A Small Apartment vs. A Hot Mother Ch. 01

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Samuel’s tale

All characters are over 18+


Hello, whomever might be reading this. My name is Samuel Goodwater, I’m eighteen and this is my story about how I fucked my mother and my slutty stepmother and a few of my mother’s neighbors. Now, I know, whoever finds this might find this, may be a little grossed out or annoyed at me or just down right despise me. Yet this is the truth as best as I can recall. You have to understand this all happened so fast I might have missed a few details.

“You’re moving in with your mother and that’s final!” My father said angrily as he stood in my doorway. I knew this was because of his new wife, she and I never really got along. I felt she was to in it for the money my father was making, and also, because I’ve caught the numerous times strange men fled our home. I’ve told my father of this, yet when it came to my stepmother he was blind, deaf and stupid. Little did she know my father wasn’t stupid no matter how much he acted like it. He knew if she did she would get nothing from the divorce.

“Why?!” I asked for the thousandth time.

“Because I say so!” My father said as if that was the end all be all way to end an argument, “If you don’t then you can forget about me paying for that damn college you just had to get accepted into,” he threatened. I just sat there with my jaw hanging open. I just couldn’t believe my father would just used my quest for higher learning against me, and after everything I’ve done to help him in his business. That he would treat his own son as he did like the employees at his law firm. “I don’t see why you have to be difficult Samuel? It’s only for the summer until you go to college. I’m sure the months will fly by before you know it. Now I except your bags to be packed in an hour,” he said closing my bedroom door behind him.

“Oh, is little Sammy going somewhere?!” Melody–my stepmother–said sarcastically behind me as I packed my bags. I knew the only thing I could take were my clothes due to the size of my mother’s apartment. She would never tell me why she chose to live there, yet it wasn’t until I found the papers of their divorce in my fathers study a few years ago about how he had screwed her out of paying alimony. However, if I remembered correctly that would all go away should I go reside with her. How a wicked smile spread across my lips at the thought of my father having to part with his much coveted dollars. “Hey I’m talking to you!” Melody’s nagging voice shrieked behind me.

“Why are you even here? Thinking of turning my room into one of your sex rooms for those men that flee the moment they cum in that wrung out cunt of yours?!” I anticipated the slap and I wasn’t disappointed either. I rolled my tongue along my stinging cheek as my stepmother narrowed her eyes dangerously. Now I wasn’t one to hit a woman ever, but she made it very tempting to break that vow.

“Dont you ever speak to me like that!” Melody seethed. Her chest heaved showing off those perfectly fake breasts of hers. “I’m your stepmother! You should treat me as such!” she said with authority.

“Oh, how shall I speak to you whore?” Again another slap which again I wasn’t surprised by. I knew everything about her was fake: her tits, her lips, her flat stomach, her personality. That was all because of my father well except the personality that was all her. I looked to my closed bedroom door. I knew given the size of the house, and how my father’s study was nearly sound proof–which he was constantly in when he was home–has never once heard our yelling matches. “When you stop spreading your legs to every man in town then I might, and I say might speak to you in such a manner; or you could just drop to your knees and suck my cock like you did for the neighbor two days ago,” I said matching her gaze. We have had this constant battle going on between us for the past three years. Now it would seem Melody just couldn’t resist rubbing it in. “Wait. Strike that. I’m not going to give you that pleasure. You’ll go to your grave knowing at least one man in this town never had his cock between your lips,” I said smugly. Now I might not have all that great experience with sex seeing how I’ve dedicated my teenage years of getting away from my overbearing father and his whorish wife. I did, however, know what a blow job felt like but that’s as far as I ever got.

I just stood there waiting for her answer. Yet all Melody could do is glance from my face down to my cock. If I had to guess the woman was seriously thinking about stuffing her mouth with my cock.

“Hmph!” Melody snorted in annoyance.

“What surprised by the fact that someone doesn’t want to shove their dick up that cunt of yours?” I asked as she opened the door.

“I wouldn’t suck that tiny cock if it was the last one on earth!” Melody growled as she peered over her left shoulder.

“Tiny?!” I asked. Well, I normally don’t go around whipping out my cock to everyone. Yet I made a special case for her. I knew when I hit puberty that my cock wasn’t normal. kadıköy escort Not that I’m complaining. A eight inch cock does turn some heads, if you know what I mean. “Now you tell me if this is tiny,” I said thrusting my zipper open. I so was enjoying this as I reached in, taking my semi-hard cock in hand and presenting that growing rod to her. “Look all you want you’ll never taste this cock,” I tanuted as I stroked it to it’s fullest. I watched as her eyes went wide in shock. The way she licked her lips as she watched my cock twitch. I mean Melody does have a body that would make any man hard. But to me well I truly had no desire to fuck her. So when I say this you’ll understand. In an instant Melody was on my cock sucking it down like it was her lifeline. I stood there in shock I didn’t really think she would call my bluff.

I just stood there my mind just wouldn’t function as my stepmother slurped on my cock. The way her lips wrapped around my shaft. The way her tongue teased my head as she sucked on the tip. To the noise of her own sex as she played with herself as she took my cock to its root.

“Well, fuck,” I said to myself as those green eyes of hers looked up at me as her cheeks sucked in. “That’s not how you suck a cock,” I said taking the back of her head. I thought well since it’s already in there might as well make good use of it. If I had to guess as I facefucked my stepmother. She was getting off on me shoving my cock down her throat. The way those eyes pleaded with me for more. How her high pitched squeal resounded from around my cock. I knew that sound anywhere she had just came. “What a dirty woman you are getting off with your stepson’s cock deep in your throat,” I said smiling wickedly. Yet I didn’t give her time to answer as I rapidly thrust my rod in and out of that mouth of hers. God. The look in her eyes as my hard member filled that mouth of hers. I knew without a doubt she wanted me to bend her over and stick my cock up her hot wet cunt. Yet she might have called my bluff about sucking my cock, that didn’t necessarily mean I was going to fuck her.

“You’re just a little slut sucking my cock like that, aren’t you?” I asked devilishly. I nearly blew my load as she nodded on my rod. “You want to drink down your stepson’s hot cum?”

“Mmmhmm.” Melody voiced her agreement.

“Well, your wish is about to be granted,” I groaned as I held her head as my cock poked the back of her mouth. The squeal I heard coming from her as I erupted. How my lips curved into a cruel smile as she gagged on my cum. Yet I didn’t see anger in those eyes of hers as my cock left her lips. I saw the hunger in those green eyes as her fingers left her wet spent cunt.

“Samuel, why didn’t you tell me you had such a big cock?!” Melody pouted at the lost time she had missed out on being fuck by it. “I know I haven’t been good to you but come on and fuck me! I know you want to,” she said her hand working my cock trying to get it up again.

“Samuel, it’s time to go!” My father called out saving me the trouble of having to tell her to fuck off. While her mouth felt fantastic engulfing my cock, I so wasn’t about to fuck her. Little did I know what would happen weeks later that would force my hand.

“Well, I do hope my cock haunts your dreams,” I laughed maniacally as I left her on her knees.

Now I know I haven’t described my father or my stepmother. I thought it was best to give you a quick rundown of what had transpired to cause me to move into my mother’s place. Now my mother is what you would call a loner mostly. If she wasn’t at her catering job that she had start from the ground up, or at the gym she always used. Then she was at her apartment which I normally visited when I had the time. So I knew how tight it was going to be for us. My mother always told me she enjoyed working out and how she looked. Although, I knew she did enjoy the looks men gave her. She didn’t do it so much to get attention more so for her own confidence. Being at the age of thirty-six having given birth to me at eighteen, no one would think she was a mother given how fit she was. My father liked his women young, given my stepmother’s age compared to my father’s that was pretty evident. When my mother hit thirty-three my father gave her the boot and brought in a much younger twenty-eight-year old woman. How my mother nearly took my father’s head off. Not that I can blame her. I think any woman would do that.

You see since my parents separated, we have always talked everyday mostly at night, however, we would always text during the day. So me and my mother had a stable relationship compared to my father. While her place was small, I was kind of glad of being out of that house. I knew at this time of the day my mother would be sunbathing at the community pool that the whole complex took part in maintaining. I always did enjoy the summers there; and what eighteen-year-old guy wouldn’t give to have every single forty something üsküdar escort women chasing after you, hmm? Now you can lie to me all you want, but I know the truth. You whomever you are would so whip out your cock at that age just at the hint of a blow job. Hey, I’m not judging you. As you will see that’s the exact same thing I did. So as I was saying, I was excited as my father’s Mercedes’s rolled to a stop. There she was Ms. Pasternak. God. The times if jacked off to that woman: thinking of her lips, her enormous tits, those wet pussy lips wrapped around my cock. I could already feel myself growing hard as I grabbed my bags from the trunk as my eyes fell upon her as she sunbathed at the far end of the pool. How her pink top strained to contain those voluptuous beasts.

Then there was my mother–her name is Maurice Henderson–basking in the sun in her red two piece suit. Who reclined on the lounger next to Ms. Pasternak. While my mother’s breasts might have been dwarfed by the woman next to her. They weren’t anything to balk at either. Once I had found my mother hanging up her delicate’s to dry, being the nosy preteen I found out my mother was a 32C cup. In my opinion they were and are the perfect size. Not too big to be wasteful and not too small to leave a man wanting, but that’s just me though. My mother rose leaning on her arm at the sound of the trunk closing.

“Sammy!” My mother squealed in joy jumping up from her seat, the gate to the pool banging behind her as those tone legs of hers propelled her forward.

“Hmph!” I groaned as my mother threw herself at me. “Hi, mom,” I said hugging her the best I could with my loaded down arms.

“Maurice, we’ll discuss that tomorrow,” my father said sticking his head out the window of his car.

“Whatever Dick.” I kept my chuckle to myself at the nickname for Richard. Me and my mother knew how much he hated it, given how his greying eyebrow twitched. “You can leave,” she said waving him off. “I finally get you all to myself,” my mother cooed pulling me once again into a warm hug as my father drove away. I had to pivot my hips away from her, so she wouldn’t feel my growing bulge, or so I hoped. It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I learned why my mother had chosen to live in that apartment complex. The company that oversaw it made it for women only, they occasionally made the exception for a gay man, but it was mainly for women. It was their hope that catering only to female cliental. That the women living there would feel safe and secure. However, they were okay with the children of said residents living with them too. So now you know why I normally walked around with a hard-on while I lived there. “Come. Let’s get you settled,” my mother said smiling warmly at me. My mother had this genuine smile that could melt anyone’s cold heart. Those lush lips of hers had been many of my friends wet dreams. They constantly told me about it whether or not I wanted to hear about it. Her honey brown hair glistened the warm sunlight. Those caring brown eyes of hers could always ease away my sorrows.

“Hello Sam,” Ms. Pasternak said lewdly as she leaned over the waist high fence that surrounded the pool as my mother lead me to her apartment. My eyes couldn’t look away as she gave me a preview of how my cock would look like gliding through those soft mounds of pillowy flesh. Her hazel eyes dipped low noticing my ever growing bulge. “I heard you’d be moving in. I do love having a man beneath me,” she said winking at me, sucking on her lower lip as she saw my cock twitched at her remark.

“It’s good to see you again Ms. Pasternak,” I said which I genuinely was pleased to see her. I mean who wouldn’t be when a hot ass woman is just presenting herself like that.

“How many times do I have to say it young man,” she said in a tsk tsk voice, “to call me Joan,” she said her hazel eyes flashed mischievously. “Mmm…I think something is needing your attention,” Joan said pointing at the tent in my shorts, “or if you like,” she said looking to her left as my mother neared her apartment door. “I’d be more than happy to take care of it for you,” Joan said wantonly tugging on the bikini string of her top causing her right breast to jingle.

“Sammy! Come on!” my mother called out to me. I just couldn’t understand why my tongue was tied when Joan was all the more than willing to suck me off. How I berated myself in my head as I walked into my mother’s apartment. “Well, I know there’s not much space, but why don’t you set your stuff down and come join us for a swim,” my mother said, pointing to the space between the couch and the wall where I could store my things.

“Sure!” I replied a little bit to eagerly causing my mother to arch an eyebrow.

“Well, don’t take too long, or we might start without you,” my mother said as she closed the door. I tossed my bags onto the couch, dug through the contents for my swim trunks. While I might not have the bulk of a weightlifter. I do, however, have a well-defined body due to the tuzla escort years I played lacrosse. Though I did stop playing for my school this year to focus on my grades. Yet I kept up the workout I normally did when I played. However, as I looked down, I knew I had to take care of something first. Dashing into my mother’s bathroom, kicking off my tennis shoes, sighing as my shorts and underwear fell to my ankles. I know most people don’t do this, but as my cock throbbed painfully, I just couldn’t wait any longer. There I stood at my mother’s sink jerking off thinking of Joan servicing my rod, me standing behind her thrusting into that hot mound as she leaned over the fence. So there I was stroking my cock, my pre-cum dribbling out from my head as I thought about those sweet folds. When all of the sudden the bathroom door flings open.

“Samuel!” my mother screeched beside me. To my horror that was the same moment I was nearing my orgasm.

“Mom!” I yelped in surprise, yet what happened next would forever be engrained into my mind. I watched as my spunk shot forth splattering across my mother’s breasts and her stomach.

“Oh god! Oh god!” my mother said frantically staring down at her cum covered body and to my deflating cock. “I’m so sorry!” she said slamming the door closed as the remainder of my cum dripped down onto the floor.

“Fuck! What just happened?!” I asked myself as I cleaned off my cock and put on my swim trunks. “You just came on your mom’s tits that’s what idiot. Why didn’t you lock the door, moron!” my inner self growled in my head. Yet the sight of my mother covered in my sperm wouldn’t leave my mind. I could feel my rod starting to stiffen once again at the thought. “Dude! That’s your mom!” my inner light screamed at me. “But did you see her?! She was so hot covered in our spunk!” my little demon said overpowering my common sense.

“Mom?!” I called out as I stuck my head out of the bathroom. The door to her room was open, it seemed no one was in the apartment. I released a sigh at least I didn’t have to have that conversation yet. But I knew it would be coming. Sighing once again as I adjusted myself before opening the apartment door.

“Oh, come to join us Sammy?” Joan asked her tongue ran along her upper lip. I glanced over at my mother who looked away red faced. She still had the same suit on, yet I could tell were my cum had landed. To me it kind of looked like she ran a finger through the spots that marred her top instead of a towel or something. God. Why couldn’t I get my mother’s image out of my head? I knew I had to as I felt myself starting to stiffen.

“Yeah, I thought I take a dip before lunch,” I said smiling at Joan.

“Good. Then you wouldn’t mind applying some suntan lotion to my back?” Joan asked as she rolled over. I could feel my rod growing down my leg as her breasts were squeezed out of the sides of her top as she rested face down on the lounger. “Now you make sure you apply a good layer onto me,” Joan said handing me the bottle with her left and while her right untied her top. The bottle nearly jetted out of my hand as Joan had sneakily stuck her hand up my short’s leg. I swallowed hard as her hand wrapped around my shaft as I applied the lotion to her back. I couldn’t believe it. Joan was essentially jacking me off in front of my mother. If she knew what was going on, she didn’t show it. Then again, the dark sunglasses she was wearing made it hard for me to see her eyes. When I was done with her back Joan directed me to do the same to her legs and her ass. “Now don’t you forget those thighs need some lotion too,” Joan said dropping her in your face innuendo, all the while her hand was quickly becoming coated in my pre-cum. It took all my will not to lose my load right then and there. Yet as I looked up, I saw my mother looking at the movement in my shorts before quickly looking away.

“T-there all done,” I said as best as I could with Joan’s hand firmly squeezing my cock, giving her ass one last squeeze. At that point I didn’t care if my mother saw it. I was at the point of no return and my cum was threatening to tip me over.

“Shame and I was starting to enjoy it,” Joan said smirking at me.

“Sam…honey you wouldn’t mind doing the same for me, would you?” my mother asked as Joan slid her hand out of my shorts. “I don’t want to burn in this heat,” she said as I tried to steady my voice.

“S-sure Mom,” I said nodding. I wondered what else could happen today: first it was me facefucking my stepmother, then it was me cumming all over my mother’s chest, now being jacked off in front of my mother. “Why don’t you go ahead and get comfortable,” I told her as my Adams Apple bobbed as I watched as Joan licked her hand clean.

“We have to do this again Sam,” Joan said rolling slightly to her right exposing her left breast to me. In all my horny years I never seen something so glorious at that moment then Joan’s tit. The tit I have dreamt about, masturbated to, done numerous dirty things to in my mind. Now after so long I finally got to see it in its full glory. “However, next time how about something more hot and wet wrapped around it, hmm?” Joan asked whispering low. How those hazel eyes flared like a panther stalking its prey as my cock lurched at the idea. “Excellent. I can’t wait,” she said smiling devilishly as I reached for the bottle of lotion.

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