A Special Christmas Gift

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Christmas was once again upon the world, the office party season was in full swing, so why did Clark feel detached from the so called sprit of the day? He didn’t get any invitations to parties and when he did ask if someone wanted to go with him the answer was usually. “I already have a date, thanks.” Clark never thought of himself as the most handsom man around, he felt that he was ok in that department. So why couldn’t he find a date? It wasn’t as though he never had any girlfiends, he didat one time or another. Clark sighed quietly and went about his business before he headed home to an empty apartment.

Clark didn’t bother turning on any lights when he opened the door to his apartment after all there were no decorations up, no one else lived with him and once again no Christmas Cards to read. Clark decided that after this year there would be no more spending money on Christmas Cards since no one answered the ones he sent out. Clark missed the holiday feelings that he used to get when he was younger, but those days were gone now, time and his father took care of that but good. Clark’s father took off with a younger woman right at Christmas time a few years ago, now Clark has not spoken to the old man since. Clark went and fixed himself a drink and as he sipped his scotch and water he wondered what his younger sister was doing this year, she was the only one in the family that he talked to these days aand he hadn’t heard from her in a while. About an hour after he got home Clark decided that he would at least go out and get something to eat, so he cleaned himself up and started for the door. The knock on the door startled him ssince he wasn’t expecting anyone. Upon opening the door he was surprised to see his sister standing there in the hallway. “Sis! What are you doing here?” He said with more than mild surprise as he stood aside to let her enter the apartment. “I thought you might like some company that’s all.” She said as she put her bag on the floor and gave her brother a kiss in the cheek.

Clark’s sister Cindy was younger than him by several years and dispite the age difference they always managed to get along well. Cindy stood about 5’5″ and weighed about 100 lbs. Clark always thought that she was quite attractive with her long blonde hair down to her shoulders and her sharp blue eyes that always seemed to shine where ever she went. “To bad she’s my sister.” Clark thought to himself. “I wouldn’t mind getting into her pants if I had the chance.” Cindy broke Clark’s train of thought. “Why aren’t you at the office Christmas party?” Clark just shrugged his shoulders as he told her that he had no date for the party. “I’d feel out of place sis.” Cindy decided to take matters into her own hands. “Give me a few minutes to change and you can take me to the party how does that sound?” she said with a grin. Clark shook his head laughing. “You’re kidding me right? I don’t think…” Cindy interupted her brother, “So, we don’t tell them that I’m your sister. I’ll be your mystery date. That should get some of the girls talking about you.” Cindy didn’t wait to hear her brother’s reply she headed for his room to change. Clark stood in the middle of his apartment and shook his head in disbelief. At least Christmas would be a lot livelier this year.

It took Cindy 20 minutes to change from her traveling clothes into something she would wear to the party. She looked in the mirror as she smoothed out the dress she put on and knew that the dress really showed her 33-23-36 figure off real well. Cindy really liked the plunging neck line that really showed off her cleavage. “Clark will get a kick out of this dress when he sees it.” She said to herself. Cindy made up her mind not to let her brother see the dress till they got to the party. Just before she put her long winter coat on she decided to take her bra off. “I don’t think I’m going to need it tonight.” She said as she went out to where Clark waited for her. “I’m ready Clark, lets get to the party.” Cindy said as she took his arm and off they went to a very special night.

The party was just warming up when sarıyer escort Clark and Cindy arrived, and from the looks that came their way there was no doubt that many of the guests were surprised to see Clark at the party. The first to great the couple was the big boss man. Mr. Pinks. “Who’s the young lady Clark?” He said with a slight slur generated by a few drinks. “Where have you been keeping her?” Just as Clark was about to introduce his sister, Cindy interupted by saying, “Hi, I’m Cindy, Clark’s date. I told him that I had never been to an office party before so here we are.” Mr.Pinks had a big smile on his face and asked Cindy how she managed to get Clark to show up. “I wasn’t sure if Clark liked us.” He winked and laughed at his own joke. Cindy took hold of Clark’s arm and told Mr. Pinks. “It was easy.I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.” As they walked over to the coat check Clark nudged his sister and said, “What offer? I don’t recall any offer.” Cindy din’t repspond, she just removed her coat giving Clark a real good look at what she was wearing. “Dam, Cindy, where did you get that little number?” He asked quiet surprise. Cindy was wearing a red satin dress that stopped short of her kness and it appeared as though the dress had been molded to her body. Cindy looked at her brother and said, “Do you like my dress? I just bought a few days ago.” Clark shook his head as if he were trying to clear the cobwebs from his mind. “Hell yes! I like the dress Cindy, but why are you wearing it here?” Cindy took Clark’s arm laughed and said.”Don’t worry about a thing big brother, let me take care of you. Now, lets go find something to drink. The eyes of a lot of women followed Cindy and Clark as they moved towards the bar and Cindy was well aware of the reactions she was creating. “Eat your hearts out, he’s mine.” She said to herself, aloud she said “Remember Clark the first dance is mine. They found a empty table where Cindy took the chair closest to Clark and practically sat on his lap. Clark was surprised by the closeness of his sister. “What are you doing Cindy?” He asked whispering in her ear. “Just doing my part to help you out Clark. The girls are already wondering how you wound up with a girlfriend like me.”

The drinks must have been hitting Clark harder than he thought since he found his arm around his sister’s waist holding her close, much closer than a brother and sister should be. “Hot dam, does she look good.” He thought as he finished another drink. Clark leaned close to his sister and said, “Care to dance?” Cindy didn’t hesitate to take his hand and lead the way to the dance area. By the time they reached the dance floor the tempo slowed. Clark looked at his sister and said. “Sorry, the records changed, we’ll catch the next one.” Cindy didn’t listen to her brother, she just took his hand and told Clark, “Don’t worry, just dance.” As they swayed to the music Clark caught the scent of Cindy’s perfume and he liked it. “Nice Perfume you have on.” He told her as their bodies moved closer together. Cindy said nothing. Clark moved his hands up and down Cindy’s back until he gently gripped her butt cheeks. “She has a firm ass that’s for sure.” He told himself, aloud he said, “You never looked more beautiful Cindy.” Cindy looked into her brother’s eyes and said, “Why thank you, kind sir that’s nice of you to say.” The song ended and as they headed back towards the table Cindy pointed over their heads. “Look, misletoe! How about gving me a Christmas kiss?” She said as she turned her face to meet the expected kiss. Clark didn’t see anything wrong with the idea and kissed her full on the lips. Cindy welcomed the kiss and was more than willing to let her brother’s tongue enter her mouth. Clark let his hands move over Cindy’s ass and she made no objections. When they finally came up for air Clark told his sister. “That was some kiss kiddo.” Cindy keeping her arms around her brother’s neck replied, “You’ve got a great kiss too big brother.” As Cindy pulled her brother’s face to her’s for more kisses she felt esenyurt escort him resist. “Relax Clark, it’s all part of the show, now put your hand back on my ass and kiss me some more.” Clark did as his sister directed and in between kisses he managed to say, “God, sis, you really have a firm ass did you know that?” By now Clark’s hands were practically under her dress. Cindy laughed as they broke off kissing and moved toward their table hand in hand. “I’m so glad you noticed Clark, I bet you left your finger prints all over my ass.” Clark blushed. “Sorry, sis I got carried away.” Cindy pushed her brother ont his chair and then sat on his lap her arms around his neck giving him a really good look at her pert breasts. “If I had minded would I be sitting on your lap now?” Cindy said in husky voice. Clark couldn’t resist looking down at his sister’s breasts. He was mesmerized by the way they pressed against the material of the dress as Cindy breathed. “No, I guess not.” Clark said after finding his voice again. He also had another drink. The situation was becoming very discomfiting to him, after all this was his sister. Cindy could see that her brother was trying his best to sneak a touch of her breasts so she guided one of his hands to her breast. “Doesn’t that feel better now that you got that out of the way Clark?” She asked moving her body even closer to her brother’s. Clark let his hand move slowly over Cindy’s breast enjoying the firmness. “You know Cindy,” Clark said in a horse voice, “your’re breast feel so firm.” As he moved his hand around her firm breast, he pulled the front of her dress away from her breasts just enough to see her nipples. Cindy let out a soft sigh as Clark groaned, “And they are so beautiful, that I want to take them out and kiss them.” Cindy pulled Clark’s face close to hers and kissed him. “Is there someplace special for us to go to Clark? I want to give you your Christmas gift.” She declared sounding as eager as her brother did. Clark informed her that they could go to his office if she wanted. Cindy took her brother by the hand and headed for his office. Once there Cindy made sure that the door was locked. Then turning to her brother she said. “Would you like to open your gift now or wait till we get home?” Clark didn’t see any gift and said so. Cindy moved toward her brother, her hands moving over her body and said, “I believe that I’ll let you open your gift now.” Cindy then twirled around and told her brother to, “Un zip my zipper would you honey?” Clark groped with the zipper for only an instant, once he had the dress unzipped Cindy let it fall to the floor. Cindy was now entirely naked other than her g-string panties. “Merry Christmas Clark, I hope you like your gift.” For once in his life Clark was dumbstruck. Cindy moved to where Clark stood and started to remove his tie and unbutton his shirt. “What are you doing Cindy? Are you crazy?” He questioned his sister even though he didn’t resist his sister’s overtures. “Oh come on Clark, remember when we used to play doctor?” Clark just nodded his head as his shirt disappeared. Cindy went on, “You must have pondered what it would be like to see me in the nude.” Again Clark just nodded his head. “I betyou even wondered what it might be like to make love to me.” Clark nodded his head as his pants wound up on the floor. “Don’t you get it honey? I’ve felt the same way too.” Cindy made sure that her brother’s underpants went to the floor along with his pants. Cindy leered at her brother’s swollen cock. “Hum, Nice cock you have there big brother.” Clark murmured softly as Cindy tickled the tip of his cock with her fingers, then he grabbed her and pulled her close locking his lips to hers and his fingers dug into her quivering buttocks. “Oh. Cindy, I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” Clark grunted as his sister ground herself against his crotch. “So have I honey, so have I.” Cindy replied with a long hard kiss.

Clark and Cindy wound up on the carpeted floor of his office, Clark put his finger into the waist band of Cindy’s g-string and moved it down off avrupa yakası escort of her hips. Cindy lifted her hips off of the floor and with a sigh she told Clark. “Merry Christmas, big brother. I hope you like your gift.” Clark’s only answer was to nibble on one of his sister’s nipples. Cindy let out a moan of delight as she squirmed against Clark’s body. “Mmm,Yes Clark, suck my breasts a little harder.” Cindy said with erotic delight. Clark moved his tongue all over his sister’s body and each spot he touched it seemed to elicit more moans of pleasure from Cindy. Clark moved his face between his sister’s legs and slowly kissed and licked her inner thighs. Cindy spread her legs apart further just so Clark could move his head with ease while he kissed her thighs. Cindy graped Clark’s head and moved it to her aching pussy. “Clark, I don’t want to wait any longer.” Clark hurried to obey his sister’s command. “You know, you have one beautiful body.” He told her as he put his tongue into his sister’s moist pussy. Clark felt his sister’s body buck as his tongue touched her clit and he heard her say.

“I’m glad that you think so!” She then let out a lound groan as an orgasmic spasim passed through her body. “Hurry Clark! I’m cumming!” Clark felt his sister’s body go stiff, a loud moan escaped from her as she reached her climax. While Cindy’s body bucked and shuddered Clark flicked his tongue as fast as he could and even when she was finished he continued to lap at her soaked pussy. “Honey, you taste just as good as you look.” He told his sister as he moved his body over hers. Cindy smiled as she reached out to guide her brother’s cock to her waiting pussy. “Yes!” She thought. “This was going to be a very good Christmas after all.” Clark hesitated for only a moment,then he pushed his cock into Cindy’s pussy. He loved the feel of his cock being inside his sister’s warm pussy. He loved the feel of her muscles grasping at his cock as he slid it in and out of her. “Oh my darling! This feels so good!” He grunted as he pumped his cock harder and harder. For Clark it seemed to be over before it began, he shuddered as his cock started spurting it’s sperm into Cindy. He could feel his sister digging her fingers into his buttocks pulling him to her with each spasim that went through him. As he collapsed ontop of his sister he whispered in her ear. “Merry Christmas honey.” Cindy responded with the same complement. They laid together on the floor for a few moments exchanging kisses and terms of endearments before Cindy sat up as said, “I think we should get back to the party don’t you?” Clark only nodded his head in agreement, he was still in shock knowing that he and his sister just made love to each other in his office. Once dressed they headed back to the party where it appeared that they weren’t missed.

The rest of the night was a blur for Clark. One minute he was dancing with his sister, the next they would be off in a corner exploring each other with their hands and tongues. Clark had a vague memory of another woman who had joined them for a while but like a whisp of smoke she was gone in a moment. Clark whispered to his sister. “Listen, Cindy, I really think we should go don’t you?” A squeeze of hand told him that she agreed. They quickly got their coats and headed home. Once in the door of Clark’s apartment it didn’t take either of them long to get undressed and into bed. Cindy proved to be an eager and insatiable lover. They did eventually fall asleep. Clark felt a hand shake him awake, he felt as if the night before had been a dream. When he opened his eyes he saw his sister standing by the bed, she was totally naked. Clark closed his eyes for a moment and thought. “It wasn’t a dream after all.” He did hear Cindy tell him to get up. “We have company coming in a little while honey?” Did he hear right? “Did you say company?” Cindy replied, “Don’t you remember that cute girl Lois?” Clark couldn’t think for a moment. “You had your hands all over her last night.” She went on with a grin. “You had us share a kiss or two as well.” Stunned Clark said, “I don’t remember, I thought it was you the whole time.” Cindy laughed softly. “Don’t worry honey I’m not mad,I’m happy for the both of us. This is going to be our best Christmas ever.” The two kissed for a long while before hitting the shower. “Think of Lois as and extra present.” Cindy told her brother. “Merry Christmas to all lovers out there.”

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