she blushed. My daughter was a slut for getting fucked in the ass AND into pain, at least a little. Kinky. With that, she turned around, shaking her ass at the camera, before pushing the head against her tight hole. “It’ll take a second,” she warned, then slowly, ever so agonizingly slowly, pushed it in. “Aaaah,” she said, trying to relax as it pressed against her, stretching her tiny asshole wide. Then, with a noticeable “POP!” it slid in.

“Oh Daddy, I feel so full. Is this what it would be like to have your cock in my ass? Would you spank my slutty little ass while you fucked it? Would you leave me unable to sit? Would you make me your little bitch? Will you – ” She stopped, obviously a little uncomfortable with what she was going to say. However, she seemed perfectly comfortable fucking her ass, telling me about how she stayed up at night daydreaming about my cock, how she fingered herself while she thought of sucking my cock. How she wanted to taste my cum. How she wanted to rub it all over her tits. How she wanted to feel it spurting, hot and thick, into her ass. And then I came. I couldn’t help it. I wanted those things. I wanted them so badly I couldn’t stand it. I came hard and fast, squirting all over the monitor. I leaned back in the chair, panting. There were forty seconds left, and I had to watch my daughter fuck her ass through a haze of my cum. The next fifteen seconds or so were just that. Then, she pulled the dildo out, turned her head to the side, and licked it clean of whatever was on it. I couldn’t believe that. That was something reserved for little sluts, and little sluts alone. Smiling, my daughter turned to face the camera. “That was your birthday present, Daddy. I hope you liked it.”

The screen went black, and I could tell that it had ended. It was some present. I sighed, grabbing a Kleenex to wipe myself — and the screen — off. Just then, I heard Jamie’s car in the driveway. She came in, gave me another hug, whispered “Happy Birthday, Daddy” in my ear. I laughed, telling her she needed to get ready for dinner.

“Fine, spoilsport,” she told me, but as she went upstairs to clean up, she turned her head, her long blond hair twisting as she did, and gave me a big wink. “I wonder how I can pass the time until Mom gets home.”

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