A Lesson in Anatomy

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Female Ejaculation

Karen had a job in the library of a city medical school and she was growing to hate it. Each daily shift seemed to drag by more slowly than the one before; it wasn’t exactly a thrill-a-minute and she was finding it increasingly hard to concentrate.

The university had a good record for churning out successful doctors. Karen’s slight interest in human biology led her to take up the library post six months ago and at first she’d enjoyed it. Nowadays, however, her keenness on the workings of the human body seemed to be centred mainly on her genitalia. Countless times each day, Karen found herself drifting off into fantasy; she kept a veritable catalogue of them in her head and dredged one up during every idle moment.

This morning was no exception. Karen chose her favourite scenario to while away the hours; it was a fantasy in which she fucked a stranger. In reality, Karen was in a stable, if somewhat unimaginative, relationship, and this dream situation contrasted sharply and excitingly with the drudgery of her everyday life.

However, Karen’s blissful reverie was destined not to continue undisturbed. As soon as coffee break came around, she was pounced upon by her colleague, Maeve. Karen usually felt she could tell her anything, and that included details of her sex-life.

“Well, how did last night go?” Maeve asked while the kettle boiled.

Karen sighed. “Not great.” This was an understatement.

She and her husband had celebrated their tenth anniversary with a romantic meal. Karen had made quite an effort with her appearance, hoping it would lead to rampant sex. It had – but Karen hadn’t come, despite her partner’s best efforts. In the end, they were both so tired that sleep seemed to be the best option.

Explaining this to Maeve, Karen sipped coffee from her mug and winced; the drink was too hot as usual.

“Just like me,” she said, wistfully. “Red hot – but no use to anybody!”

Maeve rolled her eyes comically.

“Oh, Karen! Haven’t I told you before – if you want to come, get a vibrator!”

Karen grinned. It would take more than that to give her the satisfaction she craved. For weeks she had been going over and over her favourite fantasies, at work and at home, especially when her husband was away on business. More often than not, she had masturbated frantically at the same time. It pleasured her to a certain extent. But there were definately times when nothing could beat the feeling of throbbing male flesh inside her pussy.

Suddenly the staff room door flew open and the disapproving face of Hannah, the Head Librarian, appeared.

“Are you planning to grace us with your prescence, ladies?” she asked, bitingly.

“If you insist!” grumbled Karen, getting up without a shred of enthusiasm and putting on the regulation white coat that all of the library staff had to wear. Karen loathed it; she wasn’t a doctor so why was she made to dress like one?

“Breaks are not to be taken advantage of!” Hannah followed Karen and Maeve as they left the room. “They are merely a brief hiatus in the working day, during which one should recharge one’s batteries; they are not an excuse for exchanging gossip!”

Karen caught Maeve’s eye and smirked. Hannah continued her tirade for several minutes, taking nearly as long as the coffee break had. Then, her piece said, she disappeared into her office.

Maeve made a face.

“It’s just like being back at school! God forbid SHE appears in any of your fantasies!”

The very thought made Karen shudder.

At that moment, a crowd of students came in, talking much too loudly. Karen frowned at them.

“Ssh!” she hissed, glancing at Hannah’s door.

The students fell silent and drifted off in various different directions to attend to some much-needed study.

All except for one. He stood at the desk in front of Karen, holding aloft a book; an apologetic expression on his face.

“A late return, I gather?” asked Karen wearily.

“Yes, sorry,” The young man broke into a grin. “Am I forgiven?”

With a face like his, he could be forgiven anything, Karen thought. She had never seen him around the university before; his handsome features were unfamiliar: an exquisitely straight nose, beautiful brown eyes, lashes longer and prettier than any girl’s, and short, glossy black hair, made spiky with gel. And he was SO tall; he must have stood at well over six feet.

Karen was spellbound as this stunning specimen grinned at her. She found her eyes wandering down to his crotch to check him out; from the obvious bulge in his trousers, he kept quite a package in there.

“I’m afraid there’s a fee for late returns,” she managed to say eventually.

The student’s face fell for a moment. Then he grinned again.

“Does it have to be paid in cash? Or do you accept sexual favours?”

Karen flushed.

“No favours.” She told the young man how much he owed and, reluctantly he handed over the cash.

“That’ll be one less pint for me tonight!” he said.

Karen requested his library card so she could check off the book. bakırköy escort She saw his ID photo – very nice – and his name.

“So, Jason,” she said, unable to look him in the eye. “Will you be borrowing anything else today?”

“I don’t think so,” Jason said thoughtfully. “Unless YOU’RE on offer!”

Then, with a friendly wink at her, he was gone, leaving Karen dumbstruck. What a nerve he had! And he was only about twenty-one at the most; she’d failed to spot his birthdate on the ID card.

Karen didn’t know how to deal with men like Jason and she was annoyed at herself for getting so flustered over an impudent young guy she’d never met before.

However, as the day continued into night, Karen’s thoughts turned increasingly to sex, and with them came an unrelenting image – Jason, naked, telling her how sexy she was.

* * *

A few days passed. Nothing changed. Karen updated Maeve, as usual, on the increasingly sorry state of her love-life.

“There’s nothing for it, ” Maeve said. “You’re going to have to play out one of your fantasies for real. Take a lover – fill yourself with excitement AND a big, juicy cock!”

“Easier said than done!” sneered Karen. “I AM married, you know!”

Maeve shrugged. Then, noticing that someone had entered the library, she stood up straight and nudged Karen sharply.

“Look out! Here comes trouble!”

Karen glanced up from her work, expecting to see Hannah looming over her.

“Hi there, gorgeous!” said Jason.

Karen stared. This wasn’t who she’d planned on being faced with. Unhelpfully, Maeve melted away, leaving Karen to it. Composing herself, she tried to look sternly at her admirer.

“Weren’t you in here yesterday – and the day before?” she asked suspiciously.

Jason shrugged.

“I read a lot. Need to revise anatomy. This seems to be the best place for it!”

Karen ignored his suggestive stare and directed him to a vacant table in the study area. But Jason wouldn’t go.

“Why have you got on the sort of clothes my grandmother would wear, underneath that white coat? Is it because librarians are usually old crones – like her?” He gestured towards Hannah. “How old are you? Twenty-five?”

Karen blushed. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m actually thirty-one, and I wear these clothes because – well, what’s the point of glamming up to come to work?”

“There’s EVERY point,” the young man grinned, “with a body like yours!”

Karen’s mouth fell open. Unable to come up with a riposte, she merely gave a dismissive wave and spluttered:

“Go and take a seat, will you – and for God’s sake, be quiet!”

However, Jason wasn’t there to study after all. He gave his usual friendly wink and left the library.

Karen leaned on the desk, feeling quite shaky and wondering why the hell that guy was having such a profound effect on her. Sure, he was gorgeous (and he knew it);of course, he was charming. And he paid Karen some attention, which was more than most of the students did; they usually checked books in and out in a sullen, wordless fashion. All the friendly chat and the suggestive comments – what did he mean by them? Today, it seemed, he’d visited the library just to see her. Could it be that Karen had an admirer?

Karen knew she wouldn’t be able to get Jason’s lovely face out of her mind, for the third night running. There was no denying it – she really wanted to fuck him now. Despite what he’d said about her clothes.

* * *

“What’s with the outfit?”

Maeve asked Karen this, next morning, as the two women hung up their coats in the staff room.

“I just felt like a change. Is it too over the top?”

“No, darling, you look gorgeous,” Maeve smiled. “I’m just wondering if a certain person will think the same.”

“What do you mean? There’s no ‘Certain Person’ – unless you’re referring to Hannah?”

“Hardly! Anyway, I don’t think you’re her type, my dear!”

Giggling, Maeve and Karen went off to face the rigours of the day. All morning, the outfit was a secret Karen kept to herself. Whenever she crouched down to place books on a low shelf, she felt her short, black skirt ride up her thighs, and she smiled to herself. It was true – what she wore had a direct effect on her personality. Without the ankle-length skirts and school-teacher blouses, Karen felt liberated, strong and capable of anything.

Whenever any students came in, Karen found herself being almost flirty with them; instigating conversation and scolding them playfully. Hannah, meanwhile, scowled at her from across the room.

“What is wrong with you today?” the older woman eventually asked, but Karen merely smiled. She longed to say:

“I’m wearing a skirt that only just covers my crotch, a tiny black thong and a see-through top. And it’s making me feel horny as hell. That’s what’s wrong!”

But she kept that information to herself – for now.

Karen continued to be restless and fidgety as she tried to go about her duties. She was, as beşiktaş escort Maeve had suggested, on the lookout for a ‘certain person’, but so far there had been no sign of him.

By lunchtime, Karen was in a state of utter tension. She had to wear her white coat in the canteen; luckily it was not unusual for staff members to do so, but she felt hot and stuffy and longed to strip off a layer or two.

Taking her sandwiches and coffee, she made for the door, intending to return to the staffroom.

“Oh – watch out!” she cried as a tall figure almost collided with her by the exit. Karen’s hand wobbled as she recovered herself, and coffee slopped onto the floor. “Damn!”

Her immediate thought was to bend over and wipe up the mess, but then she remembered the obscene shortness of her skirt. No point in giving all the students an eyeful.

Instead, she looked up at the face of the person who’d caused her clumsiness.

“Jason!” Karen scolded slyly. “I might have known!”

“Let me.” The handsome young man took Karen’s napkin from her and crouched down to mop up. “It was my fault. I’ll buy you another coffee.”

“You’re too kind.” Karen stared down at him. His black hair was without gel today and his fringe flopped forward appealingly; glossier than ever. He looked very young and somehow vulnerable. Karen felt a twinge of something deep inside of her, which she recognised as lust.

The mess cleared, Jason made to straighten up again, but first found himself at eye level with Karen’s lower legs. Her coat had parted slightly, allowing him a tantalising glimpse of her flesh. He cleared his throat.

“I’ve just been at an anatomy class,” he said. “We’re learning all the nerves and muscles of the thigh.”

“Oh? Do you need any hands-on experience?” Karen smirked at the student, feeling pleased with herself. For once she had been able to respond to one of Jason’s provocative comments!

Jason was obviously surprised by it. He was slow to speak again, making do with a prolonged stare; his deep brown eyes bored into Karen’s.

“I need all the experience I can get,” he said, seriously.

Karen nodded. “I tell you what – you buy me another coffee and we’ll discuss it!”

* * *

In the afternoon Karen had a noticeable spring in her step. She hummed quietly to herself as she stacked books and filed journals. She seemed to be gaining confidence by the hour, and it wasn’t just her new image that was the cause.

She and Jason had spent an enjoyable lunch, sitting together in the middle of the canteen, chatting and oblivious to the stares of the other students. Karen had spoken to him like he was an equal, not just a lowly medical trainee, and the two had got on well. Jason’s easy charm and tendency to flatter her, plus his gorgeous looks, soon had Karen fully won over. She asked him about his studies and his ambitions; had childhood games of Doctors and Nurses inspired his career choice?

Grinning, Jason told her, “I want, eventually, to be a gynaecologist. I’m an expert on women, you see.”

“Mmmm, I bet. Unusual field of medicine to be interested in.”

“D’you think? Most of the guys in my year have the same aspirations!”

Karen licked her lips. “What makes you so sure you’re an expert?”

“I’d need to show you.” Jason stared evenly at her.

Karen felt herself tremble again. Everything about this man entranced her. It was time to take action.

She told Jason to meet her after work – she was doing overtime so it would be a late finish. Karen didn’t tell him why she wanted to see him – but she didn’t need to.

“Why, miss, I do believe you’re coming onto me!”

Karen stood up, smoothing her white coat over her thighs and pushing a fallen strand of hair behind her ear.

“Just be there and you’ll find out!”

* * *
The library remained open until ten o’ clock, allowing students as much studying time as possible. But it was never exactly busy, as most of them preferred to spend their evenings in the pub, and it was only as exam time neared that the evening shift grew more worthwhile.

Normally, Karen and Maeve loathed working late. The hours dragged and the silence grew unbearable. There was never any sound except for the quiet turning of pages, the occasional bleep of the computer, the tapping of fingers on a keyboard. Karen usually whiled away the time by daydreaming.

Tonight, however, she couldn’t even concentrate on that. She was tense with anticipation, continuously glancing at her watch.

“Be here!” she muttered. “You’d better be here, you bastard!”

Ten o’ clock came and went. Karen did a last round of the shelves, putting away carelessly discarded books and informing stray students that the library would shortly be closing. She put out the main lights and left only the dim security lamps on. They cast a muted glow over the place, and, as she moved between the rows of tall shelves, Karen shivered. She never failed to find the library spooky after hours.

Where the hell beylikdüzü escort was Jason? Had he chickened out? Was he, at this moment, laughing about Karen with his mates over their pints? Karen tensed further at the thought. If she’d been made a fool of –

A sudden noise startled her. It sounded like a quiet cough, coming from the other side of the library. Had she missed someone on her rounds? Karen had been sure the place was empty. Shaking, she picked up a heavy book as a weapon and made her way slowly between the shelves. The sound came again, closer. Karen stopped.

“Who’s there?” she called out, fearfully.

No reply. Karen moved forward, raising the book, ready to strike if necessary. “Who’s there?”

Silence. Then suddenly a whole row of books jumped off a nearby shelf and crashed to the floor.

Karen wanted to scream, but put a hand over her mouth to stifle it. She didn’t want to bring a security guard running – yet.

More books moved forward and slid off the shelf. They were followed by several others. Karen found herself becoming less scared, more angry. How dare someone treat the books like that?

In the space where the books had been, there appeared a face – familiar and apologetic.

“If you’ve damaged any of those…” Karen told the culprit.

“Do I have to pay a fine?” Jason peered at Karen from the other side of the shelf. He pushed some more books out. There was now quite a pile on the floor. “For damaging these dusty old pages of crap?”

Karen looked at him disdainfully. “Do you have no respect for anything?”

Jason disappeared from view. For a moment there was silence. Then he reappeared round the corner, right in front of Karen. His immense height was intimidating, but his face was earnest. Karen stood her ground.

“What’s your game?” she asked him, staring into his eyes, melting despite herself.

“What’s yours?” he mocked. “Asking me to meet you here at night, alone!”

“I certainly didn’t mean you to destroy the library!” Karen had on her schoolteacher voice, but Jason was unimpressed.

He reached out and touched her arm, on her white coat. “Take it off,” he said.

Karen tossed her head. “I’M the one giving orders!”

“I don’t care. Take it off.”

Karen hesitated. Then, slowly, she did as Jason said. Her coat slid to the floor. The blouse she wore was of very thin material; her black bra visible. And her skirt was daringly short, displaying her lower thighs to Jason’s admiring eyes.

“That’s better,” he said and bent his head to kiss her.

Karen closed her eyes as their mouths met. The first kiss was short; almost a peck. But his lips felt soft and enticing. She wanted more.

They stared at one another momentarily. In the dim light, Jason’s eyes were dark, intense. His nostrils flared a little. Karen moved forward, her hands reaching up to his face. Stroking his skin, she stretched to kiss him once more.

This time, they lingered; tentative at first, but gaining confidence and power with every second that their lips were joined. Jason’s tongue slid into Karen’s mouth and explored hungrily. Her tongue moved to meet him and pushed its way around his mouth in return; Karen revelled in the taste and feel of him, for he was as sweet and warm as she’d always imagined he would be.

They stood together, locked in embrace. Karen’s mind reeled as she felt Jason’s hands on her body; they seemed to be everywhere at once – her breasts, buttocks and thighs – rubbing her forcefully through her skimpy clothing. She moaned in response, pushing her body close to his.

“You’re sexy,” Jason groaned in her ear. “So sexy…” Deftly, he reached around to unzip her skirt, pushing it down over her hips. Karen squirmed, helping him and gasping uncontrollably.

They continued to kiss. Jason’s practised hands flew over the buttons of Karen’s blouse, sliding it from her shoulders with ease. He stopped, breathing heavily, to survey her breasts, which were pushed up into enticing, round globes of flesh by her balconette bra. His hands went to her shoulders and slid the straps downwards Then he peeled down the lacy cup that held each breast, releasing her perky nipples. With a grunt of satisfaction, he bent to suck one into his mouth.

Karen’s legs almost gave way. She’d felt the touch of no man but her husband before now, and this was exquisite. Jason’s mouth was so soft and tender, his hands so gentle, yet capable. He unhooked her bra without the slightest fumble, and her breasts were freed at last. As the cool air of the library touched her skin, Karen shivered. Her little lacy thong was no match for Jason’s expert hands either. Within seconds she stood completely naked in front of him, and Jason continued to explore her flesh with his warm mouth.

Karen was transported to ecstacy by his touch. Every inch of her body was on red alert, yearning for him. It took a few moments of luxuriating in his caresses before she realised that she was anxious to repay the pleasure he was giving her.

Hands shaking, she undid all the buttons on Jason’s shirt then reached for his belt, unbuckling it with some urgency. Unable to wait, she placed a hand against his crotch; felt his hard cock straining through his trousers. Wordlessly, he stood, letting her continue without interfering, although no doubt he badly wanted to.

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