A Good Day

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He Man

Katy was sitting perplexed in the coffee shop, trying to find reasonable thoughts in her blank mind. She thought that maybe there is an explanation to what has just happened. She kissed a very good friend – a girl. It’s nothing like her, she’s not gay, not even bisexual. ‘Or is she?’, her mind was playing games with her.

She knew Jane from work and they had been work colleagues for over two years. They grew closer spending time together outside of work, sometimes going to gym, movies or shopping. Whatever girlfriends do, really, they’d done it. She knew very well Jane was bisexual and she very often commented on girls they have encountered, while in town. But she’s never made any move on her.

Katy was very curious how it would be with a girl. She imagined it as totally different experience, more sensual and very similar to how she liked to masturbate. Sex with guys was more forceful and quick, not always fully satisfying, so she liked her masturbating. She didn’t however find sex with girls exciting or fascinating. It was just a curiosity. But this time it felt different. Maybe it was because she didn’t have sex with a guy for many months, maybe it was some change that happened to her or maybe she simply grew so close to her friend Jane. She didn’t know, but she was horny as hell and she needed a release. She would fuck just anyone, the itch was too much. And the kiss was electrifying.

Sadly Jane had to go to work and the kiss was supposed to be just a kiss goodbye. How it happened that it transformed into one of the most sensual experience in Katy’s life, she couldn’t figure out. It was all a blur. She finished her coffee and left the place. She decided to walk home in a hope that this would clear her mind and help rationalize what had happened. While she was walking through the park she got a message from Jane. She was asking if she can meet her after she finished work. They agreed to meet at Katy’s flat.

Katy didn’t know what to expect. Is Jane gonna want to finish what they had started in the coffee place? Or maybe she would backtrack from it all and even apologize. After all, she knew Jane was dating some guy. She knew it wasn’t serious, but still, why complicate things. Katy didn’t even know why she analyzed it so much. After all she wasn’t into girls. She was just horny and any release would do. Maybe she should order a pizza and fuck the delivery guy, she amused herself.

Jane was in the office for only few hours. It was Saturday and she only had to come in to confirm some design choices. She was heading to Katy’s flat and she knew they have to have a serious talk. She found Katy attractive and often fantasized about her. But she knew it wouldn’t end well and she didn’t want to lose a friend.

When she arrived she was greeted by Katy at the door. She looked radiant, with an aura of shyness about her. She was a very beautiful girl. Quite tall with slim figure and firm breasts. But her best feature was her ass. It looked like some perfect peach. Wearing the leggings didn’t help the situation.

‘Hi.’ Katy said in a very unconvincing tone.

She opened the door for Jane, turned around and walked towards the kitchen. She didn’t know what else to say so she just threw:

‘Do you want something to drink? Orange juice, Coke?’

‘Water will be fine.’ Jane said while admiring Katy’s ass.

She was very tempted to push this further now, all those fantasies flashing back in her mind. But she had to resist. At this time she had to assume that Katy is not into her at all and play it safe.

‘Listen, about what happened earlier, I am really sorry. I don’t know what happened and I don’t want to lose you as a friend.’ Jane threw.

‘Don’t worry about it.’ Katy replied promptly.

She started pouring water into a glass. She was fearing having to turn around and face her friend to pass her that glass of water. It wasn’t like her. She felt a strange heat running through her body, lifting each and every smallest hair on her skin. That heat started to circle around one area. It was heading towards her pussy. The tingling was unbearable. She had to touch herself, or better yet, she had to be touched.

She almost overfilled the glass, stopping only just in time. She took the glass in her hand. She was all trembling.

‘Hey, I just want to clear the air and confirm that we are OK.’ Jane threw. ‘I head to the movies with Zack. I told him to pick me istanbul escort up from here. Hope that’s OK. I know you didn’t meet him yet.’

Those last words hit Katy like a bucket of cold water. What is she thinking? Jane is her friend and, additionally, she is in a relationship. She turned around and placed the glass on a breakfast bar.

‘We’re fine. Forget about it. Nothing happened.’ she lied. ‘So you and Zack, huh. Is it serious?’ she faked a smile, part of her hoping it wasn’t serious at all.

‘No, I don’t think so.’ Jane responded reaching for a glass of water.

She was really thirsty and drank it all at once. When she finished, she noticed something that didn’t draw her attention before. Right in front of her stood a stunning girl, all blushing with a body language screaming ‘I’m horny!’. She knew at that very moment, that if she plays her cards right, it may be a very interesting evening indeed.

All the thoughts about Katy as her friend evaporated. In her head she turned into a nice, moist pussy she wanted to have a taste of. She could swear she could smell the aroma of sex Katy was producing. Instead of placing the glass back on the breakfast bar, she walked around it into the kitchen area, right where Katy was standing. She walked towards the sink and started to wash the glass.

‘Don’t worry about it. I’ll wash it later’ Katy interjected trying to take the glass out of Jane’s hands. While doing so, their bodies met and they could both feel each other’s heat and intoxicating smell. Jane turned her head towards Katy and kissed her, their hands still holding the glass in the sink. Katy wasn’t even surprised. She knew it was wrong on so many levels, but her body craved it so much, she knew it was the only thing to do. She placed the glass at the bottom of the sink and took Jane’s head in her hands, kissing her even deeper, their tongues exploring each other. She felt Jane’s hands on her ass. Finally! She started to knead her ass cheeks, more and more forcefully. Katy thought she’d explode there and then. She grabbed Jane by her hand and guided her onto a sofa in the living room.

Katy lied down on her back, pulling Jane on top of her. They started kissing again, only this time very gently. Jane started to slowly explore Katy’s body. She couldn’t stand it and arched back, displaying her breasts even more prominently. Jane kneaded them and moved Katy’s t-shirt upwards to touch their bare skin. Katy couldn’t help but to moan. Jane started kissing her stomach, slowly moving towards her hot, wet pussy. She grabbed her leggings with fingers and pulled them down. Katy lifted her ass to help her remove them. Jane started kissing Katy’s calf and moved towards her inner thigh. It was inevitable to finish with her tongue inside of Katy. When she reached her destination, a forceful gasp escaped Katy’s lips. Jane closed her lips on Katy’s clit and pulled ever so gently. Katy was close to cumming, but Jane had a different plan.

She stood up and removed her clothes. She didn’t loose eye contact with Katy even for a moment. She climbed back onto the sofa, but this time hovering her own pussy over Katy’s face. She started to lick Katy’s pussy again, while slowly lowering her own moist pussy towards Katy’s lips. Katy had never tasted another girl before. But she was so horny from all the attention she enjoyed from Jane, she couldn’t wait to tongue her friend. She wanted to have a taste, but more importantly, she wanted to return a favour.

And she didn’t have to wait long for the occasion to arrive. She sucked on Jane’s clit, burring her upper lip and part of her nose inside of Jane. She could feel Jane has stopped the licking, probably due to her own ecstasy, and instead was massaging her clit with her fingers. Jane moved her fingers up and down along Katy’s pussy and eventually buried two middle ones inside. She started to slowly finger her. Katy thought she’s gonna explode, but she didn’t stop her own oral assault. The fingers inside her felt great. Jane would lick her clit from time to time increasing the sensation of pleasure. Katy was on the brink of orgasm, her juices overflowing onto Jane’s hand and onto her own ass. She was all wet down there.

Jane took Katy’s legs and pulled them upwards, towards Katy’s belly, making Katy feel exposed and overpowered. It turned her on even more, but she couldn’t avcılar escort expect what happened next. Jane started to assault her ass, tonguing her anally. Katy never experienced anything like it. The jolts of pleasure shot though her. Additionally, Jane started to masturbate her friends clit again. Katy couldn’t take it any longer. She stopped licking Jane, arched back and started grunting and groaning, louder and louder. And then the wave of pleasure overpowered her. She started to tremble and felt like she’s lost control over her body. The feeling was incredible, nothing like she ever experienced before. She gave into ecstasy and enjoyed every moment. It was surreal.

Jane slowed down the assault. She released Katy’s legs and placed them back on the sofa. She was still slowly and gently massaging Katy’s pussy, while her head turned around to see her friends face overfilled with joy. Katy looked at Jane from behind Jane’s naked ass and smiled gently towards her. Jane knew it was her turn to reach an orgasm and she slowly slid backwards to position her pussy over Katy’s face. Jane closed her eyes and enjoyed her friends tongue, forcefully pushing her wet pussy onto her face. Katy was overwhelmed and she was trying to return the favour from underneath her friend. She was still turned on herself and she knew she’d probably finish once more.

She was focused on her friends clit while something else caught her eye. There was a man standing at the entrance to her apartment. Even though he was really handsome, Katy started to panic. Here they are, two sexy young girls in the middle of sex and they’ve been caught by a stranger. She started to wriggle from underneath her friend. She knew Jane had her eyes closed, so she had to warn her somehow. But Jane was too close to cumming to take any notice of her friend. She just pushed even harder into Katy’s face, while Katy was examining the stranger closing the door behind him and slowly moving towards them on the sofa. Katy felt a new wave of excitement overpowering her emotions. She had her friend riding her face to orgasm, Jane’s fingers exploring her pussy again, and now the stranger had caught them in the act and was getting closer and closer with unknown intentions.

The stranger disappeared from Katy’s view. She started to wonder if she maybe imagined him in the agony of arousal. But her thoughts were interrupted by her friend’s muffled scream of orgasmic pleasure. Jane reached the climax, overflowing Katy’s face with her juices. She was still riding her face like a pony, trembling from orgasms.

‘Why was her scream muffled?’ Katy wondered.

She slid back from underneath Jane’s legs and she was shocked to discover her friend sucking the stranger’s cock. What shocked Katy even more was the size of it. She’s only seen such massive cocks on the web, never in real life.

Jane noticed her friend reappearing. ‘Katy. Meet Zack.’

The stranger gave Katy a warm smile.

‘Hello Katy.’ he almost whispered as he reached for her ankles.

He grabbed Katy and pulled her legs towards him. Jane stopped blowing her boyfriend and gave Katy’s pussy a light massage and a little kiss. Katy was worried she knew what happens next. Her head was screaming ‘no’, while her betraying body screamed big ‘YES’.

Jane took Zack’s long member and directed it towards Katy’s inviting opening. She slid the head of it along Katy’s slit, extracting loud moan from Katy. She knew what’s next. She closed her eyes and waited to be penetrated by the biggest penis she’d ever experience. She could feel the head of it pushing slowly at her pussy, directed by her friend. Jane started licking Katy’s clit, while the big dick was disappearing more and more inside her.

Zack was moving slowly, enjoying the view, pulling his cock out a tiny bit and pushing it back in, invading the hole slightly more with each thrust. He felt she was really tight and he didn’t want to spook her, so he gave her the time to adjust to his size and accommodate his dick. He was savouring the view of his new girlfriend pleasuring them both orally.

Jane reached behind Katy’s wide spread legs and pushed her middle finger inside of her friend’s asshole. It was second assault on her ass this day and also second in Katy’s entire life. It was new and strangely pleasurable experience. There was a slight pain mixed with very nice feeling. Jane could şirinevler escort feel the large dick with her finger through a very thin layer of skin separating two tunnels. She picked up the pace and started fingering the asshole of her friend, making sure to put pressure on the beautiful dick she felt on the other side of the tissue.

Zack felt the stimulation, shooting tingling sensation through his penis. He couldn’t take it any longer. He pulled his dick out one last time before fully diving into the pussy in one massive thrust. Katy gasped from the sensation, her eyes shot wide open. She felt full with the massive instrument between her legs and overpowered with her friend pinning her down on the sofa. Zack picked up the pace to match his thrusts with Jane’s fingering.

Jane was looking up at him, smiling. She knew one of them would reach orgasm soon. She was hoping it was Katy, so Jane would get some of the action too. Soon after that thought crossed her mind, Katy started to convulse with the second orgasm of the day. But this one was much different. All the anal pressure changed the sensation completely. It was like her orgasm was attacking her from all directions. She felt like passing out.

Jane was hoping to switch places with Katy, but Zack had other idea. He was enjoying the tight pussy, pulling the skin of her slit with his dick when pumping out. He knew he had to claim it and decided to inject all his sperm deep into her. Besides, having his cock inside her just felt too good to withdraw. He picked up his rhythm and grabbed Jane by her hair. He pulled her face up to meet his kiss. She understood it’s not her turn to experience his dick.

Katy realised Zack was intending to cum inside her. She started to regain control of her mind after the post-orgasmic feeling started to subside. It finally occurred to her, she let a complete stranger fuck her. It wasn’t anything like her. On top of that, she had a lesbian encounter, was licked and fingered in the ass and was taking part in the threesome.

‘So wrong’ she thought to herself.

She wanted for it all to stop and go away. She wanted it all not to be true. But the only thing she could do now, was to somehow stop Zack fucking her. Or at the very least, prevent him from cumming inside.

‘You can’t cum inside.’ she let out. ‘I’m not on the pill.’

But Zack had to have her. He didn’t obey. He placed his hands on Jane’s arms and pushed her decisively down, to slide her pussy over Katy’s mouth. Jane was turned on by his domination. She looked up at him and shyly smiled, understanding what his intentions were and she obediently placed her pussy on her friend’s lips.

Katy lost. All she could do was to submit to the events. She wanted to scream, but all she could do was to suck on her friend wet clit, while still enjoying large dick pushing on her walls. It actually started to turn her on again. Could she orgasm once again, she was wondering. She never did experience anything so intense before. She could still feel the remainder of her last orgasm tickling her inner tissues.

Zack felt he was close. Jane wasn’t far behind. She was wiggling vigorously sitting on her friends face, almost suffocating her with juices. And then Katy felt it. Strong streams of sperm injecting into her vulnerable womb. She felt claimed, just like Zack intended. The possibility of pregnancy by his potent sperm was filling her with fear and excitement. It was very animalistic feeling, fuelled by her deepest urges. She felt a small orgasm running through her body. It was nothing like the one before, but it felt nice regardless.

Jane gave up on riding her friend, letting her gasp for air. Jane knew she wouldn’t quickly orgasm this way and she didn’t want to, either. She took Zack’s penis in her hand, guiding it from inside of Katy and right into her own mouth. She loved sucking dick and she loved the taste of sperm. The taste of sperm and pussy in this case and she was in heaven. There wasn’t much sperm left for her however and the cock quickly became flaccid, turning Jane’s attention towards cum filled pussy. The pussy already leaked some of the sperm out on the sofa, so Jane wasted no time in preventing the rest of it to share similar fate. She put her mouth on Katy’s pussy, licked, sucked and swallowed every drop that tried to escape.

Zack went over to the other side of sofa. He placed a gentle kiss on Katy’s forehead.

‘It was nice meeting you’.

He put all his clothes on and told Jane they’d be late for movies. She quickly threw her clothes on, said her ‘I’ll see you later’ smiling at her exhausted friend and they both left.

Katy was lying on her sofa, slowly drifting to sleep with the feeling of fullness with stranger’s warm cum deep inside her.

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