A Great Surprise

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The story starts with an exhausting day of work. After a long day of work, I walk into the house looking for a relaxing shower and a cool drink. My fiance leads me into the living room and asks me to lay down for a massage. As she is giving me the massage, she whispers into my ear “I have a surprise for you tonight, so I want you to take your time in the shower and get cleaned up well” in a sassy tone that told me that I will enjoy this surprise to the fullest. Thrilled by this; I bite my tongue trying not to ask what the surprise is, so as not to ruin it.

So after a nice long rub down, she lets me slink off to the shower. As I enjoy the hot water of my shower, I hear familiar sounds coming from the bedroom of our toy chest being opened and the muffled noise of things being shuffled around. All was sounding familiar, but tonight something seemed different. So as I continue to listen to the sound of things moving and the anticipation building. I get so aroused that I don’t even notice my pulsating rod stiffly standing to attention, until my tight little asshole twinges from the anticipation.

As I shut the water off, I am surprised by my fiance waiting for me when I slide open the frosted glass shower doors. She tells me that my surprise is almost ready. After I finish drying off she leads me to the living room and hands me a nice cool drink-tells me to relax on the couch and let my hair dry while she finishes getting ready. As I finish my drink I hear the bedroom door open. I see her poke her head around the corner and as I find her in the shadows, she asks me to close my eyes.

With my eyes closed, I hear her coming closer. She slides one of our silk blindfolds over my eyes and makes sure it won’t come off. In no time at all I hear her robe fall to the floor and then I feel her hands slide open my legs. Then she slides those soft hands up my thighs. Then she just grazes my shaft through the towel I have wrapped around my waist, just teasing me a little.

She grabs my hips as she; slowly kisses her way up my waist, over my chest and feel her nibble ever so softly at my neck. She slides up and puts a finger to my lips and asks me to open my mouth. I take the hint and let canlı bahis her slide her finger into my mouth and I slowly suck on her finger then suddenly she pulls her finger away.

She repositions herself in front of me. Suddenly I feel something long and slender slowly rub my cheek and make its way slowly to my mouth. She slowly circles it around my lips until I couldn’t take it anymore and let it slowly slide into my mouth. After that I knew it was the strap on we had gotten a couple months earlier. I start sliding my mouth up and down her silicone shaft the way I like her to do to my pole.

This turns her on and I feel her hands run through my hair, as I reach around and grab her ass, making sure she doesn’t pull away. After a little while, I feel the shaft tremble as she pulls it slowly from my mouth. Gently she takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom, as I keep my eyes closed I can’t help but think of what is to come. As we get into the bedroom I notice the bed has been moved away from the wall leaving all four sides exposed and easily accessible.

She tells me to lie flat on the bed with my head hanging over the edge with my legs spread. So I eagerly oblige and I feel her come up behind me. I feel her soft hands slowly caress and spank my ass and then spread my cheeks out wide exposing my tight little hole to her. I feel her warm breath as she blows softly on my rosebud, teasing it and making it tighten more. Suddenly I feel her tongue tap ever so slightly and then slowly swirl around.

After she started I had all but given up on paying attention to anything else as the pleasure was taking over. To my surprise I feel a second tongue on the back of my neck and I realize that her surprise was that she had brought a friend. I feel a hand run around my chin and slowly lift my head and as the hand directs me I fail to notice that it isn’t slender or petite.

So I am surprised once more when I feel this warm thick rod press against my lips looking for access. I snap back to reality and realize what’s going on, so I quickly open and let the rod in. I am now being assaulted on both ends, at the rear I have a tongue slowly working its way deeper into my now quivering hole. bahis siteleri All the while I have this thick juicy cock working its way slowly in and out of my mouth.

Then without warning I feel a finger slide in and hear my fiance squeal in delight as she realized that I am relaxed enough and 1 finger isn’t enough, so I feel her back the one finger out and then slide two in. Feeling little resistance, she backs out and slides a lube shooter in and fills my hole with nice warm lube. Not a second after I feel the shot of warm lube enter, I feel three well lubed fingers work their way in.

She slides them all the way in and just lets them sit there as she admires how my little hole stretches to accommodate her. As the pleasure takes me over I start to ride her fingers until I feel a large blast of cum fill my mouth. After I feel the cock pull out, they finally take the blindfold off and let me open my eyes.

The room is just dark enough to not be able to make out his face, but in this instance I don’t care. All I care about is his thick cock and getting it hard again. As he pulled away I feel a hand grab my hip and as she slid her fingers out, she pulled me up onto all fours and slowly she slides me onto her strap on.

She quickly picks up the pace with the smaller dildo and quickly gets me moaning and moaning for more. After she feels I am ready, she undoes the clasp and leaves the dildo in my ass. I hear her click the snaps of the strap on and as she pulls the dildo out of my ass I feel another rest against my cheek. I feel the bigger dildo press against my opening and I feel my little hole strain from the size as she gets it ready to go in.

Just as she gets ready to stretch my little hole with that big dildo I feel the guy slide under me and his mouth wrap around my cock. So without hesitation I slide his cock back into my mouth. As I feel him growing in my mouth from my moaning, I feel the dildo pass my ring and slowly fill every last inch of my once tight little asshole.

I strain under the size as it slides deeper and deeper and I collapse onto the guy under me as I am taken over by a massive wave of pleasure when her hips hit my ass and the dildos balls bahis şirketleri press into my taint. I regain my footing quickly when I realize I am bordering on chocking the guy with my cock, as she slowly slides her huge cock in and out of my ass.

I am almost screaming from delirium into this man’s cock as she builds speed and starts to pound away at my ass. Then suddenly I hear her scream as she drives the dildo as far as she can into my ass. I feel the guy slide out and as she unhooks the dildo and leaves it buried deep in me.

I flip over onto my back and let her taste my pre-cum that is almost gushing out of my cock at this point. As she slides down on the shaft of my cock, I feel the walls of her pussy flutter and contract. As she rides me I start to rub the guy and make sure he stays hard. I soon flip her over and tell him to take my ass.

Within moments he gets behind me, pulls the dildo out and as I gasp from feeling that huge silicone dick pull out of me I get another thick hot and pulsing cock sliding in and trying hard to fill the same space the dildo just did. In no time, he is pounding my hole with a vengeance and I can’t do anything but moan. I start to take rhythm and as he pulls out I am pounding into my fiance and then I am quickly sliding back as he pounds into me.

We go for what seems like hours and losing track of the positions and suddenly I feel this immense pressure building. So I quickly pull out and blow my hot load all over my fiances chest. As she quivers from aftershocks and I try to catch my breath. I feel the guy blow a hot load deep into my bowels and we both collapse. As we all lay there exhausted, my fiance under me and the man collapsed on top of me. I feel him slowly shrink and pop out.

We all lay there panting and shaking from the pleasure. I feel as if I had passed out when I wake up to a cock pushing its way into my ass and without any pause start pounding away as I feel my fiance slide in front of me. As she gets me hard, she aims me for her un-pleased asshole. With the man pounding away, it didn’t take long before I feel a second load fill my hole and almost by instinct I finish into my fiances still tight little hole.

When we finish, I hear the man get up, take a shower and let himself out without a word. Because in the end it did not matter who he was, all that mattered was that his dick was mine for that night and that night only.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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