A Pleasant Surprise

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My name is Jack and I am 19 years old. My 23 year old friend Mimi came to my house to spend a weekend and her 44 year old mother Mary came to spend some time with my parents. The following occurs during that time.

I am sitting at my computer and listening to music as I see Mary walk into my bedroom wearing a short t-shirt that just covers her FF breasts and short shorts. My cock twitches at the sight of her enter the room, “Hi Mary” I stammer.

She smiles that sweet smile of hers carrying in her hand a drink of iced tea. “Well hello hun,” she says, as she walks up to me. “I’ve brought you something to drink.”

I take the drink from her “thanks mama” I say as I give her the traditional once over loving how her nipples poke through the material of her shirt revealing the fact that she is not wearing a bra and my cock twitches again

“Oh?” she says with a soft laugh before shaking her head. “And when have you decided to start calling me ‘mama’?” she asks.

“Sorry Mary” I say looking slightly flushed. “I guess it was just a habit to call a woman old enough to be my mother ‘mama'”

“It’s quite alright.” she waves her hand, bending over slightly as she places her hands upon her knees, watching me for a moment or so before straightening up and turning about. “If you need anything more, don’t hesitate to call!” she calls, her hips swaying left and right as she walks to the door.

“Hey Mary” I say stopping her as she reaches the door. “Where did Mimi go off to?” I ask.

She turns about where she is standing, blinking for a moment or so. “She’s taking a bath right now, but I just checked on her, and she’s fallen asleep,” she explains to me.

“Oh” I say looking disappointed. “I was going to ask her if she would mind giving me a neck massage. My neck gets stiff after looking at my computer screen for long periods of time.”-

“Oh! Is that all?” she says with a soft laugh. “If you lay on the bed, I’ll give you one. I do give quite the good massage.”

I perk up at hearing this and my cock does as well. “Really Mary? I wouldn’t want to bother you if you had other things to do”

“I’m not doing anything,” she says, waving her hand. She waits for me to get onto the bed. I lay upon my stomach, and then she lightly sits upon my lower back before starting to massage my neck. She leans forward, causing her enormous breasts to gently press into my back as she continues the massage.

I close my eyes and enjoy the massage she is giving my neck and love the feel of her breasts pressing into my back “Mmm Mary casino oyna that feels so good. Thank you for doing this.”

“Of course, it’s no problem sweetheart,” she says sweetly. Her fingers continue rubbing and kneading my neck, feeling the tension. “Ooooooh you’re so tense hun. You need something that will relax you.”

“You have anything in mind Mary?” my mind racing with things she could mean.

She slowly shakes her head. “I haven’t the slightest idea hun.”

I relax my shoulders and sink into the bed more “Oh” I say slightly disappointed. “You might as well give me a full body massage now that you’re engrossed in massaging my neck.”

“Hahaha.” she laughs, shaking her head once more. “Alright hun. But you’ve gotta strip first. Put on a towel.”

“Ok Mary,” I say and get off the bed and walk to the bathroom. The gym shorts that I am wearing are doing nothing to hide the growing erection I have. I walk to the bathroom strip my clothes off and wrap a towel around my waist and walk back to my room.

When I lay back upon the bed she begins to work upon my shoulders and shoulder blades, then moving down my back, as her breasts continue pressing against my back. “Wow.” she pants softly, wiping sweat from her forehead. “It’s so hot.”

“I agree it is very warm Mary,” I say as I sweat from both the heat in my room and the hotness of the proximity of our bodies. “You can turn the heat down if you’d like. The knob is above my desk”-

“Oh no, it’s alright,” she says, soon stripping away the short shirt she is wearing. “I’ll go get a towel,” she murmurs as she tosses aside the shirt, and gets up from the bed before moving to the bathroom.

I lay on the bed, my cock now painfully hard beneath me as I wait for Mary to get back from the bathroom.

Mary returns, a towel wrapped about both her huge tits and wide hips, although both hardly cover her at all. She mounts my legs, and begins working on my lower back.

I moan as I feel her mount me again and her soft hands running firmly but sensually along my back. “Oh Mary that feels so good.”

“I’m glad,” she says, continuing her massaging. “Although, you seem to be getting quite horny. I had noticed your huge erection when you got up and she grins. “Do I make you horny Jack?”

I blush at the question, “Yes you do Mary. I can’t help it. Your big breasts and wide hips are to die for.”

“Well thank you.” she says, and bends down to run her tongue up and down my back. “You like my tits?” she asks.

I moan as her tongue runs a wet trail up and down canlı casino my back. “Oh yes Mary. They are wonderful.”

Her tongue moves upwards, and she flips me over quickly before kissing me hard upon the mouth, forcefully pressing her tongue into my mouth before she begins grinding her hips against mine.

I am shocked at the kiss but being as horny as I am I melt right into it and push my tongue deep into her mouth and rip the towels from her body as we engage each other in a passionate kiss.

“Oh Jack.” she says, feeling her mother’s milk spurt out onto my chest, as her tits are pressed hard into my chest.

I pull her down to me and kiss her hard on the mouth and run my hands all over her back. Roaming them over the soft flesh of her back and down to her ass where I squeeze gently.

She giggles, always enjoying her ass being squeezed. “Oh yeeeeeaaah.” she moans out. “Would you love to fuck my titties?”

“Would I?!” I exclaim. “I would love to Mary” and I flip her over. I get up so I am kneeling over her chest.

She grins, watching my bulging cock. “Made for my cunt!” she says happily.

I put my cock between her massive tits and it disappears as she pushes her breasts together. I begin pumping my cock between her titties and moan at the softness of her skin. “Using a special moisturizer Mary?”-

“Cum,” she says with another grin. “It keeps the skin so smooth. Now fuck those huge titties hard baby! Ride my tits like a bull!”

I smile at the word ‘cum’ and I begin to fuck her massive breasts harder and faster. The smoothness of her skin has my cock getting even harder.

She feels my hard cock slide between her breasts, unable to see it, although the tip of it pokes out, and she knows that I will cum all over her face. “I want you to shoot your load onto my face.”

“Oh Mary I’d love to see your face covered in my hot cum.” I begin to fuck her titties even faster and soon I feel my load start to build in my balls. “I’m gonna cum soon Mary!!” I tell her.

“Cum baby! Cum all over my face!” she cries, her pussy soaking wet, and dripping with her precum.

I fuck her titties hard a few more times and then I explode shooting my cum onto her face and over the tops of her breasts. “Oh Mary I’m cummming!”

She moans, feeling her pussy start leaking even more. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard Jack!” she yells. “Cum hard into my tight, tight little pussy!

I remove my still hard cock from between her breasts and push it hard into her tight cunt and ram hard and fast in and out of her. “Oh Mary kaçak casino your pussy is surprisingly tight for your age.” I tell her.

“Sex works wonders for me.” she moans, feeling me cram my cock deep and hard into her tight cunt.

“Oh I believe it Mary.” I say between moans and I suck on her tits tasting my leftover cum on them and slap her hips as I continue to fuck her pussy.

“Oh yes! Punish me Jack!” she cries, rocking her hips to slam me harder into her pussy. “Slap my ass! My hips! Whip me hard!”

I flip her over so she’s kneeling on all fours on my bed and I ram hard and fast into her again and again. “Mary I’m going to make you mine.” I say as I slap her ass and hips hard.

“I’m yours baby. I’m yours! Punish my pussy with your hard cock!!” Her tits bounce up and down wildly, slapping her face hard as I fuck her.

I continue to fuck her pussy hard and fast and reach underneath her to fondle her massive breasts pinching and tweaking her nipples. “Mary your pussy is amazing.”

Without a word she starts squirting all over my cock, her pussy clenching it hard. “Sooooon of a bitch! I haven’t orgasmed this hard in years!” she cries, throwing her head back before her top half collapses onto the bed, leaving her hips lifted towards me.

As she squirts her pussy juice all over me I continue pumping my cock in and out of her tight pussy and I feel my load start to build in my balls. “Oh Mary I’m going to cum soon!!”

Suddenly she presses me onto my back, and then jumps up and down on my cock with her tight pussy. “Cum my horny little boy! Cum!” Her tight pussy grips my cock tightly and as she rides me I lose control and shoot my load deep into her welcoming pussy “oh Maryyyy I’m cummmmming!!” I shout.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She moans, feeling my hot cum impregnate her. “If I have a baby I’ll let you and Mimi take care of it” she tells my as I shoot my seed deep inside her.

“You will be involved in this child’s life as much as you were in your own children’s lives” I say as the last of my cum oozes out of my cock and I collapse further into the bed all my energy gone “You sure are a great fuck Mary” I say.

“This will give you some experience.” She says, cuddling up as she falls next to me. “Just for a little while. I’ll always be there for any of my children.” She says.

“You are a great mother and great friend Mary. I’m glad I had the chance to meet your daughter and get to know her as well as I have.” I say as I pull her close to me and kiss her lips gently.

She kisses my back, lightly stroking my head. “You’re going to be a good husband some day,” she says with a smile. “So what do you want to do now?”

“I am exhausted Mary. Let’s just cuddle for a while.” I tell her with a big smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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