A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 23

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Gregory gestured to the table and got out the oils. Kate, who was facing the wall, couldn’t see anything other than the shadows on the wall. Greg switched off her vibrators and let her sit, waiting for his next attention. The young girl slipped out of her dress and got onto the table.

She relaxed into Gregory’s touch as his hands moved up her back and over her shoulders and her waist. Greg pressed his thumbs into her soft muscles aiding in her relaxation as he massaged her body. After five minutes on the back she turned over and he oiled up and massaged her front.

Her relaxed breaths turned to heavier breaths as his hands ran along and around her B cup breasts. His fingers smoothly slid over her nipples and down her flat stomach. She gasped as his hands parted her thighs and his middle finger parted her short pink labia. She felt so sensitive and so…alive by his touch.

Gregory slowly ran his finger along the outside of her pussy until she was wet and then her started rubbing her clitoris gently.

“Oh yes…that’s wonderful.” She sighed as her climax started climbing. Gregory pressed harder onto her clitoris and her back arched as her orgasm slid forward.

“Oh god I’m cumming! Yes! I’m cumming!” She moaned and after a quick orgasm she slumped to the table and breathed.

“Thank you so much.” She said and got dressed and left the room.

Kate was more than a little aroused after hearing the young girl’s orgasm. Greg turned on the black vibrator and quickly, Kate was moaning.

Kate wanted to rub herself against the vibrator but the belt restrained her movements. Gregory turned up the vibrations another click. She was completely unaware of Greg as he grabbed a flexible paddle from the rack, took a stance and swung hard onto her plump curvaceous milk chocolate ass. The loud smack of leather on skin reverberated through the room.

“Shit! Thank you master.” Kate replied. She felt her climax rise up as her clitoris began to feel the vibrations. Another slap of the leather only forced her arousal to spike again.

“Thank you master! Master…oh shit I think I’m gonna cum! Please let me cum.”

Gregory turned off the vibrator and struck her across the ass cheeks twice on each side leaving a very clear red streak.

“I’ll let you cum when I want you to cum.” He replied.

“Yes master. Thank you.” She replied through frustrated breaths. Gregory walked around the table and stood at the front of Kate who looked face to face with his dripping cock head.

“Open wide.”

Kate opened her mouth but it wasn’t wide enough as his swollen head pushed her mouth wider and filled her throat.

She let out a satisfied moan as his cock slid to the back of her throat and then back out again. As Greg pushed back in again there came a knock at the door. He pulled out and tied his robe up.

“Come in.” He said.

The door opened and a young hispanic woman with dark hair, curvy features and a nervous smile walked in.

She wore a long dress and black flats and carried a small black purse.

“It’s Sophie right?” Greg asked.

“Yes.” She nodded and then noticed Kate who was tied up and very naked and dripping with precum and covered in sweat.

“You wanted to just see it right?”

She nodded and Gregory untied his robe and revealed his massive and erect cock.

Her eyes went wide as she stared at his penis. After a long and thorough inspection she left. Gregory turned on the dual vibrators bakırköy escort and sat across the room listening to Kate as she whined in pleasure. Kate enjoyed the feel of both her anus and vagina being vibrated. It wasn’t enough to make her cum but it kept her climax on the edge of rising.

Gregory turned the vibrations up one more level and Kate suddenly felt her climax rise. Both vibrator bulbs began vibrating in sync and she couldn’t resist how amazing her canals felt. Again she wanted to rock her hips but the belt around her waist prevented it. Greg walked over and turned on the black vibrator.

“Oh god!” Kate shrieked as the bulbous vibrator started humming on her clitoris. Her climax shot up and her orgasm was once again knocking at her door. “Master! Please! I-“

“I forbid you from cumming.” He replied.

“Please!” She begged.


Kate could feel the burning in her cervix and her clitoris.

Her body felt warm and heavy as the orgasm pulsed and pounded to be set free.

“Master! I can’t hold it…I think I’m-“

Gregory turned off all toys and Kate’s orgasm came to an infuriating halt.

“Fuck!” She shouted. Kate hated how much she loved this torture. The feeling of her orgasm being denied over and over was the best feeling for her.

Another knock came to the door and a young black woman with a thin frame and short black hair walked in wearing only leggings and a loose shirt and obviously no bra.

“Megan?” Greg asked.

“Yep. I’m here to receive the special package.” She said and started pulling off her clothes and tossed them to the side.

“Megan? Megan Halloway?” Kate asked.

Megan glanced at Kate on the table and arched an eyebrow.

“Who’s that?” Megan asked.

“What do you mean who’s that? It’s me, Kate.”

Megan, with only a shirt on; walked around the room and looked at Kate and gasped.

“What the shit girl? What are you doing here?”

“I should ask you the same thing Megan. You got a boyfriend.”

“Not anymore. So now I’m here to get some special treatment from the talk of the town.” Megan looked to Gregory who had sat down.

“I see you’ve already gotten some.” Megan said.

Kate blushed and without warning she felt the dual vibrator switch on and she couldn’t stifle her whine.

“Damn. What are you, some sex doll?” Megan asked.

“That’s exactly what she is. She is my sex doll. I play with her how I want, when and where I want for as long as I want.” Gregory replied and opened his robe displaying his massive cock which stood out hard and erect.

“Holy shit!” Megan exclaimed.

“Now, you came to be fucked is that correct?” Gregory asked.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“Then get down on your hands and knees and spread your legs.”

Megan did as Gregory said and got down on her hands and knees and faced away from him and spread open her legs. Gregory grabbed the lubricant, another vibrator and got down on his knees. He slid on a new condom before he pressed the vibrator against Megan’s dark pink pussy.

Gregory moved the vibrator from her sphincter, down between her labia and across her clitoris. After several passes Megan began to breathe harder. She felt a little self conscious knowing that her close friend was going to be hearing her orgasm but as her pleasure heightened, Megan’s reservations lessened. Gregory turned up the vibrator two more levels and started beşiktaş escort focusing on Megan’s clitoris which was erect and aroused.

“Fuck that feels good.” She exhaled.

Gregory turned up the vibrator once more and held it directly over her clitoris. Immediately Megan felt the strong humming sensation of the toy and her climax rushed up.

“Shit! Oh shit! Fuck I’m cumming! Fuck yes!” She shouted and Gregory watched as drips of stringy cum dribbled out of her pussy and off her thin labia.

Megan sagged a little, but Gregory allowed her no time for such relaxation. He turned up the dual vibrator on Kate who gave a soft whine of pleasure and desperately wanted to feel something more inside her holes. He took Megan by the hips and pushed just the thick swollen head of his cock into her pussy. Megan gasped as the first two inches of his penis pushed into her vagina.

“It’s so big.” She gasped.

Gregory slid another inch inward and started fucking her already tightening pussy with just the first three inches of his cock. Megan couldn’t contain her moans as he fucked her slowly.

“I can take more.” Megan breathed out.

“You sure?” He asked.

“Uh-huh.” She whined.

Gregory didn’t bother asking again as he pushed his cock all the way in until he felt it press against her hard cervix.

“Son of bitch!” She screamed.

Gregory reached up and grabbed Megan by the shoulders and started pounding her pussy.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” She screamed each time his cock pounded against her cervix.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Your fucking cock is…making me cum!” She screamed.

Gregory felt her pussy tighten around his cock as she orgasmed.

“Oh my god that was incredible!” She moaned.

Gregory pulled out just as the alarm for the session ended.

“M…master…please…I need to-“

Gregory turned off the dual vibrator before Kate could even finish her request. Megan got up off the floor feeling light headed and couldn’t stop from smiling.

“That was amazing. Thanks.” She said as she grabbed her clothes. “What do you do with Kate when no one is around?”

“I use her as I see fit.” Greg replied.

“Yeah but how?” Megan asked.

Gregory walked over to the table, picked up the leather paddle and spanked Kate on both ass cheeks.

“Ah! Thank you master!” Kate shrieked.

Megan looked at him with wide surprised eyes. She walked over to Kate and met her eyes.

“Is this really what you like?” Megan asked.

“I love it.” Kate replied with a pure expression of enjoyment on her face. “He knows how to use me and abuse me and make me cum and not cum. He treats me perfectly.” Kate said.

Megan looked up at Gregory and then smiled.

“You treat my friend good you hear?” Megan smirked.

“Only the very best.” Greg replied.

“See ya later Kate.” Megan said as she walked out.

Gregory walked over to Kate and slowly pulled out the anal vibrator. She whined softly as it popped free from her anus. He lubricated his bare cock and pressed just the tip to her anus.

“Does my fuck doll want her master’s cock inside?” He asked knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck my slutty ass master! Please fuck my ass!” She begged.

Gregory pressed his cock in and forward and he groaned as her tight anus swallowed every inch of his cock.

“Oh fuck it’s in my stomach! Holy shit!” Kate screamed.

As beylikdüzü escort Greg pulled back the door opened and Megan walked back in and then stopped.

“I…Umm…forgot my purse.” She said but instead of looking for her purse her eyes were focused on Greg’s enormous cock inside of Kate’s ass.

“Don’t stop master! Please fuck me!” Kate moaned.

Gregory leaned forward and pushed his entire cock straight back into her anus.

“Oh fuck yes!” Kate moaned. Her moan turned to a scream as he began pounding her anus harder.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” She screamed.

Gregory groaned as her ass tightened around his cock each time he went in.

Megan just stood in the doorway watching the spectacle with wide eyes and a dripping wet pussy. Kate’s pussy was oozing a steady stream of pent up precum that started puddling on the floor. After several straight minutes he pulled out and walked over to the front.

“You have dirtied your master’s cock. Clean it.” Greg demanded. Kate opened her mouth wide and she moaned with satisfaction as his cock stretched her mouth and throat.

She could taste the lubricant and her own anal juices but that didn’t matter. The feeling of being a proper fuck doll was all that mattered. Gregory slowly stroked his cock inside her mouth and slowly he inched his entire cock down her throat. Kate’s eyes grew red and teary. She gagged several times but never vomited as he pushed his cock down through her throat barrier. Megan was sure that Kate was going to choke but as Greg pulled away Kate gasped and coughed up precum and saliva.

“Thank you master.” She said happily.

“I’m proud of you my fuck doll.” He said and kissed her on the head.

Kate felt a surge of warmth fill her body. She had never been praised by her previous master. She was surprised at how good it felt to be praised. Kate realized how badly she wanted to please Gregory. How badly she wanted to make him feel good and in return she would feel good.

Gregory slid the anal vibrator back in and turned all the vibrators on low. When he turned around he found that Megan was still standing looking shocked and aroused and stunned. He grabbed her small purse which she had set on the table and handed it to her. Megan looked at it like she wasn’t sure what to do with it for a moment before taking it.

“You’ve never seen that before have you?” Greg asked.

Megan shook her head.

“Schedule another appointment and maybe I’ll show you how good it feels.” He winked and escorted her to the door where she walked out and went outside.

Lisa got up and slid off the bed slowly and quietly as she did her best not to wake up Linda. She put on her clothes from the night before and went downstairs to find that the living room was empty. A note on the table was all that was left from her mother.

‘Hi sweetie, I am heading to go sign the lease for my new place and I’m going to go back to the house and get my belongings. Don’t worry I’ll be alright. I’ll call you later with an update.’

Lisa sat down on the couch and couldn’t help but feel worried for her mother. At the same time she also felt relieved to know that her mother would be safe and out of the house. A new thought popped into her head. A house. She glanced over at the folder with the pictures of the house that Gregory had purchased. She was going to live in a house with Greg and be his personal sex toy.

The thought exhilarated her more than she had assumed. Lisa had always known that deep inside herself she had been restraining sexual inhibitions but she never would’ve guessed that there had been a sexual submissive at this magnitude hidden within herself. She got up and walked over to her room and gathered up her clothes and started packing.

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