A Mother’s Seduction Ch. 03

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My fingernails dig into the sheet and I can’t stop moaning as Shawn’s cock slides in and out of me. I arch my ass up and meet each stroke as his huge dick spreads me wide open. I have never been so over powered like this before, it’s intoxicating and I love every minute of it. The sound my pussy makes as it impaled with each stroke is driving me wild.

Feeling him pull all the way out of me, I want more and moan softly for him to fuck me harder. His cock nuzzles my asshole, I know he wants anal but I’m afraid. He’s too big and I know he’ll hurt me. I feel his cock slide up and down between my cheeks, my asshole quivers with each movement.

“Fuck me, please. ” I beg.

He just teases me more as I moan for more. “Fuck me in my pussy and I’ll talk to Lisa for you. I know she likes anal, please tiger, fuck me.” I moan.

“I’ll fuck you then I’ll fuck her little asshole as you watch. You want to see that?” He whispers in my ear.

“I want to see you fuck her little ass with that big dick of yours. I want to see her spread wide open as you fuck her. Fuck me.” I moan.

Finally, I feel my pussy being stretched again. The entire length of his dick starts to slide in and out of me like a machine. This can’t be happening to me, his hands hold me tight around my wrists as he rides me without mercy. I imagine what it would feel like to have him tie me up and fuck me all night.

My pussy has never been so assaulted as it has these past few weeks. I would have done this long ago if I had known what he has between his legs. The thought of Lisa being fucked in her ass as I watch just keeps flashing before me. I wonder if she’ll want to, I hope so.

“I’m goanna cum.” He moans.

“Shoot it deep inside.” Is all I can say.

For three weeks now, I have had the most intense sex that I have ever experienced. Who would have thought that it would be with my son, the fact his dick is almost as big as a ruler certainly doesn’t hurt. Each time he slides all the way in me and stretches me apart, it’s become almost addicting.

Now, sitting across from Lisa sipping a glass of wine, I know she has guessed what has been going on between Shawn and me. We have been friends too long, reading each other is a simple affair. Yet, I still feel vulnerable about anyone knowing-even pendik escort Lisa.

“So, I can’t remember seeing you so happy. It’s been years, what’s going on?” Lisa asks me.

Should I tell her or just act vague. How do you tell a friend of twenty years that your son is fucking your brains out? But she knows that already, it’s just a game of cat and mouse between us. I’ll tell her though or she’ll worm it out of me after another glass of wine.

“Not too much, you know just the usual things going on. Guess, I’m just feeling better about myself.” I answer.

Lisa just looks at me with those penetrating eyes and smiles slightly. I can see the wheels spinning in her head as she analyzes every word I say. Just a matter of time before I tell her everything.

“So, how’s life with a stud? Catch him jerking off any more?” She asks.

She always starts a sentence with the word so when she already knows the answer to a question. I guess we all have our Freudian Slips or what ever it is that she does.

I’ve always thought she was so attractive with her jet-black hair and long thin legs. Being very small breasted, I know it bothers her but she just has a glow about her all the time. Hearing all the wild stories of a single woman, I guess she has a very high sex drive. Or, is it just compensating, I don’t know but I bet she would love to know about my sex life now.

“Maybe.” I answer so coyly.

“You know you’re going to tell me sooner or later.” She says.

“All right, let’s say hypothetically that a forty-one year old woman is stranded on an Island with her twenty year old son. By accident, she discovers he has a dick as big as a ruler. As much as she tries, she just can’t resist knowing what it feels like to have it inside of her.” I say.

Lisa just looks at me and smiles that grin she has when she knows what she thinks is coming next. I do feel vulnerable but Lisa is like a sister to me.

“And?” She says.

“Lis, you wouldn’t believe how it feels. I can literally feel myself being spread open as his cock slides all the way in me. I haven’t been fucked like this ever. It’s like I can’t get enough, he can cum three times in just a couple of hours. I take as much as I can.” I tell her.

I can feel my panties starting kartal escort to get wet just telling her. Lisa’s nipples are clearly erect as I realize, I am not the only one getting excited. I wonder if I have enough courage to ask if she wants to join us. It would be exciting to watch as Shawn’s cock spreads her little ass wide open and shoots inside her. I have to admit, I always wondered what it would look like to see another woman being fucked, not like in a movie but up close and live.

“Is he really that big?” She asks.

“He has to be at least ten, maybe eleven. I haven’t measured him yet.” I say laughing.

I can tell she is getting really turned on, she keeps caressing her wine glass as though she was holding a guys cock. I have to admit that my panties are soaking just watching her toy with the glass.

“There’s one thing he wants to try but I just can’t do it.” I say.

Now, let’s see how she reacts to my not wanting to do anal. I hope she’s interested, just watching her as she walked in tonight, I couldn’t stop picturing Shawn’s cock sliding in and out of her little butt.

“Which is what?” She asks.

“Anal, he’s too big for me. I’m afraid he’ll hurt me and yet I know he wants to do it. The thought o0f that big dick sliding in my ass turns me on but I’m just too afraid.” I tell her.

Lisa takes a sip of wine and says, “I love anal, feeling that big cock slide deep in me and then shoot that hot cum inside me would be heaven for me.” She says.

“You can’t imagine how much cum he shoots out. I always jerk him off the first one and it fills my mouth so much I have to swallow two or three times. And; he still shoots a lot the next two times. He is like a porn star but lately I have been sore after ten minutes of being ravaged and then he wants more. My poor little kitty is getting worn out.” I say.

Let’s see if she is interested. The door is certainly open now; I hope she got my message.

“It sounds like he is more than one woman can handle, maybe you need help from a friend to take some of the burden away and save your little kitty from being worn out.” She says.

Exactly what I want to hear from her, I picture in my mind both of us jerking him off and sucking his cock as he shoots it all maltepe escort over our faces. I don’t know why, but the thought of us licking each other clean turns me on so much.

“Well, I was wondering if your kitty might be interested in….” I leave the rest unsaid.

“My kitty and my tight little ass would love too help you out of your dilemma.” She says in a most seductive way.

I don’t know why but I can feel myself quivering between my legs. My panties are soaking and it’s not just the thought of fucking Shawn. Lisa is the reason, I have never been attracted to another woman and yet I feel myself becoming so turned on.

“You have never shared a man, have you?” Lisa asks.

“No.” Is all I can say softly.

“You’re in for a treat, both of us will lick that big cock and then as it spurts it’s cream into our mouths, we’ll swap it back and forth while we kiss in front of Shawn. Sound like something you might want to do?” She asks me so softly I could barely hear her.

It’s exactly what I was thinking, I have never been attracted to a woman but in this situation, sharing cum from that big dick just turns me on so much. All I can do is roll my tongue around my lips ever so slowly as she watches every movement.

“And when he shoots into that little kitty of yours, I’ll suck it dry and then give you the most intense orgasm you have ever had. You ever think that I would watch you get fucked and then suck your clit till you screamed?” She asks me.

Lisa is just so erotic; she knows how to press every button I have. My cunt screams for relief but I have to wait. No, I have to wait until we get together. It has to be soon, I need it bad.

“I was wondering if you might like to come over Saturday around 5:00?” I ask. Please say yes, I don’t want to wait any longer. The thought of her sucking cum out of me is just driving me wild.

“Three days from now, better cut the young stud off so he can satisfy both of us. Maybe I’ll teach you how to lick my pussy.” She says.

“I’ll suck the cum as it drips out of you.” I say.

“Where it’s going to drip out, you don’t want to suck but I would love you to suck my clit as I ride that big dick in my ass.” She tells me.

I try to picture in my mind how to do it and then realize what she means. I’ve seen pictures like that and can feel my heart racing. I think if we don’t stop talking, we will both climax sitting in this booth.

“Let me ask you something, are your panties wet?” Lisa asks me.

“Soaking.” I respond.

Now, we just have to get thru three days until Saturday.

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