A Changed Mother

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Female Ejaculation

Fair warning. I am not a writer, there will probably be grammar issues.

If you want great description and deep backgrounds, this is probably not it.

This is an humiliation type story. NTR maybe.

Read if you wish.


Valerie Reynolds raised Adam all by herself. Val got pregnant when she was 16. It was at a high school party, and she was a stupid and drunk teen. She told Adam growing up that his father was a worthless man, and never deserved a son. She never talked about his dad. The baby daddy’s family paid Val to keep away from their son and Val accepted.

Val’s parents reluctantly helped her, but felt obligated. When she turned 18, she moved out and got away from her judgemental family. Her parents always looked at her with disappointing eyes, and Val and her child just couldn’t be around that.

Val got a small apartment for her and her boy in a small town, far away from anyone she would know. They started anew, just them two against the world. Val did the best she could for Adam.

Growing up Adam distinctly remember his mom bringing home different guys to their small apartment and meeting several of her boyfriends. They all seemed real nice, buying him gifts and treating him as if he was their own. They were the only father figures he knew.

There was Trevor, who was very active, into sports, and working out. They would play catch, kick soccer balls, and just about everything sports related. Adam remembered having fun playing with him. That relationship lasted about 2 years and then he just vanished from Adam’s young life.

There was Nick, who was intelligent. He would help Adam with his homework, read to him, and often picked him up from school, when Val had work. Adam liked him the most from all her other boyfriends. He was nice and always treated him with respect. Mom wasn’t the smartest person in the world and his book smarts really helped him in school. This relationship lasted 4 years.

Around his middle school years, Val was on and off with several guys. Sometimes Adam would catch them around the apartment, but she had stopped introducing them. She was trying to protect her boy, being a young influential kid. She hid her boyfriends from him unless she knew they would be around for a while.

Adam took care of himself for himself for a lot of his young life. His mom had to work, and did not get home until around 5, and sometimes later. Adam was forced to walk to school and back, make his own food, mostly sandwiches and cereal. He would watch TV, waiting til his mom got home and cling on to her every second he could.

It wasn’t until Adam was 14 when Val introduced John Winston to him. He was an older gentlemen, 38 years old when mom introduced him. Val was 30 years old.

Everything changed so fast. Immediately after meeting him, they were suddenly moving into his two story house. John never even took the time to get to know Adam. He was distant and avoided any real connection to Adam all his life.

Adam never liked John, he was different from the other boyfriends his mom had. He had a cocky attitude and walked like he owned the world. Anything that didn’t interest him was dead to him. this included Adam.

Val, however, was madly in love with him. Or at least loved that he bought her things and gave her whatever she wanted. She got so tired or working so hard day after day, She was miserable, but put up a cover for her son. It was a big relief on her. She was able quit her job, and John was able to provide everything she needed for her and her son.

One day out of nowhere, teenage Adam noticed his mom wearing a low cut shirt, showing off her cleavage. His puberty brain could not help noticing them. He was sure that they were not always that big. He concluded that she must have gotten a boob job.

Over the next few year Val’s appearance began transforming. Her lips, now thick and luscious. Her butt was big and firm that looked amazing with her shapely legs. Her brunette hair long and wavy, falling over her shoulder and down her back. With all the time she had, she dolled herself up every day and kept in shape.

She now had a whole new wardrobe courtesy of John. Short shorts that showed off her big bodacious ass, and jeans that wrapped nicely tight around her legs, as well as stringy undergarments.. Short low cut shirts that showed off her uplifted tits, and numerous lingerie. She hardly ever wearing a bra and her pierced tits poked out like needles. Several fuck me heels which she could mix and match with her outfits.

These weren’t just for special occasion, they were everyday wear. She would wear them around the house, out in public, and picking up Adam from school. For special occasions, she wore sexy low cut tight dresses that teased her assets.

Adam illegal bahis didn’t recognize his mother anymore. She was always a bit ditsy and gullible, but she had become a completely new woman. The way she acted and dressed is nothing like the motherly women that raised him.


Adam had just started college, commuting from home to campus was about a 30 minute drive. Their relationship had gone stray, and Adam felt like he lost his mother. He hated how much he hated her sometimes, but his memories from childhood always brought him back around. She did the best she could for him, now it was his turn to do the same for her, to be with her and strong for her.

This would be the longest and saddest day of Adam’s life. Adam was sitting on the couch watching TV. Val had just got home. He could hear her heels clanking on the hardwood flooring as she approached him.

As she passed Adam, her ass hanging out her shorts in her slutty outfit, Adam shook his in disappointment. She took a seat and joined him. Val had an eager grin on her face like she had some big secret, just dying to tell some.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” Adam finally told her. He could tell she was anxious to tell some big secret.

“It’s nothing. Just a surprise for Johnny?” She replied giggling.

Adam immediately lost interest and replied with a dead, “Oh.”

“Do you wanna know?” Val said excited.

“No, not…” and before he could finish.

Val jumped up, “Look Adam.” she said with a giddy smile. Her short shorts were already unbuttoned and halfway zipped down. She wrapped her thumb around the strings of her bright red thong and slowly pulled them down, teasingly wiggling her hips side to side.

Adam’s eyes popped wide opened, “What are you doing? Why are doing this?” He thought to himself cringing on the spot. At this point he is screaming to himself, “Oh my god. Please don’t do this!”

These few seconds seemed to have lasted hours for Adam. All possibilities passed through his mind, all the dirty naughtiest hypotheticals rolling through his head like a film roll. His cock betrayed him, pulsing and rising in his pants.

Then her thong slowly slipped lower and lower. Adam looked away and shut his eyes, but still his stupid dick had a mind of its own, now firmly pressing on his jeans.

“I got a tattoo! Check it out!” She loudly whispered. He hesitantly looked back and saw, right above a hairy landing strip, “Daddy” in cursive with some tribal design on the side.

“Oh mom… Why? Why did you do this?” Adam thought to himself lowering his head in disapproval.

“You think John will like it?” She quietly told him keeping the surprise, giggling at the thought of surprising him.

“Yeah mom.” Adam replied, a strong and firm statement, that clearly meant the opposite. It didn’t seem to have been conveyed to his mother as she cheerfully bent over and kissed the top of his head, her tits slapping him face, Adam could feel the cold sting of her nipple jewelry pressing on his nose. “God dammit mom!” he thought to himself.

Val was giggling her way up the stair, “Oh Johnny!” she excitedly yelled up the stair hall.

Adam could hear her mom giggling, and John’s deep voice coming from upstairs. Moments later he notices slapping noises. Not any excitedly clapping, but slow and repetitive slaps. John was slowly fucking her, teasing her as his mom’s soft moans traveled down the stairs.

Then almost instantly the slaps got heavier, the head board smashing the wall, and his mom screaming and yelling, “Ohhhh yes! Fuck me, Daddy! FUCK ME! “

Adam shook his head in shame. John was heavily grunting as he smashed his mom. This was not a first time this happened while Adam was around, but it was different this time. The intensity was never like this. Adam turned on his Xbox and threw in “Call of Duty”, throwing on his noise cancelling headphones.

Adam was playing terribly, too angry to concentrate on his first person shooter game. His teammates trashing his play, and he couldn’t even blame them.

About 30 minutes later, Val came down wearing nothing but a short robe, loosely tied around her waist. Her tits bouncing up and down, her hard pierced tits peeking out with every step. Her robe made it halfway over her big ass, and barely made it passed her pussy.

She stepped right in front of the TV; her feet shoulder length apart, hand at her side staring Adam down. She stood there waiting for her son to look at her.

Finally he reluctantly looked up, and could see her robe split open at the bottom showing her pussy in the flesh as cum drips down her legs. Adam slut shamed her in his mind.

He continued up to her fresh new ink, which had a dry cum on it. Shut his eyes again, illegal bahis siteleri disappointed in his mother, then opened them to find a twinkle from her pierced nipple and finally he took off his headphones off to finally face her..

“Are you hungry sweetie?” She said with motherly smile.

As monotone as he possibly could, Adam replied, “Yeah. I guess”

“Okay I’ll start on something!” Val said excitedly. She paused, her finger tapping her upper lips, deep in thought for a moment, “hmmmmm…”

Then she moved in, and sat on his lap. Her wet pussy moistening his jeans, her arm around his neck, her bare tit rubbing against his chest, and his rock hard cock pressing up on her ass.

“What would you like?” she said unnecessarily close his face. The smell the cock on her breath brought disgust to Adam’s face..

“Anything.” A bland replied as he looked passed her to the paused game; anything to avoid facing his mother.

“Anything?” she repeated back to him. And paused to think of something. “Would you like… Breast maybe?” Adam instinctively looked at her chest. Her tits in full view as her robe had opened wide.

“What about cock?” She said giggling. He was getting really uncomfortable, his mind going blank, unable to properly show his emotions.

Adam closed his eyes, “please stop.” he softly spoke, on the break of anger and tears. But his cock reacted differently, rapidly pulsing, as if trying to drilling a hole through his pants into his mother’s ass

“Chicken breast, sweetie!” she laughed kicking her legs around.

“Haha good one mom.” He broke his silence, telling her sarcastically.

“Yeah that fine mom”

Once again she kissed him on top of his head, “I’ll get on it.” She skipped over to the kitchen began prepping.

A while later, John came downstairs. He had a look of a conqueror as he spotted Adam. Adam felt his presence, looked back and saw him, full of confident. He was wearing only boxers, as he generally does; his body was in great shape for a 43 year old. His fat soft cock was hanging out the boxer slit, carelessly bouncing up and down, and side to side as he went down the steps. He stared Adam down and grinned when he noticed him staring his cock. John scoffed, shaking his head, disgusted by him.

He approached Adam and patted his head and went directly to the kitchen. Adam was unable nothing, but was burning with anger. “I hate him! I Hate Him!” he kept thinking to himself. Adam felt like he was just a pet to him.

Val and John began talking, telling him what she was cooking, and such. Adam went back to focus on his game.

“Stop it. Stop it daddy.” Adam ears popped as he heard his mom silently whispering over the shooting sounds of his game.

“What? No. No. No, No way, not here.” He thought to himself. He reached for his headphones but then froze when he saw their reflection on the TV. Val was cutting vegetables while John was behind her grinding his cock up and down the crack of her plump ass and groping her tits.

“Come on baby.” John said, clear as day, not even trying to hide his intention.

“No baby, we can’t.” She whispered back to him, taking a quick glance at Adam.

John slapped her ass, once again not being discrete. Val let out a soft yelp. “Yes we can!” he told her with force.

“Ooooouu!” Val moaned. And then his balls and hips banging her ass began up. The table beginning screech ever so slightly with every thrust as John grunts. Val let out little cries with every slam trying to hold her moans.

Adam was frozen there looking through the reflection, His heart racing out his chest. “I gotta do something, Dammit! Do something!” He told himself, But he was conflicted by another though, scare of what he might end up doing, or what John might do. His mental battle went back and forth as their love making got louder and louder.

Then the fucking really started, John’s stamina was unnatural for his age. “Look at him!” he demanded.

“No. Please daddy, no.” she quietly cried to him.

Adam’s heels ferociously tapping the floor, and his teeth grinding against each other, as he blankly stared at them through the TV.

Then John pushed her head down against the table and held her face in Adam’s direction. “You fucking whore!”

Right then Adam’s hands clenched so hard together his nails dug into his palm, and blood began flowing out. Still unable to do something, he stood frozen as tears began to build up.

Val finally broke. Her face in both agony and pleasure. “Yes Daddy! I’m your whore. Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder daddy! HARDER DADDY! HARDER!”

John kindly obliges, “That’s my girl!” he grinned, pulling her hair and putting all his force into his thrust grunting breathing like a wild animal. canlı bahis siteleri

Adam could clearly see his mom’s slutty, cock hungry face, as she stared at him, squirming in orgasmic ecstasy moaning and pleading to for more.

“Call that pathetic wimp!” He barked.

“Adam.” she softly called out.

John threw his hand back and slapped her ass leaving a bright red mark.

“Adam.” again she softly said.

John pulled his cock out and teased her wet pussy. “Uh uh uh.” he said disappointed. He slowly put his cock in and out between her legs.

“Please. Give me your cock daddy!” She said desperately.

“SAY IT!” John screamed, as he winded back and slapped her once more.

“AhhhhhhADAM! Oh daddy!” Valerie screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck Me! Fuck MEEEEE!!”

With all his force, John rammed inside her moving the table a couple inches. ” Ahhhhhhhhh! YESSSSS!” Val screamed”

John rewarded her fucked even harder, if that was was even possible, and grabbed her face and gave her sloppy wet kiss. The table squeaked its way 2 feet towards Adam

Finally John turned Val back to Adam and prepared himself. “Uhhhhhnnnng!” John let out a roar as he emptied his balls inside her. He let out a gratifying, “Ahhhhhhh”

“Ohhhh Daddy!” mom let out, catching her breath.John gave her a soft kiss on the back of her head as she faced Adam. and began to walk away.

John noticed Adam frozen in the same spot and turned back to Val. He slapped her pussy digging his fingers in her pussy. “Hurry up with dinner bitch!” he said slapping her ass once more, walking away. As he passed Adam, he slapped him across the cheeks and laughed sadistically as his cum and his mom’s love juices splash all over his face.

He awoke from his frozen slumber wiping his away the tears and cum from his face. He tried to hold his constant sniffing, unable to catch his breath. He fell down on the sofa and laid there, his eye locked on the dimmed TV, as he remembered happier days.

Finally Adam was able to settle himself down a bit, he stayed lying there as he heard mom climb upstairs. Once more John rammed her as their love making echoed downstairs over his whimpering.

Finally, they made their way downstairs. Adam’s mom called out to him, “Son dinner is ready!”

Adam got up and saw her. As he looked upon his mother taking her last steps down the stairs, tears began to flood his eyes.

She was wearing a black lacy half cup bra, pushing up flawless tits, her nipple piercing sparkled from house lights along with a matching black collar. She was going bare; her fat wet pussy kissing the air, showing off her lovely tat. She wore black stocking the reached directly below her big ass and black suspenders attached to a small black garter belt along with one of her infamous fuck me heels.

Val looked at him with lust and sin in her eyes, and trying to hide a wicked smile. She made it behind him, staring into his teary eyed face, excessively swaying her hips side to side, her tits bouncing up and down, and finally turned the corner.

Another piece of jewelry came to shine, a silver jewel plugged inside her ass reflecting catching Adan in the eye. John slapped her in the ass as she giggled and jumped forwards.

Right behind her was John is walking in his birthday suit. His thick, fat cock, was stiff as a rock, pointing right at her ass, as she guided it with her hand. The head glistening with his overflowing precum, twitching in her hand.

Finally they sat at the table. “Come on son. Sit down.” she said so motherly.

“It isn’t true. This is just a bad dream. This can’t be happening,” he thought to himself as flashes of his childhood mother flashed in his mind.

His mom’s echoed, “Come on son. Sit down.” again so motherly and eagerly this time. Her hand slowly stroking John’s cock.

For reasons unbeknownst to him, he rose, and I walked over to the set table and sat down across from the two.

His mom’s heavy tits facing him as she looked firmly at him. Her hand wrapped around his cock as she stroked him under the table. His mom lifted her hand off his cock, drooled all over it, and back down to his cock, not breaking contact with her son. The sloppy slushy sounds bouncing off the walls of the quiet kitchen.

John was leaned back looking Val and her stroking hand, slightly thrusting into Val’s hands. His hands over his head relaxed. John’s cock began twitching, his balls, tightening up, and began thrusting into her hand. Val wickedly smile as she aimed his cock in the direction of her son.

“Uhhhhnnnng!” he roared, his legs in spasm and arms dropping, as his cum rocketed into the air and *splash* onto Adam’s frozen face. Some trailing cum got over the food, but the big gooey one, dead on upper lips down to his chin.

Val licked the cum from her hand, “Come on son eat.” His mom told him.

“OK.” Adam replied completely defeated.


*I intended alternate endings, even making it a series. We’ll see how it goes.*

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