A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 06

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So Abigail and I have decided that we are going to be moving into a new place during the summer. We just need more space and my current room isn’t cutting it anymore. This plan worked out very smoothly and we were even able to get a house. Now, it’s not a big house, but it has more space than what we had before. It took us like a week to get everything moved into that house and get it all setup. Mallory was sad to see us go, but we told her that she can still see us, we weren’t that far away. Abigail’s rich parents bought us some furniture and other important things for our house. They were happy that we were moving into the house together even though we weren’t married.

The relationship between me and Abigail only got stronger with us being in our own house now. We didn’t have to wait for Mallory to go to her friend’s house or leave the house for me and Abigail to have sex. The week after we moved in, we were just sitting on the new couch and that’s where Abigail came over to kiss me. It only went from there, because then we went in our room and sat on our bed. We were making out with each other and both of us were getting turned on.

She started putting her hand down my pants to feel my hard penis and rubbed it. My semen got on her hand and when she took her hand out of my pants, she licked it. I decided to do the same thing by putting my hand down her pants while making out with her. I started fingering her and when I took my hand out, I licked her cum off my finger. She really liked that and that’s when I started to pull her shirt off. She did the same thing to me. Soon, we were both taking all our clothes off and I put my hard penis inside her. Her pussy was so warm and wet. I went in pretty deep and Abigail moaned. I started to get a little faster with moving in and out of her pussy. Soon, I couldn’t help it, I just had to keep going and Abigail was getting really loud while I was getting deeper and deeper in her wet pussy. I started cumming really hard inside her and that’s when I got slower until I stopped and just kept my penis inside her pussy.

Abigail said, “Man that was a good orgasm.”

I said, “I knew you would like it.” I took my penis out of her pussy and my cum was oozing out of her.

She put her hand in her pussy to try and get all my cum out and said, “I’m going to try to make sure all your cum is out of me before standing up this time.”

I said, “I don’t know if that will be possible, I was pretty deep inside you.”

She said, “We’ll see.” She stood up, but before she could put her panties back on, my cum started dripping from her pussy. She said, “How do you manage to get cum so deep inside of me?”

I said, “I’m just good like that.”

Later that night, I was turned on so I started making out with Abigail. She whispered in my ear, “I’m turned on again.”

I whispered back, “So am I.”

She said, “Hmm, we should do something about that.” I let her be the boss just to see what she would do. We went to our room again and I sat down on the bed. Abigail said, “Let’s do something different.”

I said, “Works for me.” Abigail got her Clarinet and put it together. She put it on the bed and took her shirt off. I had no idea what we were going to do.

She said, “Here, let me help you undress.” She pulled my shirt off, then I unbuttoned my jeans and she slowly pulled those off, as well as my underwear. Then, she took off her pants and panties. We were both naked. She picked up her Clarinet and blew warm air inside it. Then she moved it so that my hard penis would slide inside her Clarinet. She started to move the bell of her Clarinet up and down a little bit and then stopped. She blew some warm air in her Clarinet which felt really good on my penis. Then she pulled on her Clarinet and my penis came out. She grabbed my penis and moved closer to put it in her mouth. She licked it and started to give me a blow job. Before I was able to cum she took my penis out of her mouth and got her Clarinet again. She made it so my penis would go back inside the bell of her Clarinet and then blew some warm air inside her Clarinet. She began to move the bell of her Clarinet up and down again while still blowing warm air in it. I didn’t want her to stop because it felt so good and I reached orgasm and started cumming really hard inside her Clarinet. She knew I had cum in her Clarinet and slowed down until she stopped.

She said, “Did I do a good job?”

I said, “That was perfect.” She pulled on her Clarinet and when my penis came out, my cum started oozing out of her Clarinet.

She said, “You should do it to me now.”

I said, “I like the sound of that.” canlı bahis I took the reed off her Clarinet and she moved so that I was behind her. I could tell that she was wet and even went to finger her a little bit. I started sliding her Clarinet inside her pussy. I wanted to go as deep as I could, she moaned and said, “That feels good, keep going.”

I started to move her Clarinet in and out of her wet pussy. She got louder every time I slid the Clarinet back in her. She reached orgasm and started cumming all over her Clarinet. I got slower until I stopped and left her Clarinet inside her pussy. She couldn’t move because it felt so good.

I still was holding the Clarinet inside her and she said, “You know how to give me to best orgasm.”

I said, “I know, I can tell you really liked it.” She had her cum oozing down her Clarinet even though it was still in her pussy. I then pulled her Clarinet out of her and I could tell I gave her one good orgasm because her cum was also inside her Clarinet. I said, “Maybe I should do that more often.”

She said, “Yes, definitely. I can’t believe how hard you got me to cum.”


The conversation about balloons came up somehow and of course, Abigail is scared of balloons. She had seen all the bags of balloons that I have when we were moving into the new house. She didn’t really say anything about them; it was almost as if she didn’t see them in the first place.

Abigail said, “So I saw all your balloons when we were moving.”

I said, “I know.”

She said, “You sure do have a lot of them.”

I said, “Yeah, I always keep a lot.”

She said, “So, you never told me; how do you use those balloons anyways?”

I said, “Well, I like to sit on them and lay on them, sometimes I even make myself cum by laying on them.”

She said, “So when you sit on them and lay on them, do they pop?”

I said, “Sometimes, but if I’m laying on them to make me cum, then no.”

She said, “I don’t know how the noise doesn’t scare you.”

I said, “Actually it does, but it turns me on as well.”

She said, “I don’t get it.”

I said, “It’s hard to explain, but the fact that I get scared of the noise is what turns me on.”

She said, “Well, I still am a little confused, but it kind of makes sense.”

I asked, “So are you becoming interesting in that fetish now?”

She said, “I don’t know, I would be way too scared of that.”

I said, “I think it would be sexy if you did try it.”

She said, “Really now?”

I said, “Yeah.”

Abigail got a little quiet about it, but then said, “If it will make you happy, I will try your balloon fetish, but no popping.”

I said, “We can try it without that.” So we went in our bedroom and I got a bag of balloons. Abigail was sitting there shaking because she was so scared.

I asked, “Are you ok?”

She said, “I’m fine, it’s just new to me.” I took out a yellow balloon and started to blow it up, but it was still round when I tied it off.

She said, “This is so scary.”

I said, “Don’t worry; I do this all the time.” I then pulled my pants down, but left my underwear on.

I laid on the balloon and Abigail said, “What are you doing?”

I said, “This is how I make myself cum.”

She said, “Well, let’s do something else.”

I said, “Ok.” I got back up and said, “So what do you want to do?”

She said, “I don’t know, is there anything else you do with your balloon fetish?”

I said, “That’s pretty much it.” The balloon was just sitting on the bed and Abigail slowly went over to get it. She carefully started to play with it even though she was terrified.

She said, “I guess it’s not as bad as I thought.” I knew that Abigail was scared of balloons because when she was a little kid, some boys used to pop them in front of her just because she was scared of the noise. They even held her down and everything, until one of the adults found out.

I said, “It’s really not that bad, so do you want to watch me make myself cum with it?”

She said, “It’s not going to pop is it?”

I said, “No.”

She said, “It better not.” I took the balloon from her and laid on it again this time without my underwear. I would lay on it a little harder and then get up a little bit. It felt really good against my penis. I just kept squeezing it so it would press against me, but not so hard to make it pop. Soon, I started cumming on the balloon. She asked, “Feel good?”

I said, “Yeah.”

She asked, “So, what are we going to do with the balloon now?”

I said, “What do you want to do?”

She bahis siteleri said, “Well we have to do something, we can’t just leave it sit on our bed all the time.”

I said, “You want me to sit on it.”

She said, “Not really.”

I said, “I know it’s loud, but maybe you can get into my balloon fetish.”

She said, “You see me shaking, this is really scary, but it’s crazy that I’m now turned on a little as well.”

I said, “That’s how I feel, it’s what makes it exciting.”

She got up and said, “You’ll have to pop it without me in here, I just can’t take the sudden surprise.”

I said, “Well ok, you sure you don’t want to stay in here.”

She said, “Oh, I’m sure.” She left the room and I heard her shout, “Ok, you can do it now.” So I picked up the balloon, wiped my cum off and sat on it. I started bouncing on it pretty hard and it popped. I left the room to go get Abigail and she was like as far away as possible. When I found her she said, “You done?”

I said, “Yeah, did you not hear it?”

She said, “No.”

I said, “Well, its ok, I took care of it for you.” She was still shaking and I was trying to get her to calm down. We went back in the room and she saw the popped balloon pieces on the bed.

She said, “Wow, it’s still wet.”

I said, “That’s because I had just blown it up.”

She said, “I don’t think I can get used to your balloon fetish. I’m sorry; I’m just too scared of it.”

I said, “It’s ok Abigail, at least you like my other fetish.”

Later that evening, Abigail brought up the balloon fetish again. She said, “I feel bad that I can’t do the balloon fetish with you.”

I said, “It’s ok; I promise.”

She said, “I have always felt guilty about it and when you did that thing with that slut, Katy, it really made me feel guilty.”

I said, “So you have felt guilty this whole time?”

She said, “A little bit, yeah.” I felt really bad because I know how much that hurt Abigail.

I said, “I’m so sorry, please don’t feel guilty, that was my fault, not your fault. She doesn’t really care about my fetish anyways; you are the only true girl who appreciates it.”

She said, “So why did she copy you, I mean, it doesn’t really make any sense.”

I said, “She just wanted me to have sex with her, that’s all, but I just want to forget about it because I could never love her like I do you.”

She said, “Really?”

I said, “Yes, you are the only girl for me.”

She said, “Awe, well thanks.”

I think Abigail started to feel a little bit better about it, but it was unclear to me at the time. She said, “I really want to get over my fear of balloons, I mean, it’s sad that I’m 19 and I’m still scared of them.”

I said, “You can’t be the only one.”

She said, “True, but still.”

I said, “So, you want me to get a balloon out and sit on it.”

She said, “I want you to, but I don’t know if I can take it.”

I said, “I was scared at first as well, but with it being my fetish and all, I had to get used to it a little bit.”

She said, “I know, I trust you, so I guess I try to and let you do it this one time.”

We went to our room and I went to get the bag of balloons. I picked out a purple one and I blew it up pretty big without really thinking about how Abigail would react. Abigail said, “Wow, that’s really big.”

I said, “I know.” I could feel her shaking pretty hard during all of this.

She said, “I’m so scared.”

I said, “I know, I’m a little scared now too.” I picked up the balloon and sat on it. I said, “You ready?”

She said, “No, but go ahead.” She covered her ears and I started bouncing on it a little. Abigail was so afraid of what was about to happen. I bounced a little harder and the balloon popped. Abigail screamed when it did. She said, “That was loud.”

I said, “Yeah, it’s not so bad, right?”

She said, “That really scared me.”

I said, “I know. You want me to blow up another one so you start to get used to it?”

She said, “I don’t know, but ok, you can.” I took out a green one.

I said, “How about I blow up a couple of more and then sit on them.”

She said, “Ok, but if I say stop, then stop.”

I said, “I will, don’t worry.”

I picked up a pink, orange, white, and blue one as well and started blowing all of them up. Abigail was holding the pink and white ones. I got the blue one and started laying on it. I bounced up and down on it pretty hard until it popped. Abigail didn’t scream this time when it did though. I then got the white one and laid on it until it popped. bahis şirketleri I squeezed the orange one really hard until it popped. The last 2 balloons left were the pink and white ones. Abigail said, “These balloons are really loud when they pop, but I’m starting to get used to it a little bit.”

I said, “You want to sit on those that you have.”

She said, “I’ll try.” I took the pink one from her and she put the white one under her butt and started to sit on it. She bounced on it a little bit, but it didn’t pop. She said, “I’m scared, they sure are hard to pop.”

I said, “I know, you have to sit on them pretty hard.” She tried bouncing a little bit again, but it still wouldn’t pop. I said, “You want me to help you.”

She said, “How about I lay on it?”

I said, “Ok.” So she put the balloon under her pussy and laid on it pretty hard. The balloon popped and Abigail instantly got back up.

She said, “Well, that was crazy.”

I said, “Did you like it?”

She said, “It’s so scary because you never know when it will pop.”

I said, “I know, you want to try another one?”

She said, “I’ll try.” So she took the pink one and laid on it really hard as well, but she had trouble with it. Finally, she started bouncing on it and it popped. After that, she got up again and said, “We sure did pop a lot of balloons.”

I said, “Yeah.”

Our bed had popped balloons all over it. I cleaned it all up and some of the pieces were still wet because I had just blown them up. She said, “Well, I’m glad I was able to get over that fear a little bit now.”

I said, “Yeah, maybe one day you’ll become attracted to it.”

She said, “I don’t know about all that.”

We went back in the living room to sit on the couch. About 30 minutes later, Abigail asked, “Does Mallory know about that fetish?”

I said, “No.”

She said, “Wow, how do you hide that?”

I said, “The same way I hid the other fetish, except, she never walked in on me.”

She asked, “She doesn’t hear you popping them?”

I said, “I always did that when she was gone.”

She said, “Oh. Ok.” A couple of seconds later Abigail said, “So I’m a little turned on again.”

I said, “Really? I know what will make you even more turned on.”

She said, “What are you going to do?”

I said, “I’ll show you.” I took her into our bedroom and we sat on our bed. I started to take her shirt off and she took my shirt off as well. I then took my pants off as well and said, “You should give me a blowjob.”

She said, “Hmm, I might like that.”

I said, “Me too.” She grabbed my penis and got closer so she could put it in her mouth.

She licked my penis and started to give me a blowjob, but then she stopped and said, “How about you lay down and I’ll show you what I can really do.”

I said, “I like that.” So I laid down and she put my penis back in her mouth. She started to get to get a little faster and was even licking it as well. Abigail seemed to know how to give a blowjob really well because it was feeling really good, I didn’t want her to stop. I was getting close to climax and suddenly I started cumming inside her mouth. She swallowed all of my cum and then took my penis out of her mouth.

She said, “Did I do a good job?”

I said, “You sure do know how to give a good blowjob, where did you learn all that?”

She said, “I just guessed on how to do it, I never actually gave a blowjob before.”

I said, “Well, you guessed right because that was awesome. You should do that more often.”

She said, “I’m glad you like it so much.”

I said, “So how does it taste?”

She said, “You cum tastes salty, but I swallowed all of it so I didn’t get to taste it too much.”

I said, “Hmm…”

She said, “I’m really turned on, how about you get my Flute and show me what you can do.”

I said, “Sounds like a good idea.” I went to get her Flute and put it together. Abigail had already taken all of her clothes off. I got behind her and started to slide her Flute inside her. Her pussy was really wet and I liked watching how her cum got all over her Flute. I started to get faster and Abigail started moaning like she was about to get close. She got louder and louder and then started cumming all over her Flute. I then just put her Flute deep inside her and held it there. She couldn’t move, in fact, I had to hold her too as well as her Flute. I thought she was going to fall asleep on me at first, but she finally got up and that’s when I took her Flute out of her.

I said, “I thought you were going to fall asleep.”

She said, “It felt so good that I didn’t think I would be able to move.”

I said, “I had fun holding you though.”

She said, “I know, me too. I like how you keep my Flute inside me after I orgasm.”

I said, “I know.”

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