A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 05

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This fifth and penultimate part of the story of Sam and her new life. This is one, continuous story, so this part will not make a great deal of sense unless you have read Parts 1 to 4; Part 1 can be found here:


As always, thanks to Winterreisser for his diligent and careful editing and thoughtful suggestions and for correcting my silly typos and mistakes. My thanks and love to Kat as well for her inspiration, advice, feedback and encouragement.

FAIR WARNING: While this story (all six parts) is, at its heart, a lesbian romance (hence its categorization), it does contain pee play and VERY strong scat (shit) play in this and later parts. If you have an aversion to such sexual activities then please, please do not read this story. I cannot make it clearer than that!

After reading, please take a moment to rate the story and, if you have the time and inclination, comment on it; this has taken many hours of writing so it would be wonderful to hear what you think of it, especially if I am to consider writing more stories featuring pee and scat.

I hope you enjoy the story.


CHAPTER 19 — A Most Unusual Gathering

It would be fair to say that both Meg and I had been on edge all afternoon waiting for four thirty to arrive, even to the point of being snappy and short tempered with each other. You know the way it goes: an off comment, the sharp response, the upset, the apology, the hug… another comment, the sharp response… and round and round. In the end we decided, despite the time of day, that a glass of wine each was necessary after which things were much mellower between us as we lay naked side-by-side in the grass in my back garden.

Just after three thirty we started to get ready: we shower together and shave each other carefully and thoroughly; we brush out each other’s hair and apply subtle quantities of makeup and slight dabs of perfume.

“Meg, you are so gorgeous my darling,” I tell her as I run my fingers through her long, raven hair.

“So are you Sam. I’m so glad you moved here.”

“Nervous?” I ask.

“Yes, a bit. You?”

“Yes, I am. Meg, these women will all be naked: what if they’re also all having sex together? Would we be expected to join in?”

“Sam, I know you look at other women sexually now and you certainly know how to make love to a woman… you don’t mean that do you?”

“No, I mean… shit, Meg, if we have sex with other women, what about us? I love you so much but what if you find a woman sexier than me or better in bed or…”

“Sam, stop right there! I love you too, more that anyone, more than I thought I could ever love someone. That is not going to change. Listen, last night you were admiring Bex, remember: her cute bum and tits? Can you picture yourself having sex with Bex? Imagine sucking her nipples, getting your lips and tongue on her soft pussy and sexy arse?” I can, quite easily; Katie too, for that matter, so I nod. “Yeah, so can I. But Sam, the person I want to spend time with, to wake up with, to share my life with is you, just you. Never forget that.”

“Oh Meg, I feel the same. Thank you.” I hug her tightly. “Forgive me, I didn’t mean I didn’t trust you I just didn’t want anything or anyone to come between us.” Meg kisses me softly.

“They won’t… unless perhaps we’re double teaming a woman, say you on her pussy and me on her bum hole!” I slap Meg’s arse softly as I giggle.

“Meg, how do you manage it? I’m on the edge of an emotional melt down and you not only manage to calm me down but then say something that makes me go gooey down below!”

“Just a knack, I guess,” Meg laughs. “Shall we go?”

“Yes, let’s.” I slip my arm through hers and we head out through the garden and into the woods where we turn right towards Erica’s house.

Her back garden is surrounded by a yew hedge taller than Meg, much as my own garden is. The gate is open and we walk in to see a beautifully tended garden with a broad, well-kept lawn surrounded by boarders of flowers that, beyond roses, foxgloves and a rhododendron, I lack the horticultural knowledge to name. Of course I am trying to avoid staring at the main tableau of five naked women. I see Lillian and my eyes latch on to the tattoo I’d seen on her neck as I see that is but the top of a huge, intricate interwoven spray of colourful flowers that weave up from her left buttock across her back and shoulder onto right-hand side of her neck. It is both beautiful and amazing. Sat on the picnic blanket with Lillian is Claire whilst Bex lies between them as they chat. I see a bottle of wine and two half-full beer glasses on a small tray beside them; Claire holds a wine glass in one hand as her left hand idly caresses Bex’s thigh.

Nearby are several garden chairs and a pair of sun loungers. On one of the loungers lies a woman I do not recognise, perhaps a little older than me with strawberry blonde hair, largish boobs and full hips, while Erica and Katie sit on two of the chairs, güvenilir bahis talking with drinks in hand. It is one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen but, like Meg whose hand I clasp tightly, I don’t know what to do and the five women all seem too engrossed to notice us. I watch as Erica laughs at something Katie has said and then lean forward to kiss her on the nipple. Meg gives a little gasp at the sight and Erica looks round to see us, a smile filling her face as she stands and walks towards us.

“Sam and Meg, welcome to our little group,” her voice rings out in greeting. Seeing her naked I can appreciate how fantastic her figure is for a woman her age: her breasts slightly larger than average sag but a little, her waist showing only a slight thickening, her thighs and legs still strong and firm. I immediately notice her tattoo on top of her left breast; it is just like the others: two inward curving lines with the triskele between but on hers between the tops of the curved lines is a rounded, cursive ‘w’. I smile as I realise two things: firstly, that Meg was right, the tattoo does represent a woman and on Erica’s the breasts have been added, and secondly, though not unexpected, Erica is almost certainly the head of this group; somehow, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

The others have all stopped their conversations and sit looking at Meg and me. I realize that I feel completely at ease being here naked in front of them all as Erica continues, “Of course you know all of us: Lillian, Bex, Claire, Katie and Suzie.”

Suzie interrupts, “Actually, Erica my love, I don’t believe Sam and I have ever met. Perhaps Meg might introduce us?”

“Uh, um, yes. Sam, this is Suzanne, er Suzie, Griffiths who’s the Year Five teacher and deputy head at the school,” Meg looks more than a little amazed to see her there, “and Suzie, this is Sam Cummings, my girlfriend.”

Suzie stands and walks over to us. “Very pleased to meet you Sam,” she says as she places her hand on my cheek as she moves in to kiss me. Her hand holds my head so her kiss is full on my lips and far more lingering that any greeting kiss would normally be. She does the same to Meg.

“I think you could regard Suzie as my girlfriend,” Erica tells us, “but not,” she glances down to Bex, who grins, “my ‘fuckbuddy’. We are quite discrete about our relationship and none outside of this group know of it, not least because, of course, Suzie is married.” Suzie nods. “So, I trust we can rely on your discretion on this matter?” Erica asks and we nod. “Good. Now can I offer you both a drink perhaps? We have wine or cider or I’m sure my drinks cabinet can provide anything else you’d like.”

“Dry white wine would be lovely,” I reply and Meg nods.

“Lillian, would you oblige?” Erica asks her and she heads into the house to fetch glasses. Meanwhile, Meg and I are invited to sit and we opt for one of the loungers, sitting sideways so we can be next to each other. The others sit in chairs but Bex sits cross-legged on the grass, a position that makes her pussy distractingly obvious, especially as it would seem that Claire’s caresses were not without effect!

Lillian returns and hands us glasses of wine. As she turns I cannot resist reaching up to run my fingers over the amazing tattoo. She stops and looks back over her shoulder at me, smiling. “Lillian, this is utterly beautiful,” I tell her, “and very unexpected.”

“More feminine that you thought I’d have?”

“Well, just a bit, yes,” I confess.

“She did it for me,” Claire interjects. “She said she wasn’t one for buying flowers so she had this done; every time she undresses she is a bouquet of flowers for me.”

“That’s so lovely,” says Meg.

“Underneath that big, butch exterior Lil’s a big softy,” teases Bex.

“Bex, behave yourself,” warns Katie.

“Yes Miss,” Bex replies, looking down contritely as Katie gives us a wink. “

“Bex is always full of mischief,” Katie tells us, “but she’s a cutie. Just one tip: never threaten to smack her bottom, you’ll only encourage her!” Bex looks up grinning.

“Anyway, Lillian, I think your tattoo is stunning,” I tell her. “Did it take long?”

“Probably about thirty hours in all but spread over quite a few sessions over eight months. What you two were looking at would only take about an hour or so.” Suzie asks what tattoo we were considering and I start to explain. Other conversations branch off as we drink and chat, happy and relaxed. As the afternoon goes on I realize that this could be any little social gathering apart from the nudity and the casual physical intimacy of hugs, kisses and caresses. Both Meg and I were a little surprised by these at first but realized that it’s no different to the two of us together.

Meg and I are now sitting with Suzie and Katie so I take the opportunity to find out more about Suzie as she is doing with me. The fact that I was a teacher until recently gives us something in common as, possibly, is the fact that she is married and I ask her if she is bisexual and she laughs.

“Are you?” she asks. türkçe bahis “I see the way you are with Meg and you don’t come across as a woman who’d never considered a lesbian relationship until a week ago.”

“Okay, touché! I guess I’m technically bisexual though I’ve slightly less than zero interest in being with a man now or in the foreseeable future. However, you’re still married, so…”

“I am indeed,” Suzie concedes, “but since him indoors has not shown the slightest interest in me sexually for several years, I have no problem viewing myself as gay. I also do not consider what I do with Erica or our friends here as cheating on him. I think he suspects but chooses to turn a blind eye and I do not ask what he does when he is home late. The arrangement suits us both as we are otherwise very good friends, enjoy each other’s companionship and love each other in our own way.”

“Do you think your husband might be gay?” asks Meg.

“It’s possible. In some ways I hope he is; not to make myself feel better but, well, a life without sex is a bit bleak, don’t you think?” I have to agree with her but then Suzie looks a little nervous. “Is it true what Erica told me about you and Meg being into scat and pee?

“Er, yes, but how did Erica know?”

“She was out walking in the woods last Thursday night and told me the next day that she’d witnessed a most sensual and arousing display on her walk.”

“So it was Erica watching us in the woods when Sam and I were walking naked and, er… eating and drinking?”

“It was indeed. You seemed very drawn to visit the Ladywood naked Sam, even on your first night I believe when you followed Katie. Erica was amazed to see you both sharing each other so completely. Sam, can I ask how you two discovered this shared fetish. Erica had to feign a broken wrist and ask me to help in using the toilet and cleaning up afterwards in order to lure me in to these scatological delights. What happened with you two?”

“I’ um, Meg just asked me to wipe me after we’d watched each other pee,” I confesses.

“And you just did it, Sam?” exclaims Suzie. “Wow, talk about complete love.” She makes me blush, especially as Meg responds.

“Sam is an amazing, wonderful girlfriend and lover,” Meg says proudly, “and the most adventurous, sensual woman I’ve ever met!”

“Meg, behave!” I tell her. “Anyway, you’re the beautiful, flirtatious woman who seduced me into loving women, so you outscore me on the sensuality!” I lean over and cannot resist the urge to kiss Meg deeply and her response means this continues for some time. When we separate I see that Suzie has stood up with Katie; they are holding hands and have taken a few steps towards the house when Erica calls them and they stop. Erica then comes over to Meg and me. “Suzie and Katie are headed to the bathroom and I wondered if you might like to join them?” I glance across at Suzie and Katie and imagine Meg and I kneeling behind them holding their arse cheeks open as out tongues lick them clean. The image is so intensely arousing that I can feel my pussy seeping, dampening my inner thighs. When Meg looks at me I return her smile.

“You want to go with them?” she asks hopefully. I don’t answer at first but press her hand against my pussy, feeling her fingers slither over the hot wet skin.

“What do you think?” I ask playfully and she withdraws her hand to suck her fingers. However, before she can do so Erica’s mouth closed over her first two fingers as she sucks them clean instead.

“Mmm” sighs Erica. “Now Meg, I know you two are in love but when you’re here you must remember to share Sam with the rest of us, especially as she does taste so nice.” Her hand reaches down to trace along Meg’s labia, that I can see are as wet as mine, before she too is tasted. “Mmm yes, just as tasty; so no hoarding Meg for yourself either, Sam. Now go and have some fun in the bathroom, both of you.”

Feeling like a couple of schoolgirls sent out play, we walk over to Katie and Suzie who smile warmly at us. Suzie glances at Erica and then back at me, rolling her bright blue eyes as if to say, ‘What’s she like?’ before slipping her arm around my waist. “Head teachers are all the same, aren’t they? They all talk to you as if you’re ten years old!”

“It’s true,” I laugh. I notice that Katie seems to have claimed Meg and I am suddenly aware that Suzie is about to become only the second woman I’ve ever made love to. “Um, hello, Suzie,” I say, suddenly feeling awkward. She is a little shorter than me and looks up, her eyes sparkle with intelligence and I know instantly that she understands my nervousness.

“Sam, you don’t have to do this you know. You could just take Meg’s hand and the two of you go home together.” She looks over to Meg who is standing relaxed, she and Katie with their arms around each other. I am surprised that I feel no jealousy at the sight; she and Katie have been friends for years and this is just an extension of that. I know how Meg feels towards me and I trust that.

“No, we talked about this before we came this afternoon. güvenilir bahis siteleri It’s just a little bit of nervousness.” I bend slightly to kiss her lips, “The thought of doing this, of licking your dirty little bud really turns me on, Suzie.”

“Hey, don’t forget Meg and I,” complains Katie, “It’s not just one-on-one in this group!”

“Don’t worry, Sam,” says Suzie soothingly, “you and Meg will get used to how the group works.”

“I just thought that, you know, you’d sort of paired off with each of us so Meg and I didn’t just go with each other.”

“Okay, we did do that but you and Meg aren’t off limits to each other, we just want you to be part of the group as a whole. Come on, here’s the bathroom.” We follow Meg and Katie through the door into a very large bathroom; actually, make that a huge bathroom that takes up most of the extension at the rear of the cottage. It is tastefully tiled in cream and blue tiles floor to ceiling and with textured tiles on the floor; there is a large bath in the far right-hand corner and two showers, with no curtains or screens, side by side in the opposite corner. Right and left of the door a pair of toilets and wash basins face each other. A quick glance reveals that the whole room appears to be a wet room with several drain outlets in the floor.

Katie sees the look of amazement on my face. “Yes, this is not so much a bathroom as a scat and pee playroom,” she says smiling. “The floor is heated too, so it’s comfy to lie on in the winter. Erica, Suzie and I went to a lot of trouble designing this.”

“It’s brilliant!” exclaims Meg and I’m about to agree when something warm and wet engulfs my right nipple and I annoy myself by giving a very girlie squeal. I look down to see Suzie suckling happily as I feel her hand slide over my stomach to cup my vulva, her finger pressing along the wet line of my labia. I run my hand across her back and on to caress the rounded softness of her arse. My fingers slip between her cheeks and I feel more than I hear her moan into my boob as my finger brushes her bud. I feel it twitching and bulging as I rub it gently. I look across and see Meg kneeling between Katie’s legs, her mouth open; I am holding my breath as I wait… Katie’s yellow nectar gushes forth. Meg is thirstily swallowing but is nonetheless being showered with Katie’s hot piss.

With a soft pop Suzie releases my nipple. “Sam my dear, I really need to poop” she tells me.

“Do it on me, Suzie,” I ask urgently, “Shit on my boobs, cover my body.” Somehow the fact that this room has been designed to allow us to be as dirty as possible conjures a desire in me to do just that.

“Oh, with very great pleasure, Sam. Go on, lay down there,” Suzie instructs and I comply eagerly before she squats over me, facing my feet. Her bum is splayed wide and I can see her skin is quite a dark tan around her anal bud and I can also see her shaven pussy gaping, the long, crinkled labia hanging down. I raise myself up on my elbows and trail my tongue over her bud and taste her strong, rich musky flavour, very different from Meg. I begin to rim her as I reach up to caress her labia. I feel her bud opening under my tongue and immediately a turd begins pushing out, pressing against my tongue. I lick it and my mouth is filled with its incredibly strong taste, and I hesitate in surprise at how different this is; nothing Meg and I had produced was as intensely flavoured as this. However, I want to taste more and, as the firm log continues to slide out, I bite a lump off the end before laying back to watch Suzie’s shit emerging. The lump sits on my tongue, its flavour seeping into my mouth; when I press my tongue up the nugget squashed and deforms like fudge. I take a risk and start to chew and the texture is a strange mixture of hard and soft, almost gritty as it break up; the intense sour-rich-savoury flavour floods my senses and, as with my first taste of Meg, almost orgasmic.

The turd hangs eight inches long from Suzie’s bum when it falls, hot and heavy onto my boob as the smell wafts over me. I see her anus dilate again and can see that she has more to deposit. “In my mouth,” I gasp, desperately aroused and she lowers herself back in response. I glance across at Meg who is staring at me, eyes wide; I flash her a quick smile before turning back and opening my mouth just as Suzie’s delightful shit hole arrives an inch above it. ‘I have just begged Suzie to defecate in my mouth, a woman I’ve just met!’ I think to myself but this brings no shame just a huge surge of excitement, I place my hands on her bum to stop and steady her and I hear the soft crackle of the shit as it emerges and it brushes my bottom lip as it enters my mouth. So close the smell is intense; I feel the tingle in my pussy increase at the thought of what I’m doing and a hot trickle tickles its way down my perineum. The slimy log is just touching my tongue when it drops and I quickly push my tongue in the way as the shit slides towards the back of my throat and I fear I might choke on it. Feeling the large mass filling my mouth intensifies the taste and I can feel my gag reflex triggering. I inhale deeply through my nose; I want to do this so much, to feed completely from Suzie so I force myself to relax. However, I am nervous of trying to chew despite my excitement and desire.

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