A Friend of a Friend

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Big Dick

When my best friend called me several times while I was at work, I had been afraid something was wrong. I was surprised when I called back and she told me her boss had been given free tickets to a show that night. It was some 80’s rock band I had never heard of, but I would have gone no matter who was playing. Live shows are always fun.

She gave me the details – it was at a pretty small venue; they could probably pack a few hundred people in the place. I’d been there before when I won tickets on the radio several years ago.

Since my break up with my long-time boyfriend, I hadn’t yet returned to the dating scene. I worked long hours, rarely went out, certainly not anywhere that I’d potentially meet someone. But it had been quite some time since I’d been with a man, and my hormones were starting to get the best of me. I was in no rush to get back into a relationship, but that didn’t mean I was going to be celibate! It was time to enjoy single life.

I wanted to look my best, so I rushed home from work to pluck and shave and get ready. I even dug out a new razor and shaved my pussy bare – not because I had any intentions of climbing into bed with a guy that night, but because it felt so delicious to have my panties gliding across my bare skin. I wanted to feel sexy. Might give me some confidence to flirt at the bar, I thought.

All of my dresses were summer styles, and it was really getting to be too cold to pull off a short sleeveless dress without looking like you were trying too hard. I chose black pants and a low-cut top that would show off my best assets – which were looking awesome in my favorite black bra – and completed my outfit with a pair of heels. My black thong felt silky smooth against my pussy, and it made me feel a bit aroused.

When I arrived, Hannah met me outside with my ticket.

“Let’s hit the bar first so the alcohol wears off by the time we’re ready to head home!” I shouted at her once we were inside. Her boss, Tommy, was in the corner by the bar with one of her coworkers, Leah, and a very tall man that I didn’t recognize. I later learned that he was Tommy’s friend, Vinnie. I tried not to be too obvious in checking him out. Being a tall woman, I have a real affinity for men who tower above me. We had a couple of rounds, then made our way to the lower floor where the opening act was finishing up.

Tommy and Leah had pressed their way to the front, while Hannah and I found a spot about twenty or thirty feet from the stage. Occasionally we saw his blue-sleeved arms pumping in the air; Hannah and I would exchange a look and laugh. As I stood there, bobbing my head, hand tapping my hip to the beat, I watched the fifty-somethings really rocking out on the stage. I could feel the music in my chest while I watched the lead guitarist’s biceps flex. Every time the singer would raise his arms, his shirt would lift and I was in awe of his abs.

I couldn’t help people-watching as I stood amidst the throng of bodies. The fortyish man in front of me was doing something that was supposed to be dancing, but who was I to judge? My gaze kept sweeping back to the attractive couple a few feet to my right. The dude was easily 6’6″, and he looked like he could be a professional football player. I couldn’t keep my gaze from repeatedly following the lines of his neck, shoulders, and the muscles that were apparent through the thin cotton of his shirt. I imagined what it would be like to be on my back beneath him, and immediately felt silly, and I’ll admit, a touch sad. I felt lonely, and I started to get pissed at myself. I was determined to have a good time.

Trying to appear casual, I let my eyes travel over the crowd, past the sound and light guys to the wall in front of the bar area to see if Vinnie was still standing there. Once I caught sight of his light gray sweatshirt, I turned back to the stage.

A wallflower. I found it endearing. I thought that this tall, broad-shouldered man probably had no idea he was so good-looking. When I first saw his face, saw what I thought was a hint of a smile as he looked down at me before I reflexively averted my gaze, I thought he was really cute. When I had a chance to get a better look at him, I realized that he was well into his thirties, but somehow had this almost boyishly handsome quality to his features that, at first glance in the dim light, made him appear much younger. The way that he stuffed his hands in the pockets of his hoodie and stayed in the periphery, seeming to laugh at his friends more than with them, somehow not entirely joining in… it got under my skin. I guess I have a thing for shy guys.

And so there I was, a woman nearing her thirties,feeling like a hormonal teenager letting her emotions get the best of her. I wanted casual sex, experimentation, all the fun I should have had ten years ago but didn’t because I let myself get stuck in the rut of a relationship entered too young and too fast. I seemed to think about sex constantly since I had become single. I found myself unintentionally considering what it would be like to screw nearly every member of the opposite sex that I encountered, istanbul escort which made eye contact difficult at times. I thought perhaps this was what it was like to be a man, and wondered how they could ever manage to look anyone in the eye.

I needed to get laid.

I used to have a hard time telling a man exactly what I wanted in bed. I had started chatting online with men to get in touch with my inner freak, then steamy late night phone conversations made me more comfortable saying all those words that had always stayed locked away in my head. It felt naughty, and liberating, and sexy, and I couldn’t wait to try out my dirty mouth with a man face-to-face.

My thoughts turned to Vinnie – so tall and masculine, yet quiet and shy – and the idea of being the aggressor was making my panties damp. The thought of taking charge of this man who made me – nearly 6 foot tall me – feel small was really turning me on.

My friend and I watched her boss and coworker make several trips to the bar. As the show was nearing its end, our small group rejoined around Hannah and me, trying to talk when the music stopped, but struggling to hear each other over the ringing in our ears. Then the band came back out for an encore, and suddenly Tommy had an arm around myself and Hannah, pulling us up near the stage, trying to get us to dance with his drunk ass.

He was all amped up, jumping up and down between the two of us, and Vinnie was standing to our left. Tommy grabbed my ass and I smacked his hand, laughing. I shot a glance in Vinnie’s direction and saw that he was watching us more than the performers on stage. Encouraged by Tommy’s inability to keep his hands to himself, and the knowledge that Vinnie was watching, I let Tommy take my arms and wrap them around himself. My sex-crazed brain was sending signals straight to my pussy, which now had a man’s ass grinding into it, my hands pressed against his chest. I was getting so aroused at the feel of a hard, warm body touching mine that I forgot all about Vinnie for a while.

My dance partner turned to face me, a grin on his face, his forehead glistening with perspiration. I put my fingers in his short hair as he sank down to the floor, excited by the sight of his face near my crotch. I didn’t care how crazy we looked, I was really enjoying myself. I smacked his ass, pressed my tits into his back, didn’t mind the dampness of his skin after he kissed my cheek. I wouldn’t have minded his sweat all over my body.

When the final song was over, we made our way towards the exit. Hannah loudly informed us that she was going to try to find Leah, who we had apparently lost at some point. I leaned against the wall near Vinnie, and Tommy stood in front of me, shouting at me that I was awesome. I couldn’t help smiling at him, not even caring that his perception was influenced by liquor and that we had probably looked like idiots attempting to dance to hard rock. It had been such a rush, though. I’ve never been out to a club, so the only dancing I had done before was slow-dancing at weddings. Nothing like the fully-clothed sex act we were performing a few minutes before.

Tommy turned to the people filing past, towards the exit.

“Can I ask you a question?” he was yelling at anyone who looked his way. I had no idea what he was playing at.

“Has anyone seen Mike? Excuse me, miss! Have you seen a man with long hair?” A man passing by snorted a laugh. About half the guys in the place had long hair.

He managed to get the attention of a young man who stopped for a moment. “Can I ask you a question?” he yelled, standing a bit too close, as intoxicated morons tend to do. The guy had long dark hair, dressed all in black, with a dont-fuck-with-me scowl that was not being interpreted properly by Tommy’s alcohol-soaked brain.

I looked up at Vinnie, who just laughed. “He’s going to get himself in trouble,” he said.

Reaching out, I pulled Tommy’s sleeve, and he turned to face me.

“Dude, you’re going to get punched in the dick!” I shouted at him. “Knock it off!”

He just smiled. “You’re so sexy. Don’t you think she’s beautiful, Vinnie?” I just rolled my eyes, trying not to feel embarrassed. Wasn’t every day I had a man telling me I was sexy, drunk or not.

I heard Vinnie’s far-away-sounding reply. “Of course.”

Tommy’s eyes bored into mine. “Don’t you think he’s cute?”

I looked up at Vinnie and winked. “I’d fuck him.” Had I really just said that? The lighting was poor, but I thought I made him blush.

Tommy barked a laugh. “He’s got a 10 inch dick, you know.”

“Yeah? I could use one of those. Been looking for one!” I laughed, glancing up at his friend.

“I wish I had a 10 inch dick,” he smiled, not making eye contact with me.

“I’m kidding, its not 10. Maybe 8 and 3/4. Know how I know? He fucks me with it all the time.”

“I’d love to see that!” I exclaimed, realizing that perhaps I kind of would like to see that… Tommy just laughed and hugged me, and he was even sweatier than avcılar escort he had been while we were dancing, the side of my face wet where his skin had touched mine. “Oh my God,” I laughed, wiping my cheek.

He pulled up the front of his shirt. “Want to feel my sweat?”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“Let’s go wait outside. Come on, donkey dick,” he said to Vinnie, turning to leave.

We exchanged a glance and followed him out to keep him out of trouble. We met up with Hannah and Leah and headed out into the lot.

“Where to?” I asked. Hannah had said we were all going to do something after the show.

“I don’t know, I can’t find Mike. Mike!” Tommy yelled. “We were going to hang out at his house.” He spent the next few minutes trying to call his friend Mike’s cell without any success. He, Vinnie, and I were standing next to Hannah’s car, inside which she and Leah sat waiting.

“I can’t get him. We should just go home.”

“We aren’t going to hang out?” Vinnie asked, sounding as disappointed as I felt.

“Come on, I don’t want to just go home! Its not that late!” I protested.

I really wanted to spend more time with Vinnie.

Tommy was climbing in next to Leah, and I heard them bickering. I looked at Hannah. “Really? You’re taking them home? This fucking sucks.”

She just shrugged, said she’d call me the next day, and closed the door. The engine roared to life. I turned to Vinnie. “Do you want to go home, too?” He shook his head. Before I knew what I was saying, I heard myself speak. “Let’s find something to do, then. Any ideas?”

He rubbed the back of his head, considering. “There’s a pool hall around the corner from my place that’s open a couple more hours. I live about fifteen minutes from here.”

I smiled up at him, and the way he smiled back excited me. “I’ll follow you in my car,” I said.

My heart was pounding as I climbed into my mustang, and I realized my hands were trembling when I fumbled the key into the ignition. Could I do it? If the opportunity arose, would I be able to have a sexual encounter with a man who was basically a stranger, without feeling like a slut in the morning?

I wanted to use him, and be used.

By the time I parked beside his pickup, I had managed to somewhat calm my nerves. We had driven past a pool hall a minute before, and when I saw him put his blinker on in front of a small single level house, I realized we were at his place. As I stood and faced him in his driveway, he asked if I minded walking over.

“I might have a couple of drinks, may as well leave the truck here and plan to walk back.”

“Doesn’t bother me.” Maybe a little alcohol would help him relax.

He met me as I walked around the back of my car. We were close together as we started down the drive. I was tempted to reach over and rest my hand in the crook of his arm as we walked.

On the short walk over, we chatted. I asked him how he knew Tommy and got the ball rolling, so to speak. They went to high school together.

Vinnie went to the bar for us while I got us a table. My fingers brushed against his as he handed me a plastic cup.

He had two drinks during our first game, and it seemed to have made him warm. I watched him pull his sweatshirt off over his head. His tee lifted to show his stomach. He was a little soft around the middle, and I could see the trail of hair that started at his navel and led the way to his groin before he tugged his shirt back down to cover it. I could see now that his arms were nicely muscled in a way that suited his large frame. A big, sexy teddy bear, I thought.

I knew in that moment that I wasn’t going home that night. As he racked up the balls for a second game, I went to get us another round of drinks.

“Aren’t you worried about driving home?” he asked when I returned with shots for both of us. I swallowed my drink and set the plastic shot glass down. I had noticed him sneaking glances down my top while we played. I leaned over the table to take my shot, my shirt falling away from my body to reveal the tops of my D-cup breasts. I looked up at Vinnie and saw his eyes raise to meet mine. His face flushed when he seemed to realize I knew what he had been looking at.

I gave him what I hoped was a naughty grin. “I’m not worried about driving home,” I said suggestively. He gave me a crooked smile before tossing back his shot. We continued our game, not saying much. When I could, I stuck my ass out in front of him as I bent to take a turn. I imagined him fucking me from behind. My panties were getting wet.

I missed my shot and turned to face him as he stepped towards the table. “I’m going to get some water. Want anything?”

“I’m okay, thanks.”

I let my hand run down the smooth skin of his upper arm for a moment, appreciating the hard muscle beneath. I stopped myself from giving him a squeeze. I couldn’t stand to be that close to him without touching. Feeling his warm skin beneath my fingers made me want so much more. “Be right back.”

As I returned to our table with a bottle şirinevler escort of water, I passed the raucous group of young men a couple of tables away from ours that the man behind the counter had been eying for a while, as they got louder and louder with each round of drinks.

One of them was slurring his way through an anecdote, and threw his arm out in front of me as he gestured wildly. I halted before his fist smacked me in the face, but his nearly full cup of whatever he was drinking sloshed out all over my chest.

“Seriously?” I muttered, looking down at the dark stain on my shirt and the rivulets of alcohol trickling down my chest and soaking into my bra.

His laugh was loud and obnoxious. “I’m sorry, baby! Let me get that.” His fingers grazed my skin as he plucked up the half melted ice cube resting above my right breast, popped it into his mouth, then suddenly his other hand was groping me.

“What the hell!” I slapped his hands away from my chest, stepping back.

“I think it’s time for you to get the fuck out of here.”

My head snapped up at the low, menacing voice that came from behind the asshole standing in front of me. He turned to see who was threatening him, and his cocky attitude slid right out the door when he looked up at Vinnie. He was a drunken idiot, but not completely stupid.

We were joined by the man who had been standing behind the counter. “Vinnie’s right. You all have had enough and it’s time to head home.” He looked pointedly at the kid who had grabbed me. “And you aren’t welcome back.”

I felt Vinnie’s large hand at the small of my back and he led me back to our table. “Are you alright?”

I smiled up at him. “I’m fine, just pissed about my shirt. Guess we should go.”

His face fell. Was he disappointed? Did he think I wanted to go home? Little did he know, that jackass had given me a good excuse to get myself into his house and hopefully into his bed.

I pulled on my coat and wrapped my scarf around my neck while he cleared the pool table. As we approached the desk, the guy who apparently knew Vinnie apologized to me. He had made them pay for our table. We thanked him and headed outside.

This time, I did link my arm through his as we started towards his house. “Titty-grabbing shit heads aside, I had fun.”

He chuckled. “Me, too.”

“Plus, we played for free. And now I’m going to have to come inside and get this shirt off so I can clean myself up.”

“You are?” He looked down at me as I laid my head against his arm for a moment.

“Too bad you scared that dude off before you could thank him, huh?”

He gave me that crooked grin again.

We drew near to his house, and I stopped when we reached his driveway, turning my body so I was standing before him.

“Were you just joking about coming in?”

Looking into his eyes, I had the impression that he hoped I had been serious, but he was too nice of a guy to admit that to me.

I ignored his question for the time being. “I bet you’re pretty badass under that shy exterior.”

“I’m usually non-confrontational, I’m sure that’s no shocker. It just made me so angry when he grabbed you.”

I placed a hand on his chest. Good God, I wanted him to fuck me. “It was so hot when you growled at that stupid boy for pawing at me.” His heart was pounding beneath my palm. That was all the encouragement I needed. I was going to go for it. I slid my hand down his side, then both my hands we at his hips, holding him in place as I closed the distance between our bodies. “You know, I wouldn’t mind one bit if it was you doing the grabbing.”

That’s it, baby, I thought as I watched his face draw nearer to mine. My own heart was hammering in my ears; a fiery sensation blazed across my skin as his hands cradled my face and his lips met mine. I sucked and nibbled his lower lip, then ran my tongue across his. As our kiss deepened, he moaned softly and I felt a pleasant twinge in my pussy. Nothing gets me hotter than the sound of a man vocalizing his pleasure.

Reluctantly, I pulled my face away from his, both of us breathless. “I want to go inside and get out of this sticky shirt and bra. Will you help me clean myself up?”

I could feel his hard cock pressing into my stomach, even through my coat. There was that lopsided smile again, which made me laugh as I pulled him up to the front door.

I felt a nervous anticipation as he unlocked the door and I followed him inside, pulling off my scarf.

“I don’t usually do stuff like this…” he began while I unbuttoned my pea coat.

“Relax, Vin,” I smiled. “To be honest, I don’t either, but isn’t it fun?” He grinned. “Lead me to the bathroom, please.”

He flicked on some lights as we walked through his house, and I was surprised by how clean it was for a “bachelor pad.” No pizza boxes, dirty dishes, or clothes strewn about. I was relieved that the bathroom was clean – dated, but clean.

He hovered in the doorway after I stepped into the washroom. Uncertain. I locked eyes with him before grabbing the hem of my damp shirt and pulling it over my head. When my sight was no longer obstructed by my top, I saw that his gaze was fixed on my bra. I dropped my shirt in the sink, closed the drain, and turned on the cold water, hoping that he was studying my tits as I moved. When I turned off the water, I turned back to him, touching my neck and the top of my chest with my fingertips.

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