A Mother’s Only Option

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“James, it’s time to get – OH MY LORD, James!”

Startled, you look down at yourself and shout in surprise – your dick is fully erect and constantly seething cum! In fact, it must have been going on all night because your entire stomach, legs, and most of your bed and sheets were soaked and sticky with your surprisingly still warm sperm!

“What have you been doing,” screamed your mother, stomping to your bed and looking disgusted at your oozing erection. “Now, I’ll have to throw those sheets out! … James, stop it! What’s wrong with you?!”

Really worried now, and very embarrassed, you whimper, “Mom… I’m not doing anything! I can’t stop it… I think I need to go to the hospital! It just won’t stop!”

She bit her lip and looked at your privates, still oozing cum all over your hips and into the pool of almost five gallons of cum sticking to the bed, “Okay, okay! Just… just put on two pairs of – of jeans. Get in the car right away!”

A minute later you’re doing your best to move in two pairs of jeans, even as your quickly cleaned waist began to wet with cum, your mother was driving furiously towards the hospital, constantly checking your pants to see if any of the constantly flowing cum would show.

You were both ushered into a private room and a short, female doctor named Anne Stammer walked in, “So, James is it? Pull your pants off, please.”

Nervously glancing at your slightly blushing mom, you hesitantly remove your jeans and the doctor inspects your ‘problem’ with interest.

“I’ve only ever read about a condition such as this one, sir,” she finally says, looking at you seriously, letting you put back on your sticky pants. “In canlı bahis şirketleri fact, it can progress into a very serious condition.”

“What condition,” questions your mother, worried. “What’s going to happen to my boy?!”

“Well miss, one of the possible outcomes, if he is not treated, is permanent sterilization. Others include permanent erectile dysfunction, constant fatigue, apathy, and even a possibility of John becoming paraplegic. Yes, ma’am, this is a very serious condition and very rare.”

“But what can we do, doctor,” she gasped, gripping your shoulders with shaking hands. “How can he be treated? You did say its treatable right?”

“It is,” she answered, hesitant. “The only known way to effectively treat this condition is to at least once a day dramatically increase the outflow of sperm… To do this, James must engage in some form of intense sexual act, or acts, until the outflow is drastically increased – this will prevent further uncontrollable ejaculation for about eleven hours. Does he have a sexual partner, Ms. Patterson?”

“NO, no of course not,” your mom answered, seemingly shocked. “He’s only just turned eighteen after all!”

“Well then, ma’am… I hesitate to offer this as a possible solution, but…,” she sighed. “Unless you are willing to seek out a prostitute, which I do not recommend because condoms will not help him … the only option left is for you to treat your son.”

She looked sharply at you, face brick red, but you could see the dawning determination in her eyes.

“If it is to help my son, doctor,” she said slowly, unable to pull her eyes from yours, “I will do it.”

Before leaving the canlı kaçak iddaa hospital the doctor left your mother with a final word, “You must know, this condition makes James’ sex drive very adaptive – meaning, repeated acts of the same nature will produce less satisfactory results each time. If you decide to do something today, do something different tomorrow – try to diversify as much as possible, otherwise his body will never reach climax.”

The car ride home was silent and the nervousness and embarrassment hung in the air as almost a physical mass. Your mom barely looked at you, but you couldn’t help but stare at her… you’ve never thought of her in a sexual way before, as you must now.

She rather attractive for a thirty-seven year old woman – DD-cup, surprisingly perky breasts, average weight with shapely hips, smooth legs, milky skin and shoulder length dark red hair. Yes, Julie Patterson is a rather attractive, newly single woman with whom many a man would flirt.

“Well… uh,” mutters your mom as you make it back home. “Why don’t you take a shower… I’ll call the high school… let your principal know you’ll be out of school for, well until we can get… this… under control.”

You parted, tension and embarrassment clouding the air as she picked up the phone and you walked into the bathroom.

“Oh god this is just strange,” you say to yourself, pulling off your now drenched pants and setting them in the sink. You quickly hop into the shower so that the cum streaming down your leg wouldn’t get on the rug and start a twenty-minute long hot shower in which the soap suds constantly mixed with a steady stream of sticky cum.

Unwilling canlı kaçak bahis to ruin a new pair of jeans, your only don some silky-like gym shorts over your slowly darkening boxers and find your mom sitting in the living room, staring distractedly at a TV show she never liked watching.

“Do you… um, want to start now,” you say nervously as she looked stiffly at you. “I can wait if you need some time…”

“You heard what the doctor said, James,” she sighed. “I refuse to risk you becoming paralyzed. We need to do this.”

Still unsure of yourself, you pulled off your pants and boxers and your erection stood taller and harder than you’ve ever seen it – cum coated it in steady rivers. Without looking at you, your mother grasped the base of your sticky boner and slowly, nervously stroked the entire length – her hand soon was just as soaked with cum as your own erection and you couldn’t hold back a small moan of enjoyment.

Glancing at your half-closed eyes, your mom whispers, “Does that feel good?”

Embarrassed to have to answer, but knowing you’d feel rude if you didn’t, you say, “Yes…”

She bites her lip and nervously looks at her cum-covered hand steadily stroking her son’s cum-covered privates.

“Are you almost there?”

You only moaned loudly in answer – at that moment you could feel a tidal wave of pleasurable, hot cum rushing towards freedom and in seconds you exploded in a massive eruption of very warm, very thick cum that went on for at least a minute.

It got everywhere. On your shirt, your face, the couch, the floor, your mom’s arm, her waist and somehow even on her face and in her mouth – she spat out a bit of it.

“I – I’m sorry,” you gasp as she tries to wipe off the thick, white globs and was hardly succeeding.

“Its fine, honey,” she sighs, not looking at you. She gave up on her jeans and wiped off the tip of your still erect penis. “At least it stopped.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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