A Shower Scene

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With eyes tightly closed, she raised her face into the warm water spraying from the shower head. She ran her fingers thru her flowing hair, soaking it thoroughly. Taking a step back, allowing the water to cascade over her voluptuous body, she worked a generous handful of shampoo into a thick lather. For several minutes her fingertips massaged her scalp as luxurious bubbles slowly traveled down her face and body. She welcomed the calming effect of the process, enjoying the sensations of the bubbles trailing down her back and over her derriere. Reluctantly she stepped toward the shower head, tilting her head back. Suddenly there was no water pressure. Alarmed, she reached for the handles. Keeping her eyes shut against the blinding bubbles covering her face, she groped the wall.

CLICK! She felt cool metal on her left wrist. Instinctively, she brought her right hand to it. CLICK! She realized her mistake immediately. She was handcuffed to the plumbing. Why did she have to go with a wall bar shower?

She tried to calm herself. She had told her husband she wanted to spice things up, she just wasn’t expecting anything so soon. His reaction when she had brought it up was anything but positive. She decided to play along, not wanting to discourage him. She dared not open pendik escort her eyes, it would be pointless anyways. The shampoo on her face would just burn her eyes and there was no water to rinse them. She grabbed the wall bar and waited. She sensed someone behind her, then there were hands on her hips. Powerful, calloused hands pulled her backwards, forcing her to lean forward. Her shackled wrist making it impossible to stand up straight. She felt naked skin against her ass, the swollen head of a semi-erect cock brushing against her inner thighs. She moved her thighs together, squeezing his manhood between them. It was becoming more erect, pushing up against her swollen, dripping pussy. She had never felt him so hard, she was grinding against it, desperately trying to line it up, she needed to feel it inside of her.

Damn, she had never wanted to be fucked as badly as she did right now. She let out a gasp as the head entered her, she was so glad he had warmed up to the idea so quickly. Her heart was racing, her cunt clenched down on the male member easing into her. She was filled with his raging hardness, she was waiting to feel his scrotum slap against her, but there was just more cock. THIS WAS NOT HER HUSBAND! She took a step şerifali escort forward, but the massive cock was still inside her. Those strong hands, still gripping her hips, easily pulled her back across the slippery shower floor. That gloriously huge penis stuffing her, slamming against her cervix. Orgasms wracked her body as he thrusted into her again. Throwing her head from side to side, she tried to clear the shampoo lather from her face but to no avail. She thought to scream but all that came out was a low guttural moan. He continued his steady rhythm, ravishing her pussy. She lost count of her orgasms, she surrendered herself to him, she was his to use as he desired.

He pulled out of her. She heard the snap of a plastic cap. She jumped slightly when the cool lube ran down the crack of her ass. She loved the feeling of her butt plug in her, but it was small compared to this mystery monster. She relaxed, allowing a well lubed finger to probe her anus. It was joined by a second and then a third. Stretching her, lubing her, it felt so good that she came again. She heard the snap of the cap again, followed by the sound of a plastic bottle hitting the shower floor. The tip of his penis, generously lubed, slowly entered her ass. silivri escort She widened her stance to accommodate him, the hands were back on her hips guiding her. He starting fucking her, never pulling out, thrusting deeper with every stroke. She was cumming again, her warm juices trickling down her thighs. His pace increased, his grip tightened, and with a loud grunt and a final thrust he filled her ass with an explosive orgasm.

Without a word he withdrew his softening penis from her. No longer having the strength in her quivering legs to stand, she dropped to her knees. Her hands were still shackled to the wall bar, preventing her from collapsing on the shower floor. She was just about to risk opening her eyes when the water pressure returned. It was cool at first, but warmed quickly and she turned her face into the spray. She remained there allowing the water to wash the shampoo from her hair, face, and body. Finally, she opened her eyes. Hanging from the wall bar shower was a small key on a chain. She stood slowly, and released her hands from the cuffs. Now that her hands were free, she rinsed the shampoo from her completely. His cum was dribbling from her ass. She could feel the water washing it down her legs, she watched it swirl slowly down the drain in thick strings.

Finishing her shower, she noticed the bottle of lube on the shower floor. She picked it up, placing it in the top shelf of the shower caddy. Next she hung the handcuffs from the shower bar, next to the key. With a sensual smile of satisfaction, she stepped from the shower and wrapped herself in a towel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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