A New Start

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This is a true story of how I met and married my wife, Alice. It starts in 1960.

I was four when Alice and her family moved in across the street. We lived in a suburban/ rural area. Alice’s father ran the green house across the street. Being the same age, we played together almost everyday. Alice’s oldest sister, Jane, used to babysit us. We grew up together, until we were thirteen. At thirteen, Alice and I had our first kiss together. Then my mom found out that my dad was having an affair with Jane. And Jane was pregnant.

We, my mom and my 4 brothers and sisters, moved to my mother’s parent’s farm. Alice and I stayed in touch, letters and such. In 1974, we both graduated from high school. The mid 1970’s were a tough time to find work, especially for one just out of school. I joined the Army; Alice worked odd jobs, while living at home. I spent four years in the Army, not taking my leaves. I had six months left until my enlistment was up. I had four months of leave saved. The Army would allow you to cash out one month, and I could leave a month early. That left two months left. I had to be active for two months prior to out-processing. So I took leave just before Christmas, and would be on leave until the end of February. I hadn’t heard from Alice in awhile before I came home on leave. I had heard that she had a boyfriend. My mom had moved back into the city. I came home from Germany, two days before Christmas. The story begins:

I got off the flight into Cleveland, Ohio. My sister, Sarah, met me and took me back to Mom’s, as Mom was at work. Some of my friends had a “Welcome Home” party for me at their favorite bar that night. I had a couple beers when Alice showed up. We hugged, I got her a beer and we spent the rest of the night catching up. Talking to 1:30am. Alice is beautiful, a tall girl, 5’9″ about 140. She has long light brown hair; it goes about a third of the way down her back. Alice is 36D, 28, and 36. I found out that Alice had had a boyfriend. But caught him cheating on her and dumped him, very publicly.

Alice was working at Dunkin Donuts; her brother Don was the manager. She also stayed at his apartment two blocks from work. Don was married to my Aunt Patty, with two kids. We went out to dinner together the day after Christmas. As I dropped Alice off, we kissed. It was the first kiss together since we were 13. I swear I felt sparks when we kissed. I asked Alice to go to a party on New Years Eve.

“I have to work, 5:00pm- 1:00am. That she would be home alone after she got home. I should stop. I didn’t see her the rest of the week. When I told my Mom that I had ran into Alice, she went ballistic. I tried calming her down, by reminding her that Alice was not Jane.

New Years Eve I went to the party. One of my friends that were in the Navy was home too. We got hammered. I woke up in the snow. I got in my pick up; it was a good thing Alice’s place was four blocks away. I made it safely. I knocked on Alice’s bedroom window. She came and motioned me to the door. She came and opened the hallway door. Alice was gorgeous. She had on a tan Teddy with matching panties. I as stepped inside; Alice wrapped her arms around my neck and stuck her tongue down my throat. My hand went like a illegal bahis magnet to Alice’s tits. Here we are necking in the apartment hallway, with Alice nearly naked. After a few minutes of necking, I take Alice’s hand and lead her back into her apartment, closing the door. We resume where we left off in the hallway. As we kissed and hugged, Alice pulled off my coat and pulled my shirt over my head and off.

“You have to catch up.” I continue handling her big tits. When I reached down between Alice’s legs, she has soaked her panties.

“I missed you Tom.”

“I’ve missed you too Alice. I feel Alice unbuckle my belt, unsnapped my jeans. We heard people in the hall outside the door. Alice pulled me into the living room.

“I have to go potty;” I took my cloths and put them on the couch. I put a chair in the middle of the room, and sit down. Alice comes back, walks over to stand in front of me. I pull her into my lap sideways. We neck as I explore her body. I take my hand and put in in between Alice’s knees, slowly working up her thighs. I feel the heat from Alice’s vagina; I lightly trace the shape of her pussy lips with my finger, causing Alice to jump.

“Tom, please don’t tease me. Don’t tease me, I can’t stand it.”

“I’m going to tease you, then I’m going to make love to you.” Alice stands, pulling me to my feet.

“You know I’ve been in love with you since I was 10. Alice I loved you too.” We kiss again. Alice unzipped my jeans. She knelt in front of me, pulling my jean off. My jockeys were bulging. Alice lightly ran her finger down my cock. Alice pulled my jockeys down, freeing my cock, which sprung up. I stepped out of my jockeys. Alice has me sit as my ass is on the edge of the chair; my cock and balls dangle free. Alice and I lock eyes as she takes my cock into her mouth.

“Oohh” I moan. I look down and Alice has taken all of my 9″ cock into her mouth. Most of the ladies I’ve been with usually had trouble getting my cock that far down their throat. Here was my childhood sweetheart taking all of me with no problem. My pubes are tickling her nose. Alice works my cock like a pro. I feel my balls tighten as she takes them in her mouth, tonguing them.

I reach down and pull Alice up; I have another place I want to cum. As Alice stands, Her tits are right in my face. I grab them with both hands and kiss, lick and nibble on them through her Teddy. Alice has big tits; they are hangers, with her huge areolas and nipples making up the ends. I scoot my as back in the chair, ravishing her breasts the whole time. I take my hands and grab her ass, pulling into my lap.

Alice’s bikini panties are the kind with string on both sides what you tie. I tug at the strings until both side are untied. I lift the Teddy over her head, as Alice raises her arms; making her tits raise, I mouth both of them. My cock is pinned. With her panties making a barrier between her pussy and me, I can feel her lips spreading around the top of my cock through the material. Alice must be thinking the same as me, because she lifts her ass and pulls her panties out of the way. When Alice settles back down, my cock in pinned under her. I feel here vagina lips spread, wetting the top of my cock. Alice is soaking wet, illegal bahis siteleri and hot. We continue kissing as she sliding her pussy up and down the top of my cock. I reach down and grab her ass, lifting her until I feel my cock freed. When I set Alice back down; my cock seems to have a mind of its own, finding the way into Alice’s pussy. Alice’s pussy is hot and very wet, Alice slides all the way down until her clit is rubbing the base of my cock. Alice moans in my ear and starts rocking on me. Alice wraps her arms around my neck, leaning back. This allows my access those wonderful tits. I pull her close, and start lifting and lowering Alice on my cock.

“I’m going to come Tom, cum with me. Please cum with me. Hurry I can’t wait. Oh, Oh, OH, OH.” I can feel Alice’s pussy gripping my cock as she came. I can’t help myself and cum deep in Alice’s pussy. We sit kissing and catching our breaths.

“God, I could feel your cumming inside me.”

“Alice, are you safe, or did we just make a baby?”

“I’m not on birth control, laughing, but I’m safe now. I just finished my period 5 days ago.”

“Were you a virgin?”

“No, I’m really sorry I didn’t wait for you.”

“Don’t be. I wasn’t either. Today starts a new day for both of us.”

“I’m not done with you, lets move to the bed or the floor.”

“I’ll put a blanket down, that bed isn’t big enough for me.” Alice stands, lifting herself off my still hard cock.

“You are quite a man. Alice, you are QUITE a woman.” We kiss and hug, my hard cock between our bellies.

“Lets lay down.” We move to the floor. I lay Alice on her back. I spread her legs, crawling between them.

“What are you doing? Just fuck me.” I look down; Alice’s pussy is gapping open. I kiss Alice’s legs, starting at her knees, slowly working towards her pussy.

“You came in me, that’s gross!!” I ignore her, continuing on my task, nibbling and licking towards my goal. Alice has a thick soft bush. I ravish Alice’s pussy, licking and nibbling all I can get my mouth on. I stick two fingers in to her, wiggling them back and forth as I suck or her clit.

I look Alice’s body; she is playing with her big tits. Massaging them and pulling on her nipples.

I take my other hand and slide a finger into Alice’s asshole. Alice tries to escape my invading digit, lifting her pelvis, right into my mouth. I use every trick I’ve learned to get Alice to cum on my tongue and fingers. I use my tongue to trace out the alphabet on Alice’s clit. When I start humming as I use my tongue to write “I LOVE YOU” on Alice’s clit, She loses it and has the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever seen. Alice’s thighs squeeze my head. She shakes and trembles. I see waves radiating up her belly from her pelvis to her tits. I hang on as Alice thrashes around. Alice passed out. I stop, crawl up her. Lifting each tit so I could suckle them. I raise her legs level with my waist, and plunged in to the hilt. I felt Alice’s cervix nipping at the head of my cock. I pull all the way out and plunge until our pelvises smash each other. Alice opens her eyes, gasping for breath.

“Tom…you are quite a man.” I kiss Alice as I plow her cunt. She is feels very loose, but squeezes my cock canlı bahis siteleri tightly at times. Her pussy is just the right length, as I keep just bumping her cervix with every stroke. I continue to fuck her without cumming. Soon, we roll on our sides. We are both moaning and I feel my balls tightening again, I quicken my pace. I thrust hard in to Alice, bumping her cervix. My cock swells and pulsates as I pump more sperm deep into Alice’s pussy. As Alice feels my hot seed-splashing cervix, she stiffens and comes again.

We lay there kissing and moaning. I’m still hard. I don’t know if it because I’m drunk, or that Alice’s pussy is on the looser side, or both. But my cock is still hard buried in Alice’s cunt. Alice and I hold each other kissing.

Alice keeps saying; “You are quite a man, I love you, you are quite a man, I Love You.” I start trying short easy strokes, to see if I can stay hard. My strokes get longer and firmer.

“You are still hard, but you’ve cum twice, already.”

“Alice, you are quite a woman. You turn me on. I’m going to fuck you as long as I can. Alice raises her legs, locking them together around my waist. Moving in rhythm with me like we’ve been doing this for years. I rise up on my arms, lifting myself off Alice’s chest.

“Lift you tits so I can suck them while I fuck you.” Alice uses her hands to lift her big tits, pushing them up to me. I lean down suckling both as I fuck her.

“Oh my god, you are going to make me cum again, Tom OH, OH.” I feel my balls tightening to my body, signaling my orgasm. I thrust deep, and cum again as Alice arches her back cumming too. We lay kissing until I lessen and slip out of Alice’s pussy. We lay together, face to face, kissing and snuggling until we fall asleep.

The next morning we wake, me spooning Alice, holding her tit, my morning wood between her thighs, rubbing Alice’s vagina.

“Humm, good morning.” Alice looks at the clock. And jumps up.

“OMG my brother and family will be here soon.”

As her and I dress, I ask; “Alice would you like to go to the cabin in Michigan. I have to go check it.” When.”

“Today is Wednesday, I want to leave in Monday. We would be back in 4 or 5 days.” My grandparents had died and left the cabin on the shore Lake Michigan to me.

“I’ll ask my brother if I can have the time off.” I picked Alice up the next night, to give her a ride to work.

“I talked to my brother. He was no real happy, but gave in. I’ll be able to go on Monday.”

“Pack a suitcase for 5-6 day. Better to be safe. Besides we may go to dinner.”

“OK. And some sexy things too?”

“Always.” I lean over and kiss Alice. She is like an animal, attacking me with her lips and tongue.

“You know I love you Tom.”

“Yes. I figured it out last night.”

“I talked to Don and Patty, I can go with you.”

“What time do you get off work Sunday?”

“Three Monday morning.”

“I’ll pick you up at seven. Be packed and ready. You can sleep on the way.”

“Ok, I love you.” We kiss and Alice goes to work, I go to my Mom’s. Friday and Saturday, I work around my Mom’s. Doing her to do list. On Saturday, I tell Mom that I’m going to check on the cabin. She tells me to drive safe and have a good time.

“I’m going to see if I can find a job there for when I get out.” Saturday is a quiet day. I talk to Alice on the phone and everything is looking good. Sunday, I spend with Mom.

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