A Penny for a Buck Ch. 02

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Originally, I hadn’t thought to make A Penny for a Buck an ongoing story, but a number of people seemed to enjoy the story. So since there is much more to write about, and in thanks to those who left me great feedback, I will continue the story.

* * *

There is nothing like waking up in a strange room with a hangover, but fortunately it was a relatively minor hangover. But my real fortune was Penny, who is the ninety pounds of beautiful redhead lying on top of me.

We has just exchanged our wake-up good mornings and I was quickly going through the previous day’s events in my mind, especially the events of the previous night. The more I thought about it, the more I believed it had to be a dream. I must be locked up in some nut house, strapped to the bed and hallucinating this woman.

Penny for her part, had her hands layered on top of my chest with her chin resting on top of them. Her grey eyes were regarding me and a slight smile quirked her lips. Finally she broke the silence, “You look like you are thinking about saying something really stupid like, ‘Thanks for last night!'”

“Actually, I was trying to figure out if I am having a very vivid hallucination or not. If you are a hallucination, I don’t suppose I would need to thank you.” I thought for a moment or too and finally admitted, “If I figure out you’re real, well, I might have said something that stupid.”

“Would a hallucination do this?” she said moving one hand downward. I could feel myself hardening in anticipation of her hand’s destination. I felt her hand on my side, and then my hip and then felt her give me a hard pinch.

“Hey, that hurt!” I yelped. I half jumped out of the bed, but somehow Penny managed to hold on.

“What were you expecting? Hallucinations give hand jobs, real women pinch you back to reality. And last night was very, very real!”

“About last night…” I stated, but was having trouble asking the question. “What… er, why? I’ve never done something like that, picking up a girl in a bar. Then the sex. Great sex, don’t get me wrong, but I just… Well, it’s just not me… It was me, but… Why would you… you know want me?”

Eventually she took pity on me and pulled my face toward her and gave me a very soft tender kiss. “Silly boy, I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you.”

“You mean when I was lying on the floor looking up your skirt?”

“You were looking up my skirt! You lech!”

“Oh wait, that was the second time, the first would have been when you scared me so bad I ended up on the floor!”

She smiled at me. I saw the smile fade a bit and she turned her head and rested her cheek against my chest and wrapped her arms and legs around me in a full body hug. I heard her start talking very softly, “The first time I saw you was seven years ago. It was my eighteenth birthday and my father finally allowed me to stay in the bar after the dinner crowd left. I was sitting in the back with a couple of my friends. I was really excited because not only was it my birthday, not only did I get to stay in the bar, but I would finally get to see a mug presentation.”

“My father had been talking about it for two weeks, making sure I got the mug just right since it was for an extra special customer. A customer that he’d talked about a number of times. ‘He’s a good kid, but always seems to be alone, even when other’s are around,’ my father said. ‘He’s also smart as a tack, but he wouldn’t know if a girl was interested in him even if she spilled herself naked onto his lap!'”

“Anyway, every time the door to the bar would open, I’d take a peek to see who it was. I would then glance to my father who would shake his head slightly. After a couple of hours, I had given up paying attention to people coming in and was chatting with my friends. We were laughing about something when the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I heard the faint tinkling of casino oyna the bell on the door ringing and turned in time to see a man ducking in through the door.”

She pulled me a bit closer before continuing, “He looked so sad standing there in the doorway. I still don’t know why I thought that, since his face seemed calm and his posture was proud, but not strutting like a lot of men do. I could see him scanning the bar as his friends followed him through the door. He was looking toward the bar and he watched until my father noticed him. Even over the noise of the bar I could hear by father call out something to him. Whatever my father had said must have been good news because the man’s face split into a hearty smile.”

“When I saw him smile I was… Well, let’s just say that my friends gave me a hard time for a month about the look on my face. He was just so big. Not just tall and broad-shouldered, but like he was even bigger than he looked, he seemed sure of himself, but not smug. Anyway, when the man sat with his friends at the bar, my father reached under the bar and pulled out a box. I gasped when I realized that this must be who the mug was for. I was squirming in the booth I was so excited.”

Her voice suddenly grew somber as she continued, “I can still remember the hoots and laughter when the mug was revealed. I was crushed. It was my favorite, and one I worked on the hardest, but everyone was laughing! Well, everyone except my dad. My dad and you, Buck.”

I felt bead of moisture running down my chest, and realized Penny was crying. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly to me. She gave me a squeeze as well. I started caressing her hair while I waited for her to compose herself.

I felt another tear drop, but Penny starting talking again, “I didn’t know what to make of the expression that was on your face, but whatever my father said to you next made all the difference. From across the bar, and over the laughter, I couldn’t hear what you said. I could tell your lips made the words, ‘It’s perfect’ before you reached over the bar and lifted my father up in a bear hug.”

Penny gave a bit of a giggle, but the tears kept dripping. “I don’t think anyone had lifted my father off the ground since he was ten, and you did it leaning across the bar! I watched for a while longer, but the laughter still hurt. I couldn’t hear the jokes, but when someone holds their fingers an inch apart and starts laughing, you don’t really have to. I could also tell that the laughs and jokes hurt you, even though you smiled through it. The only time the smile looked genuine was when you looked at the mug or my father.”

Slowly her arms released their grip on my chest and she sat up a bit to look at me. I looked down at her cherubic face. I could see the tear track on one cheek and the coating of moisture on the cheek that had been pressed against me.

As she looked up at me, and I could see the sunshine coming out after the rain. He impish smile started returning and she said, “that night I slept with a pillow pressed tight between my legs. And last night, I got the real Buck between them!”

She gave me another full body squeeze, but even after her arms released me her legs held tight. He gave a bit of a giggle as she rubbed her hips against me as if trying to pull me a little deeper inside her leg’s grip.

“I actually saw you a couple more times at the bar after that. But my father didn’t really like me being in the bar as I was underage. But I did sneak in for Halloween one year and even talked to you for a half a minute before my father chased me out.”

“I think I would have remembered if I had talked to you before. You are too beautiful to ever forget!” I said as sincerely as I could.

She smiled and winked at me before saying, “Well, in your defense, I was wearing black face paint, and had dyed my hair black. Not to mention the fact that you seemed canlı casino rather distracted by the cat suit I was wearing.”

“That was you?!?” I was stunned. I couldn’t count the number of erotic dreams I had about that girl. She was right, we had only talked for a few seconds before she turned and left rather quickly. Actually the turning and leaving was what really made me remember her, since her hips swayed in the most erotic way in the skin tight cat suit. Even the silly tail made appearances in my dreams.

I could feel myself responding to those thoughts, and wondering how long it would take Penny to feel my arousal. Finally I said, “I went back every night for a month trying to find that girl. Well, I guess to find you. Now, I’m really glad I never asked Chuck if he knew who the hot piece of tail in the cat suit was!”

“Only a month!” Penny exclaimed in feigned outrage. “Isn’t this piece of tail” she said before rubbing herself against me and continuing, “worth more than a month.” She continued her rubbing and stopped a scant inch from my growing erection.

“You realize that a month of going out every night means a grad student lives on ramen noodles and raiding leftovers from group meetings?” The last comment came out a little snappish since her rubbing was driving me mad.

That was about when I felt another drop of moisture land on me. But this one wasn’t a tear and fell quite a bit further south. She was looking at me straight in the eyes as she continued moving her hips in little circles. Suddenly I could feel her hot sex contact my erection. Immediately I could feel a bead of moisture transfer from her and run down my shaft.

She gasped at the contact and said, “Buck, I really need to feel you inside of me again. And from the look on your face and the feel between my legs, you want it too. But I’m pretty sore after last night, so be really gentle.”

I thought for a moment as she slid her sex up and down the top of my shaft. Her eyes were drifting shut and I could see her biting her lower lip. As gently as I could, I rolled her off of me. At first she seemed disappointed, but quickly latched onto my plan as we arranged ourselves on our sides.

I quickly realized that the height mismatch would make spooning a bit impractical, but I was aching to be inside her and wouldn’t let that stop me. I slid further down the bed so that the tip of my erection was just touching her sex. I reached down and guided myself into her very slowly. I could feel her lips slipping over the head of my penis as I worked myself into her. I stopped when only about three inches were inside of her. I tried a little deeper, but the geometry of the position was starting to add too much pressure.

Gently I coaxed her left leg over my legs and settled in behind her and tried to be a little below her. My other arms was busy holding Penny against me, draping across her from shoulder to hip. Penny was hugging my arm tightly as I slowly pulled out of her slightly.

I pushed into her again, and started a slow pace. I was only moving an inch or so of my erection into her with each lingering push. Moving so slowly I could feel every minute fold inside of her rubbing against the head of my cock. I could feel the thick veins on the side of my penis dragging against the lips of her sex. I kept the slow and steady pace going.

I could feel her hands latching onto my arm more tightly. I could feel her breathing quickening as I continued to slide inside of her. Despite my determination, I could feel my pace increasing. With my other hand I started rubbing her exposed ass cheek. I loved the feeling of her smooth bottom in my hand.

I closed my eyes as the pleasure was mounting, and there in the darkness I saw Penny in a cat suit. At first she was dressed all in black like the girl she had been when she plagued my dreams and graced my fantasies. But she stepped closer with a lewd swinging kaçak casino of her hips and she gained color. As she got closer I could see that it wasn’t a black cat suit, but golden body paint. There was a patch of soft white paint on her belly. A smooth belly that I gently rubbed with my hand.

In the real world my hand was stroking her belly and I was moving into her faster than I has before. But the fantasy was so compelling that I quickly lost myself to it. Her grey eyes were sparkling as she took another step closer. I could see the golden hair painted on her fading to a coppery red as her hair cascaded downward. Her nipples were an obscene unpainted pink, which stood out all the more surrounded by the paint.

Suddenly the fantasy Penny turned around and swished her tail at me. I was mesmerized by her beautifully rounded ass. I was pumping into her more quickly now and felt my control leaving me. I could vaguely feel Penny’s finger nails digging into my arm, and feel the teeth from her open mouth pressing into my skin as desperately as I speared her from behind. She was rigid in my arms as her orgasm held her tight.

I looked down briefly and saw her pale butt cheek in my hand and lost it. I plunged into her deeply and came fiercely. I hunched over around her, holding her body tight against mine as I was racked by my orgasm.

Slowly we both went limp and my penis slid out of her. I pulled her tight against me with both arms wrapped around her. She wrapped her arms over mine and kissed one of my exposed forearms.

* * *

Eventually we untangled ourselves and headed to the shower. I never understood how people can monkey around in the shower. It’s slippery enough to break your neck, and in my case nothing seems to line up well with anything more interesting than a hand. Plus when I am in the shower, either the other person gets no water, or the water goes completely over their head.

Apparently Penny agreed. She took a quick shower, washing the residues of our sex off of her body while I relieved myself of some of my hangover. I hopped in the shower and washed up, taking a minute or two to reflect back. I was smiling as I stepped dripping wet from the shower. Penny was no longer in the bathroom, and neither were either of my towels.

I walked into the bedroom, still dripping wet, to find Penny wrapped in one of my towels (it looked like it made it around her three times) and drying her hair with the other one. She laughed at my dripping body for a moment before taking pity and tossing me her hair drying towel.

“Gee thanks!” I said as I caught the towel. I dried myself as best I could with the damp towel. At some point I realized the mood in the room had changed. Penny was looking at me with her more serious expression. I had already started to grow accustomed to her sudden seeming shifts in mood, and so I wrapped the towel around my waist and sat on the bed next to her.

“What were you thinking about? When you got so excited. You were so gentle, and then you seemed to lose control. Or maybe I should say who?” She asked. She was biting her lip again, which made me think she was being serious.

I took a moment and said, “I was thinking about you.” I tried to appear serious but I knew I was grinning.

She sighed and gave me a half-hearted backhanded slap and said, “I’m was being serious. I want to know.” She was no longer looking at me, but I could tell her other senses were locked onto me.

I gently lifted her chin with my hand and looked down at her before saying, “Alright, I was thinking of a girl I met in a bar a long time ago.” Before she could pull away I quickly added, “who was dressed in a cat suit and had the hottest ass I’ve ever seen.”

“So you like girls in cat suits?” she asked, quirking her eyebrow at me.

“No, I like you, no matter what you’re wearing. Even when I don’t know who you are.”

I gave her a big hug which she returned with enthusiasm. She then said, “I still have the cat suit…”

* * *

The adventures of Penny and Buck will be continued…

Feedback is appreciated.

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